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  • Blue Streak - Red Haired Woman (Ltd edition) (CD)



    Recorded at Klaukkala,Finland between October-November 1983
    Heikki Laakkonen: Vocals, guitar
    Tommi Lehtimäki: Lead Guitar ,Vocals
    Jan Smedberg: Double Bass
    Kari Skön: Drums
    Mastered Olli Holopainen
    Kansi I. Ratinen

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  • Various - Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll 4 – Smack Dab In The Middle (CD)


    Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll Volume Four – Smack Dab In The Middle – Atomicat Records (ACCD104) looks at Caucasian men and women from differing music backgrounds who covered R&B songs. The music within Smack Dab In The Middle is sourced from the golden years of 1954 through to 1963, from labels large and small. The 28-song album is stuffed full of American, Australian, and Argentinian Rockers, with numerous artists being mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality. The albums are perfect for collectors who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing

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  • Various - Summertime Scorchers 3 (CD)


    30 dancing and party making rockers – Rocking and Rolling in the sun Atomicat style. Summertime Scorchers Volume Three (ACCD078) which is possible the hottest Rock and Roll Beach Party on CD. The variety of cool rockin’ tunes from 1955 – 1963 has been chosen for the musical merriment, and to encourage fun and frolics, and foremost everyone will have a “Good Time!”

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  • Berry Chuck - Toronto Rock ’N’ Roll Revival 1969 (CD)


    Paremmilla soundeilla kuin koskaan aikaisemmin.

    There was no shortage of historic rock music festivals in 1969, from the unforgettable highs of Woodstock to the crashing lows of Altamont and everything in between. Meanwhile, interest was steadily building on another front. A full-fledged 1950s rock and roll revival was brewing, and the idiom’s pioneers were experiencing a renaissance. Suddenly, they were no longer viewed as over-the-hill relics, but still-vital sources of real rock and roll. Combining the two contrasting demographics at one event was a rare sight to behold, but the Toronto Rock ’n’ Roll Revival 1969, held that September 13 at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium, represented that unlikely hybrid. That afternoon the Father of Rock & Roll returned to lead the apostles of rock into the next decade. After decades of inferior releases, for the first time, this historical concert is presented in its entirety. HAIL HAIL ROCK & ROLL!

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  • Various - Rockinitis Vol. 3+4 / Electric Blues From The Rock`n´Roll Era (CD)


    Jatkoa, yhdellä maailman parhaalla CD:lle.. Eli Rockintis 1 & 2! EI ainuttakaan huonoa biisä tässäkään. MUST!

    For the fourth time round, Stag-O-Lee delves into the Rockinitis sounds of mid-fifties to earlysixties
    Black dance music. Juke joint gear, as chosen by London based record-slinger, Diddy
    Wah, Stag-O-Lee’s troublemaker-in-chief, R-Man, Barcelona’s own Fonsoul and collector
    extraordinaire Mace from Stoke-On-Trent. This is full-blown electric-guitar blues to make you
    stand up and shake your hips. 80 minutes of it. Comes with 8-page booklet and linernotes.

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  • Howlin' Ramblers - Moanin’ at Midnight (CD+DVD) (CD)


    Recorded live At The Juan Galliaordo Theater 2021. 86 mins

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  • Pickin' Boppers - Wild Instro Bop & Roll (CD)


    Strong band with a style that mixes rock’n’roll with swing and jazz, with virtuoso musicians from the Spanish scene.

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  • Jerrels - Wanted Man (CD)


    he Jerrells formed in late 2019, in an effort to explore the more electric American Roots styles of the 1950’s. Up to that point I had spent decades playing the hillbilly, western, and swing music of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with White Ghost Shivers, as well as more traditional styles of Country. As a kid, I was completely enthralled by rock n’ roll, in all its forms. It only made sense that now everything would come crashing together in The Jerrells.
    ”Wanted Man” is a collection of songs from 3 different recording sessions. Chronologically, ”Powder Room Mama” was the first song The Jerrells ever recorded, and the first song I wrote for the band. I had an opportunity to film and record high quality video and audio in Winter of 2019, and so I essentially assembled a band overnight. Without a rehearsal, we quickly recorded a handful of songs 100% live for what would become a demo video for the band, in an effort to get gigs. We did mostly cover songs, to showcase the different styles we were capable of, from swing to rock n’ roll. It was all standard material, plus ”Powder Room Mama”. I really felt like I had hit on something, as far as songwriting and musical direction for the band.
    In early 2020, I wrote a bunch of songs, and entered a proper studio in Austin, TX. We tracked what would become the bulk of this record. I had been listening to a ton of Rockabilly, new and old, and that influence can certainly be found here along with a variety of other electric roots styles. We ended up with 9 songs , and the record was almost released as a short LP. Then, the pandemic hit.
    At that point, I had besome completely engulfed with the wilder side of Hillbilly Boogie, Country Bop, and Rockabilly of the 50’s , and decided to do some home recording. I ended up playing most of the instruments myself, and had some friends record some parts remotely, as we were all on lockdown. Two of those songs from that period of the Summer of 2020 made it onto this collection, and filled out what is now a 12 song record.
    It’s been a long road, but we’re all very happy with ”Wanted Man”, and hope that you dig it too!
    Jeremy Slemenda

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  • Legacaster - Doin’ The Truck With… (CD)


    Legacaster is back! After Boppin’ Guitar (2015) and Big Berry (2017), Legacaster is back with a new album called, Doin’ The Track With… This new album contains 11 new songs about trucks, guitars, relationships and everything you can expect on a Rock and Roll album. Legascaster is joined by Berto Martinez on drums, Juanma Rodriguez on double bass and features guest appearances by Jake Calypso, Spencer Evoy and Lynette Morgan. The design on the album is made by Marcel Bontempi. The album is released by Kathrina / Sleazy Records in vinyl and cd format.

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  • Flatbroke trio - Going Places (Ltd CD) (CD)


    Uusi albumi Flatbroke Triolta. ILMESTYY 19.8.2022 / release date: August 19, 2022. LIMITED EDITION OF CD. ONLY 300 COPIES!

    Howdy Neighbour!!

    It’s FlatBroke Trio here, the Finland’s finest honky tonk rockabilly band!!

    Since we started playing in mid 90’s we’ve put out a nice bunch of music on various formats and right now you’re holding the latest release on finnish Jungle Records label.
    We wrote few original tunes, gave metamorphosis to few rockabilly / country numbers and hit the amazing Suprovox Studio in Karkkila, Finland.

    Results of those sessions can be heard on ”Going Places” album. Sparkling guitars on strong and tight bass lines, sugar coated with steady rhythm guitar and vocals will take you back
    to the hay day of american music 40’s and 50’s. On this album you can hear wild rockabilly, foot stompin’ western swing and heart breaking country melodies
    mixed nicely together by a band that’s been ”Going Places” since 1995.

    Yup, we can honestly say this is our best work yet. We’re sure you’ll agree.

    FlatBroke Trio

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  • Fenton Graham - And Friends (CD)


    Matchbox laulajan uusi soolo albumi. Taustalla rockabilly genreen parhaat!
    Graham Fenton – Lead Vocals
    Darrel Higham – Guitars
    Pete Pritchard – Bass
    Liam Grundy – Piano
    Russ Chadd – Drums

    Recorded at Embassy Studios January 2022.
    Mixed and Mastered by Graham Dominy
    Produced by Darrel Higham & Graham Dominy

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  • Coffinshakers - The Curse of the Coffinshakers 1996-2016 (3CD Boxset) (CD)


    Ilmestyy myös CD boxina (19.08.2022)

    CD box set, thick booklet

    Formed in 1995 in Karlstad, Sweden by Rob Coffinshaker, these graveyard country pioneers have been steadily putting out records, most of which have now become highly sought-after collector items. The Coffinshakers successfully merged the imagery of German expressionist cinema with traditional country sounds of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, occasionally flirting with Ennio Morricone -style melodies and the 60’s surf-garage sounds of The Ventures. Topped with full-bodied lyrics and Rob Coffinshaker’s haunting, low register voice, this combination gained them a cult following in the late 90’s and 2000’s, and they even creeped up to the Finnish top 40 with their self-titled album in 2007.

    Svart Records are proud to announce the official Coffinshakers reissues, which have been in the works for a couple of years now. These reissues include the full length albums We Are The Undead (1998) and The Coffinshakers (2007). This deluxe CD box includes both albums, a bonus disc (From the Crypt – Rare and Unreleased) and a thick booklet with a lengthy interview and archive material. The bonus disc is only available in the box set and includes rare compilation tracks, EP releases and a handful of unreleased tunes from Rob Coffinshaker’s personal vaults.

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  • Neilson Tami - Kingmaker (CD)


    From being cradled as a baby in the arms of Roy Orbison, to performing a duet with Willie Nelson, you would think that Tami Neilson lived a country music fantasy life. However, in between these monumental occurrences, The Neilson Family Band were having to busk in the streets to put food on the table, performing gospel concerts to prisoners, and roaring down the road in an exploding RV to open for Johnny Cash, which Tami managed to do, at 18, in her pajamas. And then Tami left to start her own family on the other side of the world in New Zealand, where she now resides. Her busking chops took her to the streets of Auckland looking for her big break. From open mic nights to clubs, to headlining theaters and major festivals, Tami has now won almost every NZ music award possible. 2022 now brings Tami’s 5th album, ”Kingmaker”. Recorded at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, Kingmaker was born of the pandemic. A moment when women were struggling. Disproportionately affected by furlough: a ’she-cession,’ analysts termed it. Women put their dreams and careers on hold to care for their families. The songs of ”Kingmaker” question gender roles and expectations of women in society. She shines a line on the misogyny that pervades the music industry. She sings of the underestimation of women, of their strength, power, and resilience in the face of structural and cultural barriers to their full participation in society. Tami’s story is at the center of this feminist tapestry: from singing with Kitty Wells at the age of 10, slipping demo tapes into the laundry bags of stars to now singing with Willie Nelson on ”Kingmaker” – from humble beginnings to success, on her own terms. Tami Neilson is a game changer, a cage shaker, a Kingmaker.

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  • GA-20 - Crackdown (CD)


    Vuoden kovimmat blues keikat Suomessa!

    Uusi albumi ilmestyy 9.9.2022. Saa varata ja varmistaa nopea toimitus julkaisu päiväksi kotiin.

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  • Presley Elvis - From Vegas To Tahoe (3CD) (CD)


    As part of its ongoing live on tour series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of ELVIS: FROM VEGAS TO TAHOE. Released as a 3-CD 5” digi-pak, this set features three 1973 midnight shows recorded on January 27 / February 21 (Las Vegas Hilton) and May 12 (High Sierra Theatre, Sahara Hotel, Lake Tahoe)

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  • Presley Elvis - Devil In Disguise – the ‘Lost Album’ SESSIONS” (3-CD) (CD)


    OH YES!!!!!! HEINÄKUUN FTD JULKAISU! Tästä ei boxi parane!

    As part of its acclaimed ‘Sessions series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of ELVIS PRESLEY: DEVIL IN DISGUISE – the ‘LOST ALBUM’ SESSIONS. Released as a 3-CD 8”
    digi-pak. Recorded, for the most part, over two days in July 1963, these varied and excellent performances ended up being scattered over several RCA Victor releases between 1963 and 1968. It would not be until 1990 that the songs finally appeared as originally intended on a proper RCA vinyl album. Almost 60-years later, FTD presents all of the masters and outtakes available from the session(s).

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