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  • Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10 – Lonely Lonely Train (CD)


    Maailman parhaan sarjan jatko!

    ssued under the rightful title, More Boss Black Rockers, The “Mojo” Man was charged with the (enviable) task of bringing these albums to life. To achieve such an outcome, More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10: Lonely Lonely Train continues its exploration of Black African American rock ‘n’ roll by mining deep into the heart of a traditional rhythm and blues scene of 50’s America that eventually became rock ‘n’ roll, where you will hear established artists rubbing shoulders with the obscure. This is merely one segment of the attraction because the sounds blaring from the adjacent speakers is often wild in nature, raw and dangerous, just as it is scintillating, not to mention unhinged rock ‘n’ roll. Let’s face it, it’s the kinds of sounds that no doubt left many a jaw gaping as rock ‘n’ roll was ushered into the world for the very first time upon an innocent public, before evolving into the next big thing and continuing to resonate in the present with an equally feisty presence. Quick, flip that last quarter for the final visit to 50’s rock ‘n’ roll! Perusing the lengthy list of rock ‘n’ roll contenders from the setlist of More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 10: Lonely Lonely Train, any attempt to arrive at a favourite makes for an impossible task because, quite simply, there’s not a dud in the house. There’s diversity aplenty with this closing chapter, ranging from vocal harmony groups, rhythm & blues and, of course, rock ‘n’ roll. It’s that last genre which is the main focus as it makes its presence felt via opening salvo ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ (Big Boy Myles), Jimmy Williams’ ‘C’mon Baby’, Edwin and Alvin’s ‘Shiverin’ and Shakin’, before Sonny Anderson enters the ring with Johnny and Dorsey’s ‘Lonely Lonely Train’. Further interest is generated by the vocal harmonies of The Jarmels’ ‘She Loves To Dance’, The Guytones’ ‘Baby I Don’t Care’, before shifting slightly with Little Richard who serves up a classy reminder with ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Happening’.

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  • Various - Summertime Scorchers 4 (CD)


    Mark and Henrique are your jovial barmen and party-makers for the fourth edition of Summertime Scorchers. Slip on some beach wear, raise a glass, turn up your CD player, and enjoy Footprints in the Sand which contains thirty rockin’ “sunsational” sounds from the golden years of 1957-1963. Our albums have; stunning designs, sleeve notes, and songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 4 (CD)


    The Pan American Recordings label endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some people, perhaps more obscure titles, and our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its “killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers. Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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  • Ruby Ann - Mama’s Back (10``LP)


    It’s been a long time since we rock ‘n’ rolled! Ten years to be exact when considering Ruby Ann’s seminal record, Mama’s Back. Celebrating a decade in existence, parent company Rhythm Bomb Records, saluting their own milestone of twenty years in business, is affording special treatment to a “bestselling” album by issuing Mama’s Back on vinyl. Released on wax for the first time therefore, Mama’s Back lives up to its title and gets a chance to do it all again in 2023. Deserving of such attention, and not only for its previous sales figures generating mindboggling statistics at the end of the financial year, no, more importantly because of the critical acclaim Mama’s Back received upon its initial release in the UK and Europe for its contents of innovative renditions of vintage period songs, and with a smattering of original compositions as well. When experiencing Mama’s Back for the first time, it transports the listener to a land and time that aficionados of the golden years of music (namely the 50s) never forgot but, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to witness first-hand either. Step forward Ruby Ann and her interpretation of a landmark period in the history of music by reproducing an authentic 50s sound, but also stamping her own personality throughout Mama’s Back. A large part of her authority is contained and demonstrated by a voice that is lined in silver and gold, and with comparisons made with several of the pioneers of rockabilly and associated female rockers with, most conspicuously, Wanda Jackson. With plenty of fire in the belly as illustrated by many of the tracks chalked up on Mama’s Back, it is often a full-blooded and gutsy affair. A confident record, and one that, despite serious setbacks on the road to seeking a lasting connection with the opposite sex, it knows what it desires. The song titles alone provide plenty of clues as to the Heartbreak Hotel here, but in reply, Mama’s Back is not a self-pitying cry, nor is it weak to the touch because it’s never unwitting to the experiences unfurling. In fact, it can be defiant, a record that’s not afraid to move on and seek fresh experiences as indicated by the Elvis inspired, and Eddie Bush penned, ‘Baby I Don’t Care’, to glimmer of hope via noirish edge generated by the instruments of ‘Your Mama’s Here’, before finding solace during a souped-up reading of Lance Roberts’ ‘I’m Gonna Have Myself A Ball’. The omission of four tracks from the original album release, does not diminish the overall quality and listening experience of Mama’s Back. By formatting the track list to vinyl, the ten songs scrutinised and selected for their inclusion, provides an even closer insight to the melancholy at the heart of this record. With experienced hands-on deck including Axel Praefcke (production) contributing ‘Knocked Out, No Love’, and additional drums/guitars, Mama’s Back was recorded at Lightning Recorders (Berlin) with rest of assembled cast of Carsten Harbeck (Bass), Ike Stoye (Guitar/Piano), Michael Kirscht (Lead Guitar), and Round Up Boys (Backing Vocals). Despite a successful working relationship, Mama’s Back is, and remains, Ruby Ann’s record because of the presence she exerts over this album by injecting its contents with a sincerity, and therefore giving the impression of these songs as entirely her own creations. Remarkable! And, even now, Mama’s Back still resonates with a fiery passion that renders it a thoroughly compelling listen and one that refuses to be ignored as it hollers, “Mama’s Back!”.

    Nathan Olsen-Haines (Rhythm Bomb Records)

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  • Briggs Lillian - Follow The Leader (10``LP)


    “Lillian Briggs, Follow The Leader is a 10-inch album compiled by Mr. Rock and Soul, which pays tribute to the raunchy female vocalist who furthermore loved to play the trombone to the rhythm of rock ‘n’ roll music. Lillian Briggs’s story is put together by the company’s researcher Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, and offers an insight into her upbringing, career and later life as a socialite. The albums’ 350-gram sleeve is made from top-quality eco-friendly cardboard and lavishly decorated by design artist Major Minor. The album is topped off with the best possible sound quality possible from our mastering team at The Studio Time Forgot, El Paso, Texas.” Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, Bühl, Germany

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  • Various - Hillbilly Booze Party Volume 01 – Pink Elephants (CD)


    The twenty-eight songs on Atomicat Records (ACCD138) Hillbilly Booze Party 01 Pink Elephants are not for those uptown and sophisticated people, these are songs for; dancing, having a hillbilly wing ding do and getting s**t faced! The drunk-a-hillbilly songs to intoxicate you are sourced from the years 1940 to 1960. The Hillbillies weren’t born, they were squeezed out of a bartender’s rag. Atomicat Records endeavours to use some lesser-known and for some people, perhaps more obscure titles, and our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its “killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers.

    Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, Bühl, Germany

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  • Cherry Casino And The Gamblers - Lets Play Around (10``LP)


    Issued for the first time on vinyl is Berlin’s hot ticket for authentic rhythm and blues, Cherry Casino and the Gamblers’ Let’s Play Around. Reason to celebrate therefore, but also as a mark of respect for an album that, upon its initial release of CD only, shifted more units than a baker’s bag squeezed full of German strudels, that’s how much it was appreciated. Given that the album’s parent company, Rhythm Bomb Records (RBR) is marking its own anniversary of twenty years in business, and still going strong with a conveyor belt of new and established artists making records, owner and creator of RBR, Ralph Braband gave the greenlight for reissuing Cherry Casino and the Gamblers’ debut long player. With the track list scrutinised over and whittled down to a manageable number fitting for a vinyl release, the listener will experience a band in their infancy yet sounding like seasoned professionals. Such experience is down to the personnel involved, with each and every member of “the Gamblers” having lived and breathed rockin’ music from an early age, and frequenting numerous combos over the years. Comprising therefore of frontman himself, Cherry Casino (real name Axel Praefcke) on vocals and guitar, in addition to Ike Stoye (Saxophone), Michael “Humpty” Kirscht (Rhythm Guitar), Torsten Peukert (Drums), and “Lucky” Lehmann (Bass), Let’s Play Around was conceived in 2006. From raw and primitive beginnings in the form of ‘Huh Baby’ with its shuffling rhythm and ringing guitar striking a definite chord, to rather unique presentation of storytelling that is mighty fine ‘Did You Hear That Door Slam?’, before arriving at the heart-breaking realisation of an untenable relationship depicted during ‘You’re Too High For Me’, with conformation arriving in harmonious backing vocals reminiscent of The Jordanaires, for example, rounding off this track in style. From its prime position, Let’s Play Around reads like a menu consisting of all the ingredients when experiencing a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will be familiar to many, and one that even provides a moment of respite midway through with ‘A Bar Called Moe’s’. With all the heartache involved, the album, Let’s Play Around eventually finds consolation during its finale of first, Chuck Berry-esque intro and celebratory ‘Girl Next Door’, to the loose feel of rhythm and blues and Cherry Casino dominating upfront via the title track, before finally wiping the blues away with a lively, finger-snapping rhythm of ‘Rockin’ and Rollin’. A moment in history which, from its home of Lightning Recorders, now resurfaces in 2023 and is poised to relive the gamut of emotions expressed during its first wild and heady run of rhythm and blues, Let’s Play Around receives a deserved opportunity to do this all again, and also offers a chance for those new to the sounds and vision of Cherry Casino and the Gamblers to experience traditional rhythm and blues, and hear an album in all its natural glory. Bestowed the vinyl treatment, Let’s Play Around is a remarkable debut and one worth celebrating. Enjoy! Nathan Olsen-Haines (Rhythm Bomb Records)

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  • Clark Sanford - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 31 tracks. Total playing time approx. 73 min.

    In 1956 Sanford Clark landed one of the greatest hits in the fledgling history of rock ’n’ roll with The Fool.
    Bear Family Records® dedicates a CD album in our highly respected ’Rocks’ series to one of the most successful rockers of his time.
    The Fool gained Sanford Clark a contract with Dot Records, and he went on to record a number of stirring and moving songs for Ramco and Warner, among others.
    Included are Usta Be My Baby, A Cheat, Ooo Baby, Love Charms, Lou Be Doo as well as the then unreleased Cross-Eyed Alley Cat.
    As a bonus: the 1965 pre-Dean Martin version of Lee Hazlewood’s Houston as well as his 1966 re-recording of The Fool and 1967’s It’s Nothing To Me.
    Great performances directed by producer Lee Hazlewood, carefully remastered and accompanied by a 36-page illustrated booklet with bio, photos and discography.

    Other than Elvis, Carl, and Gene Vincent, not many rockabillies could claim a genuine national hit during the genre’s mid-‘50s heyday—but Sanford Clark could. His low-key vocal on The Fool, supplied by Clark’s Phoenix, Arizona-based producer Lee Hazlewood, gave the deadpan lament precisely the feel that it required, Al Casey’s blistering lead guitar adding its snarling rockabilly edge.

    Once Dot Records picked up the master and its Elvis-like flip Lonesome For A Letter for national consumption and it hit big in 1956, Sanford found himself a sudden star, touring with Perkins and Vincent and churning out more rocking product for Dot. The Fool put Lee on the map as a producer, well before he masterminded the rise of Duane Eddy.

    Bear Family’s ‘Sanford Clark Rocks’ surveys the very best of Sanford’s Dot output—Usta Be My Baby, A Cheat (both the original Dot release and the snare drum overdub version), Ooo Baby, Love Charms, Lou Be Doo, an unissued-at-the-time Cross-Eyed Alley Cat.

    There’s also a motherlode of rarities: one-off 1961 singles for the Project and Trey labels, three sides for Warner Bros. including his original 1965 pre-Dean Martin reading of Hazlewood’s Houston, and four tracks from later in the decade, notably his ’66 Ramco remake of The Fool and a 1967 rendition of the Leon Payne-penned offhandedly violent It’s Nothing To Me.

    Sanford always made it all sound disarmingly easy and relaxed, Hazlewood doing the rest behind the board.

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  • Demented Are Go - Hellucifernation (magenta, 200 gram) (LP)


    Limited edition.

    Limited to 50 hand numbered copies on magenta 200gr. vinyl.
    Hand numbered on innersleeve.

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  • Presley Elvis - Viva Las Vegas (1964) (deluxe edition) (DVD)


    Myös Suomiteksitys.

    For the song, see Viva Las Vegas (song). For the soundtrack EP, see Viva Las Vegas (EP). For other uses, see Viva Las Vegas (disambiguation).
    Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas 1964 Poster.jpg
    Theatrical release poster
    Directed by George Sidney
    Written by Sally Benson
    Produced by
    Jack Cummings
    George Sidney
    Elvis Presley
    Cesare Danova
    William Demarest
    Nicky Blair
    Cinematography Joseph F. Biroc
    Edited by John McSweeney, Jr.
    Music by George E. Stoll
    Jack Cummings Productions
    Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Release date
    May 20, 1964 (United States)
    Running time 85 minutes
    Country United States
    Language English
    Budget $1 million
    Box office $9.4 million

    Viva Las Vegas is a 1964 American musical film directed by George Sidney and starring Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. The film is regarded by fans and film critics as one of Presley’s best films, and it is noted for the on-screen chemistry between Presley and Ann-Margret. It also presents a strong set of ten musical song-and-dance scenes choreographed by David Winters and features his dancers.[2] Viva Las Vegas was a hit at film theaters, as it was #14 on the Variety year end box office list of the top-grossing films of 1964.[3]

    Lucky Jackson (Elvis) goes to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the city’s first annual Grand Prix Race. However, his race car, an Elva Mark VI Maserati, is in need of a new engine in order to compete in the event.

    Lucky raises the necessary money in Las Vegas, but he loses it when he is shoved into the pool by the hotel’s young swimming instructor, Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret). Lucky then has to work as a waiter at the hotel to replace the lost money to pay his hotel bill, as well as enter the hotel’s talent contest in hopes of winning a cash prize sizable enough to pay for his car’s engine.

    During all this time, Lucky attempts to win the affections of Rusty. His main competition arrives in the form of Count Elmo Mancini (Cesare Danova) and his Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta. Mancini attempts to win both the Grand Prix and the affections of Rusty. Rusty soon falls in love with Lucky, and immediately tries to change him into what she wants.

    Elvis Presley as Lucky Jackson
    Ann-Margret as Rusty Martin
    Cesare Danova as Count Elmo Mancini
    William Demarest as Mr. Martin (Rusty’s father)
    Nicky Blair as Shorty Fansworth
    Jack Carter as Himself
    Teri Garr as Showgirl
    The Jubilee Four as Themselves
    George Cisar as Manager of Swingers (uncredited)
    Robert Aiken as Driver (uncredited)
    Red West as Son of Lone Star State (uncredited)

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  • Bontempi Marcel - The Witch B/ Die Hexe Von Gudensberg (7 single/EP)


    Limited edition of 600 copies.

    Finally you get Marcel’s version of the Sonics classic ”The Witch” – but it is the way how it could have been recorded by some hillbillies in a cabin on the hill back in the 40s – with steel guitar and a swing! So, in a certain way, it sounds like the original version of ”The Witch” the Sonics might have heard on the jukebox when they were just born.
    The flip is ”Die Hexe Von Gudensberg”, a selfpenned instrumental with plenty of sounds and screams and a driving heat beat for your next halloween dancing craze.
    This black vinyl with big centerhole comes in a 4-color high quality sleeve with Illustrations by the man himself and detailed liner notes

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  • Creepshow - Sell Your Soul CD + DVD (Käytetty CD)


    Ekan levyn uusi versio! Mukana DVD jossa saksan keikka 22.2.2008.

    The Long Awaited Re-Release of the CREEPSHOW classic debut Sell Your Soul”.. Enter if you dare(!) into the world of Canada’s psycho punk sensation THE CREEPSHOW. A group whose fiendish mix of 1950’s influenced rockabilly, and punk rock energy will have you shaking your hips, singing along and quite possibly howling at the next full moon!From the spine-tingling opening of ”The Sermon” and the one-two punch of ”Creatures Of The Night”, on through the almost pop-like hooks of ”Cherry Hill” and ”Candy Kiss”, the band’s debut album SELL YOUR SOUL is as much fun as getting hopped up on massive amounts of sugar with your best ghoulfriend and watching a 3-D, sci-fi, horror b-movie, late on a dark and stormy Saturday night. Let us warn you though, it’s the back half of SELL YOUR SOUL where the real dangers lay… When ”Zombie’s Ate Her Brain” blasts out of your speakers, you’ll want to run for cover! And when lead singer Hellcat goes toe-to-toe with The Matadors lead singer Hooch on the ”done-me-wrong” anthem ”Doghouse”, you’ll be left in stitches by the song’s hilarious conclusion.But, the real surprise on SELL YOUR SOUL can be found buried on the back end of the album where the listener is hit with the hauntingly beautiful hooks and melody of ”The Garden”. Even those without souls (and even some who’ve had 1/2 their brains eaten by zombies!) have been known to shed a tear during the songs final chorus and stunning ending.Then, as quickly as ”Psycho Ball & Chain” closes out the album, we guarantee that you’ll immediately be back in line to ride this horrifying rollercoaster of fiendish anthems and mournful tunes again and again!”

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  • Presley Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii `73 (2DVD Boxset) (DVD)


    ”Yksi vuoden 2004 tärkeimmistä Elvis julkaisuista. Eli tämä pitää sisällään alkuperäisen Aloha From Hawaii show;n sekä harjoitus-shown (alternate Aloha) sekä kaikki muu matsku mitä ohjelmaa varten kuvattiin ja äänitettiin. Ekaa kertaa kaikki kokonaisena ja paremmalla kuva ja äänilaadulla.”

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  • Frantic Flintstones - Psycho Samba Way! (Käytetty CD)


    When Chuck Harvey went stomping at London’s legendary Klub Foot, he caught the psychobilly virus. Ever since the frontman kick-started the Frantic Flinstones in 1986, they’ve been part of a tradition that defies description. While wrecking plenty of musical borders, the revolving line-up included players from numerous nations. When Chuck moved to Curitiba in Brazil, his Tripabilly Whizz Kids became even more boundless. The revamped Flinstones are spurred by local hero Mutant Cox (Os Catalépticos, Sick Sick Sinners) slappin’ on some Latin spice. The Chuck and Cox dream team penned most of the mighty fine originals featured on ’Psycho Samba My Way’. The latest volume in the truckload of Frantic Flinstones releases once again celebrates a wild variety of styles, without losing any psychobilly credibility. Mad mountain fiddles, honky-tonk piano, banjo pickin’ and pirate mariachis beef up the party mix, topped off by a handful of old favorites getting the trademark Bedrock & roll treatment. El Cha Cha Chuckers cowpoke credo is: Have a fucking good time! Those cheers stampede from the get-go, so the worldwide FF Muh Posse will go bananas over ’Psycho Samba’. Yabba-Dabba Mu

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  • Grave Stompers - Bone Sweet Bone (Käytetty CD)


    South german Psychobilly trio, The Grave Stompers, are back with their third album! 15 new self-penned tracks + a cover of The Monsters` Honeymoon At Hell”!”

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