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  • Various - Rock ’n’ Roll Floozy 2 – Lazy Susan (CD)


    Hyvä kokoelma! Harvinaista matskua. 28 raw and greasy little-known Rock’n’Roll songs. Volume two of five …

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  • Various - Motorvatin’ Vol. 3 (CD)


    3rd volume of the ultimative collection of car songs seen thru the eyes of black folks – sang by Rhythm & Blues artists

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  • Various - Knockdown (Koko-Mojo Original series # 28) (CD)


    The good folks at England’s Koko Mojo Records have assembled the kind of compilation that is almost too delicious for words. Only killer no filler compilation by Little Victor, remastering by Black Shack Recordings, Calw, Germany. The fifth effort to put together funny Rhythm & Blues records from lesser known artists. The Koko-Mojo original series is a collection of 30 CDs.

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  • Clark Sonny - Cool Struttin´(180 gram) (LP)


    Conrad Yeatis Clark, otherwise known as Sonny Clark, was in many ways the quintessential hard bop pianist. Possessed of an enviable lyrical flow and a wealth of inventive melodic ideas that unfurled with clarity and without fuss, Clark had a deeply rooted feeling for the blues.

    After moving from his hometown of Pittsburgh to New York, Clark emerged as a ubiquitous presence on Blue Note starting in 1957. It was on his fifth Blue Note date as a leader that Clark arrived at his masterwork, Cool Struttin’, recorded in January 1958 with a top-shelf quintet featuring Art Farmer on trumpet, Jackie McLean on alto saxophone, Paul Chambers on bass, and ‘Philly’ Joe Jones on drums. The album has only grown in stature as a timeless hard bop classic since Clark’s premature death at age 31 in 1963.

    This Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition is all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.

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  • Ray Collins - And Friends: Missing You (7 single/EP)


    MISSING YOU is a home recording project featuring Mick Colley, Alan O’Donnell, John O’Malley, Pete Cook (all of THE EMPIRES), Carl Sonny Leyland, Bernie Batke (SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN´), Cat Lee King & René Lieutenant (CAT LEE LING & HIS COCKS),Cherry Casino, Tom Greed& Ray Collins (RAY COLLINS´ HOT-CLUB), Iris Romen, Lester Peabody.

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  • Various - Summertime Scorchers 2 (CD)


    Atomicat Records provide the sounds for the fun in the sun on Summertime Scorchers, Rock and Roll Beach Party, Volume Two. The summer dance party album contains another thirty carefully chosen songs to help you lose the Covid 19 blues. We provide the music, and the rest is up to you.

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  • Lymon Frankie and Lewis - The Harlem Hotshots (CD)


    The Koko Mojo Spotlight is shone upon Frankie and Lewis Lymon The Harlem Hotshots Koko Mojo (KM-CD-149) and featured are twenty-eight pivotal and classic recordings from the era when the new kids were changing the sound of the 1950s music, some call it Rock ’n’ Roll, while others named it Doo-Wop.

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  • McCracklin Jimmy - The Rockin Man (CD)


    Jimmy McCracklin, The Rockin’ Man is another album in our Spotlight series. The album explores McCracklin’s career with 28 carefully selected recordings. Included are the prenominal rockers, Georgia Slop, The Wobble, and his biggest hit The Walk. The album climaxes with three songs from Jerry Thomas, Johnny Parker, and Jimmy Wilson and His Blues Blasters which McCracklin accompanied on piano.

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  • Various - Let´s Go Latin – Vocal Group Harmonies (CD)


    Vocal Groups go Latin – a 32 track compilation of latin rhythms of the 1950s and early 1960s

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  • Various - Shilly Dilly (Koko-Mojo Original serie #27) (CD)


    The good folks at England’s Koko Mojo Records have assembled the kind of compilation that is almost too delicious for words. Only killer no filler compilation by Little Victor, remastering by Black Shack Recordings, Calw, Germany. The fifth effort to put together funny Rhythm & Blues records from lesser known artists. The Koko-Mojo original series is a collection of 30 CDs.

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  • Warson PM - True Story (LP)


    Hieno uusi artisti. Tyylikästä. Muistuttaa Nick Waterhousea.

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  • Various - Rockin’ With The Krauts Vol. 2 – Real Rock ’n’ Roll Made In Germany (CD)


    The Krauts Are Rockin’ – how could it ever come to this?
    German Rock ‘n‘ Roll from the ’50s and early ’60s evokes ambivalent emotions, separated mothers from daughters, brothers from sisters and fathers from sons – the spirit of Rock ‘n‘ Roll was as important as our daily bread for the youth in post-war Germany. Hail, Hail Rock ’n’ Roll – Deliver Me from The Days of Old the prophet had once proclaimed. The music industry quickly locked the wild teens in the pop cage, the really rough escapees came to the mood cannons of the funfair front. Until today, the 50s are presented to us as a pastel-colored fairy tale land, in which there is no place for rockers, teenagers and the rebellion of a generation against mendacity, oblivion and smugness.

    Bear Family Records presents a compilation away from the big hits, wanderlust and grotesque trivialization of youth. The great Billy Sanders is there, Bernd Spier with his German version of No Particular Place to Go and the great garage rockabilly Hey Baby by the Rockin’ Stars – the record with a difference! Some of the songs make you think you’ve put on an old Rock ‘n‘ Roll sampler. Here it’s strumming, screaming and rocking. Everything comes out – you can hear the Framus, Höfner and Echolette boxes glowing.

    Long live Rock ‘n‘ Roll – The Beat of the Drum is Loud and Bold:
    Attention, jungle music!

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  • Various - Season’s Greetings: Summer Days And Summer Nights – 31 Summertime Beach Nuts (CD)


    Summer! Heat! Swimming! Nature! Beach parties … and music!!!

    – This edition mercilessly continues what was started in the predecessors, ’Banana Split’ (BCD17513), ’Another Banana Split, Please’ (BCD17601) and ’Good Old Summertime’ (BCD17528) by Bear Family.
    – On 31 tracks from 1952-1963, the most beautiful season of the year comes extremely alive, whether as a ’soundtrack’ in the car or as a musical enhancement of the garden party!
    – Of course we hear classics of famous artists, for example songs by Keely Smith, Dinah Washington, Conway Twitty, The Brothers Four or Hank Snow!
    – On the other hand, we present plenty of recordings from the rarities box, some appear here for the first time on CD!
    – Instrumentals by the Viscounts or by Tito Puente with a summery Latin flair can be heard as well as early surf sounds by Dave York & The Beachcombers or The Fleetwoods!
    – The musical range is wide: from pop to jazz, rhythm ’n’ blues, doo-wop, country music and lots of rock ’n’ roll, with Ricky Dean, Johnny O’Neill, Sammy Salvo, Paul Peek and many others!

    The 20-page color booklet includes notes by producer Marc Mittelacher on each song and many photos and illustrations, some of which are rare.

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  • Lou Cifer & The Hellions - Hell In The Barn – Live (LP & CD) (LP)


    1-LP vinyl (12″, 180 gram) with 16-page booklet (10″x10″), 12 tracks. Bonus CD: 24 single tracks. Total playing time: 35 min (LP), 69 min (CD).

    – Album recorded live at the ’Druckluft’ in Oberhausen, Germany, in early 2020 to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.
    – Lou Cifer & The Hellions have a huge international fan base of Teds, Rockers and Rockabilly fans!
    – The band’s first official live release, exclusively on Bear Family.
    – On that particular night the band played exclusively their own songs – no cover versions!
    – Super combo of high-quality audiophile LP pressing and a bonus CD with 12(!) more recordings from the gig!
    – Additionally, there is a 16-page large format booklet with many photos from the night of the concert.
    – Further extras are a collector’s card and stickers for the first 300 customers
    RELEASE DATE : August 6,2021

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  • Meteors - Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare (LP)


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 9, 2021 JULKAISU : Heinäkuun 9, 2021
    THE METEORS – ”Back to hell we go”!

    THE METEORS were formed in 1980 in a reaction to the bands that were singing about ‘Big Green Cars’, ‘Rocking This Town’ and being ‘Rockabilly Rebels’. Preferring their songs to contain topics about vampires, stomping in graveyards and radioactive kids P. Paul Fenech, Mark Robertson and Nigel Lewis soon found themselves all over the media. A media who were eagerly lapping up their new sound christened (thought that is surely not the right word) – ‘Psychobilly’. THE METEORS were front page news in the weekly music press, recording radio sessions and interviews for legends like John Peel, and gracing the silver screen care of a movie short that did the rounds with the Two-Tone movie ‘Dance Craze’. Their film ‘Meteor Madness’, apart from hosting some crazed performances with the unhinged trio, also featured songstress Lilly Allen’s father starring as none other than the rather exasperated Devil, strange but true.

    By 1982 the original line-up had split with Lewis and Robertson going on to form their own bands while P. Paul forged ahead with a free hand with THE METEORS and his idea of how psychobilly should sound. That was a sound that had grown from one of a band’s own personal identity to a world-wide genre that is Psychobilly now over 40 years established and still growing and thriving around the globe. THE METEORS have continued to inspire and influence countless bands while continuing to lead the charge from the very vanguard.

    Now 41 years later, we are in year 2 of the Covid pandemic. But even this could not stop the rolling hate train. In the woods of Oregon, Paul Fenech built himself a new home and his own new recording studio ”Wolftone”. This is also where the new album ”Dreamin’ Up A Nightmare” came into being.

    So here we go again into the pure psychobilly madness of the kings. Now, fresh as ever even after decades of constant touring and more over 30 groundbreaking and cult sustaining albums, THE METEORS present their superb ”next evolution” in the genre that they created and have cultivated and moved forward time after time. It is as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up THE METEORS brand of ”Pure Psychobilly”. 12 brandnew tracks of evil psychobilly rock ‘n‘ roll, razor sharp instrumentals and deranged lyrics leading to songs that are guaranteed to set any monsters lose and putting them straight to the wrecking pit! Paul Fenech is not deterred and continues his musical vision undiminished.


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  • Various - Blue Moon & Bella Records (10``LP)

    1 vinyl 10″LP with 8-page booklet. 12 tracks. Total playing time approx. 28 minutes 
    • For the first time on a vinyl LP, Bear Family releases 1950s masters of two California-based record companies!
    • John Pusateri from Louisiana moved to the West Coast in the 1920s and first founded Bella Records in San José and then Blue Moon Records in Santa Clara in 1957.
    • For this project we have selected the rockiest recordings of Johnny Amelio Chuck Royal, Joe Gradie and other fine rockers.
    • The booklet provides extensive liner notes, detailed discographical information,
    • rare photos, and a detailed history of the Blue Moon and Bella labels.
    • Carefully restored and remastered recordings.
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  • Crochet Cleveland - Hillbilly Ramblers And Sugar Bees (2-CD) (CD)


    2-CD (Digisleeve) with 36-page booklet, 38 tracks. Total playing time approx. 90 min.

    – Long overdue: the complete recordings of Cajun fiddler Cleveland Crochet on Bear Family, including all surviving alternate versions and the originally unreleased masters.
    – In 1961, a Cajun song made it onto the Billboard pop charts for the first time: Sugar Bee climbed to #80.
    – These recordings were made between 1954 and 1963 for Folk-Star, Khoury’s, Goldband, Lyric and Swallow in Louisiana. As a bonus, we provide all solo recordings by band members Shorty ’Vorris’ LeBlanc (accordion) and Jay Stutes (steel guitar), accompanied almost without exception by Cleveland Crochet’s Sugar Bees.
    – Cajun expert Michael Hurtt wrote the liner notes.
    – Background information by Chris Strachwitz (Arhoolie Records) and others.
    – Many previously unpublished photos.
    A must for all fans of country music, Cajun, blues and original rock ’n’ roll.

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