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  • Presley Elvis - Spinout (1966) (DVD)


    Kolme kaunista naista avioliitto mielessä.Yksi laulava kilpa-autoilija, jonka tavoitteena on pitää katse tiessä naisten sijaan. Varo vaan, vaarallisia kurveja edessä! Elvis Presleylla on edessään vauhdikas Spinout. Shelley Fabares (Elviksen vastanäyttelijä Tyttöjen Elviksessä) näyttelee rakastunutta hienostotyttöä, joka saa aina haluamansa. Deborah Walley on rokkibändin rumpali, jota kiinnostaa romanttinen duetto. Diane McBain on menestyskirjailija, joka valmistelee kirjaa Täydellinen amerikkalainen mies”. Carl Betz näyttelee Fabaresin ökyrikasta isää. Elvis laulaa kappaleet Never Say Yes, Adam and Evil, All That I Am, elokuvan nimikkobiisin ja koskettavan Stop, Look, Listen.


    Alkuperäinen nimi:Spinout
    Ohjaaja:Norman Taurog
    Pääosissa:Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, Diane McBain, Dodie Marshall, Deborah Walley, Jack Mullaney, Will Hutchins, Warren Berlinger, Jimmy Hawkins, Carl Betz, Cecil Kellaway, Una Merkel, Frederick Worlock, Dave Barry
    Pituus (min):89
    DVD Kuvaformaatti:16:9 LB 2.40:1 anamorphic
    Ääniformaatti:Dolby 1.0 Mono, englanti, italia DVD Tekstitykset: SUOMI, englanti, ranska, italia, bulgaria, romani DVD
    Lisämateriaali:Elvis Presley trailergalleria


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  • Presley Elvis - The February 1977 Tour (DVD)


    Cine8 returns after their very well received release ”A Medley Of Costumes” with their second DVD featuring unreleased 8mm footage. While Elvis his first tour of 1977 was a step down in comparison to the great december ’76 tour, Elvis still seemed to have the spirit to put on some great shows, while he looked far from his best during the first show, things improved as the tour went on and he started to look much better. This tour often has been overlooked when it comes to footage and so ”The February 1977 Tour” DVD fills that gap!
    On this DVD we’ve opted to create a watchable DVD consisting of various performances from 7 different shows on this tour, matched with soundboard sound you’ll find complete performances of ”Fairytale” as performed in Charlotte, NC on February 20th, the only version of ”Big Boss Man”, the two versions of ”Blueberry Hill” Elvis performed on this tour along with the rare ”Where No One Stands Alone”, a rousing version of ”Polk Salad Annie” and ”It’s Now Or Never” performed on February 16th among other performances, the DVD is rounded out by a few unedited clips, including a rare ”Funny How Time Slips Away” and a blistering version of ”Hurt” performed during the very first show of this tour.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy this release!

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! From The Original Reels Vol. 1 (2xDVD Set) Newly-Remastered (DVD)



    ‘SOLD OUT volume 1’ totally revamped — and now available.

    Iconic game-changing release now finally redone with improved quality & artwork.

    Strictly limited edition.

    Upon its initial release in December 2020, ”Sold Out volume 1” caused quite a furor in the Elvis world. And for many, it opened the doors to a new area of collecting. Some of the high-end collectors were dismayed with the fact this footage ‘escaped’, but many fans were thrilled that these unique 8mm films were now available to them at an affordable price.

    We’ve gone back to the original high-resolution transfers to redo this classic title from scratch. No more watermarks or logos on the footage, what you get here is the best 8mm footage around in the best possible quality. No alterations, no edits – just the real deal, as originally filmed. Each of the 19 films has been newly mastered with superior results. This remains the most enjoyable release celebrating The King live, as captured on 8mm.

    We have received numerous requests recently to reissue this classic title, which is now going for crazy prices in the Elvis world. Hence, we are pleased to announce this complete revamp of ‘Sold Out volume 1’.

    We do realize that now that 8mm footage is suddenly being offered everywhere, that it can be confusing for some to figure out what is essential –and what is not –, but many would agree that this title is all you really need. This is really the best of the best. And for the first time, the liner notes tell the inside story behind this game-changing release, with an account that will shock and surprise some of you.

    We are already receiving quite a few pre-orders for this Deluxe Edition, which is printed in a very limited edition, and we expect that it will sell out fast. Packaged in a deluxe three-panel digipack, this truly is the cat’s pyjamas. Now available – order today!

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! From The Original Reels Vol. 20 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


    ’Sold Out’ is back, and volume 20 truly contains a wealth of rare and unreleased footage. We know that the ’77 footage is very popular, and included are various films from the spring / summer ‘77 tours. We all know that he was not in the best of shape, but still on a good night he could mesmerize an audience with powerful moments like ‘My Way’.

    There are various neat ’77 close-ups, in fact some of the best ever, and it’s also good to see the effort he puts into performances like ‘That’s All Right Mama’ and ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, with him accompanying himself on the acoustic. The man still had it. Still, there’s also some rough moments, including the final June ’77 tour, and it’s still heartbreaking to see Elvis in this shape. But it’s all part of the history, and Pyramid has stated right from the outset to document all of it, without sugarcoating anything.

    This release is a real ‘smorgasbord’ of Elvis live in the seventies, with especially ’69 to ’72 being well-presented. He is truly the live ultimate performer in these films, in full command, and giving his all. The early concert years were very exciting, and his live show was very physical and dynamic, as you can see in this footage. This release actually marks the first time that we include any ’69 footage, and what an amazing performer he was back then! As someone once remarked: if you didn’t see Elvis in ’69, then you never saw the real Elvis, and the footage included here bears that out. But in its own way the shows from June ’72 were just as good, and performances like ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ show what a versatile performer he had become by then.

    The later years feature plenty of highlights as well, even though the tempos had gone down a notch or two. There’s four films from April 1, 1975 and they are a real delight, as they highlight the fun side of Elvis as a performer, playing around with the audience and having a heck of a time doing so. There’s Memphis ’76, and Forth Worth is a neat and fairly long film – good to see it here without any logos or watermarks. The lesser performances are also included, including silent footage from the notorious Houston ’76 concert, which shows how sluggish he was. And arguably even worse is another (lengthy) film from College Park, where his behavior is odd to say the least, and where he seems to be under the influence of something. We feel that these films are just as important as the good shows, because together they give us a balanced look at Elvis’ live shows in the seventies. And College Park is certainly insightful: the things he said were pretty bizarre, but it’s even more surrealistic to SEE him in that state (‘I love showbidnezz’), while constantly punking Charlie Hodge to adjust his microphone stand. Even after all these years, there’s still something dark and unsettling about moments like this, but again, it’s all part of the Elvis story.

    But none of it takes anything away from the magic that the man created every time he made his entrance, whether it was in Las Vegas, Chicago, Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Memphis, Philadelphia or wherever. These films take you back to all these special nights. As always, Pyramid is presenting these films as they were recorded, with no edits or alterations of any kind. These films were carefully restored to remove artifacts that time had added, like discolorization. We believe that it’s important to let these films speak for themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the greatest showman there ever was. One a good night, there was no one like him, but even on a lesser night he was still ELVIS. ‘Sold Out volume 20’ tells you that story.

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  • Presley Elvis - Viva Las Vegas (1964) (deluxe edition) (DVD)


    Myös Suomiteksitys.

    For the song, see Viva Las Vegas (song). For the soundtrack EP, see Viva Las Vegas (EP). For other uses, see Viva Las Vegas (disambiguation).
    Viva Las Vegas
    Viva Las Vegas 1964 Poster.jpg
    Theatrical release poster
    Directed by George Sidney
    Written by Sally Benson
    Produced by
    Jack Cummings
    George Sidney
    Elvis Presley
    Cesare Danova
    William Demarest
    Nicky Blair
    Cinematography Joseph F. Biroc
    Edited by John McSweeney, Jr.
    Music by George E. Stoll
    Jack Cummings Productions
    Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Release date
    May 20, 1964 (United States)
    Running time 85 minutes
    Country United States
    Language English
    Budget $1 million
    Box office $9.4 million

    Viva Las Vegas is a 1964 American musical film directed by George Sidney and starring Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. The film is regarded by fans and film critics as one of Presley’s best films, and it is noted for the on-screen chemistry between Presley and Ann-Margret. It also presents a strong set of ten musical song-and-dance scenes choreographed by David Winters and features his dancers.[2] Viva Las Vegas was a hit at film theaters, as it was #14 on the Variety year end box office list of the top-grossing films of 1964.[3]

    Lucky Jackson (Elvis) goes to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the city’s first annual Grand Prix Race. However, his race car, an Elva Mark VI Maserati, is in need of a new engine in order to compete in the event.

    Lucky raises the necessary money in Las Vegas, but he loses it when he is shoved into the pool by the hotel’s young swimming instructor, Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret). Lucky then has to work as a waiter at the hotel to replace the lost money to pay his hotel bill, as well as enter the hotel’s talent contest in hopes of winning a cash prize sizable enough to pay for his car’s engine.

    During all this time, Lucky attempts to win the affections of Rusty. His main competition arrives in the form of Count Elmo Mancini (Cesare Danova) and his Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta. Mancini attempts to win both the Grand Prix and the affections of Rusty. Rusty soon falls in love with Lucky, and immediately tries to change him into what she wants.

    Elvis Presley as Lucky Jackson
    Ann-Margret as Rusty Martin
    Cesare Danova as Count Elmo Mancini
    William Demarest as Mr. Martin (Rusty’s father)
    Nicky Blair as Shorty Fansworth
    Jack Carter as Himself
    Teri Garr as Showgirl
    The Jubilee Four as Themselves
    George Cisar as Manager of Swingers (uncredited)
    Robert Aiken as Driver (uncredited)
    Red West as Son of Lone Star State (uncredited)

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  • Presley Elvis - Flaming Star (1960) (DVD)


    Myös Suomiteksitys.

    Flaming Star is a 1960 American Western film starring Elvis Presley, Barbara Eden, and Steve Forrest, based on the book Flaming Lance (1958) by Clair Huffaker. Critics agreed that Presley gave one of his best acting performances as the mixed-blood ”Pacer Burton”, a dramatic role. The film was directed by Don Siegel and had a working title of Black Star.[5]

    The film reached number 12 on the box-office charts.

    It was filmed in Utah and Los Angeles, as well as in Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, California.[6] A road near Wildwood in Thousand Oaks has been named Flaming Star Avenue after the movie.[7]

    Elvis Presley plays Pacer Burton, the son of a Kiowa mother and a Texan father working as a rancher. His family, including a half-brother, Clint, live a typical life on the Texan frontier. Life becomes anything but typical when a nearby tribe of Kiowa begin raiding neighboring homesteads. Pacer soon finds himself caught between the two worlds, part of both, but belonging to neither.

    Primary cast[edit]
    Elvis Presley as Pacer Burton
    Barbara Eden as Roslyn Pierce
    Steve Forrest as Clint Burton
    Dolores del Río as Neddy Burton
    John McIntire as Sam ”Pa” Burton
    L. Q. Jones as Tom Howard
    Douglas Dick as Will Howard
    Richard Jaeckel as Angus Pierce
    Rodolfo Acosta as Buffalo Horn
    Karl Swenson as Dred Pierce
    Ford Rainey as Doc Phillips

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  • Presley Elvis - Double Trouble (Suomi tekstitys) (DVD)


    1966 elokuva

    El­vistä su­mei­le­mat­ta riistä­neet tuot­ta­jat päät­tivät läh­teä Ric­hard Les­te­rin haus­ko­jen Beat­les-e­lo­ku­vien suun­taan. Yö­ker­ho­lau­la­ja suun­taa Lon­toos­ta man­ner­maal­le ja jou­tuu se­koi­te­tuk­si va­ras­tet­tu­jen ja­lo­ki­vien ta­pauk­seen. Tark­ka, kau­niis­ti vä­rit tois­ta­va Pa­na­vi­sion-ku­va. Sel­keä mo­no­rai­ta. El­vis-e­lo­ku­vien trai­le­ri­gal­le­ria.

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  • Presley Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii `73 (2DVD Boxset) (DVD)


    ”Yksi vuoden 2004 tärkeimmistä Elvis julkaisuista. Eli tämä pitää sisällään alkuperäisen Aloha From Hawaii show;n sekä harjoitus-shown (alternate Aloha) sekä kaikki muu matsku mitä ohjelmaa varten kuvattiin ja äänitettiin. Ekaa kertaa kaikki kokonaisena ja paremmalla kuva ja äänilaadulla.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Change Of Habit (Suomitekstitys) (DVD)


    Change of Habit is a 1969 American crime drama musical film directed by William A. Graham and starring Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore. Written by James Lee, S.S. Schweitzer, and Eric Bercovici, based on a story by John Joseph and Richard Morris, the film is about three Catholic nuns, preparing for their final vows, who are sent to a rough inner city neighborhood dressed as lay missionaries to work at a clinic run by a young doctor. Their lives become complicated by the realities they face in the inner city, and by the doctor who falls in love with one of the nuns.

    The film was produced by Joe Connelly for NBC Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures. Filmed on location in the Los Angeles area and at the Universal Studios during March and April 1969, Change of Habit was released in the United States on November 10, 1969. It spent four weeks on the Variety Box Office Survey, peaking at #17.

    Change of Habit was Presley’s 31st and final film acting role; his remaining film appearances were in concert documentaries. The film was Moore’s fourth and final film under her brief Universal Pictures contract; she would not appear in another theatrical movie until Ordinary People in 1980. Moore and Edward Asner, who also appears in the film, would go on to star in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which premiered in September of the following year.

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  • Presley Elvis - Just Elvis: All His Ed Sullivan Show Performances (DVD)


    13 performances from Elvis’ appearances on The Ed Sullivan between September 1956 and January 1957. So explosive and radical were these performances that the network had to film ‘Elvis the Pelvis’’ final appearance, famously, from the waist up.

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  • Presley Elvis - The Ed Sullivan Shows (3DVD Boxset) (DVD)



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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 19 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


    SOLD OUT volume 19 – It’s been worth the long wait!!

    We are pleased to announce ”Sold Out volume 19”, which contains three hours of rare Elvis footage live on 8mm film. We all know that 8mm film is not perfect, but it was the medium of the time, and thanks to the efforts by fans we can now see wonderful moments from his shows that would otherwise have been lost forever.

    1971 is still in some ways under-documented, and underrated, but on this volume we have footage from 8 different nights in Vegas, which show how physical and dynamic he was. There’s plenty of cool moments, including Elvis throwing out teddy bears during that song, or improvising his way through ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Another rarity on film is him singing ‘I John’ during the ‘Polk Salad Annie’ intro. These eight films, all documented by the same person, give a very good insight into Elvis’ stage shows at the time.

    Elvis gave some of his best shows in Atlanta during the 70’s tours, due to the excitements of the fans there. We have four films from these shows on this release, and in each of them it’s clear that he feels like a fish in the water in Atlanta, and his interaction with the fans is priceless (riding a toy dog, etc). One of the highlights is a cool, funky ‘Polk Salad Annie’. There’s also Memphis footage, as well as two lengthy films from one and the same show, but filmed from different angles (make your own super edit!)… There’s also some of the last footage of Elvis and Red West together, which in light of the subsequent firing and the events after that is moving to see. You also see Elvis introducing his dad, Vernon. His generosity towards the other talent on stage is displayed when he asks The Stamps to do a solo performance.

    There are various lovely close-ups, especially in the later footage. December ’76 was a return to form, as is evidenced in the footage on this release. Highlights include a strong ‘Fairytale’, as well as a dramatic knee-drop during ‘How Great Thou Art’. There’s also footage from the final June ’77 tour, including a fantastic ‘I Really Don’t Want To Know’. Despite everything else that was going on in his life at the time, the man could still SING. Outstanding stuff.

    All the footage is presented as it was originally filmed, with no edits or other manipulations done. All we did was a careful restoration of the footage. This is another superb release that gives you the REAL Elvis, with plenty of great moments. Put this in your player and get transported back to the magic of Elvis live in the seventies.

    Order your copy today!

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  • Presley Elvis - 200 Cadillacs (DVD)


    Tarinaa ja kuvia Elviksen antamista lahjoista ihmisille ja järjestöille.

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  • Presley Elvis - Kid Galahad (Suomitekstitys) (DVD)


    Kid Galahad is a 1962 American musical film starring Elvis Presley as a boxer. It was released by United Artists.[2] The film opened at number 9 at the box office when released in the United States in August 1962. Variety ranked it number 37 on the list of the top-grossing films of 1962.

    Kid Galahad was shot on location in Idyllwild, California. Its supporting cast included Gig Young, Lola Albright and Charles Bronson. Some critics rate it as one of Elvis Presley’s best performances.

    The film is a remake of the 1937 original version starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart and directed by Michael Curtiz, who also directed the Presley 1958 film King Creole

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 18 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


    PAL, Code 0, 16:9, Runnin Time: approx. 2:40 hrs

    Wintertime is nearing, and the temperature is dropping. But fortunately, there’s always “Sold Out” to keep us all warm. And the new volume # 18 is once again chock-full of footage that will get your temperature risin’!

    The joy of seeing Elvis live in concert is something that most of us never got to experience, but this remarkable series takes you back to the concert years with rare & unreleased 8mm films that put you right in the audience. With the highly collectable “Sold Out” series, fans are getting the definitive collection of Elvis on 8mm in a comprehensive and entertaining way, presented in gorgeous digipacks with relevant photos and liner-notes by Elvis’ musicians and fans who filmed the shows. To own, and to enjoy always.

    Pyramid has already released 50 hours of footage, and this new volume contains three more hours, this time focusing on the period 1973 – 1976. There are so many cool and delightful moments, that it’s hard to pick them all out. ‘Steamroller Blues’ is one of the hottest versions ever, with Elvis striking a kick-ass karate pose right from the get-go, and a fan getting so excited that she virtually assaults him! Or another clip where Elvis looks with amazement as he asks the houselights to be turned up, and then commenting: “It’s a long way from Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, J.D.”, no doubt referring to the gospel shows that he attended as a youngster. There’s also various memorable moments in the ’75 footage, including a powerful version of ‘You Gave Me A Mountain’ with different phrasing.

    The clips on this volume are long, and really give you the feel of being there at an Elvis show. There’s close-up footage from 1976 with Elvis in solid form. At one point he curls those famous lips, and he jokingly says that it’s like, “I have a fish hook in my mouth!”. This volume also documents the brief revival in late ’76, with Elvis looking slimmer and sounding really good. ‘Hurt’ is one of the highlights and cuts through the air like a razorblade!

    Pyramid takes pride in presenting these 8mm films as they were originally filmed, with the restoration focusing on respecting the history of these remarkable films, and not altering it. No edits, no cuts, no manipulations…. Just the real deal: the be-all, end-all record of the 8mm footage filmed during the concert years. From the great highs to the sad lows… it’s all there, and it’s all Elvis. This series shows without any doubt why he will always be the greatest performer ever; the man was born to sing.

    Bring some sunshine to your home with the new “Sold Out”, and order your copy today from your Us!

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  • Presley Elvis - Wild In The Country (DVD)


    Wild in the Country is a 1961 American musical–drama film directed by Philip Dunne and starring Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, and Millie Perkins. Based on the 1958 novel The Lost Country by J. R. Salamanca, the screenplay concerns a troubled young man from a dysfunctional family who pursues a literary career. The screenplay was written by playwright Clifford Odets.

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  • Presley Elvis - That’s the Way It Is – (2 DVD Special Edition) (DVD)


    Mukana uusi 2001 versio ja original 1970 versio. TAAS LÖYTYY!!

    Myös Suomi teksitys.

    Original Title Elvis: That’s the Way It Is – 2-Disc Special Edition
    Actor Elvis Presley
    Director Denis Sanders
    Format DVD, PAL
    Language English (Mono)
    Subtitle German, English, Spanish, French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German for Hard hearing
    Regional Code DVD: 2 (European, Japan, Mittle East…)
    Number of Discs 2
    Rated Ages 0 and over
    Brand Warner Bros (Universal Pictures)
    EAN 7321925004557
    Release date 17. August 2007
    Production Year 1970

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  • Presley Elvis - Blue Hawaii (1961) (DVD)


    HUOM! MYÖS Suomi tekstitys!

    Technical Information Release Information:Studio: Paramount Studio Theatrical Release Date: November 22, 1961 DVD Release Date: 2002

    Run Time: 101 minutesProduction Company: ParamountPackage Type: Keep CaseAspect Ratio(s):Widescreen anamorphic – 2.35:1 Discographic Information:

    DVD Encoding: Region 2Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) Available subtitles: English, France, Italian, Spain, Finnish…

    Edition Details: Region 2  Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby Theatrical trailer(s) Widescreen anamorphic formatWidescreen Review:Picture Quality: 3    (5 is the highest rating) The anamorphically enhanced 2.35:1 DVD exhibits good image quality in sharpness and color fidelity, especially for a film of its age. The colors are nicely balanced and rich, with deep, pure blacks. Minor edge enhancement, fine film grain and artifacts are revealed throughout. Overall, the picture quality is generally mediocre. Sound Quality: 2.5    (5 is the highest rating) The Dolby(r) Digital 5.1-channel repurposed soundtrack adds some dimensional spread across the screen to the original mono sound. Additionally, some of the original stereophonic music has been incorporated. This multichannel enhancement seems to be limited to the screen channels with very subtle surround envelopment for the music.

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  • Presley Elvis - Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) (DVD)


    Myös suomiteksitys.

    Girls! Girls! Girls! is a 1962 Golden Globe-nominated American musical comedy film starring Elvis Presley as a penniless Hawaiian fisherman who loves his life on the sea and dreams of owning his own boat. ”Return to Sender”, which reached No. 2 on the Billboard pop singles chart, is featured in the film. The film opened at #1 on the Variety box office chart and finished the year at #19 on the year-end list of the top-grossing films of 1962. The film earned $2.6 million at the box office.[3]

    The film was the second of three films Presley shot on location in Hawaii.

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  • Presley Elvis - G.I. Blues (Cafe Europa) (DVD)


    Eka elokuva armeijan jälkeen (1960). Ei suomi tekstitystä.

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  • Presley Elvis - SOLD OUT! The Rex Martin 8mm Collection Vol. 17 (2xDVD Set) (DVD)


    Now that you’ve seen the Luhrmann movie, it’s time to see the real Elvis again! And you get plenty of that on “Sold Out volume 17”. Once again we’ve amassed three hours of rare 8mm footage from concerts ranging from 1970 to ’76, and again there are plenty of surprises, even for hardcore fans.
    We know that the July ’75 shows are a big favorite, and we have found a 25-minutes from one of the shows early on in that tour. His voice was unbelievable, and the energy levels at these shows were amazing. It’s always cool to see him joke with the band, like Voice (“I call them a lot of things!”), and his interaction with the female members of the audience shows us again why he is still remembered so fondly. High energy versions of songs like ‘Big Boss Man’ and ‘Burning Love’ are some of the highlights.
    There’s also three films from the December ’76 tour, and once again he was brimming with energy. The Atlanta footage especially is great to see. You really get the feel of a great Elvis Presley show. The audience goes apeshit! Elvis even includes rarities like ‘Such A Night’ and ‘Reconsider Baby’, as well as a spirited ‘That’s All Right Mama’, the latter two while accompanying himself on the acoustic. His stance and attitude during the last song especially captures the very essence of rock & roll… He’s cooler than a fridge here! At the other end of the spectrum, there’s a lackluster Vegas ’75 performance where he’s clearly not into it. But that too is part of the history, and even in those situations he could still surprise people with a masterful performance of a song like ‘My Boy’.
    There’s also two interesting pre-show clips, which show the band tuning their instruments, Al Dvorin testing his microphone, Charlie Hodge center stage and more. This is a lot of fun to see, and it really gives you the feeling of being there, moments before the concert. You can almost sense the excitement that people felt at the time. Elvis’ girlfriend Linda Thompson is also visible in the footage.
    From 1973, there’s neat footage of him performing in the Aloha outfit. It’s interesting to note that he is far more dynamic that during the Aloha show. By this time, he had developed a routine for ‘Steamroller Blues’, which brought forth a lot of screams from the ladies in the audience! ‘American Trilogy’ is performed with lots of passion by Elvis, and at one point he is actually marching to the beat. Goosebumps! There’s much more to enjoy on the new “Sold Out”, way too much to list all of it here. All we can say is: Get it today!

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