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  • Seasick Steve - Blues In Mono (CD)


    Available for the first time on physical format, the cover of seasick Steve’s new album ’blues in mono’ Tells you exactly what to expect. Just one man, his voice, his acoustic guitar and a microphone. Originally released as a digital only album in November 2020, ’blues in mono’ Is a timeless tribute to traditional, acoustic country blues recorded with a microphone from the 1940s, with seasick Steve performing the songs solo, direct to an old tape machine. ’Blues in mono’ Finds seasick Steve giving some of his finest performances to deliver a fresh, stripped down blues album that offers the perfect antidote for the troubled times in which we live. Steve has curated a selection of songs to cover, from his favourite artists such as Willie Dixon, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Charlie Patton and Mississippi Fred mcdowell. The album also features four new seasick Steve songs, including the lead track ’well, well, well’.

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  • Various - Sadie´s Gentlemen´s Club V1 – Lover (CD)


    Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club is a brand-new concept from Atomicat Records with thirty songs per album. You will encounter and absorb yourself into the genres of; titty-shakers, popcorn, twist, pop, exotica, space-age, swing, and blues.Every album has thirty recordings remastered Atomic style which is clear, vibrant and the music is carefully collected throughout the series to offer vibrant and diverse sounds from the numerous musical genres.

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  • Various - 70 Years of The Sun Sound Volume 02 – The R & B Performers (CD)


    Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-154) 70 Years of The Sun Sound Volume 02 is the second tribute to Florence, Alabama-bred Samuel (Sam) Cornelius Phillips. The album looks at his labels; Sun, Flip and Phillips International, with the spotlight being shone upon the R&B Performers.

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  • Various - 70 Years of The Sun Sound Volume 01 – The Rockers (CD)


    Atomicat Records (ACCD113) 70 Years of The Sun Sound Volume 01 is the first tribute to Florence, Alabama-bred Samuel (Sam) Cornelius Phillips. The album looks at his labels; Sun, Flip, and Phillips International, with the spotlight being shone upon the Southern-bred Caucasian rockers.

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  • Fontaine Eddie - Who Is Eddie? The Complete Singles As & Bs Plus! 1955-1962 (2CD) (CD)


    He was covered by the Beatles and Billy Fury (among others), he appeared in inarguably the greatest rock ’n’ roll film musical of all time and though he never really enjoyed a huge amount of chart success he’s highly regarded in the realms of the rock ’n’ roll community.

    Actor-singer Eddie Fontaine enjoyed a career that started before the arrival of Elvis Presley and that he still pursued long after The King’s demise in 1977. A jack of all trades when it came to music, Eddie was never short of a record deal in the 1950s and this new 2CD Jasmine set collects up everything he recorded between 1955 and 1962, when demand for his services as an actor gradually sidelined he would return to the singing career in the second half of the 1970s.

    Eddie’s biggest two records were ’Cool It Baby’ (as featured in ’The Girl Can’t Help It’) and ’Nothin’ Shakin’ (a 45 for Billy Fury and a regular feature of the Beatles in their Hamburg sets). But there’s so much more to enjoy in his discography, as you will hear here in this chronologically arranged, superbly remastered package.

    There have been other compilations on Eddie in the CD era, but this is the only one that brings together every single track he recorded in the peak years of his singing career. As such it’s definitive and will be a welcome addition to the collection o

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  • Downing Big Al - Still Rockin’ & Rollin’ Down On The Farm (CD)


    A powerful, pounding piano player and singer, BIG AL DOWNING recorded one the greatest unsung Rock & Roll tracks of all time, ’Down On The Farm’, in 1958.

    He went on to enjoy a remarkable career, in which he tasted fame and success across several different musical genres, ranging from R&R, R&B, Soul, and Disco, to Country (he was the second most successful black Country singer, after Charlie Pride).

    This unique 30-track compilation focuses on his Rock & Roll years, between 1958-62, during which he operated predominantly as an impersonator of Little Richard and Fats Domino.

    In addition to his own recordings during this period, Downing also appears as a sideman herein, playing piano on five of Wanda Jackson’s most rocking sides, notably her UK hits ’Let’s Have A Party’ and ’Mean, Mean Man’.

    Among other collectors’ rarities compiled on this set, he is also featured backing Bobby Poe, Bobby Brant, Spic & Span, Clyde Stacy and Big Rivers.

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  • Various - Great American Songbook Goes Doo Wop (CD)


    Although for many decades THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK remained principally the domain of jazz-styled singers and musicians, it has undergone a significant revival in recent years, in terms of the mass market’s rediscovery of the genre.

    Loosely defined, these are the most popular and enduring songs from the 1920s through to the 50s, most of which were written for Broadway theatre, musical theatre and/or Hollywood musical movies.

    And although mainstream Pop has generally endured a somewhat difficult relationship with what has always been perceived as ’serious’ music, a great many Doo Wop performers dabbled in the Great American Songbook over the years.

    This unique set presents thirty memorable examples, featuring artists like Dion & The Belmonts, The Platters, The Duprees, The Flamingos, The Drifters, The Skyliners, The Marcels, The Five Satins, The Coasters, The Spaniels and many more.

    Many of these sides are hard to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Shakey Jake - Call Me When You Need Me – The Vocal & Harmonica Blues of (CD)


    Harmonica player/singer/semi-professional gambler James D. ’SHAKEY JAKE’ Harris remains one of The Blues’ shadowy, ’Great Unknown’ figures.

    His name came from his awesome ability to shoot dice; by all accounts, fellow-gamblers would call ’Shake ’Em, Jake’ at him.

    This compilation comprises his two rare-as-hens-teeth LPs, ’Good Times’ (1960) and ’Mouth Harp Blues’ (1961), both recorded for Prestige/Bluesville, plus an earlier, one-off 45rpm for Artistic (1958), a subsidiary label of Cobra Records.

    On his Artistic 45rpm he was backed by the Willie Dixon Band, whose personnel included guitarists Magic Sam (who was Shakey Jake’s nephew) and Freddie King.

    His Prestige/Bluesville LPs feature sidemen like guitarists Bill Jennings and Jimmy Lee Robinson, organist Brother Jack McDuff, pianist Robert Banks, bassist Leonard Gaskin and drummer Junior Blackman.

    This material is impossible to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Various - Leroy Kirkland – I’ll Be Rockin’ – Arranger, Writer and Session Musician – The Rhythm & Blues Producers (CD)


    After Otis Blackwell and Jesse Stone, Leroy Kirkland became perhaps the most prestigious Black R&B composer of the mid-20th century having enjoyed a stellar grounding.

    He served with Erskine Hawkins, Cootie Williams and Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey in their orchestras. Coming into his own in 1954, he became a key figure along with Sam ’The Man’ Taylor in the Alan Freed Orchestra.

    He later wrote for The Clovers, Etta James and Maxine Brown for whom he composed best sellers like ’Good Lovin’, ’Stop The Wedding’, and ’All In My Mind’.

    This first-time release of some of Kirkland’s most significant work includes many of his best-known successes.

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  • Various - Am I Reaching For The Moon? – The Women Who Sang with the Howard Biggs Orchestra 1951-1957 (CD)


    This is the first in Jasmine’s new series devoted to the backroom boys of Blues, R&B, Soul & Jazz and features some of the women who sang & recorded with the Howard Biggs Orchestra. Biggs, from Seattle, Washington achieved fame in the 1950s as a prolific songwriter, leader and arranger for many R&B vocal groups, Jazz, Blues & R&B singers both male and female. He even played piano on many of his recordings.

    Many of the women presented here have been neglected and rarely, if ever, have appeared on CD, plus a few more familiar names & titles.

    30 tracks in all from Micki Williams’ haunting ’The Sun Forgot To Shine This Morning’, Terry Timmons voodoo inspired ’Evil Eyed Woman’, Dakota Staton working her magic on ’Abracadabra’, Anita Tucker taking it ’Slow, Smooth & Easy’, odd one out Helene Dixon with her version of Chuck Berry’s ’Roll Over Beethoven’, Marie Knight’s title song with heavenly choir and two stomping La Vern Baker’s to finish. All of which shows the rich variety of music these women produced under the guidance of Howard Biggs.

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  • Marchan Bobby - This is the Life – New Orleans Rock and Soul 1954-1962 (CD)


    The flamboyant, ultra-extraordinary BOBBY MARCHAN (born Oscar James Gibson) was an outstanding R&B/Soul singer, songwriter, bandleader, MC and female impersonator, who enjoyed successes both solo and as the occasional singer with Huey ’Piano’ Smith & The Clowns.

    This compilation is drawn from Marchan’s solo recordings for Johnny Vincent’s Ace and Bobby Robinson’s Fire labels between 1954-62, and feature some of the earliest examples of Soul music on record, most notably his dramatic 1960 R&B #1 ’There’s Something On Your Mind (parts 1 & 2)’.

    His first Ace 45rpm ’Give A Helping Hand’/’Pity Poor Me’ (1954), included herein, was issued as Bobby Fields, as he was signed to another label at the time.

    Other collectables in this set include ’Chickee Wah-Wah’, ’I’ll Never Let You Go’, ’You Can’t Stop Her’, ’You’re Still My Baby’ and ’Things I Used To Do’.

    This is the first time that this remarkable, Soul-drenched body of work has been thus compiled.

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  • Walker Charlie - I’ll Catch You When You Fall – Complete Singles As & Bs, 1957-1962 and More (CD)


    At time when Country music first started gravitating towards the smoothness of ’The Nashville Sound’ in the mid 1950s, there were a handful of important artists who stayed true to the fiddles and steel guitars that gave country its identity in the first place.

    DJ-turned singer Charlie Walker was one such artist. The string of uncompromisingly hard-core honky tonk hits he enjoyed from the mid 50s to the early 60s were made to be played at dance halls, where their shuffle beat was warmly welcomed time after time.

    In this first ever UK compilation of Charlie’s breakthrough tunes you can hear them all. Among the tracks are the original versions of many song that have passed into country music legend, including ’I’ll Catch You When You Fall’, ’Who Will Buy The Wine’ and Charlie’s breakthrough hit ’Pick Me Up On Your Way Down’ – songs that have been recorded time and again, without ever beating the versions you’ll hear here.

    This truly IS classic country music that will never get old and never get tired, brought to you in an audio quality that demonstrates exactly why this is so. You don’t have to be in a Texas honky tonk to enjoy these tunes. Close your eyes and listen – Charlie Walker will take you right to the heart of a hardwood floor.

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  • Various - I’m On My Own Grandpa and Other Country Classics 1947-1962 (CD)


    Whilst opening the Eddie Arnold show guitarist Lloyd George and mandolinist Rollin Sullivan formed the comedy duo ’Lonzo & Oscar’. In May 1947 having acquired an RCA Victor contract they recorded their first session resulting in the release of a burlesque version of ’Old Buttermilk Sky’ coupled with the humorous ’Take Them Cold Feet Outa My Back’, both on this CD. From then on they never looked back, with the next session they produced ’I’m My Own Grandpa’ which was not only a big seller, reportedly four million, for them but several other popular artists of the time.

    In 1949 they moved to Capitol Records & Lloyd also signed as a solo under the name of Ken Marvin. Tired of the zany act Ken signed for Mercury and after two years was back at RCA Victor where he first recorded the much re-issued rockabilly track ’Uh-Huh Honey’. He continued in the same vein for Aladdin’s C&W subsidiary Intro Records, once again recording ’Uh Uh Honey’ both versions included here.

    For his last recordings he reverted to his real name Lloyd George. The two releases were more bluesy than country and confused blues discographers for years until his full history was known. Videos of Lonzo & Oscar can still be seen online playing their old tunes but sadly Lonzo is not Lloyd George nor is he Ken Marvin, but the 32 tracks on this CD are all three of them!

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  • Presley Elvis - Like A Black Tornado – Live At Boston Garden 1971 (deluxe edition) (CD)


    CD contains a captivating performance from one of Elvis’ earliest tours of the 1970s. Performed and recorded in Boston on 10th November 1971, this show demonstrates the raw energy and spirit Elvis displayed when performing away from his Las Vegas engagements, reminding everyone that, finally, he was back!

    For the first time ever, this recording (formerly in mono) has been remastered, carefully restored, and remixed to true stereo using the most sophisticated technologies. The accompanying 40-page booklet includes rare photographs and memorabilia taken from this performance, along with introductory notes.

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  • Kentucky Headhunters - ….that’s A Fact Jack! (CD)


    Grammy Award-winning southern rock, blues and country group The Kentucky Headhunters announced their latest album, That’s A Fact Jack! The twelve-track album includes eleven all-new songs, each penned by members of the Headhunters, as well as one cover tune: Rick Derringer’s ”Cheap Tequila.” During a time of uncertainty for our nation, the Headhunters believe the upcoming compilation is just what the doctor ordered. ”The Kentucky Headhunters have always been road warriors and makers of music for ourselves and the fans of our music,” says Richard Young, a founding member of the band. ”We felt it was appropriate at this time in our society to make some fun music for folks and a statement for the world at large.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii Deluxe Edition (3CD box) (CD)


    Vihdoinkin myös Aloha From Hawaii Follow That Dream versiona ja laajennettuna ja uudelleen miksattuna. ILMESTYY HELMIKUUN AIKANA!

    When seeking key career highpoints, Elvis’ multi-faceted musical legacy certainly divides opinion amongst fans and critics alike. However, if one goes by the sales and the audience viewing numbers too, there is only one answer. Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite. RCA’s double album of the show was released throughout the world in February and shot to the #1 spot in many countries including the U.S. The album went to #1 on the Billboard album chart and reigned supreme from late February until late October, re-entering in late December for another two months. Today in the U.S. the album stands at 5.5 million sales and is certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA.

    To acknowledge this achievement, FTD is proud to present an upgraded re-release of Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite utilizing the talents of successful Memphian recording engineer Matt-Ross Spang who has newly remixed the original broadcasted show and the after-concert 3:00 AM crowd-less masters including rehearsal performances for the first time.
    Also included is the Sony Legacy 2013 remix of the rehearsal show form January 12.

    Packaged in our ‘sessions’ style 8” x 8” slipcase, this deluxe 3-CD contains a 28-page color booklet, great photos, memorabilia and insightful essay.

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  • Haavisto Marko & Poutahaukat - Yleisön Palvelija (CD)


    25v. juhlalevy ilmestyy 25.2.2022

    CD:n 4 bonusraitaa eivät ole mukana keväällä ilmetyvällä vinyylillä, eivätkä Spotifyn digijulkaisulla.

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  • Swing Cats (Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom & Danny B. Harvey) - Swing Cat Stomp (CD)


    A very special treat for all the hep cats and groovy gals – a totally revamped reissue of the ultra cool 1999 album from rockabilly supergroup, Swing Cats!

    This rockin’ trio, formed by Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker both of The Stray Cats and guitarist Danny B. Harvey of Polecats fame, kick out a fine assortment of well-known favorites like ”Hit The Road Jack” and ”Choo-Choo-Ch’Boogie” alongside originals like ”Swing Cat Stomp” and more! The reissue includes remastered audio, all new artwork, and band photos! Bonus track features the killer Swing Cats remix of Marilyn Monroe’s ”Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” that was featured in the movie Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher! Packaged in a slick digipak!

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  • Hutto J.B. - Chicago Slide Final Shows 1982 (2CD) (CD)


    This 2 CD set captures two shows (with 2 hours of music) from late in Hutto’s career. Both are rocking, tough examples of the raucous style of electric blues from Chicago Hutto was known for. Hutto reins things in on slower tunes (”Say Goodbye”) where his stinging guitar style accents his no nonsense vocals. An average vocalist, it’s his fierce electric slide playing and piercing single note style that makes Hutto such an exciting performer. He’s one in a long line of electric slide guitarists–from Elmore James to Hound Dog Taylor, to Robert Nighthawk and John Littlejohn, to Lil’ Ed Williams (related to Hutto), and others who carried the torch of slashing, intense blues guitar into the present time.

    One listen to the familiar ”Summertime” and you’ll hear the sound that Otis Rush incorporated into his solo style. Hutto was never a household name like Rush and others from that period, but he influenced a generation of guitar players. And even at the late dates of these two shows Hutto still sounds tough–his vocals unchanged and his piercing guitar style as exciting as any of his earlier work. Included here among many Hutto originals, are songs he’s played for many years like ”I Feel So Good” and ”Too Much Alcohol”, along with instrumentals (usually with the word ”Shuffle” in the title) which really show his slashing sound. Other songs here include Elmore James’ ”Early In The Morning”, Big Bill Broonzy’s ”I Feel So Good”, plus ”Caledonia”, ”I Got My Mojo Working”, and ”One Room Country Shack”.

    His unnamed backing band (s) take short solos towards the beginning (tracks 4-5) and end of the first concert on the long (15 1/2 minutes) of ”J.B.’s Bonsoir Blues” (sic). They’re reminiscent of bands Hutto has used previously–keeping the rhythm going and accenting Hutto’s vocals or guitar work–and are never less than decent if faceless. Hutto’s bands were primarily laying down a foundation for Hutto to solo over and roam about at will, which they do well.

    Also included are two tracks from very early in Hutto’s career, ”Combination Boogie”, and ”Now She’s Gone”, both from 1954. If you’re unfamiliar with Hutto’s early work these songs will give you a good idea of what he sounded like when he was just starting to make a name for himself. The sound of these two gigs is very good–raw and alive sounding–which accents Hutto’s playing. The booklet has an essay on Hutto and blues music (but nothing about the other musicians) along with some good photos from throughout his career–most with Hutto wearing a fez-like crown that he was known for.

    If you’re a fan of Hutto (and if you like post-war, electric, South Side Chicago blues you should be) this is worth adding to your blues collection. If Hutto is new to you also check out his earlier albums like ”Hawk Squat”, ”Slidewinder”, ”Stompin’ At Mother Blues” (all on the Delmark label), ”Slideslinger” (Evidence), ”Rock With Me Tonight” (Bullseye), and J.B. Hutto & The Hawks Masters Of Modern Blues” (Testament), and his work on the ”Chicago The Blues Today!” series (Vanguard), plus others from Europe. His playing was never less than exciting and at times exhilarating. Hutto was a great example of no frills, post-war electric blues playing at it’s best.

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  • Hutto J.B. And The Houserockers - Live 1977 (CD)


    After Hound Dog Taylor died in 1975 the Wolf Records Manager got the idea to bring ”The Houserockers- Brewer Phillips and Ted Harvey with the ”Chicago Blues Slide King” J.B. Hutto together! The sound during the Austrian tour was not good, so we got these live recordings from Boston, USA! This is blues history.

    Recorded ”Live” June 15-16, 1977 at Sandy’s Jazz Revival, Beverly, Mass.

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It: Vol.40 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of MGM, Cub and Metro Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 32 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

    Bear Family Records® presents the second compilation of rockabilly tunes from the catalogs of M-G-M Records and its sub-labels Cub and Metro.
    The better-known rockers are Buck Griffin, Marvin Rainwater and Andy Starr, while the less-known performers include Gary Walker, George McCormick, Ricky Scott, Rita Faye, Bob Riley, and Don Ruby, a.o.!
    The album includes two country rockers each by Don Gibson and Arthur ’Guitar Boogie’ Smith!
    As always, we provide recordings in TOP sound quality!
    The liner notes are written by Bill Dahl.
    Extensive and richly illustrated booklet with biographical and discographical information.

    Dewey Phillips (1926 – 1968), a humorous Dee Jay from Memphis, who regularly introduced white and black musicians in his broadcasts since 1949, wrote Rock & Roll history when he played Elvis Presley’s first single on the radio in July 1954.
    From his verbal signature ’That’ll Flat Git It!’ , Bear Family Records® borrowed in 1992 the title of our long-running label-by-label rockabilly series featuring the record company’s best rocking recordings!
    The fortieth issue is dedicated to the catalogs of M-G-M Records and its two sub-labels, Cub and Metro – we first featured rockabilly and rock’ n’ roll on M-G-M before the turn of the millennium. With BCD 15789 ’That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 7’ there is no overlapping.

    M-G-M Records was founded in 1946 by film production company Metro Goldwyn Mayer as a record label to release soundtracks, but was open to a wide variety of musical genres from the beginning. M-G-M jumped into rockabilly when that genre of music literally exploded in the mid-50s! For our recent visit to M-G-M, we’ve chosen better-known rockers like Buck Griffin, Marvin Rainwater and Andy Starr alongside less popular performers like Gary Walker, George McCormick (part of the country duo George & Earl), Ricky Scott, Rita Faye, Bob Riley and Don Ruby, a.o. Before rockabilly was the order of the day, Don Gibson and Arthur ’Guitar Boogie’ Smith each recorded two furiously cracking country rockers, which we also present here.

    Chicago music writer Bill Dahl has written the extensive liner notes with many biographical details and interview excerpts, and the recordings have been compiled from the best sources, often from our own archives. The lavishly illustrated booklet features some little-known images – another milestone in our groundbreaking label documentation on the history of rockabilly!

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