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  • Various - Little Heart Attacks From North Carolina -Rockabilly and Rock ’n’ Roll on Oak Records 10″LP & CD (10``LP, CD)


    1-LP 10inch with bonus CD, 8-page booklet (8″x8″), postcard, 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 60 min. (CD).

    Strictly limited to 500 copies, this exclusive LP/CD combo on Bear Family is dedicated to Oak Records, a small, only sporadically active label from North Carolina.
    Only eight singles were released on Oak Records between 1957 and 1966.
    The original Oak records are rarities and sometimes hard to find.
    The Bear Family bundle of LP and CD provides for the first time all recordings made for the Oak label, including originally unreleased alternate versions; three titles for the first time on CD and LP!
    Rockabilly collectors appreciate such great artists as Don Hager, Glenn Johnson and Bobby Green, R&B fans will be delighted with the rare recording of Big Jay Mercer.
    With this edition we document a small yet significant aspect of the music history of the state of North Carolina.
    High-quality pressing, luxurious cover, bonus CD in full-color sleeve, a postcard and a large-format booklet with the results of the meticulous research by author Lightnin’ Wells and producer Nico Feuerbach!

    The ending of World War II brought the age of the independent record label and introduced new, often younger, artists who were no longer beholden to the demands of the major record labels. Eastern North Carolina stretches from east of the Piedmont area of the state to the Atlantic coastline, Eastern Carolina was known as a tobacco belt because of the large number of tobacco warehouses and markets.

    During the late 1950s a small record label was established in. The label was established with guidance from and based on the fame of local celebrities, Mustard and Gravy who were a comedy/musical. Oak Records mainly promoted younger local performers who were attempting to establish their musical identity through the new medium of Rock ‘n’ Roll yet filtered through their own rural North Carolina culture, upbringing and experiences.

    Such colorful acts such as Don Hager & The Hot Tots, Glenn Johnson & The Acorns and P. Jay & The Haystackers made their few recordings for Oak Records and then vanished into obscurity leaving hardly a trace of their stories behind. These recordings on the Oak label remain as some of the most prized and desirable among collectors of rockabilly records and indeed are some of the rarest. Enjoy this taste of 1950s tobacco belt Rock ‘n’ Roll Eastern North Carolina style!

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  • Haley Bill And His Comets - Live It Up! (10``LP)


    1957 pressing! REAL COOL 10″ ALBUM!! SOUNDS GREAT!!!

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  • Vincent Gene - A Gene Vincent Record Date With The Blue Caps (Ltd) (10``LP)


    • Reissue of the rare Japanese 1958 Capitol 10inch LP. Plus 2 bonus tracks!
    • Reproduction of the rare original cover jacket
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity
    • Pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl

    • An exciting 1958 album featuring the snarling Gene Vincent, rock’s original bad boy, the blueprint for ’The Rocker’. Behind him are the Blue Caps (the 2nd generation with the late great Johnny Meeks on guitar), a band that was arguably the toughest, excellent musician craftmanship paired with the right nose for the stage, not only a band playing, but playing a show. The musicians throw themselves into even the inferior material with a feral energy that never flags. Even Vincent’s hands throwaway filler and cornball standards gain an unexpected edge. We have added ’Dance In The Streets’ and ’Anna Annabelle’ as bonus tracks! Yeah!

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  • Domino Fats - Teenageparty With Mr. Domino (10``LP)


    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl)
    • 12 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series
    • Reproduction of the rare original album cover art, designed for the Durtch market
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl

    Antoine Domino Jr. called ’Fats’ had been active since the 1940s for almost 70 years. He was one of the stable towers of strength of New Orleans rhythm & blues and rock & roll. The re-release of this rare 10 ”LP, originally released in the Netherlands, is our homage to the artist who died on October 24, 2017.

    In November 1962 Fats Domino performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in front of about 2400 enthusiastic fans. This event prompted the record company to release a 10“ LP with selected studio recordings. Fats will be remembered as the most unexcited and relaxed rocker of all time. Anyone who has ever seen him on stage at his grand piano in front of his big band will remember it with a smile.

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  • Morse Ella Mae - Barrelhouse, Boogie, And The Blues (10``LP)


    Bear Family Vinyl Club Exclusives
    10″ LP series limited to 1.000 copies.
    First 500 LPs on color vinyl!

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  • Lee Brenda - Same (Ltd) (10``LP)


    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl) in our 11000-series.
    • Mega rare Japanese 10″LP release from 1960.
    • Originally only released in Asia, a 10″ version of her probably best known long-playing record.
    • A rock ’n’ roll milestone, originally released on Decca!
    • In addition to the ten tracks on the original Japanese 10″LP, the re-issue contains two bonus tracks, little-known rock ’n’ roll highlights from Brenda Lee’s catalogue.
    • Reproduction of the rare original cover from Japan.
    • Carefully remastered for this LP edition and pressed on high-quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl

    The recording sessions for ’Brenda Lee’ took place between 1958 and 1960 in Owen Bradley’s recording studio. ’Brenda Lee’ was released as her regular second studio album in August 1960 and contains Brenda’s first big hits Sweet Nothin’s and I’m Sorry. It is considered a classic of rock’n’ roll. The extremely hard to find 25cm version, at that time exclusively issued in Japan and now re-released by Bear Family, came onto the market with ten instead of the regular 12 titles. We have added two bonus tracks that fit perfectly into the original release!

    This vinyl classic should not be missing in any record collection!

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  • Taylor Vince - Le Rock C’est Ca! (10``LP)


    Limited Edition Bear Family Vinyl Club Exclusives
    10″ LP series limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl!
    Originally released 1961 as Barclay 80159 (France)

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  • Twitty Conway - The Rock & Roll Story (Pink + bonus photo) (10``LP)


    1:1 reproduction of an extremely rare Japanese pressing, a limited collector’s edition!
    This 10inch LP was originally released in 1962 on the Japanese MGM/Columbia label, catalog number ZL-5072.
    Very rare 10′ album from the collection of Marcel Meersmann.
    Original MGM recordings from 1958 to 1960 – a potpourri of rock & roll classics.
    A total of four bonus tracks that were not on the original album: ’Platinum High School’, ’I Vibrate (From My Head To My Feet)’, ’It’s Only Make Believe’ and ’Long Black Train’.
    Carefully remastered for the highest sound quality and pressed on high quality vinyl.
    Limited to 500 colored copies!

    From 1959 to 1964, Conway Twitty was under contract with MGM. During this time, he released a variety of rock ’n’ roll and R&B cover versions and his own rock numbers. ’It’s Only Make Believe’ made it to the top of the pop charts and became his biggest hit,.
    Various regular LP versions of the album ’The Rock & Roll Story’ were released on several continents. This is a reissue of a rare 10″ LP, which was only released in this form in Japan at the time.

    Kindly Marcel Meersmann gave us his precious original for the purpose of reproducing the original cover. In accordance with today’s technological possibilities, we have added four bonus tracks to the eight titles selected at that time, carefully mastered the recordings for this limited vinyl edition and had the new version pressed on colored vinyl.

    Please, note: strictly limited to 500 copies, worldwide! And by the way: from the mid-60s, now under contract with Decca in the USA, Conway Twitty became a successful star of country music. He was elected to both the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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  • Carter Bill - Cool Tom Cat (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP (10″/25cm) with 12 page booklet, bonus CD. 12 tracks (LP), 24 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 53 min. CD.

    Bill Carter: fantastic rocker from Arkansas!

    Luxury edition consisting of a 10″ vinyl LP plus CD with large-format booklet – containing all his rockers from 1954 to 1961!

    For example: recordings for 4-Star Records with the Carolina Drifters.

    The CD contains bonus tracks by Bill Carter and the Carolina Drifters as well as all the rockers released on the Indio label by Clyde Arnold and Ray Smith, among others.
    Carter was rediscovered by Mark Lee Allen, who interviewed him several times and wrote the booklet introduction.
    Bill Carter has personally supported our project!   Roland Heinrich wrote the detailed liner notes.

    Bill Carter was born in 1929 in Eagleton, Arkansas, moved with his family to Oklahoma in 1937 and six years later to Indio in California. His family encouraged his interest in music at an early age and provided funding for singing lessons when Bill was in his teens. Local radio stations presented him before he joined the US Air Force in 1949. During his military service in California he formed his first C&W bands and performed in the San Francisco area and even at a radio station in San Antonio, Texas.

    After completing his military service in 1953 Carter joined Jim DeNoone’s country band as a singer and performed at the ’California Hayride’ in San Francisco. In the same year, Bill Carter was the vocalist on the band’s recording sessions for Gilt-Edge Records. Finally, he formed his own trio, with whom he worked regularly over the next five years, pursuing the goal of becoming known beyond the local area. Between 1956 and 1961, Carter recorded under his own name for small and medium-sized labels such as 4-Star, Republic, Tally, Black Jack, Honey B, ’D’, Rural Rhythm and Ozark. The up-tempo number ’I Wanna Feel Good’, produced for Tally in Bakersfield, California in 1957, became his biggest hit and opened the doors to the ’Louisiana Hayride’ and the ’Grand Ole Opry’. Finally, in 1959 he ventured into Rockabilly and recorded ’Cool Tom Cat’.

    In the following years Carter followed a new musical orientation and also produced gospel oriented material, not only under his own name. He took part in other recording sessions as a singer and worked as a producer. In the first half of the 1960s he participated in recordings for no less than thirteen different record companies. It was during this period that Bill Carter became a convinced Christian and met a brother in spirit in the Baptist preacher Leonard Sipes, who formerly called himself Tommy Collins. From then on, Carter’s main focus was on Christian music, which he also brought to the stage with his own formation, the Bill Carter Singers, founded in 1969.

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  • Darin Bobby - Highlight (10``LP)

    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 copies – green vinyl), 12 tracks.
    • 1:1 reproduction of an extremely rare Japanese pressing as limited collector’s edition!
    • Probably first released in 1961 – no details are known.
    • Originals are sold for more than $500 … if you see one offered!
    • Original Atco recordings from 1959 to 1961.
    • A total of four bonus tracks, including Eden Ahbez’s great composition ’Nature Boy’ as well as ’You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby’, ’Queen Of The Hop’ and ’Mighty Mighty Man’.
    • Bobby Darin’s repertoire was never limited to straight rock & roll, he liked timeless swinging pop and jazz numbers like ’Beyond The Sea’ or ’Mack The Knife’.
    • Carefully remastered for superior sound quality and pressed on high-quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 colored copies!
    Bobby Darin was born in New York City in 1936 and first appeared in local coffee houses in the mid-1950s. A first single from that time, ’My First Love’, went down without causing much attention.

    Connie Francis’ manager got him an appearance in the ’Tommy Dorsey Show’ and also got him a record deal with Decca Records. His debut single for the label, a cover version of ’Rock Island Line’, and other releases between 1956 and ’58 left no trace. It was only with his move to Atco Records and the 1958 ’Queen Of The Hop’, which sold millions of copies, that his career took off. In the following years he landed a total of four Top 10 hits, including the number one hits ’Dream Lover’ (USA) and ’Mack The Knife’ from the Threepenny Opera (UK) – awarded with a Grammy!

    Bobby Darin died in California on December 20, 1973. In 1990 he was inducted into the ’Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ and nine years later into the ’Songwriters Hall of Fame’. Finally, in 2010 his life’s work was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

    With the exact reproduction of an extremely rare Japanese 25cm LP – strictly limited to 500 colored copies – Bear Family releases twelve recordings from his most successful recording period!

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis’ Golden Record (Double split colour vinyl) (10``LP)


    Reissue 1960 Japanissa julkaistusta 10″ albumista. Only 500 copies on DOUBLE SPLIT coloured vinyl.


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  • Luman Bob - The Fabulous (10``LP)


    Päälikansia ja biisejä myöten ihan päällikkö kokoelma.

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  • Twitty Conway - Rock House (10``LP)


    Kaikki parhaat 50s rockabilly samalla albumilla.

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  • Crombie Tony & The Rockets - Rockin’ With The Rockets (10``LP)


    Re-issue of an extremely rare 10″ LP from New Zealand! The original was released in 1958, also in England, but with a different cover.  

    Recordings made in 1957 and 1958.  ’Rockin’ With The Rockets’ is the only album released at that time.
    Tony Crombie was drummer and bandleader of the Rockets.   The single Teach You To Rock is considered the first ever British rock’n’ roll recording!
    Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl
    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – Limited collector’s edition.

    The first British Rock ’n’ Roll recordings in our ’Bear Family Vinyl Exclusives’ series! Tony Crombie was actually a jazz drummer, but the beat and groove of the ermeging rock ’n’ roll music fascinated the artist, and so he switched to rock in 1956 – a short episode that ended shortly after the release of ’Rockin’ With The Rockets’. Crombie turned back to jazz.

    What remains is an exciting musical legacy, an unjustly unnoticed testimony to the fascination that rock ’n’ roll exerted on young Brits – and not quite as young British musicians.


    Tony Crombie was born in London on August 27, 1925. The multi-instrumentalist (drums and piano) got into jazz during the war years, first playing with colleagues such as Carlo Kramer, Johnny Claes or Tito Burns in various London jazz clubs, before founding his own band in 1947. This combo toured Ireland, among other places. In those days, young people in Britain were enthusiastic about jazz from the USA. Duke Ellington and Ray Nace toured the United Kingdom accompanied by Crombie and bassist Jack Fallon. In the late 1950s, Crombie, Ronnie Scott, Johnny Dankworth, Dennis Rose, Pete Chilver and Laurie Morgen were among the founders of the UK bebop movement, which found a home in the ’Club Eleven’.
    In the following years Crombie backed Annie Ross, Lena Horne and Carmen McRae and played in Victor Feldman’s band during the mid-fifties. At the same time he conducted his own modern jazz orchestra which also toured internationally.

    1956 saw a break in Tony Crombie’s musical biography. Enthusiastic about the new rhythms he heard, he turned completely to rock ’n’ roll for about two years and founded The Rockets. But as early as 1958 the rocking Rockets turned into a jazz combo. A year later Crombie founded Jazz Inc. and soon thereafter went to Monte Carlo for a year before becoming the drummer in the house band of ’Ronnie Scott’s Jazzclub’ in 1960. In the following years he had the opportunity to accompany jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Ben Webster, Jimmy Witherspoon and Coleman Hawkins. And he worked with jazz organists such as Mike Carr, Georgie Fame or Alan Clare.

    He celebrated his greatest commercial success with the composition of the film music to the crime series ’The Man from Interpol’. Miles Davis recorded his So Near So Far for his 1963 album To ’Seven Steps To Heaven’.
    Tony Crombie died in his native London on October 18, 1999.

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  • Nelson Ricky - Sing, Ricky, Sing! (10``LP)


    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – Limited collector’s edition.

    • 10inch LP (limited edition – colored vinyl)
    • 10 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series
    • Reproduction of the extremely rare original album cover
    • Painstakingly remastered for highest fidelity and pressed on high quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 copies pressed on color vinyl 

    The original 10-inch LP was probably released in 1960 (only in Japan!) and contained eight tracks from Ricky’s successful early years, recorded for the Imperial label. 
    Girls were probably on the ballads at that time, but boys and rockers liked the fast ones, especially those with James Burton on the guitar. In retrospect, these recordings appear like instrumental blueprints for successors such as Shakin’ Stevens.

    In Japan, too, Ricky Nelson was very popular in those days. From a selection  of three, or four known 10“LP releases, we have chosen the one with the most beautiful cover design,  and we added two bonus tracks, also from the period 1958 – 1960. One Of These Mornings, a grim rocker, has rarely been re-released.

    The newly mastered recordings together with the carefully restored cover provide a much better price-performance ratio than the extremely expensive originals!

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  • Col Joye & The Joyboys - Jump With Joye (10``LP)

    BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – limited collector’s edition.

    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 pieces – purple vinyl), 12 tracks.

    • The Australian rocker reached the top of the charts in Australia in 1959 with Oh Yeah Uh Huh.
    • The mini album ’Jump With Joye’, which is now much sought after by collectors, was released in 1959 on the Australian Festival label.
    • We added four more rocking bonus tracks to the eight wild rockers and three charming ballads on the original LP.
    • The recordings were carefully remastered for this vinyl edition and sound excellent.
    • Strictly limited to 500 color copies, collector’s edition, pressed on purple vinyl.
    Col Joye – real name: Colin Frederick Jacobsen – was born in April 1937 and is considered one of the pioneers of Australian rock ’n’ roll. His third single, influenced by British and US-American models, was the first rock number to make it to the top of the charts down in Australia in 1959. 

    For us the early years of Col Joye are among the most exciting. But Joye’s career spanned six decades, during which he did not limit himself to rock ’n’ roll, but enjoyed great success as a singer/songwriter, musician and entrepreneur. He recorded country music, appeared on TV shows and, after the bands of the British Invasion had pushed him out of the public’s focus for a while, he landed another number one hit in 1973 with Heaven Is My Woman’s Love.

    For our limited LP release, we have assembled his best rockers!

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  • King Size Taylor - Taylor Made 10″LP + CD (10``LP)

    1-LP (10inch) plus CD, 12-page booklet, LP 12 tracks, CD 27 tracks, Limited edition.

    • King Size Taylor – one of the great British rockers and member of the legendary Hamburg Star-Club family!
    • Taylor was always a rocker and less of a beat musician.
    • LP/CD combo; only 4 tracks are also featured on King Size Taylor’s CD in Bear Family’s ’The Brits Are Rocking’ series
    • ’Taylor Made’ focuses on his best rockers recorded for Ariola and the rare Philips single Somebody’s Always Trying.
    • Twenty-five of the twenty-seven songs on the CD were recorded in 1957/58 in the living room of Sam Hardie, the Dominoes’ pianist, Taylor’s band – legally available for the first time on this particular release.
    • In the large-format booklet with liner notes by Marc Mittelacher, there are plenty of photos from Taylor’s private archive showing him and stars of rock ’n’ roll in the 50s.
    • Carefully mastered and with a photo postcard originally signed by King Size Taylor as a bonus!
    • We guarantee pure listening pleasure!

    Especially here in Germany, King Size Taylor was known in the early sixties as a regular guest in Hamburg’s Star-Club. In the Hanseatic city he performed more than 250 gigs between 1962 and 1964 and recorded exclusively in Germany during this time. Due to the creation of legends around the young Beatles, King Size Taylor also ran under the popular label ’Beat’. But on closer inspection Taylor was and always remained the real rocker from the British Isles.

    After his first musical attempts in a skiffle band (1957), the guitarist and singer, who was born in Liverpool on November 12, 1939, soon founded a rock ’n’ roll outfit, which performed under King Size Taylor And The Dominoes from 1960 onwards and moved to Hamburg in 1962. Ariola released live recordings from the Star-Club. An album recorded a little later, ’Let’s Do The Slop, Twist, Madison, Hully Gully …’ was released by the German Polydor – under the pseudonym The Shakers. Single releases were also released in the UK, including Money, Whole Lotta Lovin’ and Hippy Hippy Shake. Like the other numbers on the original LPs, these songs were cover versions of the hottest rock and R&B stars of their time.
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  • Gordon Curtis - Draggin’ With Curtis Gordon (10``LP)


    Incredibly impressive recordings – so we decided:

    Plays at 45 rpm for optimum dynamic sound reproduction!
    Finally – legendary Curtis Gordon’s rockabilly recordings on 10inch vinyl, original masters from 1955 to 1959! 
    • In addition to ten Mercury titles, two 1959 recordings for Dollie Records.
    • For the first time both versions of the rockabilly classic ’Draggin” on one album!
    • Plus rock ’n’ roll classics like ’Rock, Roll, Jump And Jive’ or ’Mobile Alabama’.
    • For the first time on a Curtis Gordon compilation: the honky-tonk ballad ’Blue Lifetime’.
    • In addition, a richly illustrated booklet tells Gordon’s story, including the mysterious story behind the two ’Draggin” versions!
    • An absolute must for Rockabilly fans, collectors and vinyl freaks alike!
    Curtis Gordon
    Although Curtis Gordon never scored a hit during his career, his legendary rockabilly recordings, made for Mercury Records in the 1950s, established him as a rockabilly legend. The fact that he began recording country music and Western swing in the early 1950s only became known worldwide with the Bear Family releases of the 1980s and 1990s. The legend status got manifested when Gordon performed live again after years of musical abstinence headlining the Viva Las Vegas Festival in 2001.
    This 10inch vinyl disc compresses all of Curtis Gordon’s rockabilly classics, enriched with a country ballad stylistically inspired by Hank Williams and written by Luke McDaniel. In addition, two of a total of five rare songs that Gordon recorded for the Dollie label in 1959, which are considered the last recordings before his long absence. 
    Enclosed with the record is an accompanying booklet, which contains rare photos and illustrations as well as a lot of information and a short biography and which tells the mysterious story about the two versions of the Curtis Gordon classic ’Draggin”. Both versions were released in 1956, but only one of them was reissued in later decades. So the ominous story of ’Draggin” has remained unsolved until today. We bring light into the darkness, but more will not be revealed here!
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  • Various - A Tribute To Gene Vincent – A Piece At A Time (10``LP)


    A great looking and sounding Tribute to Gene Vincent; 12 rockin’ recordings featuring the previously unissued title track along with more from Gene and from those who admire him.

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