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  • Cash Johnny - Bear’s Sonic Journals: Johnny Cash At the Carousel Ballroom, April 28, 1968 (CD)



    Bear’s Sonic Journals: Johnny Cash, At The Carousel Ballroom, April 24 1968, an historic and never-heard live concert recorded in San Francisco by innovative sound wizard Owsley Stanley. Captured in the heart of Haight-Ashbury, just days before the release of Cash’s iconic At Folsom Prison album (and over six months before the arrival of the equally revered At San Quentin), At The Carousel Ballroom serves as a third essential – and wholly unique – live document from the era, a moment of cultural collision, with Cash leaning into songs about society’s outcasts, while playing a venue operated by The Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead. The live album, which will be released on 2LP, features new essays by Johnny and June Carter Cash’s son John Carter Cash, Owsley Stanley’s son Starfinder Stanley, The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, and Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools, as well as new art by Susan Archie.

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  • Various - Choctaw Ridge: New Fables of the American South 1968-1973 (CD)



    Choctaw Ridge” explores a new country sound, one that emerged at the end of the 60s in the wake of Bobbie Gentry’s ’Ode To Billie Joe’, a shock number one hit in 1967. When singers like Gentry, Jimmy Webb, Michael Nesmith and Lee Hazlewood moved from the south to Los Angeles to make it in the music business, they were not part of the Nashville in-crowd and they forged a new direction. ’Ode To Billie Joe’ was the tip of the iceberg, and it’s success helped a bunch of singers and storytellers to emerge over the next three or four years. Some of the tracks on this collection bear that song’s stamp more clearly than others: Sammi Smith’s moody ’Saunders’ Ferry Lane’ had a similar mystery lyric, and Henson Cargill’s ’Four Shades Of Love’ is a portmanteau, with one (or possibly two) of the theoretically romantic situations ending in death. Suddenly, character sketches of southerners became a lot more rounded – women didn’t have to stay home, or take abuse at the office, and darkness wasn’t only found at the bottom of a bottle. Storytelling is the link between all of the songs on this collection. We have cautionary tales about what could happen to someone who heads for the bright lights and doesn’t make it, ending up in the grasping hands of ’Mr Walker’ (Billie Joe Spears), or on the ’Back Side Of Dallas’ (Jeannie C Reilly), or on a mortuary slab in the case of the songwriter with the ’Fabulous Body And Smile’ (Robert Charles Griggs). And there are stories about wanting to go home – Nat Stuckey’s ’What Am I Doing In LA?’ and Charlie Rich’s ’Feel Like Going Home’ – and others from Ed Bruce and Lee Hazlewood, who know that their home isn’t home anymore. The tracklist and fulsome sleeve notes have been put together by Bob Stanley (Saint Etienne) and Martin Green (Smashing, The Sound Gallery), who have been collecting these records for decades. The voices are resonant and relatable, and the productions take in the best of what pop had to offer in the late 60s and early 70s. Before the factionalism between smooth pop-conscious Nashville and the hedonistic ’outlaws’ made it look inward again, this was a golden era for an atmospheric, inclusive and progressive country music. It began on the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day.

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  • Harris Emmylou - Ramble In Music City: The Lost Concert (1990) (CD)


    Live archive release. After fifteen years of touring with the beloved Hot Band, Emmylou Harris formed the Nash Ramblers, a new acoustic all-star group, in 1990, featuring Sam Bush (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Roy Huskey Jr. (bass), Larry Atamanuik (drums), Al Perkins (dobro, banjo, vocals), and Jon Randall Stewart (acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals). The band played on the road for several months before making their Nashville debut at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) on September 28, 1990. That concert was recorded and shelved, while another live run at the Ryman Auditorium the following spring was released as Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers At the Ryman to great acclaim, winning a Grammy and spurring public interest in saving the beloved music hall. Now, more than thirty years later, Rhino’s James Austin has unearthed the 1990 TPAC recording and Nonesuch releases Ramble in Music City: The Lost Concert for the first time. The TPAC set features entirely different songs from the Ryman album and includes music by A.P. Carter, Rodney Crowell, Ruth Franks, the Louvin Brothers, Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Paul Simon, and Townes Van Zandt, among others, as well as her own compositions.

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  • Bop-A-Rama Vol. 2


    On the thirty-song Bop-a-Rama Volume Two, there is a mixture of several bop beat styles, hot boppin’ Rockabilly, bop Blues, and a sprinkling of Cajun and Hillbilly. Featured artists include Rockabillies and Rock ‘n’ Rollers; Dale Hawkins, Lucky Plank, Jeff Stone, Cleve Warnock, Sleepy LaBeef, and several others. The roots music emanates from Bluegrass artists Flatt and Scruggs, there is a Cajun vocal rocker by Burnell Martin and Hillbilly tempos from the tonsils of, Ben Hall and Wiley and Jessie Barkdull. The rockin’ Blues music is heard from a trio of Negro stars and one Caucasian; Chuck Berry, Billy Bland, Arthur ”Big Boy” Crudup, and Ronnie Hawkins. To end the album Rhythm Bomb Records, provide two recordings from their roster, German group Carolina and Her Rhythm Rockets and a wild American outfit the Frantic Rockers bring the action to a thunderous ending! Atomicat endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and add something unexpected to every album. Most certainly one person’s bop can be another’s jive, and different clubs and countries do not dance at the same tempo, and we do not aim to preach only to give you danceable music. This album is compiled by well-known Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years. Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, songs, mastered for the best possible sound available. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially constructed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly.

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  • Smith Connie - The Cry of The Heart (CD)


    Pain and heartbreak have permeated Connie Smith’s timeless country sound and they pulse through The Cry of the Heart, Smith’s first album in a decade and her third collaboration with her husband, Marty Stuart (who also produces the effort). Smith asks” How many teardrops have I cried over you” on album opener ”A Million and One,” reintroducing listeners to her radiant, textured voice. Smith and Stuart contributed two original tracks written together as well, the soaring ”Here Comes My Baby Back Again” and weeper ”Spare Me No Truth Tonight.” Other songs on The Cry of the Heart include ”I Don’t Believe Me Anymore” the 72nd song Smith has recorded written by Hall of Fame songwriter Dallas Frazier, and Merle Haggard’s ”Jesus Takes a Hold,” which is a reflection of Smith’s boundless faith in the midst of troubled times. Grammy Award- winning producer and songwriter Carl Jackson pens ”To Pieces” and ”I’m Not Over You,” the latter composed with classic country singer Melba Montgomery.

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  • Smith Connie - Latest Shade Of Blue – Columbia Recording 1973 – 1976 (4-CD Deluxe Box Set) (CD)


    Limited and numbered edition of 1,000 copies! This product will be released at 6 November 2021. VARAUKSIA!!!N TULLAAN MYYMÄÄN LOPPUUN!
    4-CD box set (LP-size) with 96-page hardcover book, 96 tracks. Playing time c. 5 hrs

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  • Ford Tennessee Ernie - Classic Trio Albums, 1964 & 1975 featuring Billy Strange and Glen Campbell (CD)


    ILMESTYY LOKAKUUN 8. Vihdoinkin myös nämä albumit CD:llä.

    • Tennessee Ernie Ford’s acoustic albums: simple clarity… natural depth.
    • Tennessee Ernie Ford’s two trio albums: ’Country Hits…Feelin’ Blue’ (1964) and ‘Ernie Sings & Glen
    Picks’ (1975) paired here by Bear Family Records® for the first time in any format.
    • An early template for the ‘unplugged’ album… decades before that recording technique became a trend
    in popular music.
    • Featured musicians: guitarist extraordinaire Billy Strange and upright bassist John Moshe (1964), and
    country and pop crossover superstar/guitarist/harmony singer Glen Campbell and double bassist
    Chuck Domanico (1975).
    • To many in the know these are the finest and rarest LP releases of secular music from the singer’s
    long career, with a voice that was well-worn yet enduring.
    • Extensive liner notes by East Tennessean, Dr. Ted Olson, Professor of Appalachian Studies at East
    Tennessee State University in Johnson City.
    • The full-color booklet contains previously unseen photos from the recording sessions and a session

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  • Davis Link - Laissez Les Bon-Ta-Ru-La (Let The Good Times Roll) (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    Ilmestyy Lokakuun 8. SAA VARATA!

    • Bear Family Records® presents the first high-quality vinyl LP (25 cm) with recordings of the blues
    shouting rocker, fiddle and sax player Link Davis from Northeast Texas.
    • His 1953 rendition of the Cajun anthem Big Mamou helped open the door to this often-closed and
    clannish culture.
    • Davis is considered as much a Acadian as those whose ancestors made the exiled journey from Nova
    Scotia in the eighteenth century.
    • Link laid down his unique sound – an amalgamation of Cajun, blues and rockabilly that culminated in
    1958 with the rocker Bon-Ta-Ru La (Let The Good Times Roll).
    • A Gulf Coast musical gumbo featuring rockers (Permit Blues, Airliner, Come Dance With Me), bayou
    blues (Rice & Gravy), swamp ballads (Visions, Memories Of You) and sax instrumentals (Beatle Bug).
    • The sound of the Cajuns was buoyed by brilliant guitarists Junior Beck and Joey Long.
    • This collection features liner notes penned by music historian Michael Hurtt in the accompanying
    illustrated booklet.

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  • Jackson Wanda - Encore (CD)


    Wanda Jackson -”Encore” 2021 release. Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, releases her final album Encore featuring duets with Joan Jett, Elle King, Pistol Annies’ Angalenna Presley, and Candi Carpenter.

    Wandan uusi albumi ja samalla myös viimeinen.

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  • Jennings Waylon - It’s Only Rock & Roll/Never Could Toe the Mark/Turn the Page/Sweet Mother Texas (CD)


    4 albums from “Outlaw” country singer Jennings, dating from 1983 to 1986 .
    This package features the country hits ‘Lucille’, ‘Never Could Toe The Mark’, ‘The Devil’s On The Loose’ and ‘Breakin’ Down’ Jennings was a true innovator with his distinctive appearance and singing style
    Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes.

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  • Bishop Dickie - The Dickie Bishop Story 1955-1961 – No Other Baby (CD)


    Singer/guitarist/banjo-plucker/songwriter DICKIE BISHOP, a sideman whose name is synonymous with Chris Barber and Lonnie Donegan, should have been a contender for solo success, but seemed instead destined to a career in supporting roles.

    Indeed, he featured heavily on a pair of million-selling singles, Donegan’s ’Lost John’ and Barber’s ’Petite Fleur’.

    His own most well-known song, ’No Other Baby’, was covered by The Vipers and Bobby Helms (the latter, a UK hit), while in the 1990s it was famously revived by Paul McCartney, who took it back into the UK charts.

    This collection comprises his four humongously-collectable solo singles from 1957/58, on which Dickie was backed by his own group, The Sidekicks, alongside a selection of his most notable appearances as a singer and/or sideman, between 1955 and 1961, recorded variously with Barber, Donegan, Johnny Duncan, Monty Sunshine and Kenny Ball.

    Several of Dickie’s solo sides have never previously appeared on CD, while this is the first time that his career has been thus anthologised, making for a unique, highly-desirable compilation.

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  • Stanley Brothers - Carter & Ralph – Selected Singles 1953-1960 (CD)


    Musical brothers and Bluegrass music are almost synonymous with each other. Many of the greats of the genre were siblings – Bill and Charlie Monroe, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, Bobby and Sonny Osborne being three of the most famous family names of this rural variant of hillbilly music. Among the most famous of all the actual brother acts in bluegrass, Carter and Ralph Stanley are without peer.

    In a recording career that began in the late 1940s and that stalled in the mid-60s after Carter Stanley tragically drank himself to death – at which point Ralph began a second, even more successful career that spanned the next half century – the Stanley Brothers recorded and introduced some of the finest bluegrass recordings made by anyone, at any time. This new Jasmine collection brings together the best of their sides for the Mercury, Starday and King labels from the 1950s and early 60s – a period during which they were at their peak as performers, and one that produced some of the most important and essential bluegrass recordings of all.

    As well as exceptional vocal and instrumental skills, this compilation shows the breadth of material in the Stanley’s discography. Sacred songs, seasonal songs, covers of R&B hits and indeed one of Mr. Monroe’s ’Blue Moon Of Kentucky’ performed in the style of Elvis Presley’s Sun recording – these are just a few of the delights in store for you here. Naturally it also includes their most famous recording of ’I’m A Man of Constant Sorrow’, a song that underwent a rebirth of popularity after being featured in the soundtrack of the film ’Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’

    As always, remastered from the best possible sources and featuring a comprehensive biography, this superb selection of premium bluegrass is but a small part of a very big catalogue that may well be explored further. Purchase of a copy will go a long way to making that happen!

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  • Sinatra Nancy - Start Walkin’ 1965-1976 (Ltd, digipak) (CD)


    2021 definitive digitally remastered compilation including solo recordings, rarities and duets with Lee Hazlewood. Remastered from the original analog tapes by Grammy-nominated engineer John Baldwin, the collection is complemented by liner notes penned by Amanda featuring insightful new interviews with Sinatra, as well as a Q&A with archivist and GRAMMY®-nominated reissue co-producer, Hunter Lea. Nancy’s performance of the Lee Hazlewood-penned song ”These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” was a huge hit in 1966 and became her signature tune. The pair began a three year run of successful albums, duets, and singles including ”Sugar Town,” ”Some Velvet Morning,” ”Summer Wine,” ”Sand,” ”Jackson,” and the title track to the 1967 James Bond film ”You Only Live Twice.” Start Walkin’ explores Nancy’s recordings with Lee, her inspired collaborations with songwriter Mac Davis (”Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham”), producer Lenny Waronker (”Hook and Ladder”), and the ”should’ve been hit” song with arranger/producer Billy Strange (”How Are Things In California.”). Over the years, she has been cited as an influence by countless artists, including Sonic Youth, Morrissey, Calexico, U2, and Lana Del Rey. Her haunting song ”Bang, Bang” gained a new legion of fans when it appeared in the opening credits of Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film, Kill Bill Volume 1.

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  • Coe David Allan - Biketoberfest ’01: Live From The Iron Horse Saloon (CD)


    (Anniversary Edition, LIMITED EDITION)

    If there’s ever been a way to describe David Allan Coe, it’s got to be his ability to defy categorization. With over six decades of following his musical muse wherever it’s led, this craggy voiced outlaw has crossed the panorama of American roots music. As well as being a singer, guitarist, songwriter, David is also a magician and a ventriloquist, deep sea treasure hunter, and movie star. His movies included Stagecoach, The Last Days Of Frank and Jesse James, Lady Grey, Buckstone County Prison, Take This Job and Shove It, to mention a few. David signed with Sun Records in 1968 and recorded his first album Penitentiary Blues, all songs that David had written in prison. In 1973, Columbia Records bought David’s contract from Sun Records and he recorded his first Columbia album, titled ”The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy”, several years before Glen Campbell had a hit with the song, ”Rhinestone Cowboy. ”Much has been written about David’s past and his lifestyle, but not much about his achievements over the years. From performing on Farm Aid to touring with Neil Young, Kid Rock and Willie Nelson. David’s song, ”Take This Job and Shove It” has received multi-million airplays certificate from BMI. His ”Greatest Hits” album is multi-platinum and his ”First Ten Years” album is gold. David has had sixty three songs on the Billboard Singles Charts, including, ”Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile”, ”The Ride”, ”Please Come To Boston”, ”Willie, Waylon and Me”, ”Jack Daniels If You Please” and ”You Never Even Called Me By My Name” to name a few. David has written songs for Johnny Paycheck, Tanya Tucker, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Charlie Louvin, Del Reeves, Tamy Wynette, Melba Montgomery, Stoney Edwards, The Oak Ridge Boys and Kid Rock. Both ”Would You Lay With Me” and ”Take This Job and Shove It” are multi- million seller songs penned by David. Johnny Cash has also recorded David’s songs including ”Would You Lay With Me” on his chart topping album entitled, Cash. David has been through a lot in his life but has manage

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  • Flatlanders - Treasure Of Love (CD)


    Almost 50 years after the sessions that would make them an ”accidental Texas supergroup” (Rolling Stone), The Flatlanders have return with Treasure of Love, their first new album in more than a decade. Completed during COVID-19 lockdowns with the help of longtime friend and collaborator Lloyd Maines, the record finds the iconic trio of Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock in classic form, serving up a rollicking collection of twang-fueled, harmony-laden performances full of wry humor and raw heartbreak. While a few songs here are never-before-heard originals, the vast majority of the tracklist consists of tunes the band picked up during their half-century together, some stretching as far back as the group’s earliest performances in the honkytonks around Lubbock, TX, where you might have spotted Willie Nelson or Townes Van Zandt in the audience.

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  • Neil Fred - Tear Down The Walls & Bleecker & Macdougal (CD)


    Tear Down The Walls’ (1964) mixes some (now) folk standards such as Bonnie Dobson’s “Morning Dew” and traditional songs like “Lonesome Valley” and “I Know You Rider”. The most of the songs belong to Fred Neil while Vince Martin brought a great deal of talent and fresh ideas to the collaboration, not to mention his association with John Sebastian [The Lovin’ Spoonful] and Felix Pappalardi [The Young Rascals and later Mountain]. The ‘Bleecker & MacDougal (1965) songs where much covered in the sixties like; ”Blues on the Ceiling,” (The Bintangs), ”The Other Side To This Life,” (Jefferson Airplane) and ”Candy Man” (Roy Orbison). Vince Neil was one-of-a-kind singer, with a soul-searing, gravelly voice and fingers that picked one of the meanest blues guitars in folk.

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  • Crochet Cleveland - Hillbilly Ramblers And Sugar Bees (2-CD) (CD)


    2-CD (Digisleeve) with 36-page booklet, 38 tracks. Total playing time approx. 90 min.

    – Long overdue: the complete recordings of Cajun fiddler Cleveland Crochet on Bear Family, including all surviving alternate versions and the originally unreleased masters.
    – In 1961, a Cajun song made it onto the Billboard pop charts for the first time: Sugar Bee climbed to #80.
    – These recordings were made between 1954 and 1963 for Folk-Star, Khoury’s, Goldband, Lyric and Swallow in Louisiana. As a bonus, we provide all solo recordings by band members Shorty ’Vorris’ LeBlanc (accordion) and Jay Stutes (steel guitar), accompanied almost without exception by Cleveland Crochet’s Sugar Bees.
    – Cajun expert Michael Hurtt wrote the liner notes.
    – Background information by Chris Strachwitz (Arhoolie Records) and others.
    – Many previously unpublished photos.
    A must for all fans of country music, Cajun, blues and original rock ’n’ roll.

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  • Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood & Jason Isbell - Live at the Shoals Theatre (2CD, RSD) (CD)


    Acoustic recordings Recorded live at the Shoals Theatre in Florence, AL on 6/15/14.
    6 Panel digipak
    bonus uncredited 5 minute song at end of track 25 – Keep On Smilin’ starts at about 7:08 track time

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  • Various - Stax Country (CD)


    As part of Stax’s year-long, 60th anniversary celebration, this collection of long-lost gems from the latter days of the Stax empire, Stax Country highlights the Memphis soul label’s effort to branch out into country music. Although the majority of the tunes on this album never made it to the radio waves, the tracks here stand as a unique time capsule of early 70s country. Includes new liner notes by country biographer and Tony-award winning playwright Colin Escott.

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  • Various - We Did ’Em First – Obscure, Lost & Forgotten Originals (CD)


    Collecting records can be an ongoing voyage of discovery, particularly when you find out that a record you love is not the original version (my blood still runs cold when I recall my daughter asking me who that Don McLean bloke thought he was, singing Madonna’s ’American Pie’).

    Buy this compilation, and find out who cut the original versions of million-selling numbers like ’His Latest Flame’, ’Take Good Care Of My Baby’, ’All Shook Up’, ’He’ll Have To Go’, ’Johnny Angel’, ’Release Me’, ’Twist And Shout’, ’Go Away Little Girl’, ’Detroit City’, ’He’s A Rebel’, ’Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’, ’Rave On’, and many more.

    Featured artists herein range from big name artists like Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Del Shannon, Bobby Vee, Dion, Joan Baez, Johnnie Ray, Roger Miller, Wanda Jackson, Ral Donner, etc., to downright unknown/obscure names like Gil Hamilton, David Hill, Eddie Miller, Georgia Lee, Chase Webster, Georgie Shaw, Bruce Bruno and Yvonne Fair.

    Many of these lesser known tracks have never previously appeared on CD.

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  • Nelson Willie - Texas Willie 2CD (CD)


    2CD Set / 40 songs
    Contains 20 Tracks not available on CD or Streaming. The breadth and scope of Willie Nelson’s career is staggering. He first established himself as part of a new generation of progressive country songwriters in the early ’60s. Here are the obscure and rarely heard demo recordings he made prior to signing to Liberty and before RCA. All of these recordings are both musically and historically significant. Includes ”Man With The Blues,” ”Misery,” ”Undo The Right,” ”One Step Beyond,” ”Any Old Arms Won’t Do,” ”Blame It On The Times,” ”The End Of Understanding,” ”Slow Down Old World,” ”A New Way To Die,” ”Home Motel,” ”Right From Wrong,” ”Slow Down Old World,” ”Happiness Lives Next Door,” ”I Feel Sorry For Him,” ”Where My House Lives,” and more.

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  • White Tony Joe - Smoke From The Chimney (CD)


    2021 release. Smoke from the Chimney, the posthumous album by Louisiana swamp rock pioneer Tony Joe White, brings to life previously unknown home recordings by the legendary songwriter and musician. Starting with the album’s genesis as an unforeseen trove of demos to the hands of producer Dan Auerbach and legendary session musicians, Smoke from the Chimney captures White’s signature style in it’s purest form and serves as a living testimony to one of the most gifted lyricists and storytellers music has ever known.

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