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  • Presley Elvis - From Memphis to Tokyo – A Reference Guide to the Absolute Mastery of Elvis’ Japanese Vinyl (Book+7″single) (Kirjat)


    (Buku Harimau) Clothbound, 700 pages, 28.5 x 28.5 x 5 cm,Bonus Single from US too! 4.6 kg HARDCOVER

    We are proud to present to you our updated and upgraded guide to Elvis Presley’s Japanese record releases. Over ca. 700 pages, we’ll show more than 2,700 full colour pictures of front and back covers, labels, inserts etc. Many entries are accompanied by extensive notes and tables to find all variants at a glance.

    For the first time ever, you’ll now be able to find out when your record was pressed by looking at the information in the run-out portion of the record. This also allowed us to get more exact release dates of the records and their variants. It’s all extensively described in our ’Guide to Dating Records’.

    Also described are topics like:
    – differences in label design
    – colour differences on obis and covers
    – stamps on covers and labels
    – record prices
    – company sleeve designs
    – free gifts and special offers
    – Victor and RCA promo records
    and many more

    BOOK BY: Davis Ward & Dick Dekker.

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  • Stutterin' Devils - Devil Behind The Wheel (Blue) (LP)


    STUTTERIN’ DEVILS is one hell of a good new band from Finland!
    Fantastic NEOROCKABILLY sound with clean guitars and dynamic rhythm.
    Their debut mini release ”DEVIL BEHIND THE WHEEL” consist of 6 original songs.

    LTD to 50 copies in Blue Vinyl 12″


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  • Stutterin' Devils - Devil Behind The Wheel (LP)


    STUTTERIN’ DEVILS is one hell of a good new band from Finland!
    Fantastic NEOROCKABILLY sound with clean guitars and dynamic rhythm.
    Their debut mini release ”DEVIL BEHIND THE WHEEL” consist of 6 original songs.

    LTD to 100 copies in Black Vinyl 12″


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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 43 – Rockabilly & Country Bop From The Vaults Of Allstar Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The now 43rd installment in the popular rockabilly CD series with detailed label portraits on Bear Family Records® is dedicated to the Texas label Allstar Records.
    On Allstar itself and its two subsidiaries, Kool and Nu-Craft, great country and rockabilly recordings by well-known and rather obscure musicians have appeared.

    A fascinating mix of country songs and hard-hitting rockabilly by musicians like Johnny Bush, Eddie Noack, Rocky Williams and Wiley Barkdull a.o.

    In the extensive illustrated booklet, music historian Bill Dahl tells the story of the Houston-based label founded by Dan Mechura in detail, providing brief biographies and discographical details of each artist and recording.
    Re-mastered recordings from the best accessible sources.

    Dan Mechura’s Houston-based Allstar Records had a different business plan from the lion’s share of his country and rockabilly competitors. For a fee, Mechura and his cohorts would accept lyrics from amateur songwriters through the mail and fashion them into completed songs, recording the final product with a surprisingly impressive roster of singers and sidemen.

    By no means was everything Allstar and its Kool and Nu-Craft subsidiary labels done that way, but a fair amount was – resulting in some intriguing listening.

    Bear Family takes an in-depth look at Allstar’s obscure output on this edition of ‘That’ll Flat Git It!,’ uncovering some splendid obscurities by surprisingly well-known names.

    Johnny Bush’s first two singles came out on Allstar in 1958, and there are memorable entries by veteran country vocalists Link Davis, Eddie Noack, Lawton Williams, Earl Aycock, and Smilin’ Jerry Jericho.

    Adrian Roland’s Imitation Of Love beat the odds to become a national country hit in 1960, while Johnny Watson (not the famed blues guitarist), Bobby Clanton and The Citations, Jerry Matthews, Tommy Graham, and Mechura himself (as Daniel James with Rock Moon Rock) supply tough rockabilly, Rocky Williams tears through Rock Cinderella, and Wiley Barkdull’s insane guitar instrumental Tiger By The Tail rocks harder than anything coming out of Houston in 1964!

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  • Various - Sloppy Drunk – The R&B Rockers (CD)


    90 Years Since Prohibition Ended! NYT LÄHTEE!! OTETAAN TAAS!

    The twenty nine 100 percent proof R&B rockers used on our Koko Mojo Historic Series album are a musical booze booze party from start to the finish! Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-180) R&B Rockers, Sloppy Drunk tells the story of Wayne Wheeler‘s Volstead Act which ended 90 years ago on 5th December1933. We invite you to drink, but not to excess and party along with during our R&B Rockers, Sloppy Drunk album and musically give the finger to Wayne Wheeler‘s Volstead Act.

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  • Various - Blues Meets Doo-Wop Volume 2 (CD)


    Doo-wop is not just for Christmas. A genre often associated with the festive period at the tail end of every year, and synonymous with a picture book setting of Christmas given the radiating warmth of harmonious vocals encased in gold, and emanating from the voices of a truly gifted combo. A false representation however, because doo-wop is music fit for any occasion. Much more than the imaginative associations of a Christmas backdrop that, granted, doo-wop possesses the power to conjure such picturesque imagery, but on an entirely different trajectory doo-wop also has the ability to portray emotions where melancholy is present whether due to economic hardships or universal theme of relationship woes. It’s in these moments where we all feel something, and there is no genre better equipped with the right utensils (i.e. Vocals) to convey such emotions, in addition to providing solace from difficulties that life has a tendency to produce. Different in comparison with the wild shenanigans of rock ‘n’ roll, and different given the approach of this latest compilation series from the good folks at Koko Mojo, the genre of doo-wop makes numerous connections with the genre of blues during Blues Meets Doo Wop Volume 2.

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  • Various - Black Pearls – Rhythm & Blues Volume 5 (CD)


    Ei paha. Ei ainuttakaan huonoa biisiä. Kunnon party levy.

    ”Let’s Rock and Roll”

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  • Mad Heads - Mad In Ukraine (Käytetty CD)


    2.levy. Toimivaa neo-ja psychobillyä ukrainasta!

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  • Tall Boys - Live At The Club Foot 1985 (LP)



    For the first time on vinyl! Their legendary KLUB FOOT gig from Aug. 24th 1985. The recordings you heard on KLUB FOOT samplers were over-dubbed (only the original drum recordings were used for the sampler). This record ist he real deal – you’ll get what they delivered and this is really powerful and captures the band at the top of their game. Re-mastered and optimized for vinyl!!

    Limited and hand-numbered to 500 copies – comes with inlay sheet – detailed liner notes by Mark Robertson.

    Fully licensed, official release.

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  • Various - Rockinitis Vol. 5: Electric Blues From The Rock’n’Roll Era (LP)


    Yksi vuoden kovimpia julkaisuja. Ei heikkoja vetoja tälläkään osalla!

    With Rockinitis we champion electric-guitar blues from the fifties and early-sixties. Unfettered pleasure in the form of Black dance music. This fifth installment of the series may be the hottest yet.

    Five-stars all round for the fifth release in the Rockinitis series! These compilations highlight the raw and wild sounds of upbeat electric blues from the 1950s and early 1960s. On one side, Stag-O-Lee label chief R-Man is back with another eight dirty blues dancers to shake your hips to. Two each from killer labels like Excello, Groove, Herald and Chess/Checker.

    The selector on the flip is Donna Driscoll, long-time digger of heavyweight Northern Soul and R&B movers from London. Donna regularly DJs blues and soul clubs, and Mod events around the UK and abroad. No matter your mood, her selections will get you moving and grooving. Hear me now!

    ltd. to 500 copies

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  • Various - Memphis Blues Box – Original Recordings 1914–1969 (20-CD Deluxe Box Set) (CD)


    20-CD box set (32 x 32 x 4,5 cms) with 360-page hardcover book, 534 tracks. Total playing time approx. 25 hrs. 20min.

    The Blues – the iconic music that changed everything! Memphis – the iconic city where it happened! And now – the Memphis Blues Box from Bear Family Records(R) – the best of the best from the best !.

    An incredible 534 individual tracks on 20 CDs packed into an LP-sized box – total weight almost 10lbs.
    Memphis recordings from 1914 to 1969 featuring musicians from the city and region.
    Introduction by blues harmonica star and Grammy® winner Charlie Musselwhite.
    Biographies of every performer, many newly researched; notes about every song and recording, index and track listing.
    Many unseen photographs
    Produced and part-written by Martin Hawkins

    This magnificent new 20-CD boxed set with its 534 tracks and an accompanying 360-page book traces the blues as recorded in Memphis and by Memphis-area musicians and singers. Starting a hundred years ago with W.C. Handy’s tune Memphis Blues, this set includes classic blues, jug band blues and itinerant blues from the 1920s and ’30s, the R&B bands and small combos of the 1940s and ’50s, and the tougher blues styles recorded up to the close of the 1960s.

    The box presents the recorded Memphis Blues as defined by the performers and their recording companies during the years 1914 to 1969 – the period when blues in its various forms was issued on single discs, 78 rpm and then 45 rpm, for consumption largely by the original audience – the people who listened on street corners, in juke joints, at local house parties, or in the bars, night clubs and theatres of Memphis.
    The box focuses on how each disc sat within the evolving picture, either contributing something new, reinforcing trends of the moment, or harking back to tradition. At least one side of every relevant 78 or 45 rpm disc issued during the period is included, showing off the Memphis blues as it was offered year on year by artists and record companies.

    Among the hundreds of performers included here are: W. C. Handy, Beale Street Frolic Orch, Memphis Jug Band, Memphis Stompers, Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Jim Jackson, Frank Stokes, Minnie Wallace, Robert Wilkins, Furry Lewis, Jed Davenport, Memphis Minnie, Kansas Joe, Fleming and Townsend, Jimmie Lunceford, Douglas Williams, Allen Shaw, Charlie Burse, James DeBerry, Buddy Doyle, Memphis Slim, Jack Kelly, Bukka White, Joe Hill Louis, Rufus Thomas, Al Jackson Band, Rosco Gordon, Howlin’ Wolf, B. B. King, Bonita Cole and Bill Harvey, Ford Nelson, Willie Nix, Junior Parker, Harmonica Frank, James Cotton, Doctor Ross, Elvis Presley, Little Milton, Tuff Green, Willie Mitchell, Bobby Bland, Willie Cobbs, Albert King, Willie Sanders, Big Amos, Cliff Jackson, and finally, tracks by Ike and Tina Turner when she was on her way up but the blues on single discs was on the way out.
    Whatever your preferred type of blues, this set gives you the chance to discover or re-connect with every aspect of the recorded blues from Memphis – the home of the blues.

    Significant contributions were made by acclaimed writers and researchers including… David Evans, Paul Swinton, Dick Raichelson, John Broven, Tyler Fritts, Hank Davis, Colin Escott, Chris Smith, Guido Van Rijn, Tony Russell, Bob Eagle, Rob Bowman, Steve LaVere, Brian Baumgartner, Dave Sax, Cilla Huggins, Helge Thygesen, Bob Eagle, Brian Baumgartner, Joel Roberts, Jim O’Neal, Dave Booth, Bill Millar, David Less, Judy Peiser, Bill Greensmith, Dick Spottswood, and many others.

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis Now In Person 1972 (2-Books & 4-CD, 7inch EP, Ltd.) (Kirjat)



    Limited to 1 copy per customer.

    David English and Pål Granlund are proud to present this special Collector’s Edition. It offers a detailed chronicle of Elvis’ career between January and April 1972. The set features 2 books: From Las Vegas to Buffalo (120-pages) and The April Tour (384 pages) and *4 CD’s plus a limited edition 33rpm EP. (see flyer for full detail).

    Estimated shipping date December 08, 2023.

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  • Graveyard Mutants - Afterlife Love Machine EP (7 single/EP)


    50 numbered copies on black vinyl + printed insert!

    4 fresh Neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly tracks from this new trio, with members of SMELL OF KAT and CALAMITIEZ!!

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  • Caravans - Glamorous Heart Motel Blues (LP)


    Kunnon musta vinyyli. The Real Thing! Alunperin julkaistu 10″ albumina, jossa vain 10 biisiä.

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  • Caravans - Glamorous Heart Motel Blues (Red) (LP)


    Limited RED, 52 numbered copies! Alunperin julkaistu 10″ albumina, jossa vain 10 biisiä.

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  • Mad Dog Cole - Son Of Satan (Red) (LP)


    Vihdoinkin myös vinyylinä. Rajoitettu painos. 54 numbered copies made in RED vinyl!

    MAD DOG COLE ’ Son Of Satan’

    by wildhank

    After one of the most surprising comebacks in recent Psychobilly history back in 2007, all things MadDog Cole have been quite quiet for the last five-or-so years. Gossiped to be lost again beyond the Psychobilly horizon and rumoured straying from the path of rockin’ (dis)grace, it’s now safe to say that the former Krewmen lead singer just took his time to work on the material for his follow-up release and to recruit a line up that works best with him.

    Son Of Satan consists of twelve brand new tunes recorded at Western Star Studio, with Alan Wilson himself responsible for the perfect production and the final touches of the sound. The whole affair impresses with an ever-present straightforward Psychobilly feel on the full album, solid variations of the theme and healthy changes in speed with arguably one of the most remarkable voices of the genre always in the thick of the action.

    Saying all that this is rather the lost album of the McMillan/Cole era than a 21st century product of traditional Psychobilly tones, spiced up with a fat rhythm section that now also features Mark’s former old band mate Dominic Parr back on drums, decent sharp and twangy guitaring by newly acquired Lee Gorrïnge, catchy melodies and a super tight sound all over the place.

    Songs like The Darkness, Son Of Satan, Better Off Dead, Did I Make You Scared and Captain Black cement that this Crazy Love release is not only an essential part in this year’s Psychobilly panorama but a clear message to all them disbelievers that “you can be sure… that the mental MadDog’s back!“.

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