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  • Presley Elvis - Rubberneckin CD-single (CD)


    Uusi single! This original track from the film Change of Habit (1969) has been remixed by world-renowned producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold.

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  • Robertson Don - And then I wrote Songs For Elvis (CD)


    ”Don Robertson

    Here’s a rare treat for Elvis collectors. No more endless out-takes, these are the original demos that Elvis heard of some of his greatest songs, all performed by the songwriter, Don Robertson. Among the Elvis classics heard in their absolutely original version are They Remind Too Much Of You; Anything That’s Part Of You; Starting Today; There’s Always Me; Love Me Tonight; I Met Her Today; What Now, What Next, Where To; and I’m Counting On You.

    In addition to writing for Elvis, Don Robertson also invented the famous ’slip-note’ piano style popularized by Floyd Cramer, and we hear several great examples of his work on this collection. 

    Something truly different…and something truly great. Elvis fans and anyone intrigued by the art of the popular song will love this set.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis At The International (CD)


    Elvis At The International was recorded by RCA in Stereo during Elvis Presley’s triumphant 1969 engagement (August 23, 1969 – Midnight Show) at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In August 1969 Elvis Presley was bursting with a new enthusiasm and energy. ’In The Ghetto had just charted #3 in the US and Elvis needed to prove to his first Las Vegas audience that the King could reclaim his crown. This is the first ever complete concert released from 1969, with Elvis In Person being a compilation. There is a lot of ambience thus containing the live feel a concert CD should have. The audience is there with you all the time, without taking away the charm of any instrument or any vocal. A great show in great sound quality is all we can ask for. This is a brilliant CD, containing not only the best live version of ’Suspicious Minds released so far but showcases Elvis Presley in fabulous voice and great humor. This is the 20th FTD release and one of their very best, If you had to choose one Elvis show that you could have witnessed then this, August 23rd Midnight show, would have to be near the top of your list. After hearing this I won t be playing ’In Person again! Includes five (5) RARE Live Recordings. Unique performances include; Memories, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Runaway, Reconsider Baby and What’d I Say.

    Elvis was always on better form for the Las Vegas midnight shows (who could really enjoy performing while people ate dinner?) and there was also no deadline that he had to work to. It is obvious why RCA chose the 24th Dinner show recording for the ’Live In Las Vegas box-set 69 CD as that performance was smoother and more ’professional but that also made it more routine and, along with the disappointing audio mix, it also contained a lot of tape hiss. But here everything shines and even the audience response is at just the right level so you can really feel the vibe and excitement of being there.

    In the same way that ’TTWII captured Elvis at his professional live peak this CD perfectly captures so much more … The CD cover and inside photos are also one of FTD s best designs so far. What more could we ask for to start the New Year? A big thanks to mixer Dennis Ferrante for his best work so far. A big thanks to Ernst, Roger & the FTD team for one of their very best.

    Unique performances include; Memories, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Runaway, Reconsider Baby and What’d I Say.

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  • Presley Elvis - In Person (CD)


    Mahtava live taltiointi International hotellista vuodelta 1969!

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  • Presley Elvis - Burning Love CDsingle (CD)


    30 # 1 Hits albumilta uusi sinkku. Mukana harvinainen alternative take 2.

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  • Presley Elvis - In The Shadow Of a Legend (CD)



    A fascinating interview-CD which explores the unique relationship between Elvis and his parents. Much has been written about the bond that he had with Vernon and Gladys, but on this release you can hear about it first-hand from these three very special people. The first recordings on ”In The Shadow Of A Legend” date from 1956, while the final ones are from 1977, including a very touching recording of Vernon talking on the telephone on August 16, 1977 – only hours after the body of his son Elvis was discovered. Vernon is clearly still in a shock, as he recounts the final days of Elvis’ life. He talks about his son’s health condition at the time of his death, the last time they talked together, Elvis’ girlfriend Ginger, and the discovery of Elvis’ body and the attempts to revive him. It’s impossible not to be moved while listening to this ultra-rare telephone conversation, which has never been released before in any form. Other recordings on this release include Elvis talking about his parents and his love for them, Vernon discussing Elvis’ life and career, Gladys choosing her favorite Elvis songs, Vernon being introduced from the stage by his son (1975), and more. As a special bonus, we have also included two private telephone conversations between Elvis and friends. IN THE SHADOW OF A LEGEND gives a unique insight into the private life of Elvis Presley, and makes for some fascinating listening for any Elvis fan. Packaged in a full-colour digipack with several rare photos of Elvis and his parents, including a very touching one of him on stage in 1977, holding and studying the well-known 1937 family-photo of a two-year old Elvis with his parents; it’s almost as if the photo momentarily transports him back to his early years.”

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  • Presley Elvis / Number Nine - Let’s take it on home (CD)


    A new Interview CD release is Let’s take it on home” from the Red Mill label. It comes in an attractive artwork and this CD release is a joint release of the Dutch and the Danish Elvis Fanclub. The Interviews are pretty interesting, such as Elvis talks about the Pontiac New Years Eve concert 1975, where he was scared to death to perform for the biggest audience ever so far. Also a few songs on this cd that is perfomed by Elvis impersonator Paul Ansell, well, I don’t care much about that, but maybe some of you will… (

    * performed by Paul Ansell”

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  • Presley Elvis - Live In Las Vegas 4CD Boxset (CD)


    Elviksen Live matskua Las Vegasista v. 1956-1975.Nyt pikkuboxina samaan tyyliin kuin -50,-60 ja 70-luvun boxit.

    Pääasissa ennenjulkaisematonta matskua (53 biisiä). Pakkohankinta kaikille Elvis faneille. Mukana iso kirja (samaan tyyliin kuin A Platinum boxilla), jossa paljon upeita kuvia ja lisätietoa.

    CD1) 24.8.1969 dinner show CD2) 11.08.1970 Midnight Show + Bonus When the Snow Is On The Roses 24.08.1970 CD3) Live 1970-1972. CD4) Live 1956 ja 1974-1975.

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  • Presley Elvis - Platinum-A Life In Music 4CD Box Set (CD)


    RCA`S ULTIMATE 20TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE! 100 Biisiä, joista 70 ennen- julkaisematonta. Think about THAT! Aivan pakollinen hankinta. UPEA KIRJA! PARAS ! VUODEN 1997 ELVIS JULKAISU! SAA ENÄÄ VAIN USA PAINOKSENA!

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  • Presley Elvis - Heart And Soul (USA) (CD)


    22 Classic Love Songs. Ekaa kertaa stereona Love Me Tender & I`ve Lost You sekä Ilman yleisö dubbausta Bridge Over Trouble.

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  • Presley Elvis - Loving You (1957) + Bonus (CD)


    8 bonusbiisiä, eriotoksia!! Uudelleen re-masteroituna ja paremmilla soundeilla kuin koskaan aikaisemmin.

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  • Presley Elvis - Viva Las Vegas (CD)


    Yhden parhaista 60-luvun leffoista soundtrack! Hyvää musaa!

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