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  • Bryant Jimmy - The Fastest Guitar in The Country (LP)


    Alunperin 1967 julkaistu albumi, Alkuperäiseltä Stereo masterilta äänitettynä ja parempi soundisena kuin koskaan aikaisemmin.

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  • Paterson Joel - The More The Merrier (Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar Vol. 2) (LP)


    Hark! Joel Paterson returns to your holiday turntable with ”The More The Merrier” (Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar Vol. 2). The guitar wizard from Chicago slides down your chimney once again with this latest program of instrumental gems. Recorded in lifelike ”holiday-phonic” high fidelity, these 14 selections are a study in artistry and sound. ”The More The Merrier” is a companion piece to the perennial fan-favorite, ”Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar”. No mere sequel, this new album will soon join its predecessor as an integral part of your holiday gatherings for years to come.

    This is music to please guitarists, carolers, and hi-fi enthusiasts alike.

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  • Master Plan - Grand Cru (LP)


    Garage rock super group of master class movers n’ shakers featuring founding members of The Dictators, The Fleshtones and The Waxing Poetics. Dashes of doo wop, a trace of surf and overwhelming lashings of goodtime rockin’ infiltrate the music of The Master Plan.

    released September 11, 2023

    Performed by The Master Plan:
    Vocals / Guitar – Keith Streng
    Vocals / Guitar – Paul Johnson
    Vocals / Bass – Andy Shernoff
    Drums / Vocals – Bill Mihizer

    Lead Vocal on Feels Good to Feel – Dave Faulkner
    Piano on Ooh Baby Ooh – Josh Kantor
    Amy Simpson on Ooh Baby Ooh – Background Vocal

    Produced by The Master Plan
    Produced by Mike Giblin – 1,2,3,13
    Mastered by Kurt Bloch
    Art & Direction – Cliff Mott

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  • Adrian and the Sunsets - Breakthrough (Colored Vinyl) (LP)


    High-Flyin’ Surf Rock From Southern California on 180 Gram Multi-Colored Vinyl! Adrian Lloyd and his backing band The Sunsets were still teenagers when they recorded this highly-prized slab of pure California surf-rock. Long desired amongst collectors both for its brand of high-energy, drum-driven rock ‘n’ roll and for the crazy swirly vinyl it was pressed on, Breakthrough is a prime example of a genre that still excites fans of early ‘60s music. Featuring the should-have-been-a-hit title track and many other almost-classics, Adrian Lloyd’s high flyin’ slab is an essential part of any surf-rock collection. Now Sundazed brings this long-out-of-print album to you the way you want it -— pressed on swirly colored vinyl, with brand new liner notes by John Blair, author of The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965, and featuring an abundance of great bonus tracks including the hard to find single “She Treats Me Better Than You” and the killer unreleased tracks “Drums In Orbit” and “On Moonlight Bay.” Plus, the CD brings you even more treats, including the highly-desired single “Lorna” and the unreleased track “Mersey Girl”. This Sundazed issue of Breakthrough is destined to be just as sought after by collectors!

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  • Messer Chups - Church Of Reverb (10th Anniversary, beige) (LP)


    Limited beige colored vinyl LP pressing. Hi-Tide presents Messer Chups’ spooky surf ’n’ roll cult classic – resurrected for it’s 10th anniversary on colored vinyl with reimagined artwork by Grey Haas!

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  • Ventures - New Space (Deep Space Colored) (LP)


    The Ventures return with their first all-new studio album in 24 years! Teaming up with HiTide Recordings – global leader in surf music – “New Space” seeks to echo and pay homage to The Ventures “In Space” album, originally released in 1964, one of their biggest-selling and most popular albums of all time, still iconic and loved by fans the world over.

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  • Vaqueros - 80 Foot Wave (LP)


    A tidal wave of Minny-beat garage from all incarnations of the carnivorous Vaqueros! Like Twin City neapolitan ice cream, surf instros, Linda Anderson vocal surf-rock cuts, and John Grizzard’s grizzly garage cuts add three splendid flavors all in one sonic carton! On turquoise vinyl!

    Whether it was the blistering surf guitar licks of Terry Schmidt on “80 Foot Wave” & “Jonah,” Linda Anderson doing her over-caffeinated Wanda Jackson on “Baby Baby,” or John Grizzard’s gritty, Sonics-esque sound, this band was something special! We’re just glad they never changed their name so we could group the vast variety of gems the Vaqueros cranked out all onto one fantastic, largely unissued album!

    Along with Minneapolis greats Gypsy, the Litter, Jokers Wild and many more, the Vaqueros recorded at Kay Bank Studios, a relatively short-lived studio that produced some of the best hits of the 60s. “Liar, Liar” by the Castaways was recorded there, along with the Trashmen’s famed “Surfin’ Bird.” The Vaqueros, though landlocked, produced some of the best surf music during that era, and along with a smattering of upbeat garage rock, it’s surely a record you won’t want to miss.

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  • Supertubos! - The Fourth Drive! (LP)


    The Fourth Drive is Supertubos’ fourth album. Their best work to date, in it they have managed to combine their musical tastes and their extensive experience after their time in previous groups, all of them focused on rock and roll, surf, garage… This installment of eight tracks places them at the top of the instrumental music you can imagine. The impact of Supertubos has crossed our borders and has been played on American radio stations. The quality of the recording in the Circo Perrotti studios guarantees the songs that you can enjoy surfing from Barbados to France passing through Cantabria, which has endorsed their overwhelming live performances with surgeon-like precision.
    “Magnetika” will catch you without you realizing it, “Hamburg 61” will not be able to get it out of your brain, “Fourth Wave” will transport you quickly to the shore; “Experiment in Terror” demonstrates a logical reference and that is why they recreate Henry Mancini, as well as the nods to Stereolab and Avengers VI in “French Bomb”.
    Refreshing sounds, frenetic rhythms and a perfect balance is all you will find on this new album. Immerse yourself with Supertubos and let yourself go.

    Cover design by the great Marcel Bontempi!

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  • Dale Dick - Singles Collection `61-65 (2LP) (LP)



    The Dick Dale & His Deltones Singles Collection ’61-65 fills a crucial void in the Dick Dale catalog: collected here are 28 wild ’n killer single sides from the Deltone and Capitol labels, featuring rare 45-only tracks and unique mono single versions of such iconic Dale classics as Let’s Go Trippin’,” ”Miserlou,” ”The Wedge,” ”Mr. Eliminator,” ”Secret Surfin’ Spot” and his legendary theme song, ”King of the Surf Guitar.”Finally corralled together for the first time, these powerhouse single A & B sides offer testament to the undiminished power of Dale’s work-and to his continuing status as one of rock’s preeminent guitar innovators.Bet – as a result of Sundazed’s unprecedented access to Dale’s massive tape archive, this incredible double-LP collection-mastered from the original analog reels and pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl-captures the bigger-than-life guitar master at his absolute greatest… Jungle Fever, baby!!!”

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  • Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts - Surf Shack Shindig (LP)


    Limited edition of 1000 copies. Sea Glass Green vinyl.

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  • Los Tiki Phantoms - Y El Enigma Del Tiempo (LP)


    Limited ’Lava’ orange & black colored vinyl, 1000 copies pressed worldwide.

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  • Speeding Bullets - Space Rumble (LP)


    Finally! “Space Rumble” is the long awaited debut album of the Portuguese Psychobilly and surf band “The Speeding Bullets”.

    These cats started out in Coimbra, in the distant summer of 2000, playing together for the love of fun and rock and roll, at a time in which the once bubbling rock and roll scene of the city started to fade. After some changes in the line-up, Bruno Malo, Luis Duarte, Tiago Coelho (a.k.a.) Nakata and José Rebola started to play all over the country, gathering new fans in each concert.

    The fans echoed their songs, but these never got recorded, first because there were no means to do so (apart from a brave demo recorded by Bruno Simões with only one microphone), and later on because the bass player moved to the Uk to play with bands such as Guitar Slingers, Moonshine Stalkers and Tasteless.
    Their concerts grew thinner, but they never stopped playing, And the fans never forgot. In 2020, celebrating the band’s 20 years they started to take seriously the idea of collecting their best songs in a recorded masterpiece. And that’s exactly what “Space Rumble” is.

    Recorded at Bluehouse Studios, mixed and mastered at Submarine Sound Studios, these 12 songs perfectly capture the band’s energy. Bruno’s blazing double-bass slaps, Luis’ fierce drumming, Nakata’s unparalleled guitar wipeout, and Rebola’s dazzling riffs join their frantic vocals. It’s all there!
    “Space Rumble” is a journey into 20 years of psychobilly, surf rock, sci-fi and b-line movies, but most of all, fun and brotherhood.

    The Speeding Bullets are:
    Bruno Malo: double bass, vocals
    José Rebola: guitars, darbuka, vocals, sonoplasty
    Tiago “Nakata” Coelho: guitars, vocals
    Luís Duarte: drums, percussion, keys, vocals

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  • Various - Surfin Burt`s Surfin Surfari! (LP)


    Limited to 500 copies! No repress! Transparent orange vinyl! Hype sticker on front!

    In 1961 the first drops of the new surfing wave spilled onto the ether. A group of Californian teenagers called
    The Belairs released ”Mr. Moto” the first flawless surf instrumental and many more were to follow. It was a way
    of life, it was about freedom, rebellion against the stuffy 50s, about partying and of course about the next
    wave. All of this was preferably played out in sunny California.
    The first hit of the genre was Dick Dale’s ”Misirlou”, which was released in 1962. It clearly emphasizes the
    three main components of surf: a main guitar theme (no vocals!), exotic harmonies and chord progressions
    and a good deal of wildness and volume! Leo Fender then developed two innovations for Dick Dale without
    which surf music would not have become what it is: the Fender Reverb – a separate reverberation device – and
    the Fender Showman amplifier. This equipment is still part of the basic set-up of a surf guitarist who takes his
    job seriously, especially for purists.

    Of course there were plenty of bands that only released a 7″ single or two that were distributed locally or sold
    at gigs. It takes a man with a nose like a truffle pig to pick out the jewels and pay the sometimes extraordinary
    prices for the small vinyl. Our man’s name is DJ Crille, himself a resident at Komet! Club in Hamburg (near
    Reeperbahn), and a recognized surf specialist. Other than that he is also responsible for the Vocal Group
    Madness! LP and the Born To Hula double LP in the DJ Set series – both on Stag-O-Lee.
    Surfin Burt’s Surfin Safari! is practically the perfect wave. On vinyl.

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  • Trashmen - The Best Of (Colored) (LP)


    The Trashmen’s defining moment, 1963’s ”Surfin’ Bird,” is perhaps the ultimate lightning-in-a-bottle record. Their first true studio recording, it captures the group’s interminable energy and mastery of live performance. But it also is the culmination of spirit and experiment that turned it into something new and, from the perspective of 50 years, unique.

    This collection shows them to be variously a first-rate surf band, a great protopunk outfit, solid rockers with the raw essence of the earliest originators of the sound, and adept enough to work in some comedy and country. This scope of ability and interest is probably the true basis of the band’s following now. But ”Surfin’ Bird” has more tenacity than other bands’ entire better-performing catalogs, and with it, the Trashmen created a work that is arguably today the most relevant release from that storied decade.

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  • Lesser Creatures / The Hawaiians - Less Talk, More Surf (LP)


    Onesided Yellow transparent black marbled, limited to 300 pieces!

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  • Beach Boys - Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of Expanded Edition Super Deluxe 6LP (LP)


    Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys [Expanded Edition Super Deluxe 6 LP] The Beach Boys – ”Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys” – Originally released in 2003 with 30 tracks, UMe has updated the classic Sounds Of Summer compilation by The Beach Boys. The Expanded Edition features 80 key tracks over the course of their storied career, all newly remastered, with 24 new mixes including 2 first-time stereo mixes, and 22 new-and-improved stereo mixes. Available on 6LP 180g vinyl, limited pressing, with updated photos and liner notes.

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  • Jon & The Nightriders - Recorded Live At Hollywood’s Famous Whisky A Go-Go (+ 2 bonus) (LP)


    Reissued by Jon Blair in 2018 via his website. Same tracks as the 1981 Vox release + 2 bonus tracks.

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  • Chantays - A Dawning Sun (Seaglass blue) (LP)


    A lost Chantays album that’s locked in and leaving a foamie! A Dawning Sun, largely recorded in ’66, sees the originators of ”Pipeline” riding another pearler of a platter!

    These 13 lost tracks come from the tape archive of Richard Delvy (Belairs, Challengers) and features the bands unique take on ”Mr. Moto,” some new surf anthems and even a trio of vocal cuts for when you just hit out or the wave eats your lunch! It also features a killer instrumental cover of The Fortunes’ ”You’ve Got Your Troubles.” Lost for over 50 years, these sound waves are finally ready to ride!

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  • Various - Big Bazounga Boogaloo Party!!! (LP)


    “Big Bazounga Boogaloo” is originaly Gil ”Bill” Nasal radio show hosted by radio Béton since 1999 down in Tours, France.

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  • Surfrajettes - Roller Fink (LP)


    Hi-Tide presents the debut LP from the world’s premier surfing combo! Welcome to The Surfrajettes rock n’ roll palace – make sure to grab a sweet treat from the snack bar, and don’t forget to bring your song requests to the DJ booth. Hope your skates are warmed up and let’s rock and roll!

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  • Mary Ann Hawkins - Same (LP)


    Riding the mighty new wave of Finnish Surf Rock, Mary Ann Hawkins are the No. 1 surfing group in the country. Equally comfortable surfing the arid spaghetti western desert as well as the thousand lakes of Finland, these sweaty but impeccably dressed young men present you with twelve tunes just right for surf-dancing.

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