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  • Carter Family - Collection Vol. 2 1935-41 (6CD Box) (CD)


    The Carter Family are among the most important artists in the entire history of popular music. They were pioneers in writing and recording folk and country music for the commercial market, and their huge output of songs and recordings has become a major influence on music that has come after them in bluegrass, country, gospel, folk, skiffle, pop and rock. Acrobat has recognised their importance by creating two 6-CD sets to present the primary element of their recorded output – those recordings between 1927 and 1941 featuring the original incarnation of the group, A.P. Carter, his wife Sara Carter, and his sister in-law Maybelle Carter. This is the second of those sets, and addresses the years from 1935 to 1941, in a 130-track 6-CD collection comprising just about all their releases from this era on the Conqueror, Decca and Bluebird labels. It features their landmark1935 hit “Can The Circle Be Unbroken”, along with many other classics which have become standards in folk and country repertoire, and provides a substantial and enlightening showcase for their unique talents. These two highly significant releases will give enthusiasts the chance to have a comprehensive collection of the first era Carter Family recordings, complete with Acrobat’s usual substantial booklet with comprehensive discographical information and detailed narrative.

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  • Carter Family - Collection Vol. 1 1927-34 (6CD Box) (CD)


    The Carter Family are among the most important artists in the entire history of popular music. They were pioneers in writing and recording folk and country music for the commercial market, and their huge output of songs and recordings has become a major influence on music that has come after them in bluegrass, country, gospel, folk, skiffle, pop and rock. Acrobat has recognised their importance by creating two 6-CD sets to present the primary element of their recorded output – those recordings between 1927 and 1941 featuring the original incarnation of the group, A.P. Carter, his wife Sara Carter, and his sister in-law Maybelle Carter. This first of the sets addresses the years from 1927 to 1934, in a 125-track 6-CD collection comprising just about all their releases from this era on the Victor, Montgomery Ward and Bluebird labels. It features their famous hits from these years, including “Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow”, Keep On the Sunny Side”, Wildwood Flower”, “I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes”, “Little Darling Pal of Mine”, “Worried Man Blues”, and “Lonesome Valley” along with other classics like “My Clinch Mountain Home”, “Foggy Mountain Top”, “John Hardy” and “Jimmie Brown The Newsboy”. These two highly significant releases will give enthusiasts the chance to have a comprehensive collection of the first era Carter Family recordings, complete with Acrobat’s usual comprehensive discographical information and detailed narrative.

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  • Lewis Linda Gail - Early Sides 1963-1973 (Digipak) (CD)


    Vintage early recordings from a true pioneering female rock artist, and sister of Jerry Lee Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis!

    These early singles represent a diverse mix of musical styles from rockabilly to country to good old fashion rock ‘n’ roll!

    Includes 2 tracks with special guest Jerry Lee Lewis!

    Full color gatefold jacket with detailed personnel credits and vintage photos!

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  • Robinson Floyd - Makin’ Love- The Floyd Robinson Story 1952-1962 (CD)


    Although FLOYD ROBINSON is largely remembered as the archetypal ’One-Hit-Wonder’, for his 1959 million-seller ’Makin’ Love’, there was rather more to him than that.

    A multi-talented performer, he carved out parallel careers as a Country singer (he was a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1949, at the age of seventeen), Pop singer, songwriter, and session guitarist / pedal steel player, while in the 1970s, he went on to cut a hugely successful series of Christian-themed children’s albums.

    This compilation presents a ’Very Best Of’ Floyd’s early career, between 1952-62, starting with his recordings with Autry Inman as Jack & Daniel, and finds him involved in Hillbilly, Honky-Tonk, Country and mainstream Pop.

    This is the first time that this body of work has been thus compiled (earlier anthologies have concentrated entirely on Robinson’s Pop and Novelty recordings) and many sides featured herein have never previously appeared in the digital format.

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  • Vipers Skiffle Group - Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O (CD)


    THE VIPERS SKIFFLE GROUP formed in the Spring of 1956 and in terms of commercial success, were the second Skifflers out of the blocks after the mighty Lonnie Donegan.

    Indeed, it’s probably fair to say that apart from Lonnie, they left Skiffle’s strongest recorded legacy.

    This compilation comprises everything that they released under their own name on EMI’s Parlophone label, between 1956-58.

    These include their four UK hits, ’Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-O’, ’Cumberland Gap’, ’Maggie May’ and ’Streamline Train’, as well as popular near-misses like ’Ain’t You Glad’, ’Hey Liley, Liley Lo’, ’No Other Baby’, etc., and their ’Coffee Bar Session’ LP.

    They also recorded under various other aliases; hopefully, their extra-curricular recordings might be the subject of a future Jasmine compilation.

    Like many Skiffle groups their personnel fluctuated, but their one constant factor was their founder, Wally Whyton, later a popular BBC TV and radio presenter.

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  • Lightfoot Gordon - 1962 Also Featuring The Two Tones (CD)


    Canada’s most successful contemporary Folk artist, GORDON LIGHTFOOT, is frequently referred to as that nation’s greatest songwriter.

    However, once he’d finally ’made it’ in the late 1960s, he immediately set about trying to distance himself from much of his early recording career.

    Indeed, when a compilation LP titled Early Lightfoot – comprising his first solo recordings, from a pair of Spring 1962 Nashville sessions – appeared in 1971, he is rumoured to have bought up all known copies and destroyed them.

    The story may of course be apocryphal, but those rare-as-hens-teeth recordings are included herein in their entirety, augmented by a 45rpm and live album which Lightfoot had recorded a couple of months earlier, with singer/guitarist Terry Whelan, in a short-lived Folk duo called The Two Tones.

    This material is all exceptionally rare, and has never previously been thus compiled; the majority of these sides are impossible to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Acuff Roy - The King of Country Music – The 45s 1957-1962 (CD)


    Roy Acuff is a legendary country music artist alongside other early legends Jimmy Rodgers and The Carter Family.

    Acuff joined Hickory Records, the label he co-owned, in 1957 and this is the first time his releases for the label between 1957 and 1962 have been compiled in such a comprehensive way.

    Includes country music classics like ’The Wreck On The Highway’, ’The Great Speckled Bird’, ’Wabash Cannonball’ and ’Fireball Mail’.

    26 tracks covering every Hickory label 7′ single released by the artist between 1957 and 1962.

    The accompanying booklet contains the recording dates, the original catalogue numbers, all writers’ credits and a detailed history of Acuff’s life and career, together with scans of adverts and record labels.

    A package sure to be well received by fans of country music from the 1950s and 1960s, the original glory days of the genre.

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  • Willing Foy And The Riders Of The Purple Sage - Texas Blues: The Classic Years 1944-50 (2CD) (CD)


    Taking their name from the landmark 1912 western novel by Zane Grey ”Riders Of The Purple Sage”, Foy Willing And The Riders Of The Purple Sage were a country group who combined recording and performing with appearing in a string of Western movies in the later heyday of the genre in the ’40s and early ’50s. Foy Willing, who hailed from Texas, landed up in California in the early ’40s and became popular on radio, forming the band around the same time. With their screen commitments they did not record prolifically, but had five country hits through the second half of the 1940s.

    This 48-track 2-CD set comprises most of the A & B sides of their releases on the Capitol, Decca, Majestic, Varsity and Columbia labels during this era, including a release with the orchestra of Louis Prima. It features all their career chart entries including the No. 3 country hit ”Texas Blues”, the No. 4 hit ”Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” and the No. 6 hit ”Detour” along with the Top 20 hits ”Anytime” and ”Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes”. Noted for their fine vocal harmonies, their style reflected their Hollywood outlook, with more then a hint of western swing about it, even though they recorded many songs by top Nashville writers. This collection offers a solid and representative overview of the key era of their career. They clearly had a significant influence on the west coast, their name being borrowed in the ’60s psychedelic era by The New Riders Of The Purple Sage, a west coast country-rock band that was part of the genesis of Grateful Dead.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - The Locust Years (8CD Boxset + Book) (CD)


    8-CD box (LP-size) incl. interview cd, with 48-page book, 166 tracks. Playing time approx. 428 mns.

    In 1963 Jerry Lee Lewis signed with Smash Records, and battled the British Invasion, radio apathy and general neglect. The result was a lot of good music that fell on deaf ears. Here’s everything from five frustrating years, including the complete contents of great Jerry Lee albums like ’Memphis Beat’, ’Return Of Rock’, ’Country Songs For City Folks’, as well as wonderful forgotten singles like I’m On Fire and She Was My Baby He Was My Friend. The set covers the years from 1963 to 1969 and concludes with the country hits from 1968 and 1969, like Another Place Another Time, What’s Made Milwaukee Famous, and
    She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye, when Jerry Lee Lewis’ career was spectacularly reborn in country music. As a bonus, there’s a complete interview with music conducted in 1976.

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  • Lewis Jerry Lee - Mercury Smashes… And Rockin’ Sessions (10CD Boxset+ BOOK) (CD)


    Damn Good Country Songs and Jerry Lee’s Rock ’n’ Roll Revival Show. That was the story of the last eight years of Jerry Lee Lewis on Mercury Records…the story told on these 10 CDs.

    Between 1970 and 1973, nearly every Jerry Lee Lewis single entered the country Top 20, including such classic country chart-toppers as There Must Be More To Love Than This and Would You Take Another Chance On Me/Me And Bobby McGee.

    The years covered by this boxed set were the most consistently successful of Jerry Lee’s career, but they were troubled years too. This set chronicles his journey from country chart-topper back to the church, and his triumphant return to rock ’n’ roll with Chantilly Lace. All the classic albums from 1970 to 1978 are included complete (with the exception of the London Sessions and the live albums, which will be issued separately). The Huey Meaux-produced ’Southern Roots’ session is here together with all the unissued cuts and out-takes, as well as ’The Killer Rocks On,’ the rare gospel album ’In Loving Memories,’ and ten other original Mercury LPs. In addition, there are more than 40 recordings not originally issued by Mercury in the Seventies making their first appearance on CD here.

    This set also features upgraded sound and includes previously unpublished photos, a newly researched text and session-by-session notes by Colin Escott, and a newly researched discography by Ari Bass.

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  • Williams Hank, Jr. - Rich White Honky Blues [Explicit Content] (CD)


    2022 release. Hank Williams, Jr.’s sound has always been built on the blues and his album Rich White Honky Blues is a sonic testimony to that. The project came together over three hot days in Nashville, recorded live with the finest blues session players in the country at producer Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio. Never one to rest on his laurels, even after 56 studio albums, the acclaimed Country Music Hall of Fame member is still finding new creative ground to explore.

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  • Campbell Glen - Live From The Troubadour (CD)


    When Glen Campbell walked onstage at the Troubadour on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip on August, 19, 2008, he was even more iconic than the legendary venue that birthed The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Elton John, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles. A Grammy® Lifetime Achievement honoree with three Grammy® Hall of Fame awards for “Wichita Lineman,” “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and “Gentle on My Mind,” the Arkansas-born musician thrilled the beyond capacity crowd with a mix of his hits and definition-expanding songs by his peers and contemporaries.
    Performing a stunning mix of songs embedded in our DNA (“Rhinestone Cowboy,” “Galveston”) and unexpected jewels from Lou Reed (“Jesus”), Foo Fighters (“Times Like These”), Tom Petty (“Walls (Circus),” “Angel Dream”), Paul Westerberg (“Sadly Beautiful”) and Green Day (“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”), Campbell is in fine voice and demonstrates on more than one song his dexterity, tone and emotional transparency on guitar. With a band that includes four of his children, session and live veterans from Beck, Jellyfish, Jane’s Addiction, Murphy’s Law, D Generation and Danzig, it was a night of music that explored the commonalities of genres, country-tinged arrangements and how good live music feels.
    Warm, friendly, engaging, the Country Music Hall of Famer, as well as original inductee at the Musicians’ Hall of Fame, shared his love of performing, family and songs with the SRO crowd. This is the last filmed performance of Glen’s career.  While the performing space is so tight, the musicians are packed almost as close as the awestruck crowd, this PBS “Front & Center” special demonstrates why the beloved Oscar® nominee was a beloved American voice – and still inspires viewers with its exuberant performances.

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  • Various - Clowns Exit Laughing: Jimmy Webb Songbook (CD)


    Ace’s highly regarded and extremely popular Songwriter Series continues apace, with several exciting projects in place for release in the second half of 2022 and beyond. This month we welcome Jimmy Webb onto our expanding list with ”Clowns Exit Laughing”, a deep dip into this prolific tunesmith’s extensive catalogue of the past six decades. After a period of establishing his credentials as a writer with Motown’s West Coast office, Jimmy really came into his own in the mid-60s with classic songs like ’By The Time I Get To Phoenix’, ’Wichita Lineman’ and ’Up, Up And Away’. Everyone wanted to record a Jimmy Webb copyright, and a great many people did as this CD demonstrates. Although Jimmy has never stopped writing, ”Clowns Exit Laughing” naturally concentrates on a time when a new Jimmy Webb classic seemed to appear every other week. As is always Ace’s policy with the Songwriter Series, each featured artist performs only one song but we are sure that inclusions by the likes of Tony Joe White, Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield and other major names will disappoint nobody. Also included for collectors are several rare, seldom-heard original versions of songs primarily associated with other artists, such as Don Ho’s original of ’Galveston’ and James Darren’s first recording of ’Didn’t We’.

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  • Various - Happy In Hollywood: Productions Of Gary Usher (CD)


    2022 collection. This release sees the great Gary Usher become the latest maestro to be honored in our series of collections devoted to record producers. After a handful of stabs as a recording artist, he settled into writing and arranging for various West Coast companies. Early in the ’60s, as he was given more responsibility in recording studios, he built up a crack team of talented musical buddies who he used on many of his sessions. This culminated in the string of singles and albums that rode the surf, drag and hot rod craze. As well as producing, he wrote, arranged and sang on many of these releases. However, as this collection proves, there were a growing number of other strings to Usher’s bow. Working as a staff producer for US Decca and later Columbia Records, his keen ear for new musical genres meant that he was always in the forefront of popular music, often venturing into the world of folk rock, sunshine pop, psychedelia and country rock. He worked with luminaries such as the Byrds, Gene Clark, Glen Campbell, Curt Boettcher and Brian Wilson, as well as releasing ”phantom” group records cut by his regular behind-the-scenes colleagues. This compilation, the first to cover the real width and variety of Usher’s career, takes us from the mid-60s through to the 80s and quite rightly places him alongside better-known West Coast record producers such as Lou Adler, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and Jack Nitzsche.

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  • Hill Goldie - Looking Back – The Very Best Of – A Singles Collection 1952-1962 (CD)


    In the early 1950s, GOLDIE HILL – a Webb Pierce discovery, known as ’The Golden Hillbilly’ – was a member of the Grand Ole Opry, the Louisiana Hayride and the Ozark Jubilee, and became one of the very first girl singers in the Country market to enjoy significant record success.

    Indeed, she was only the second female artiste to top the C&W charts, with ’I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes’, the answer disc to the Slim Willet/Skeets McDonald/Perry Como #1.

    Goldie also famously cut successful duets with Justin Tubb (’Looking Back’, ’Sure Fire Kisses’) and Red Sovine (’Are You Mine’, ’Yankee Go Home’).

    She recorded prolifically for Decca Records, cutting some thirty-odd singles, a handful of EPs, and a half-dozen LPs; this compilation is drawn from her singles releases between 1952-62 and includes all her significant hits.

    This set is complementary to an earlier Jasmine release, The Golden Hillbilly (JASMCD3669), which comprised her first two LPs.

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  • Singleton Margie - 1957-1962 OO-Wee – The Collectors’ (CD)


    Although known predominantly as a songwriter and session singer, MARGIE SINGLETON (the wife of producer Shelby Singleton) was a vocalist of extraordinary quality in her own right and she recorded an excellent body of work, which included several significant US C&W hits.

    However, don’t go looking for those hits here, as none are included.

    This is a Collectors’ Rarities-styled set, comprising sides recorded between 1957-62, which are either notoriously hard to find elsewhere on CD or making their digital debuts herein.

    These include several of her earliest 45s, for Starday, rare duets with Harry Hanson, Al Hart and George Jones; live recordings from The Grand Ole Opry; and a clutch of studio outtakes.

    Although now well into her eighties, Margie is still active to this day.

    Her hits and signature releases during the same time span will hopefully be the subject of a forthcoming Jasmine release.

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  • Logsdon Jimmie (aka Jimmy Lloyd) - You’re Gone, Baby! – Selected Singles 1951-1962 (CD)


    Although something of an ’unknown quantity’ to the general public, Jimmie Logsdon is revered among collectors of hillbilly and country music for a significant quantity of classic recordings – many of them up-tempo ’boppers’ – that he cut under his own name in the first half of the 1950s. Jimmie is even more revered by rock ’n’ roll collectors for two 45s that he released under the name of ’Jimmy Lloyd’ in 1957. ’Where The Rio De Rosa Flows’ and ’I Got A Rocket In My Pocket’ are both 100% classics that will bring any rockin’ dance floor to life, even 65 years after they were recorded.

    ’Jimmy’ was already in his 30s when he cut them, and unlikely to challenge Elvis as a chart contender – but he rocked as hard as any of the younger guns, as you will hear in this new Jasmine collection of Jimmie’s (and Jimmy’s!) recorded highlights, spanning a decade of record making.

    It’s been some years since any of his recordings were first digitised, so ’You’re Gone Baby’ – the most career spanning collection of Jimmie’s 45s to date – will be warmly welcomed throughout the rock ’n’ roll and country collecting communities. When you hear these high-quality recordings, almost all of them made in Nashville with a crack team of ’A’ list studio musicians of the calibre of Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, Floyd Cramer and Buddy Harman, you will wonder just how come so much great music went largely unheralded at the time of release.

    Jimmie may be something of a footnote in the histories of both hillbilly and rock ’n’ roll, but he played a not insignificant part on the evolution of both and what’s on offer here will forever stand as prime examples of wither or both genres.

    As with all Jasmine CDs, here’s vintage music of the highest quality, brought to you in the highest quality, mastered from the best possible sources and coming to you with an expertly annotated booklet.

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  • Terry Al - Good Deal, Lucille (CD)


    A hugely prolific recording artist, AL TERRY is chiefly remembered for his signature hit ’Good Deal, Lucille’, and the handful of Hillbilly and neo-Rockabilly sides he cut for Hickory Records in the mid-50s.

    However, during the 1950s he also cut Honky-Tonk, mainstream Country and Nashville Countrypolitan sides, occasionally duetting with Wilma Lee, and Rusty & Doug Kershaw.

    In 1955, Country & Western Jamboree magazine placed him at #1 in a ’Best New Artist’ poll, ahead of Sonny James at #2 and Elvis at #3, conducted among deejays, retailers and distributors.

    Although his records rarely made the national charts, many of his releases were significant regional hits, notably in and around Louisiana.

    This compilation presents a Very Best Of Al’s output between 1952-1962, across four different record labels, and includes his celebrated R&R-styled 1958 re-cut of ’Good Deal, Lucille’ and the rockin’ ’Watch Dog’.

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  • Cline Patsy - She’s Got You – 1962 (CD)


    Among the most influential vocalists of the 20th century, PATSY CLINE was one of the first female artists to successfully cross over from Country to mainstream pop.

    The companion to an earlier Jasmine release, Patsy Cline – Just Out Of Reach, 1955-1961 (JASMCD 3618/9), this compilation anthologises her 1962 releases.

    It comprises five singles and an LP, to which we have added a further ten rare live performances, taken from the television shows The Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Time.

    Included are stellar hits like ’She’s Got You’ (which topped the C&W charts), ’When I Get Thru With You’, ’Imagine That’, ’So Wrong’, ’Heartaches’, ’Why Can’t He Be You’ and ’Leavin’ On Your Mind’.

    The latter record was the last to be released in her lifetime, and was still high on the Country charts when she died, in a plane crash, in March 1963.

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 5 – Cold Cold Heart (CD)


    Loistavan sarjan uusin osa.

    Friends, you are holding the fifth opus of ”Rhythm & Western” and we got 5 more boss volumes on ice. I must confess Solomon Burke’s classic ”How Many Times” always sounded like a Country song to me, so I’m glad I could include it here, Damita Jo delivers does a fantastic version of Ray Price’s classic C&W hit ”Crazy Arms” also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, and countless others, another Country hit ”You’re The Reason” (originally recorded by Bobby Edwards) is delivered by Arthur Alexander. The great Fats Domino is next with his famous version of ”Jambalaya” (originally written and recorded by Hank Williams), King Curtis gives a splendid rendition of Hank Snow’s ”I’m Movin’ On” also recorded by a buttload of other artists. To my knowledge, Little Richard never recorded a ”bonafide” country song, but some of his Gospel stuff sounds just like it. Just listen to ”Do Lord, Remember Me” if you have any doubt. Sonny Boy Williamson II (a.k.a. Rice Miller) and Peppermint Harris, with ”Wake Up Baby” and ”I Got Loaded” are offering two delightful bronze hillbilly tunes, and ””Solid As A Rock” is probably the closest thing to country music ever recorded by Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. More fave black C&W of mine by The Twilighters (Hootenanny Stomp), The Sharps (Look At Me), Ruth Brown (Jack O’Diamonds), Magic Sam (Square Dance Rock Part 1), Ted Taylor (Keep Walking On), Pee Wee Crayton (Little Bitty Things) , Bobby Day (Undecided), Fats Domino (Bo Weavil). Smokey Hogg (Late Prowling Girl), Ketty Lester (Love Letters), Ben E. King (My Heart Cries For You), and Rochell & The Candles (When My Baby Is Gone) are all top-notch tracks. Country Music fans probably heard ”Hearts Of Stone” by Red Foley and the song has been recorded by tons of other artists. I picked the cool version recorded by Otis Williams and The Charms over the one by The Jewels for this volume -but they are both great. Johnny Nash is next with another Western classic ”Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild Wild” originally recorded by The Sons Of The Pioneers. R&B diva Dinah Washington had a top 3 R&B hit in 1954 with the Hank Snow’s number ”I Don’t Hurt Anymore” but I heard versions of this song by Eddie Fisher, Faron Young, Johnny Cash, Narvel Felts, Bill Haley, and Janis Martin. Another western tune penned and first recorded by Hank Williams: ”Cold Cold Heart” is sung by Nat King Cole and two gospel songs that sound just like C&W by Sister Rosetta (On My Way) and Professor Johnson and his Gospel Singers (Where Shall I Be) are really worth more than a spin. The closing number is an older classic blues recording from the 1930s the great Casey Bill Weldon which sounds just like Western Swing. Enjoy!

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  • Nita, Rita & Ruby - Whose Baby Are You? (CD)


    NITA, RITA & RUBY were a Country/Pop/Rockabilly teenage ’Supergroup’, assembled by their record company, comprising ANITA CARTER (i.e. Maybelle Carter’s youngest daughter), RITA ROBBINS (who was married to Nashville ’A’ Team guitarist Ray Edenton), and RUBY WELLS (daughter of Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright).

    A relatively short-lived ensemble, they recorded together for just a couple of years, releasing eight 45s on RCA-Victor between 1955-57.

    Sides like ’Rock Love’, ’Lovely Lips’, ’Whose Baby Are You?’, ’Hi De Ank Tum’, ’Leroy’, ’Last Night In My Dreams’ and ’(He Said Yeah) Baby You’re The One’ are all hugely collectable items.

    This collection reissues everything that the trio recorded between 1955 and 1957, the first time that this superlative body of work has been compiled together on CD.

    It features all eight 45rpms; three sides which were not issued at the time; a rare, live clip from The Grand Ole Opry; plus, as bonus tracks, four contemporaneous solo 45s by each of the girls.

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  • Wilburn Brothers - Folk Songs from The City Limits (CD)


    ’Brother Acts’ have always been a popular draw on Country music, dating as far back as the 1920s. And for more than a quarter of a century – from the early 1950s onwards – genuine brothers Teddy and Doyle Wilburn were among the most popular of all, releasing in excess of two dozen albums and charting with over 30 singles between 1954 and 1972. Stars of their own syndicated TV show, discoverers and nurturers of talented singers and songwriters of the calibre of Loretta Lynn and her sister Crystal Gayle. The Wilburn’s boys were as high profile as high profile got in their prime.

    Surprisingly, very little of their extensive discography has been reissued since the dawning of the CD era – but Jasmine’s new compilation goes some way to rectifying that by bringing together two albums from 1962 that demonstrate why the Wilburn’s were so popular in their heyday. Neither ’Folk Songs’ nor ’City Limits’ has been reissued in any format previously, and nor have any of each album’s individual tracks to the best of our knowledge.

    Teddy and Doyle’s pure hillbilly harmonies mesh well with ’The Nashville Sound’ in its halcyon era, in a way that will surely appeal to any and every fan of 60s Country. If you have never heard the Wilburn Brothers, this as a perfect set with which to start your collection – remastered as always from the best possible sources, and sounding better than ever before!

    Jasmine is happy to put these hard-to-find recordings back into circulation almost 60 years after they first appeared on vinyl. We are confident that ’Folk Songs From The City Limits’ will prove to be a winner and a collection that will lead to further Jasmine explorations of the Wilburn’s relatively unexplored back catalogue.

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  • Noack Eddie - Have Blues-Will Travel (2CD) (CD)


    A bona-fidé Country legend, EDDIE NOACK was a hard-livin’, old school Honky-Tonk singer, songwriter and performer, who stuck to his traditional musical guns in the face of a constantly changing late 50s/early 60s Country music scene.

    As a result he didn’t achieve the commercial success he perhaps deserved, although his recorded legacy is held in the highest esteem.

    Ironically, over the years, sides like ’Hungry But Happy’, ’Too Hot To Handle’, ’Take It Away Lucky’, ’The Worm Has Turned’, ’Scarecrow’ and ’Shotgun House’ have become much sought-after collectors’ items.

    This compilation comprises his singles’ releases between 1949 and 1962, across seven different record labels, Gold Star, 4-Star, TNT, Starday, ’D’, Mercury and Allstar.

    Included are his biggest hit, ’Have Blues – Will Travel’, as well as his infamous ’rogue’ Rockabilly 45rpm, ’Can’t Play Hookey’ b/w ’My Steady Dream’, issued under the pseudonym ’Tommy Wood’ in 1958.

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  • Various - The Blues According To Hank Williams (Book+CD)


    Viimeisen päälle upea kirja / CD paketti. TOP!!

    11″inch size book and you can expect the best possible quality in research, artwork, and mastering of the CD.

    The Blues according to Hank Williams
    Hank Williams according to the blues

    The very fact that this collection exists, or that there were enough tracks to populate it, tells you an awful lot about Hank Williams. He wasn’t the first or the only one, but no 20th century country artist crossed musical genres more effortlessly or more often than Hank Williams.

    The records on this collection weren’t hits, but they reveal more acceptance of Hank Williams by Black artists than was generally known. They go beyond establishing the fact that Black artists could record hillbilly material as a genre – that was Ray Charles’s contribution. Here we see that Hank Williams in particular was a source of inspiration for Black artists as well.

    When you listen to the songs on this collection, remember that they were written by a barely educated, unsophisticated, poor white boy from Alabama. And yet artists ranging from Fats Domino to Tommy Edwards, from Louis Armstrong to Sonny Knight, from Katie Webster to the Delta Rhythm Boys – they all dug into these songs and treated them like their own home movies. They connected with the material. That’s saying something pretty exceptional about Hank Williams and the universality of his music. Maybe it needs to be said more often and more clearly. Hank Davis

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