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  • Mings - Same (LP)


    The long awaited debut LP from The Mings is finally here…Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Hipbone Slim), Wild Ming (Marky Wildstone)…Give you their savage, mutant Garage Punk sounds with a touch of Surf for good measure…..Sounds like some deranged, mid-60’s Texas Punk…..11 blistering tracks of top notch trash.

    Be warned…this isn’t some weak ass paisley 60’s folk shit pretending to be Punk..This is the real deal. 11 on the Richter scale…….

    Do The Ming !……..

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  • Mondo X - Thee Sensational Spooktastic RnR Monster Show (LP)


    Mondo X play 13 tracks of monster R’n’R, in homage to such notables as Zacherle, The Sonics, Link Wray, Screamin’ Lord Sutch and The Revillos ! They even cover The Tall Boys (Meteors) classic ‘Just Another Half Hour ‘Til Sunrise’. A fine blend of Garage Punk, Surf and 50’s influenced R’n’R which will get even the most zombified up and moving…Tunes to wake the dead indeed !

    Features members of The Band From Planet X (Canada) & Mondo a Go Go (Scotland) recorded on Halloween 2017.

    Artwork is by Marcel Bontempi.

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  • Headcoats - In Tweed We Trust (LP)


    Reissue Of Thee Headcoats’ 1996 Classic album!

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  • Howlin’ Bones - Juice The Goose (LP)


    Part Punk, Part Hillbilly…All Trash! Dom (Gtr & Voc), Rosco (D Bass) & Andy (Drums) 3 Guys from the Midlands in the UK unleash their first slab of vinyl after a couple of CD only releases…There’s a little of Hasil Adkins in there but these folk know how to play their instruments and it’s one hell of a hayride and their take on the classic ‘She Said’…’He Said’ is to die for, Unconventional Rockabilly to say the least….A classic album in the making !

    Trash Rockabilly dragged screaming into the 21st Century.

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  • Various - Radio Cramps : The Purple Knif Show (LP)


    Master of ceremony Lux Interior. Lux soittaa suosikkejaan radio hollywoodissa 1984.

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  • Various - Planet Mod – Brit Soul, R&B And Freakbeat From The Shel Talmy Vaults 2LP (LP)


    Vintage mid-60s magic supervised by the producer most closely associated with the mod genre. Club favourites, nuggets from the Planet Records catalogue and many unheard gems – all straight from the Shel Talmy vaults. Available in CD and double LP formats. LP version pressed on 180g transparent red vinyl in heavy duty gatefold jacket.

    Shel Talmy is a name that any discussion of the significant stewards behind British pop’s mid-60s purple period will immediately bring to mind. Were it only for his early supervision of the Who, he would still remain a mod hero. Add the dozens of other records and artists – from best-sellers such as the Kinks to obscurities along the lines of the Mickey Finn – with which he was involved, and his role in bringing forth the most powerful examples of the genre becomes unequivocal. Even a venture that was ostensibly a failure – his bespoke label, Planet Records – has acquired semi-mythical status amongst the mod cognoscenti, thanks in part to its association with Talmy’s great white hope, the Creation.

    Rather than recycling the over-familiar, the new “Planet Mod” compilation digs deep into Talmy’s rarely tapped tape vault to uncover many other fabulous examples of a genre that wields considerable influence to this day. The core of 1960s modernist taste was always black America, but in recent decades the voracious appetite of genre practitioners finds not only rock, but home-grown soul and even pop squeezed within mod’s defining parameters. Certainly, several American artists are represented, including two of the acknowledged greats of US R&B. In a scenario that is all too frequent for Talmy, there is also at least one future superstar within the assembled cast. And on the other side of the coin, we have early, unsuccessful yet exciting recordings from two vocalists who would both go on to have massive UK hits in the 1970s and 1980s, albeit with essentially family-friendly fare.

    The Thoughts, Untamed, Wild Uncertainty, Tribe, Corduroys and John Lee’s Groundhogs all recorded for Planet, while others such as the Trackers and Pros & Cons were independent productions Talmy farmed out to major labels. There are rare early compositions from Bowie (Kenny Miller’s ‘Take My Tip’) and Bill Wyman (the Preachers’ ‘Goodbye Girl’), while the beans are spilled on mysterious outfits the Total and the Soul Brothers. Several tracks are alternate takes or versions, including a demo version of the New Breed’s sought-after ‘Unto Us’ and a rollicking studio jam by Goldie & the Gingerbreads. Indeed, over half the contents of “Planet Mod” are previously unreleased.

    This is the first of several Ace/Big Beat collections drawn from the Shel Talmy archives, with forthcoming volumes focused on his beat and girl group productions. All come with thoroughly loaded booklets that provide unprecedented detail upon this remarkable man’s activities in that magic era.

    Alec Palao

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  • Rolling Stones - On Air 2LP (LP)


    ’The Rolling Stones as you’ve never heard them before: LIVE FROM THE BBC.
    Includes Double 180g Vinyl & Download Card’

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  • Spencer Davis Group - Live in Finland ’67 (LP)


    By early 1967, the Spencer Davis Group were firmly established as one of the UKs biggest bands, but the 18 year-old Steve Winwood was growing restless. That February they toured Scandinavia, playing this electrifying set for the Finnish TV show Valmiina Pyörii (Ready… To Spin!) on the 27th. Performed in a Helsinki studio and broadcast by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) it brilliantly combines originals, standards and their immortal hits, giving no sign that it was one of Winwood s last performances with the band.

    It s presented here together with background notes and images.

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  • Graham Bond Organization - The Sound Of 65 (180 gram) (LP)


    Although the Organization’s first album was recorded a mere year or two before Cream’s debut, it bears little resemblance to Cream’s pioneering hard blues-rock. Instead, it’s taut British R&B with a considerable jazz influence. That influence comes not so much from the rhythm section as saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and lead singer/organist Bond himself.

    This LP is not as exciting or rock-oriented as those of contemporaries like the Rolling Stones or John Mayall, but is respectably gritty, mostly original material, with an occasionally nasty edge. There are some obscure treasures of the British R&B explosion to be found here, including the original version of Train Time (later performed by Cream), the thrilling bass runs on Baby Be Good to Me,and the group’s hardboiled rearrangements of such traditional standards as Wade in the Water and Early in the Morning.Even their blatant stab at commercialism (the ballad Tammy) has its charm – Richie Unterberger.

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  • Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show - Planet Shockarama (LP)


    Limited edition 0f 400 copies only (Black vinyl)

    The 2nd full length LP from the duo that is Vince Ripper and Andy ‘Ratfink’ Wilson (Ex-Alien Sex Fiend). This time on a tripped up voyage through space,  13 manic tunes which include The B52’s classic ‘Planet Claire’ and a cover of The Cramps ‘Mystery Plane’…An homage to a time of space rockets, alien invasion and B-movie schlock !  It’s Garage Punk, It’s Electro, It’s Rockabilly….But not as you know it !

    Housed in a beautifully designed heavyweight sleeve on 180grm vinyl.

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  • Kaisers - Wishing Street (LP)


    Uusintapainos 1997 julkaistusta albumista.

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  • Various - Girls With Guitars Take Over! (LP)


    A deluxe vinyl-only collection of guitar-toting all-girl bands, drop-dead female frat rock and axe-centric she-pop. Pressed on 180g mandarin-coloured vinyl in heavy-duty sleeve, with a swanky inner bag sporting a fact-filled 3500-word note and many rare photos. The eye-grabbing front cover features a great shot of Girls Take Over (sisters Cindy, Rinie and Wendy Wilhelmi and their pal Geri Gibson), who open the show with their fabulously raw and pounding version of Hi Heel Sneakers, recorded in some guy s attic in Milwaukee circa 1969. Other highlights include the jangly He’s Not There Anymore by the teenage Chymes from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Little Latin Lupe Lu by genre favourites the Debutantes of Detroit, and Karen Verros much-prized freakbeat bauble You Just Gotta Know My Mind . Compilation and notes by garage girl nuts Mick Patrick and Matt Meek.

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  • Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (Stereo) (LP)


    Klassikko albumi.Stereo versio 50th Anniversary.

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  • Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers - Tremblin’ The Blues (LP)


    Hipbone Slim and The Kneetremblers are a most prolific and versatile musical combination.
    Prolific in that they have previously recorded and released ten albums of highly regarded, critically acclaimed, greatly sought-after and collectable music.
    Versatil in that they are able to perform music in many style, such as rock’n’roll, surf, beat, rockabilly, zydeco and of course both blues and rhythm and blues.
    Whatever the musical genre in which the Kneetremblers choose to play, at the heart of their music is always the blues!

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  • Flat Duo Jets - Wild Wild Love 2LP + 10″EP Boxset (RSD (LP)


    Wild Wild Love is an RSD 2017 release that includes one 10″ and two 12″ vinyl records, plus a 12″ booklet in a beautifully designed box set.

    The 10″ has the original Flat Duo Jets’ In Stereo EP originally released on cassette only.

    The first 12″ is the debut self-titled album, originally released on CD, and the second 12″ is out-takes and alternate versions from the debut album sessions in November 1988. These recordings have never before been released on vinyl.

    The 12″ booklet will contain reprints from tour posters and flyers, concert tickets, live photos, and more.

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