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  • Cash Johnny With June Carter/Roscoe Holmcomb With Jean Redpath - Pete Seeger`s Rainbow Guest (DVD)


    In the 1960s, when America was rediscovering its musical roots through a new interest in folk music, legendary musician and author Pete Seeger hosted a public television series called Rainbow Quest, in which he featured a number of great American artists as they played their songs and discussed their life and their work. Rainbow Quest: Johnny Cash and Roscoe Holcombe features two episodes from this series, as Johnny Cash (and his wife, June Carter Cash) talk about country music and its ties to the folk tradition, and later Appalachian banjo picker Roscoe Holcomb plays the songs of Kentucky mountains with the help of singer and guitarist Jean Redpath. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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  • Cline Patsy - The Real (DVD)


    Almost 40 years after her death in a plane crash, singer Patsy Cline continues her hold on country music fans. This program presents archival clips of her riveting performances on television and in concert. She is shown singing her signature tunes, such as Walkin’ After Midnight,” ”I Fall to Pieces,” and ”Crazy,” a song penned by a young Willie Nelson. Interviews with family, friends, and musical colleagues, such as Carl Perkins and Loretta Lynn, give insight into the tragically short life of this queen of country music. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, All Movie Guide

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  • Nelson Willie - & Friends: Outlaw And Angels (DVD)


    ”Recorded LiveMay 2004. Featuring; Kid Rock, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Toby Keith, Shelby Lynne, Carole King, Merle Haggard, Lee Ann Womack and many more.”

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  • Nashville Rebel- MOVIE


    Waylon stars as Arlin Grove, a young rebel trying to make his way in the music business. Sound familiar? Lovable

    gullible Arlin becomes a star only to be betrayed by his evil manager. With guts, determination and a few encouring

    words from Tex Ritter, he makes a comeback. ’The Nashville Rebel’ premiered in November 1966. The majority of the

    film was shot in Nashville and featured many live performances from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.____________

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  • Various - Nine Pound Hammer on-Guitar Styles of Western Kentucky (DVD)


    Featuring: Steve Rector, Paul Moseley, Pat Kirtley, Tommy Owens, Maurice Jones, Bob Saxton, Moon Mullins and Larry Stone

    Muhlenberg County, Kentucky is one of the great wellsprings of American music. Near the beginning of this century, a handful of local guitarists such as Kennedy Jones, Arnold Schultz and Amos Johnson began playing the guitar in a picking style that utilized the right hand thumb to play a heavy four-beat rhythm on the bass strings while the first finger played melody. Mose Rager and Ike Everly, father of Don and Phil Everly, further developed the style – eventually known as thumbpicking” – into a highly polished method of playing everything from folk songs to blues to Tin Pan Alley tunes. Rager and Everly were mentors to dozens of guitarists in and around Drakesboro, Kentucky, including a young Merle Travis, who brought his own genius to the style and popularized it throughout the world as a Capitol Records recording artist and Hollywood film star.

    Travis’s fame and the continued influence of Mose Rager cemented thumbpicking as a well-established musical genre that continues to attract a growing number of guitarists from Kentucky and elsewhere. The performances compiled for this DVD by guitarist Pat Kirtley represent the best of today’s Kentucky thumbpickers. Players such as Bob Saxton, Maurice Jones and Moon Mullins have been playing the style since Travis first became a star, while others such as Paul Moseley, Steve Rector and Kirtley are a new generation of thumbpickers putting a subtle, new spin on the music while remaining true to the original sound. Like bluegrass, country music and zydeco, thumbpicking is unique to America’s cultural landscape and it is the musical pride and joy of the place where it all began – Muhlenberg County.

    Titles include: Steve Rector Guitar Rag, Walkin’ The Strings  Paul Moseley Cannonball Rag, Who’s Sorry Now, Nine Pound Hammer, It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing, Wildwood Flower  Pat Kirtley Ripplin’, Steel Guitar Rag, Arnold’s Coming Home, Old Joe Clark  Tommy Owens & Maurice Jones Ida, See You In My Dreams  Bob Saxton Rose Time, Hidden Charm  Moon Mullins Hello My Baby, Shanty In Old Shantytown, I Am A Pilgrim  Larry Stone Lover Come Back, Hey Good Lookin’, Cherokee.”

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  • Reeves Jim - Kimberley Jim (Movie) (DVD)


    2 movie trailers

    the movie: widescreen version

    the movie:fullscreen version

    Audio Songbook:

    16 songs in Afrikaans

    The Kimberley Jim Soundtrack


    1. Introduction

    2. Dolly With The Dimpled Knees

    3. Born To Be Lucky

    4. My Life Is A Gypsy

    5. I Grew Up

    6. The Boom-Chic Polka

    7. Diamonds In The Sand

    8. That Sparkle In Your Eyes

    9. Fall In And Follow

    10. Old Fashioned Rag

    11. Roving Gambler

    12. A Stranger’s Just A Friend

    13. Strike It Rich




    1. Tahiti

    2. Bolandse Nooientjie

    3. Ek Verlang Na Jou

    4. Die Ou Kalahari

    5. Jy Is My Liefling

    6. Daar Doer In Die Bosveld

    7. Ding Dong

    8. Draf Maar Aan Ou Ryperd

    9. Die Blonde Matroos

    10. In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg

    11. Verre Land

    12. Geboorteplasie

    13. Net ’N Stille Uurtjie

    14. Nooientjie Van Die Ou Transvaal

    15. My Blinde Hart

    16. Sarie Marais

    Kimberley Jim Songbook

    1. Kimberley Jim

    2. Strike It Rich

    3. I Grew Up

    4. My Life Is A Gypsy (instrumental)

    5. Born To Be Lucky

    6. Old Fashioned Rag (instrumental)

    7. Diamonds In The Sand

    8. A Stranger’s Just A Friend

    9. Fall In And Follow (instrumental)

    10. Roving Gambler

    11. Dolly With The Dimpled Knees

    12. The Boom-Chic Polka (instrumental)

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  • Nelson Willie - Live At The Bill Bob`s Texas DVD (DVD)


    ”One of the legendary figures in country music, Willie Nelson performs a variety of his best-loved songs on this concert film that was recorded in his home state of Texas. This 2003 show offers selections from nearly every phase of the performer’s nearly five decade career. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide Bonusmatskuna; Haastattelu ja Behind the scenes foootage!”

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  • Various - Town Hall Party Feb. 14, 1959 (DVD)


    Tyylikästä!! Enemmän kantri pitoinen ohjelma!

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  • Movie (Johnny Cash) - Five Minutes To Live (DVD)


    Hieno uutuus!! Harvinainen Johnny Cash elokuva ekaa kertaa DVD:nä. Johnny Cash — De-Luxe Editions You never will find better-looking or better-sounding DVD versions of these two cult classics! …and more bears issues tow extremely rare Johnny Cash movies. For the first time these films have been transferred from the original 35mm originals by CinePost Inc. The film and sound has been painstakingly restored by DVDesign, Wuppertal. The booklets contain rare poster-reproductions and are a feast for Johnny Cash fans…and everyone’s a Johnny Cash fan these days. Notes by long-time Cash friend and co-star, Johnny Western. In 1965 ’Five Minutes To Live’ was shown as ’Door To Door Maniac’. As an added bonus, this DVD release contains the trailer for this even rarer movie version.

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  • Atkins Chet - Rare Performances 1976-1995 (DVD)


    For more than 40 years, the name of Chet Atkins has been associated with the finest Nashville-based fingerstyle guitar sounds. Even those records he did not play on showed his influence. Yet his own artistic growth never ceased, as is evident in this second volume of Vestapol’s chronological documentation of Chet’s career. We see this gentle genius exploring the music of Bob Dylan (Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right), marching band composer John Phillip Sousa (Stars and Stripes Forever), pop standards (Lover Come Back) and progressive funk (Knuckle Buster).

    Chet’s tonal palette draws varied colors from electric guitars, nylon-strung classics, and even a resophonic guitar. Foremost in this collection are his traditional strengths as a tasteful soloist, but we also see him swap licks with the fiery Jerry Reed and Larry Carlton. The overall impression made by these performances is one of a master quietly demonstrating his continued primacy in his field and doing so with a calm assurance unabated by needless grandstanding.

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  • Carman Jenks `Tex` - At Town Hall Party (DVD)


    Jenks ’Tex’ Carman was a true American original. His unique style of hillbilly hula music would never have made a dent in Nashville, but on the west coast he was embraced. Playing a bizarre style of Hawaiian steel guitar, with little sense of timing, tuning, meter or rhythm, Jenks ’Tex’ Carman was on a musical island all of his own.

    Jenks ’Tex’ Carman brought such diverse influences as Hawaiian steel guitar, vaudeville, cowboy ballads, the ’punk’ attitude of rockabilly and acoustic country blues together in an act that was as novel as it was perverse.

    These two new CDs contain the complete recordings that Carman did for Sage & Sand Records in the late 1950s, 63 tracks in all!

    On the DVD, you will see many of Carmans’ live performances on the ’Town Hall Party’ television show backed by such legends as Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, Quincy Snodgrass and the rest of the ’Town Hall Party’ band. You will see how real West Coast country music used to be played-loose, on the edge, ragged but right.

    Rockabilly fans will be pleased to note that Carman is backed by the ’Town Hall Party’ television show musicians on these CDs and DVD. Amazing rockabilly guitarists Joe Maphis and Roy Lanham (both of whom have their own solo Bear Family CDs) contribute some amazingly hot rockabilly guitar solos to these recordings.

    If you’re a fan of the other ’Town Hall Party’ artists such as the Collins Kids, Joe Maphis, Johnny Bond and Skeets McDonald then these CDs and DVD are a must!

    Deke Dickerson

    Jenks Tex Carman. Who and what was he? A half century ago he was making country records unlike anybody else’s.

    No amount of smoothing could remove his kind of rough edges. Was he the first punk country artist?” Did Carman really have an alternative musical vision in his head or was he simply a borderline psychotic, blazing his own trail and giving voice to the odd collection of sounds in his head? Here was a man you couldn’t display during prime time. At least not in 1955. A half a century later, audiences are a lot more open to hybrid music and category bending. Tex Carman might have been right at home as opening act for a 21st century psychobilly band. Too bad he was born 50 years too soon.

    Hank Davis

    Goldmine magazine

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  • Martin Jimmy - King Of Bluegrass-The Life And Times Of Jimmy Martin (DVD)


    Independent filmmaker George Goehl directs the music documentary King of Bluegrass: The Life & Times of Jimmy Martin. Born in Sneedville, TN, in 1927, Jimmy Martin recorded with bluegrass legend Bill Monroe for four years, greatly influencing the trademark high lonesome sound. In the mid-’50s, he split to form the Sunny Mountain Boys. He’s performed on the Louisiana Hayride and the Wheeling Jamboree in West Virginia, but never became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Goehl and his film crew capture 75-year-old Martin still touring the American South and the Midwest with his band. This documentary blends live performances with archival footage and interviews with country stars like Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart, and Paul Williams. King of Bluegrass was featured at many film festivals before being released on DVD by Thrill Jockey in 2004. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide

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  • Various - Halloween At Town Hall Party (DVD)


    Halloween At Town Hall Party

    October 31, 1959

    A little about ’Town Hall Party’…!

    ’Town Hall Party’ was California’s largest country music barndance, running from early 1952 until early 1961. The show was broadcast every Saturday night from a theatre made up to look like an old barn in the Compton suburb of Los Angeles. Crowds numbering up to 2000 would fill the old Town Hall to see and hear the top country artists of the day. The first hour was broadcast live over KFI and reached a wider audience when NBC syndicated the show on radio. The broadcast was extended to three hours when KTTV-TV televised the show. Jay Stewart (who later hosted the TV quiz show ’Let’s Make a Deal’), and Tex Ritter were the MCs and the house band featured a Who’s Who of West Coast country music, including Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, Skeets McDonald, Johnny Bond and Tommy Duncan. Artists appearing on the show included The Collins Kids, Carl Perkins, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson and, Johnny Cash. The show was so popular that, in 1958, Columbia Records issued the ’Town Hall Party’ album featuring various cast members.

    A little about this DVD..

    Instead of doing what we’ve done in the past (namely, gathering performances by one artist from different shows), here is one complete show from Halloween forty-four years ago.

    Let’s set the time machine to October 31, 1959, and sit back and enjoy what no one has seen since the day of that broadcast.


    Introduction by Joe Maphis

    The musicians for this show are as listed below.

    Joe Maphis: lead guitar

    Billy Mize: steel guitar

    Pat McNeill: bass

    Pee Wee Adams: drums

    Fiddlin’ Kate Warren: fiddle

    Jimmy Pruitt: piano

    Cliff Crofford: trumpet

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  • Cash Johnny - A Concert: Behind the Prison Walls (DVD)


    A Concert: Behind the Prison Walls features Cash performing for inmates inside the Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville.Shot in 1976, this is only one of two prison concerts Cash ever shot for broadcast and features legendary performers Johnny Cash, Linda Rondstadt and Roy Clark performing their greatest hits. Actors: Johnny Cash Year: 1976 Runtime: 50 minutes Original Language: English

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  • Travis Merle - Vol 2: More Rare Performances 1946-1981 (DVD)


    This second Merle Travis dvd collection presents more rare footage from 1946 to 1981. The year of Travis’s first hits on the fledgling Capitol label, 1946, is represented by a half-dozen Soundies” in which a 29 year old Travis fronts both an ”all-girl band” and one of hot session players. The 1950s saw Tennessee Ernie Ford’s recording of Travis’s Sixteen Tons become an international pop hit, and its creator performs it here on a 1957 clip from the Tex Ritter hosted Ranch Party. The renewed interest in his music in the 70s is evident in six performances from that decade, while an informal duet with his son Thom Bresh, videotaped toward the end of Travis’s life, provides a moving coda to this varied collection of brilliant country guitar playing leavened with Travis’s blend of humor, poetry and downhome philosophy in his songs.”

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  • Various - Legends of Western Swing Guitar on DVD (DVD)


    Featuring:  Eldon Shamblin, Billy Dozier, Bob Kiser, Jim Boyd, Cameron Hill, Jimmy Wyble, Benny Garcia, Art Greenhaw, Tommy Morrell, Junior” Barnard & Muriel ”Zeke” Campbell

    The guitar in Western Swing holds a particularly important place. Many guitarists have made major contributions in the field, but the cornerstone remains Eldon Shamblin, whom Rolling Stone magazine once called the ”World’s Best Rhythm Guitarist.” His sophisticated, swinging and moving chords forever impacted the music. Coupled with him were early lead players like Muriel ”Zeke” Campbell, who performed dazzling single-string solos on records up to two years before Charlie Christian joined the Benny Goodman Sextet.

    As a genre of music, Western Swing is a unique blend of jazz, blues, cowboy, western, gospel, and Spanish sounds. The repertory of any Western Swing band includes tunes associated with each of these schools of music, but a consistent style flows through every performance. The roots of Western Swing are not easy to trace. Most pinpoint the Light Crust Doughboys (formed circa 1931) of Fort Worth, Texas as the first example.

    Legends Of Western Swing Guitar presents the playing of Eldon Shamblin, Billy Dozier, Bob Kiser, Muriel ”Zeke” Campbell, Benny Garcia, Cameron Hill, Jimmy Wyble and Junior Barnard in rare black & white archival films from the 1940s to recent performances recorded in color from the last decade. As well Tommy Morrell, a guitarist of a younger generation, is also included. His playing highlights not just the passing of a flame but new places the torch can be carried.

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