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  • Various - Look At Me Now! (The Pop Songwriting Rarities Of Mitch Murray 1963-1966) (CD)


    Look At Me Now is the first ever retrospective on the songwriting prowess of Mitch Murray. Taking a close examination of Mitch’s 1963-1966 compositions, Teensville traces rarities by artists such as The Naturals, Murray’s Monkeys, The Outcasts, Dev Douglas and many more. The compilation features 34 tracks with an 80 minute runtime. Also included is a full color booklet with information about the artists and recordings, pictures and a special introduction by Mitch’s personal friend, Brian Gari.

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  • Messina Jim & His Jesters - The Dragsters (RSD) (CD)


    Prior to his work with Buffalo Springfield and Kenny Loggins, 16 year old Jim Messina led a savage group of fellow surf devotee friends to record The Dragsters, a 1964 album full of fierce, fiery, and infectious surf rock instrumentals with just enough sounds from the strip to get your motor running! The 14 original reverb-soaked tracks are presented here in their magnificent (and rare) mono versions plus four bonus pounders, all reissued for the first time and pressed on colored vinyl!

    Quantity: 300

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  • Various - Lost Innocence: Garpax 1960s Punk & Psych (CD)


    Vintage garage rock is only one of the many tributaries of popular music that the maverick genius Gary S Paxton recorded and produced in his 1960s heyday, and while hardly prolific, the small cadre of 60s punk tracks in the vault of this eccentric producer-engineer include a fair amount of acknowledged classics of the genre. ”Lost Innocence: Garpax 1960s Punk & Psych” collects the best moments from Paxton’s forays into teenaged rock in the wake of the British Invasion. Many of the groups and their discs are well-known to the aficionados: The Avengers’ controversial ’Be A Cave Man’, the snotty tones of ’See If I Care’ by Ken & the Forth Dimension, the eloquent evocation of carnal knowledge that is the Buddhas’ title track. Highly regarded nuggets by the Whatt Four, the New Wing and Limey & The Yanks are joined by ear-opening screamers from the likes of Carl Walden & the Humans. Most of the material on ”Lost Innocence” was recorded at Paxton’s two Hollywood studios between 1965 and 1967, but some of the freakier cuts derive from facilities he ran from a converted bank in the Bakersfield suburb of Oildale in the last three years of the decade. These include the trippy ’My Dream’ by the aforementioned Buddhas and fantastic cuts by the Fog and Mental Institution, the latter one of the many pseudonyms that Paxton acolyte Kenny Johnson used while recording at the studio. ”Lost Innocence” is taken wholly from master tape and features many songs either new to CD or completely unissued. A lengthy note and numerous rare photos complete a package loaded with appeal for the 1960s garage rock enthusiast.

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  • Various - Rebel Rousers (CD)


    ”This comp erases any doubts I had about 2021 being a momentous year for rock and roll!” – Scott Hudson, The Ledge

    Rum Bar Records artist performing, writing or otherwise making art inspired by alt-punk, heartland-punk, alt-country, heart-on-sleeve, out-of-the-garage rock n’ roll. Tends to inhabit and play said music loudly in hole in the wall dive bars. Rebel Rousers’ art is general enjoyed best with a warm beer and cold shot in a corner at a neighborhood watering hole.

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  • Underground Fire (Rob Coffinshaker) - Ashes Of Life (CD)


    The new band formed by mastermind Rob Coffinshaker (The Coffinshakers, Gehennah) finally releases their full-length debut “Ashes of Life”. Ten powerful songs of dark rock you just don’t hear these days. It transcends time and space and takes you on a journey through the dark chasm of the soul.

    The album was recorded in Studio Cobra, Stockholm by Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona (Viagra Boys, Les Big Byrd), whom has also recorded/produced acts like Tribulation, Refused, In Solitude and Henrik Palm. “Ashes of Life” will be released world wide on both LP and CD on November 6.

    Make your orders today!

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  • Golliwogs - Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (CD)


    John and Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford… CCR, right? Yes, but pre-Creedence they were the Golliwogs, a rockin’ Bay Area band who gradually saw John take over songwriting duties from brother Tom. Their only collection boasts A- and B-sides as well as recordings that went unreleased at the time. Their regional hit rendition of ”Brown-Eyed Girl” joins ”Fight Fire,” ”Try Try Try,” ”Where You Been,” ”You Got Nothin’ on Me,” ”She Was Mine,” ”Tell Me,” ”Little Tina,” ”Fragile Child” and more on CD or double vinyl!

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  • Southern Culture On The Skids - Too Much Pork For Just One Fork (CD)


    All songs recorded at Lloyd Street Studios, except tracks 13 to 16 recorded in the living room at the Kudzu Ranch.

    Reissue of 1992 release. REMASTERED!

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  • Los Boppers - Tren Solitario – The Very Best of the Los Boppers (CD)


    Formed in Mexico City in 1960, LOS BOPPERS were one of Mexico’s most popular indigenous rock & roll groups between 1961-1962.

    Their forte was Spanish language covers of contemporaneous American rock & roll hits, and they registered the Mexican hit versions of songs like ’Lonesome Train’, ’Blueberry Hill’, ’A White Sport Coat’ and ’Dream Lover’.

    Their joint lead singers, Francisco ’Paco’ Cañedo and Ricardo ’Elvisito’ de la Garza Ramírez, were their key members, before setting out on successful solo careers in 1963.

    They recorded three LPs, ’Colina Azul’, ’Rock’ and ’Sesion De Rock Con Los Boppers’, plus a handful of singles.

    This compilation features virtually all their recordings, including their hits and other well-known numbers.

    This is all seriously rare, collectors’ material, virtually impossible to find elsewhere, and around a third of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.

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  • Deejays - Coming On Strong, The Best Of The Deejays (CD)


    Originally hailing from London, collectable Sixties Beat combo The Deejays only had two singles issued in the UK but proved to be much more popular in Sweden, where they were based and scored several hits and made two albums.

    COMING ON STRONG is the first UK CD retrospective of this highly-rated band. Originally billed as Johnny Vallons & The Deejays, they were invited to Sweden in 1963 by the manager of The Spotnicks: they came for a two month tour and remained for five years!

    All of the group’s key tracks from 1965-1967 are included on this 28-track compilation, including highlights from the albums The “Deejays” (1966) and “Haze” (1967).

    The sleeve-notes include quotes from Clive Sarstedt (alias Robin Sarstedt, brother of Peter Sarstedt and Eden Kane), who served time with The Deejays for a year or so.

    Copies of ‘Coming On Strong’ on UK Polydor sell for up to £100, fuelled by demand for this Mod/R&B collector’s classic. The two Swedish-only albums sell for even more!

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  • Britten Buddy - Long Gone Baby: Complete Singles 1962-1967 (CD)


    ·       Here are the ten singles of prime time British Beat combo The
    Regents lead by Buddy Britten, topped off with the two singles as his late 60’s
    psych alter ego Simon Raven. 

    ·         Compiled and reissued for the first time, majority of tracks
    making it to CD for the first time too. The release has benefited greatly from
    the full assistance of Buddy himself, who has delivered two previously
    unreleased tracks in Billy Christian
    and Lovin’ You. 
    ·       Buddy Britten was born in Liverpool but his music career got
    going ‘down south’ with Impresario Reg Calvert as first guitar player with
    Vince Taylor then as band leader on Calvert’s south coast package tours.
    Buddy’s own band by 1962 was named The Regents and released singles through the
    Beat and R&B era mainly on Oriole and Pye’s Piccadilly label. ·       Like many 60’s outfits lasting a number of years on the circuit
    The Regents had an ever changing line up, including by late 1964 Nick Simper,
    later of Deep Purple on bass. (Same time Keith Moon was the drummer for two
    days having passed the audition but took up a simultaneous offer from The Who
    ·       After the Beat era Buddy moved with the times looking to record
    a heavier sound. For two singles in 1967 his professional moniker changed to
    Simon Raven (later Raverne), after the British author of the same name. Later
    Buddy reverted to his real name and became a successful author in his own right
    – namely Geoffrey Glover Wright.
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  • Knickerbockers - The Challenge Recordings 4CD Boxset (CD)


    80 tracks from a band with exactly one hit single? That’s precisely what Sundazed does!

    Meticulously mastered from the original analog master tapes and acetates, the entire set is produced in glorious mono, including previously unheard mono mixes. Taken together, the discs and notes provide a portal back to when a three-minute single could change the world, if only temporarily. Take a step back in time and rediscover the band that launched Coxsackie’s (and the world’s) premier reissue label! Brothers Beau and John Charles, from Bergenfield, NJ, formed The Knickerbockers in 1962. Taking their name from Knickerbocker Road in nearby Tenafly, NJ, the band went through various lineups until vocalist/saxophonist Randell joined in 1964. Along with drummer Jimmy Walker, this is the quartet singer/songwriter Jerry Fuller (”Travelin’ Man,” ”Young Girl,” ”Lady Willpower”) caught at Albany, NY nightspot, the University Twist Palace. Fuller signed them to Los Angeles indie label Challenge and they recorded three albums for the label, full of self-penned classics along with carefully selected covers. The Challenge Recordings –

    4 Compact Disc Boxed Set including a 40 Page Booklet!

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  • Black Keys - Let’s Rock (CD)


    The Black Keys’ ninth studio album, “Let’s Rock,” will be released via Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records. The long-awaited album, their first in five years, is a return to the straightforward rock of the singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’s early days as a band. Auerbach says, “When we’re together we are The Black Keys, that’s where that real magic is, and always has been since we were sixteen.”

    “Let’s Rock” was written, tracked live, and produced by Auerbach and Carney at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville and features backing vocals from Leisa Hans and Ashley Wilcoxson. “The record is like a homage to electric guitar,” says Carney. “We took a simple approach and trimmed all the fat like we used to.

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  • Various - Manchester; A City United In Music 2CD (CD)


    Spanning 55 years and 45 songs, a 2CD collection to ratify Manchester’s claim to be Britain’s second – if not at times, first – musical city. From primal beat through promiscuous punk, high 80s disco/soul and pure baggy to proud and proper rock, the evidence is all here.

    Starting with Ewan MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’, which captures the effects the industrial revolution and its aftermath had on the city, “Manchester – A City United In Music” moves through the 60s beat boom, Strawberry Studio’s pop revolution, northern punk, indie mayhem and on to the Madchester years, culminating with Oasis’ modern-day rock‘n’roll anthem. Tracks vary from the multi-million selling hits of Wayne Fontana, 10cc, Herman’s Hermits and Simply Red to the more acquired taste of Haydock’s Rockhouse, Wynder K Frog and Smack. Well-known artists such as the Hollies, Georgie Fame and John Mayall are heard on some of their lesser-known but top-notch tracks.

    Cult singles are featured by the Purple Gang, the Toggery Five, Gerry & the Holograms and the Dakotas, along with tracks by local personalities Graham Fellows (aka Jilted John and John Shuttleworth), Chris Sievey (Frank Sidebottom) with his group the Freshies and Dr John Cooper Clarke, the Bard of Salford. Future stars Graham Gouldman and Dave Formula are present on great cuts recorded before their fame arrived and producer Martin Hannett’s name threads throughout.

    Manchester’s soulful roots can be heard in tracks by Elkie Brooks, Sweet Sensation, M People and Blue Zone; earlier attempts at R&B were made by beat groups the Measles, Pete Maclaine & the Clan and the Whirlwinds. A dozen years later the musical rebellion was taken up by Buzzcocks, Salford Jets and Slaughter & the Dogs. A further burst of pent-up energy followed through the angst-ridden sounds of Joy Division, Magazine and the Fall, while the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets come across in a far more blissed-out state.

    Housed in a fold-out digipak, the 2CD set and its accompanying 44-page booklet – featuring copious notes by local music historian/musician C.P. Lee and a foreword by one-time Manchester resident Jon Savage, along with photos and illustrations from the period and reminiscences from many of the players – tell the fascinating story of the city’s musical history and examine how it came to be. Despite the several-decade time span, the varying music styles weave well together to make the experience a pleasure as well as an education.


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  • Kaisers - Ruff ’n Rare (CD)


    Unreleased tracks and alternate versions 1993-2000.

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  • Headcoats - In Tweed We Trust (CD)


    Reissue Of Thee Headcoats’ 1996 Classic album!

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  • Various - She Came From Hungary! 1960s Beat Girls From The Eastern Bloc (CD)


    Feisty freakbeat, folk rock, funky pop and more from Hungary’s foremost female recording stars – backed by some of the nation’s leading beat bands.  

    Having unearthed girl-pop delights from France, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Spain in recent years, Ace now turn their attention to the Eastern Bloc with this compilation of female-fronted records from Hungary.

    Following a relaxation of the rule that all music must adhere to strict socialist values, and with nearly 40% of Hungary’s population aged 20 or under, by the mid-60s the younger generation was looking to the West for entertainment. Via European radio stations they discovered beat music, which would become the musical style of choice for many budding bands and singers. All musical work was still required to abide by the government’s Prohibited, Permitted and Propagated policy, which restricted lyrics and dress codes that were deemed permissive or subversive, while every song recorded (or performed live) had to be approved by the National Centre for Popular Music. Once approved, artists were allowed to record with accompaniment by the National TV & Radio Orchestra, the Stúdió 11 ensemble, or – as is the case with most tracks here – by one of a select few Hungarian beat groups that were authorised to record at the time.

    The KISZ (Hungarian Young Communist League), noting the burgeoning passion for Western music, decided to promote a Hungarian pop culture – where young people could be steered towards performing songs in the national language and with traditional folk instruments. The Táncdalfesztivál, a televised annual song contest set up in 1966, allowed acts to compete live against each other, and proved very popular with viewers. All of the vocalists featured here competed at the Táncdalfesztivál during its initial four-year run.

    All Hungarian records were issued on the state-run Qualiton label, often with different acts featured on each side. The most successful artists were afforded picture sleeves for their releases but most were packaged in Qualiton company bags, of which there were scores of exceptionally well-designed variations (see back page for some striking examples). In the mid-60s the company began to prioritise the main girl singers – Sarolta Zalatnay, Kati Kovács and Zsuzsa Koncz – and the groups Illés, Omega and Metro, who between them would dominate the Hungarian music scene for the next few years.

    Sarolta Zalatnay kicked off her solo career with a hit record that helped land her a scholarship in London. There she discovered blues and soul music, which would shape the sound of later recordings such ‘Fekete Beat’ backed by Metro. Kati Kovács’ organ-drenched ‘Hazudik A Drága’ with the band Olympiais just one of many choice cuts from a career that spans 20 albums. Like Kati, Zsuzsa Koncz appeared on the TV talent show Ki Mit Tud? before releasing records. She fronted the beat combo Illés, who back her on the gorgeous ‘Keresem A Szót’.

    Other highlights here include ‘Ha Csak Egy Fokkal Szebb Az Ördögnél’ by pocket-sized belter Gabi Fenyvesi, ‘Keresek Egy Fiút’ by Mária Wittek, the first performer to don go-go boots and mini skirt on Hungarian TV, and ‘Ez Az Utolsó Randevúnk’ by Éva Nagy, a veritable freakbeat masterpiece.

    The collection is available in 24-track CD and 14-track vinyl formats. The CD version comes with a bumper 28-page booklet, and the LP is pressed on 180g transparent red vinyl in an illustrated inner bag – each featuring a picture-packed 7,000-word track commentary by compilers Mick Patrick and Matt Meek.


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  • Various - Planet Beat-From The Shel Talmy Vaults (CD)


    Big Beat is proud to announce that we have recently accessed one of the most worthy vaults known to UK 1960s rock history: the archives of producer Shel Talmy, the man behind ’You Really Got Me,’ ’My Generation’ and dozens of other signature records of Swinging Britain’s mid-’60s glory days. Arriving on these shores in the summer of 1962, thanks to both undoubted ability and sheer bravado, Talmy quickly made a name for himself in the UK record business with hits from the Bachelors and others.

    Eventually he formed his own imprint, Planet Records, which issued two-dozen highly collectable releases before imploding due to distribution problems in late 1966. Planet Beat gathers two-dozen nuggets from the unlocked Talmy vault to present an unprecedented overview of his achievement in the beat group category. There are alternative versions of classics like the Breadcrumbs’ ’Everybody Knows’ and the First Gear’s ’Leave My Kitten Alone,’ with a young Jimmy Page tearing it up on the fuzz. Rare items from the Rising Sons and Untamed join choice gems from the Planet discography along with unreleased excitement from the likes of the Liberators, Johnny B Great and Imp-Acts.

    Everything on Planet Beat is drawn from the first generation master tapes and comes with copious illustrations and notes by compiler Alec Palao. A feast for anyone interested in the golden era of British beat.

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  • Various - Make Mine Mondo (CD)


    Quirky in the extreme, Make Mine Mondo does what it says on the tin and then some. Culled from the vaults of the eccentric Doré label, fuzzed-out garage bands, wayward rockabillies and mental instrumentalists cook up a melée of mondo mayhem in long-ago Los Angeles.

    Comprising 11 extremely rare and sought after garage band singles (nine previously uncompiled and new to CD); eight previously uncompiled instrumentals (also new to CD) and several unreleased rock ’n’ roll/R&B numbers, all remastered for legitimate first-time release,

    Make Mine Mondo screams for attention in the busy collectors’ market.

    Extensively researched booklet notes by mondo maven Rob Finnis.

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