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  • Lee Dickey - I Saw Linda Yesterday (CD)


    Although he would become a big Country star in the 1970s and 80s, singer/songwriter DICKEY LEE started out as a heads-down Rock’n’Roller in the 1950s.

    His first release, ’Stay True Baby’, is nowadays a hugely collectable R&R rarity, as are the two 45s he cut for Sun Records in 1957/58, ’Good Lovin” / ’Memories Never Grow Old’ and ’Dreamy Nights’ / ’Fool, Fool, Fool’.

    Dickey eventually registered with a controversial death disc, ’Patches’, in 1962, which he followed with the hit album, ’The Tale Of Patches’, the superlative, Dion-inspired, ’I Saw Linda Yesterday’, and the popcorn ’Don’t Wanna Think About Paula’.

    This compilation anthologises all his early recordings, between 1957-62, many of which are hard to find on CD.

    He would subsequently find his way into Country music via songwriting; included herein as a Bonus track is Dickey’s first major success as a songwriter, George Jones’ effortlessly magnificent ’She Thinks I Still Care’.

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  • Bell Freddie And The Bell Boys - Rompin’, Stompin’ Rock and Roll (CD)


    Now largely overlooked, Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys was the group that brought rock ’n’ roll to Britain.

    The group’s recording of ’Hound Dog’ inspired Elvis Presley to record the song.

    Included in this package are all of the group’s U.S. and U.K. single releases for Mercury Records, along with earlier American releases on the Teen label.

    This is the first time these tracks have been compiled on one collection. In addition there are four extra tracks which were recorded later for labels based in New York. Two of which on the Audicon label have sparked a debate as to whether it’s the same Freddie Bell or not. Jasmine has decided to include these as a matter of interest.

    This package is the perfect snapshot of the early days of rock ’n’ roll.

    The CD comes with an informative booklet, telling Bell’s story and contains, all writer credits, releases information and scans of record labels and other memorabilia.

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  • Anka Paul - Lonely Boy – All His U.S. Hits 1957-1962 (CD)


    Just fifteen years of age when he wrote and recorded the multi-million-selling worldwide smash ’Diana’, in 1957, former child prodigy PAUL ANKA was perhaps predestined to become a major star.

    He was, with the notable exception of Chuck Berry, the first singer/songwriter of the Rock & Roll era and he followed through with a steady stream of huge, mainly self-penned, hits.

    Hailed as Rock & Roll’s youngest millionaire, Anka had sold nearly thirty million records and was grossing $1.5 million a year before his 21st birthday.

    The ultimate compilation of his early career, this set features all his US chart entries between 1957 and 1962, for ABC Paramount and RCA Victor.

    Nine of these were million sellers: ’Diana’, ’You Are My Destiny’, ’(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings’, ’Lonely Boy’, ’Put Your Head On My Shoulder’, ’It’s Time To Cry’, ’Puppy Love’, ’My Home Town’ and ’Love Me Warm And Tender’.

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  • Burnette Johnny - The A-Sides 1955-1962 (CD)


    Brought together for the first time on one CD is a collection of Johnny Burnette’s A sides from his beginnings with his brother Dorsey and the Rock & Roll Trio, through to solo sides for Freedom, Liberty and Chancellor labels.

    The set also features rare instrumentals issued (with his brother Dorsey) as The Texans and The Shamrocks.

    Containing all his US and UK Hits from the best possible sources and celebrates the talent of a performer taken from us far too soon.

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  • Otis Clyde / Various - Looking Back – Bandleader, Songwriter, Producer – 1955-1962 (2CD) (CD)


    Although you will doubtless read elsewhere that Quincy Jones was the first black man to hold down a senior executive position in a major record company, the mighty CLYDE OTIS (he stood 6’4′) beat him to it by a good few years.

    Perhaps best known for his long, hugely rewarding collaboration with Brook Benton, songwriter / bandleader / arranger / producer, Otis possessed perfect ears and was a wildly successful writer and producer.

    At the outset of his career he was active as a recording artist, Clyde Otis And His Orchestra; Disc 1 of this unique compilation comprises tracks from his own LPs and 45rpms.

    Disc 2 presents Otis as a songwriter, arranger and producer, juxtaposing a handful of key hits and million sellers against a selection of collectors’ rarities.

    Much of the material on Disc 1 is unavailable elsewhere on CD, as are several of the more esoteric, collectable sides on Disc 2.

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  • Eager Vince - The World’s Loneliest Man (CD)


    Famously one of legendary Rock’n’Roll manager/impresario Larry Parnes’ ’Stable Of Stars’, VINCE EAGER’S career longevity rivals that of fellow ex-Parnes’ colleagues Marty Wilde and Joe Brown.

    With his commanding, 6’4′ height and charismatic stage presence, Eager was a dynamic and hugely popular live performer on the one-nighters’ package tour circuit in the late 50s/early 60s, and a high profile regular on TV shows like 6.5 Special, Oh Boy!, Boy Meets Girls, Cool For Cats and Drumbeat!

    He also earned a reputation for cutting powerful UK covers of US hits like Gene Vincent’s ’Five Days, Five Days’, Floyd Robinson’s ’Makin’ Love’, Jerry Wallace’s ’Primrose Lane’, Frankie Avalon’s ’Why’, Marty Robbins’ ’El Paso’, Conway Twitty’s ’Lonely Blue Boy’, Gene Pitney’s ’Love My Life Away’, etc.

    This compilation anthologises all of Vince’s releases for Decca, Parlophone and Top Rank, between 1958-61, an excellent, much underrated and highly collectable body of work.

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  • Most Mickey - Shivering With Cold – The Jo’Burg Years (CD)


    Long before he evolved into Britain’s most successful record producer, in the mid-1960s, MICKIE MOST was a wannabe Brit Pop star.

    However, after failing to make it in the UK he went to Johannesburg, where he instead became South Africa’s first R&R star.

    Between 1959 and 1962 he recorded a dozen or so singles, a couple of EPs and a trio of LPs, which were all huge sellers.

    Virtually everything he and his backing group The Playboys recorded was a cover of a US or UK R&R hit, all of which was self-produced.

    This compilation presents a 36-track snapshot of Mickie’s South African adventures, including his local hit versions of ’Johnny B Goode’, ’Think It Over’, ”D’ In Love’, ’That’s What You Do To Me’ and ’Sweet Little Sixteen’.

    A legendary body of work, this material has hitherto been impossible to find in the UK.

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  • Various - Wacky A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


    The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continue with Wacky-A-Rama. Most certainly we do not use juvenile novelty records, which are aimed at children.

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  • Various - Rockin Spot Volume 5 – Audrey (CD)


    Audrey is the fifth volume in the series and the name-dropping titles include; Buddy Covelle, Lorraine, Wild Child Gipson, Uncle John, Billy Lehman and The Penn-Men, Audrey, The Valiants, Frieda, Frieda, Ross Minmi, Oh Janet, Chip Fisher, Oh Ye Louise, Sonny Fisher, Sneaky Pete and many more. Between the thematic titles you hear about rockers searching for love; Varetta Dillard, Promise Mr. Thomas, Ben Hughes, Crazy Man, and The Phaetons only want a Fling. Shorty Billups has found a Boss Chick. Who is the cool kid posing in the corner? It’s no less than The Boy With The Be Bop Glasses, The Dawn Breakers, Fox Hall wants to dance and Do The Rock And Roll, and Bill Carey is the guy in charge of the Record Hop. Collay and The Satellites sing about the cutie from the street, Little Girl Next Door, and Ruth Christie is certain that things will work out and brings the fun to an end with her smooth love song This Must Be Love

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  • Various - Rockin Rollin USA Volume 1 (CD)


    The twenty-eight songs on the Pan American Recordings, Rockin’ Rollin’ USA 01 adventure are an insight into home-produced and buy-in records that were available in Canada. Throughout Mark and Henrique’s epic expedition you will hear a plethora of rockin’ music, and the motor is running as the excursion is underway with music from the years 1955 through to 1963 to bring pleasure to your ears. The regional labels in Shhhhhhh Blast Off include; Aragon, Apex Français, Barry, Quality, and Rodeo.

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  • Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 7 – Bim Bam Boom (CD)


    Maailman parhaan sarjan jatko!

    As y’all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only ”originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named ”Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not. Chances are that you never-ever heard a lot of the tracks included here – even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this new series (just like the first one) were actually household names in the ”Rock and Roll World” of the ’50s and early ’60s. When Rock & Roll history was re-written from a strictly white rock standpoint only a few black rockers were included (maybe less than a dozen) when actually back in the day almost every African-American R&B act (maybe a MILLION or more) was actually Rock & Roll and white artists were actually a minority for a long time. So ”BLACK” by popular demand here’s to you ”MORE Boss Black Rockers.” DIG IT!

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  • Various - On The Dancefloor With A Twist Again! – 23 More Tunes to Twist It Up (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 23 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The CD album ’On The Dancefloor With a Twist’ (BCD17666) released in the summer of 2022 on Bear Family Records® was enthusiastically received by fans and dance crazies!
    So it’s time for a second jam-packed CD compilation with 23 more examples from the early 1960s, when seemingly the whole world became a dancefloor for hip-swinging people.
    Included: the inventors of the twist, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, the Isley Brothers and the Marvelettes, pop greats like Louis Prima, Connie Francis and savvy guitarists like surf legend Dick Dale and bluesmen like Freddy King and Jimmy Spruill and and and …
    Extensive liner notes by Chicago music historian Bill Dahl in the comprehensive illustrated booklet and carefully mastered recordings from the best possible sources round out this fourth edition in our ’Dancefloor’ series!

    Last year’s ‘On The Dancefloor With a Twist’ compilation (BCD17666) was so much fun that it’s time for round two!

    It’s another jam-packed tribute to the dance sensation that swept the globe during the early ‘60s, containing 23 more workouts that’ll have you lacing your Twist shoes up tight.

    Naturally, the originators of The Twist, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, are liberally represented with two more stellar examples of their historic invention (Do You Know How To Twist and Mr. Twister). The Isley Brothers’ classic Twist And Shout and The Marvelettes’ Twistin’ Postman are here as well.

    But plenty of singers not usually associated with dance also turn up, including Louis Prima and his deadpan distaff partner Keely Smith, Connie Francis, Linda Hopkins, and Billy Riley (as Darron Lee).

    Guitar wizards Dick Dale, Wild Jimmy Spruill, and Phil Baugh peel off red-hot licks in service of their Twist instrumentals; even Chicago bluesmen Freddy King and Smokey Smothers jumped into the craze.

    Included too is the second half of Paul Livert & The Lions’ epic Chicken Twist, which took up the entirety of Side 2 of their 1962 album.

    The compilation closes with Robby Lawrence’s The Twist To End All Twists – but in reality, this Twist party is just getting underway!

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  • Feathers Charlie - Rocks (CD)


    1-CD Digipak (6-plated) with 36-page booklet, 31 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    Charlie Feathers Rocks – and here’s the ultimate 31 track Bear Family Records® CD to prove it!
    The first label and decade spanning compilation covering the 1950s to 1990s.
    Perfect complement to the Bear Family Records® CD ’Rock-a-Billy’ BCD16309!
    Rockin’ music from 1956-1991, including classics like Get With It, One Hand Loose and Tear It Up plus supreme tracks from later years, incl. That Certain Female a later Rollin’ Rock recording which became comet-like popular worldwide by Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster ‘Kill Bill’!
    Recordings made for Sun, Flip, Meteor, King – plus sides he made after his rediscovery in late ‘60s and early ‘70s rockabilly revival, a.o. some recordings for the label Barrelhouse Records.
    As a bonus, there is the very rare track Adamsville by Bill Privett, with Charlie Feathers on guitar about a spectacular bank robbery in Adamsville (the hometown of Sheriff Buford Pusser), Tennessee.
    Detailed liner notes by Martin Hawkins, roots music expert and of the book ’Sun Records – The Brief History of the Legendary Record Label’.
    Carefully re-mastered for the best possible sound quality.
    The long overdue tribute to a legendary uncompromising artist in our ’Rocks’ series!

    The rocking music here is mostly from the 1950s and ’60s (classics such as Get With It, One Hand Loose, Tear It Up) but some later tracks remind us that Charlie Feathers was playing and recording his own version of rockabilly in Memphis for over 40 years.

    Feathers was one of the very few artists who really did have a style all his own. His rock was not the same as anyone else’s. It was more country, yet also more bluesy, and with a pulse all its own; more about rhythm than anything.

    Charlie only had a short ’50s career – but on iconic labels like Sun, Flip, Meteor, King – then was rediscovered in the ’70s rockabilly revival and beyond. He never had anything approaching a hit record but he always made good small-combo Southern rock ’n’ roll music – truly an uncompromising legend in his own time.

    The CD booklet contains a new biography and unpublished memories of life with Charlie.

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 41 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of Dot & Hamilton Records (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36 page booklet, 37 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The 41th installment in our popular CD series ’That’ll Flat Git It!’ featuring selections from the R’n’R and rockabilly catalogs of U.S. record labels is dedicated to Dot Records, a company otherwise known for pop covers of R&B hits.
    For Bear Family Records®, Nico Feuerbach has selected an incredible 37 titles!
    Well-known names like Leroy Van Dyke, Sanford Clark or Robin Luke share the job with lesser-known peers like Prentis Slade, Billy Joe Tucker, Ned Costner, a.m.o.
    Extensive liner notes in the comprehensive illustrated booklet and meticulous mastering from the best accessible sources round out this release.
    Another highlight in this far from finished series and a recommendation for all R’n’R and Rockabilly fans!

    Although the label tends to be best-known for its pop covers of ‘50s R&B hits, Randy Wood’s Dot Records with its subsidiary Hamilton Records also issued more than its share of legitimate rockabilly and rock and roll.

    Bear Family Records®’ latest entry in its ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ series salutes that side of the company’s voluminous release slate, bringing together no less than 37 selections by a vast array of artists both well-known (Leroy Van Dyke, Jim Lowe, Sanford Clark, Jimmy Newman, Robin Luke) and demonstrably obscure (Prentis Slade, Billy Joe Tucker, Ned Costner, Keith Courvale, Tommy Danton & The Echoes), each one a winner.

    The Nighthawks’ original When Sin Stops, Mac Wiseman’s Hey, Mr. Blues Man, raspy-voiced Jimmy Dee and The Offbeats’ Don’t Cry No More and Here I Come, Tom Blair & The West Coasters’ Rock It, and Sonny Curtis’ A Pretty Girl underscore the wide-ranging artist roster that Dot amassed (the label commenced operations in Gallatin, Tennessee before relocating to Hollywood in 1957).

    Veteran pop crooner Snooky Lanson proves he could rock on Stop (Let Me Off The Bus), and latter-day TV evangelist Ken Copeland’s seriously overheated cover of Where The Rio De Rosa Flows has to be heard to be believed!

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  • Various - Road Hawg! – 33 Motorcycle Street Beats (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

    This is the ultimative soundtrack to the motorcycle lifestyle!
    These 33 songs from 1953-1999, carefully selected, chronologically sequenced, on Bear Family Records®, transmit the feeling of freedom and thrill – music and motorcycling simply belong together!
    The album tells a unique story with several rare recordings and historical sound documents such as from the movie ’The Wild One’ with Marlon Brando, with stars like Elvis Presley and Billy Idol, from rockabilly to punk and featuring musicians from the USA, Canada, Denmark, England, France and the Netherlands.
    The 36-page full-color booklet provides liner notes by Chicago music historian Bill Dahl, along with rare photos and illustrations.

    The Wild One
    Once you’ve been on a bike, you will not want to give it up. Riding a motorcycle became a synonym for freedom already at the beginning of the 20th century.

    In those days you probably could feel that freedom even more than today, because there was neither the obligation to wear a safety gear nor a lot of traffic signs.

    In the early 1950s, music and film took up this phenomenon; in 1953, the first real motorcycle movie was made.

    ’The Wild One’ starred Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin as legendary antagonists. This compilation provides excerpts from the film and, among others, the motorcycle sequence from ’Roustabout’ with Elvis Presley!

    Most of the songs on ’Road Hawg!’ were recorded during the wild decades of greasers and bikers, the 1950s and ’60s, including the legendary song Motorcycle by Tico & The Triumphs, an early recording with the collaboration of Simon & Garfunkel.

    Things get country-heavy at the end of the 1960s with Charlie Ryan and Johnny Bond, while France contributes psychedelic pop.
    The seventies also produced plenty of motorcycle classics, such as Motorbikin’ by Chris Spedding, heard here in Billy Idol(!)’s version.

    We have deliberately avoided titles like Born To Be Wild or Sweet Home Alabama, because they have already been released umpteen times. Instead, we opted for the punky 1979 recording of Motorcycle by the virtually unknown Billy Balls, for example.

    The 1970s and ’80s revival produced some excellent rockabilly motorcycle songs by Crazy Cavan, Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton, and by the Catmen with their version of the Chris Isaak hit Gone Ridin’.

    Rare recordings and big hits are united here, delicately remastered for perfect listening pleasure. Now get up on the bike and turn on the sound! ’Both Wheels Left The Ground!’

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  • Various - Rockin Spot Volume 4 – Cheryl (CD)


    The Rockin’ Spot is a late-night music club that plays the living end of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and Rhythm & Blues music with the moving and grooving titillating rhythms on volume 03 Jeanie Atomicat Records (ACCD131) being sourced from the years 1956 through to 1962.

    Cheryl is the fourth volume in the series and the name-dropping titles include; The Maharajahs, Sweet Loretta, The Gaye Sisters, Oh Ricky, Bobby Darin, Pity Miss Kitty, Benny Ingram, Jello Sal, Gene Vincent, Anna Annabelle, Danny Zella, Sapphire, Roy Brown New Rebecca Wynonie Harris Sweet Lucy Brown and many more. Between the thematic titles you hear tunes rocking rolling bop rockers about love; Rudy Greene, Juicy Fruit Bobby Dean, Dime Store Pony Tail, Billy Riley, Pearly Lee, Frank Brunson, I Believe In You, Jay Brinkley Crazy Crazy Heart, Dodie Stevens, So Let’s Dance and many more. Roger and The Tourains, Searchin’ For A Girl, and they found themselves lucky as Jackie Lee Cochran croons about Endless Love and brings the fun to an end

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 7 – Jambalaya (CD)


    Friends, you are holding the fifth opus of ”Rhythm & Western” and we got 5 more boss volumes on ice. I must confess Solomon Burke’s classic ”How Many Times” always sounded like a Country song to me, so I’m glad I could include it here, Damita Jo delivers does a fantastic version of Ray Price’s classic C&W hit ”Crazy Arms” also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, and countless others, another Country hit ”You’re The Reason” (originally recorded by Bobby Edwards) is delivered by Arthur Alexander. The great Fats Domino is next with his famous version of ”Jambalaya” (originally written and recorded by Hank Williams), King Curtis gives a splendid rendition of Hank Snow’s ”I’m Movin’ On” also recorded by a buttload of other artists. To my knowledge, Little Richard never recorded a ”bonafide” country song, but some of his Gospel stuff sounds just like it. Just listen to ”Do Lord, Remember Me” if you have any doubt. Sonny Boy Williamson II (a.k.a. Rice Miller) and Peppermint Harris, with ”Wake Up Baby” and ”I Got Loaded” are offering two delightful bronze hillbilly tunes, and ””Solid As A Rock” is probably the closest thing to country music ever recorded by Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. More fave black C&W of mine by The Twilighters (Hootenanny Stomp), The Sharps (Look At Me), Ruth Brown (Jack O’Diamonds), Magic Sam (Square Dance Rock Part 1), Ted Taylor (Keep Walking On), Pee Wee Crayton (Little Bitty Things) , Bobby Day (Undecided), Fats Domino (Bo Weavil). Smokey Hogg (Late Prowling Girl), Ketty Lester (Love Letters), Ben E. King (My Heart Cries For You), and Rochell & The Candles (When My Baby Is Gone) are all top-notch tracks. Country Music fans probably heard ”Hearts Of Stone” by Red Foley and the song has been recorded by tons of other artists. I picked the cool version recorded by Otis Williams and The Charms over the one by The Jewels for this volume -but they are both great. Johnny Nash is next with another Western classic ”Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild Wild” originally recorded by The Sons Of The Pioneers. R&B diva Dinah Washington had a top 3 R&B hit in 1954 with the Hank Snow’s number ”I Don’t Hurt Anymore” but I heard versions of this song by Eddie Fisher, Faron Young, Johnny Cash, Narvel Felts, Bill Haley, and Janis Martin. Another western tune penned and first recorded by Hank Williams: ”Cold Cold Heart” is sung by Nat King Cole and two gospel songs that sound just like C&W by Sister Rosetta (On My Way) and Professor Johnson and his Gospel Singers (Where Shall I Be) are really worth more than a spin. The closing number is an older classic blues recording from the 1930s the great Casey Bill Weldon which sounds just like Western Swing. Enjoy!

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  • Various - More Boss Black Rockers Vol. 6 – Everything’s Cool (CD)


    Maailman parhaan sarjan jatko!

    As y’all already know, so many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only ”originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it. They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named ”Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s. Once again, some tunes are pretty well-known, but the vast majority are not. Chances are that you never-ever heard a lot of the tracks included here – even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans. Most of the artists in this new series (just like the first one) were actually household names in the ”Rock and Roll World” of the ’50s and early ’60s. When Rock & Roll history was re-written from a strictly white rock standpoint only a few black rockers were included (maybe less than a dozen) when actually back in the day almost every African-American R&B act (maybe a MILLION or more) was actually Rock & Roll and white artists were actually a minority for a long time. So ”BLACK” by popular demand here’s to you ”MORE Boss Black Rockers.” DIG IT!

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  • Various - Boogie A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


    The album is perfect for your local dance-hall or cellar bar with the tempo to get the ladies onto the dance-floor and dance all night long.

    On the thirty-song Stroll-a-Rama Volume Two there is a mixture of several strolling tempos, Rhythm & Blues, Doo Wop, Rockabilly, and White Rock ‘N’ Roll, which is chosen for different locations, large festivals, your local dance-hall or a small and dark cellar bar. Included Rhythm & Blues artists are; The Dories, The Nutmegs, Wilbert Harrison and Willie Cobbs and Rockabilly and Hillbilly performers comprise of; Bob Vidone and The Rhythm Rockers, The Playboys, The Sting-Rays, Zeb Turner and Bailey’s Nervous Kats, Wanda Jackson and the little known Judy Harriet. Chuck Berry, Jack Scott, Dick Dale, and a post-Holly, Crickets line up bring Star quality into the album. For additional variety of sound walking into the show are with interesting cover versions are; Vince Taylor, French rocker Jacky Moulière, and we go ”down-under” to introduce you to the talent of The Keil Isles. To end the album Rhythm Bomb Records, provide two recordings from their roster, German outfit, The Round-Up Boys and Italians, Vince and The Sun Boppers who walk the album to a close. Atomicat endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and add something unexpected to every album. Most certainly one person’s stroll can be another’s jive, and different clubs and countries do not dance at the same tempo, and we do not aim to preach only to give you danceable music. This album is compiled by well-known Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years. Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, songs, mastered for the best possible sound available. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially constructed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly.

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  • Wray Link - & The Wraymen + Bonus (CD)


    The Definitive Edition + 16 Bonus Tracks.

    Link Wray was perhaps the first important instrumental rock musician to feature the power chord prominently – the major modus operandi ofmodern rock guitarists. His impact has been felt throughout almost every genre of music for the last five decades (from rock & roll to garage, country, blues, punk, grunge and surf music). His instrumental rock gem, ”Rumble”, crackles with manic energy. Everything that was handed down to today’s current crop of headbangers from the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Who can be traced back to this hero from Dunn, North Carolina. Link Wray’s sound, style and career stood at an intersection of rock & roll, the rise of the guitar instrumental, the cult of the juvenile delinquent, and modernity in general. This quintessential collector’s edition contains Wray’s magnificent and essential debut album, Link Wray & the Wraymen (1960). In addition, are included 16 bonus tracks consisting of alternate takes, demos and hard to find sides from his early and best years on the Epic and Cadence labels. Here is the material upon which Wray’s unique reputation was built.

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  • Memphis Slim - Rocks (CD)


    ​1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    In his lifetime, Memphis Slim was probably the best-known blues singer in the world, moving from Memphis to Chicago and finally to Paris in the early 1960s. But it’s no exaggeration to say that Memphis Slim could rock with the best of them – and this CD is here to prove it!

    Memphis Slim was born Peter Chatman in Memphis in 1915. His music was based on the raucous, driving piano of the barrelhouse during the boogie-woogie era.
    The 29 rocking tracks on this Bear Family Records® CD here were all made in the USA before Slim moved to Paris.
    They were made when Slim was still an integral and influential part of the American black music scene – the days when R&B was rock and roll, recorded between 1942 and 1961.
    By the definitions of their time, tracks like Rockin’ The House, Pacemaker Boogie, Midnight Jump and the rest were rock and roll.
    Memphis Slim Rocks, for sure!
    We’ve included here Slim’s original version of Nobody Loves Me, his best-known song when renamed Every Day I Have The Blues and recorded by the giants of jazz, blues and rock.
    Cross-label compilation (Bluebird, Miracle, VeeJay, Strand, King, Premium, United, Chess).
    Compilation and liner notes by British blues and R’n’R expert Martin Hawkins.
    Full-color, illustrated 36-page booklet and careful sound restoration round out this important release.

    Although we’ve picked Slim’s rockinest tracks here, there is variety in his piano and vocal performances, and you can still hear all the elements of blues and gospel and R&B that shaped him.
    When he took that music to Chicago in the 1940s and formed an R&B group, The House Rockers, many of the recordings he made then were firmly in the advance guard of rock and roll.

    Slim always maintained a fine band of mainly Memphis musicians. These included sax players Ernest Cotton and Alex Atkins, and particularly the sensational guitar player Matt Murphy.

    ‘Guitar’ Murphy gained great prominence through the ‘Blues Brothers’ movie, and bluesman and producer Willie Dixon told ‘Living Blues’ that Matt ‘is definitely the best guitar player, the best one I heard anywhere.’

    Talking in Paris in 1968, Memphis Slim said: ‘I’ve had a good life. Well, I had a very bad life, but it took a bad life to make it a good life for me. And I mean by that that I played my dues very early, and now I think I am reaping the benefit.’

    By the time he died in 1988, Slim had become known around the world and the U.S. Senate had resolved that ‘Memphis Slim become an ambassador at large of good will for the United States.’

    The Memphis Music hall of fame and the Blues Foundation hall of fame both have Memphis Slim among their inducted members. The Rock and Roll hall does not, but maybe when they hear these 29 rocking tracks they will find a place for the man who always rocked the house wherever he played.

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  • Various - On The Dancefloor With A Bop! – 36 Tunes To Bop The Blues Away! (CD)


    1-CD Digipak with 36-page booklet, 36 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    Along with Lindy Hop, Jive, Bunny Hop, Twist and other trendy dances, Bop ranks among dance favorites of fans of Rock & Roll and Rockabilly.
    Mostly associated with the music of Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps in the 1950s, bop has been praised countless times and has become very popular.
    Bear Family Records® delivers with this thoroughbred Rockabilly and Rock & Roll album in our ‘Dancefloor’ series the fitting 36-track soundtrack to a wild evening of bopping, stamped by the most popular bopper, Gene Vincent with Dance To The Bop, Bop Street or Bluejean Bop.
    In addition to well-known titles such as Boppin’ The Blues by Carl Perkins or Honey Bop by Wanda Jackson, we are pleased to present lesser-known tunes by Doug Amerson, King Victor and Leroy & His Continentals, among others.
    Liner notes by Chicago’s Boppin’ Bill Dahl are part of the extensive illustrated companion book.

    Bopping has been a beloved Bear Family Records® tradition for as long as the company has been in existence. So ‘On The Dancefloor with a Bop!’ is a natural for us: 36 hauling rockers perfect for doing The Bop or any other dance you’re in the mood for!

    This one’s strongly weighted towards rockabilly classics, with mainstays that include Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Jack Earls, Eddie Bond, and Al Ferrier cutting loose with one savage rocker after another.

    Yet some of the set’s incendiary highlights are supplied by total unknowns: Chicago rocker Billy Prager & His Caravans’ one-off stunner Do It Bop, Doug Amerson’s Bop, Man, Bop, Larry and His Rocking Montclair’s’ Crazy Bop, and Leroy & The Continentals’ Continental Bop fully belong in the same exalted company as their legendary discmates.

    Add blistering classics by Don Willis, Alvis Wayne, Mike Fern, Ronnie Pearson, Ray Scott, Vern Pullens, The Jodimars, Lew Williams, Alvadean Coker, and Ferlin Husky’s zany alter ego Simon Crum, and you have a veritable non-stop bopping explosion!

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