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  • Joakim Tinderholt and His Band - Deadlines (CD)


    Joakim Tinderholt and His Band are finally releasing their third album. This time they’re
    challenging the boundaries of the Rhythm & Blues genre with Rock on one end and Soul on
    the other. Original compositions stand side by side with vintage pearls!

    Vihdoinkin uusi albumi! Ja muista myös bändin keikka 10.helmikuuta 2024. Malmitalo , Helsinki.

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  • Jackson Sloan - Take Me Back In Time (CD)


    Uusi upea albumi Sloan Jacksonilta. Ilmestyy myös vinyylinä.

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  • Twin Temple - God Is Dead (CD)


    2023 release. ”Twin Temple are back with their most ambitious, meticulous, and blasphemous offering to date, ’God Is Dead’. Blending their Satanic ideology with the irresistible sass and melody of classic ’50s and ’60s rock ’n’ roll, the high priest and priestess of Satanic Doo-Wop have conjured up a delectable sonic ritual of vintage melodies, soulful vocals, and devilish lyrics that celebrates individuality, freedom, and rebellion against the rigid norms of both rock and mainstream society. From the blood-soaked ecstasy of their previously released single ”Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy” to the euphoric proclamation of the title track, ’God Is Dead’ is a musical journey that will take you to the crossroads of magick and rock ’n’ roll. Will you be tempted to sell your soul? The only way to find out is to press play.

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  • Marty Grosz Meets the Fat Babies - Diga Diga Doo (CD)


    This CD extols the hot ”Chicago Style” jazz of the 20s and 30s. Led by octogenarian, guitarist Marty Grosz, the band features a contingent from The Fat Babies who hold forth at the Green Mill on Chicago’s north side and special guest Jim Dapogny. In 1948 Marty Grosz hitchhiked from New York to Chicago in search of ”Hot Music”. He returned to New York in 1950, made his first records, and then, after a stint in the Army, returned to Chicago where he played for 21 years. A ”too-good-to-be-true” offer lured him back to New York, to Carnegie Hall, The White House, and all over the globe. Marty has amassed an acoustic discography that’s seventy-seven pages long. 16 songs.

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  • Paul Asaro & the Fat Babies - What a Heavenly Dream: The Fats Waller Rhythm Project (CD)


    In this highly-anticipated release, Paul Asaro and The Fat Babies pay homage to the recordings of ”Fats” Waller and His Rhythm. Asaro, already well known to jazz aficionados for his long association with Leon Redbone, takes center stage here with piano and vocals that recall the humor, wit, and sublime piano talents of Waller without ever resorting to slavish imitation. With him are The Fat Babies, favorites on the Chicago jazz scene, who fully capture the spontaneous excitement of the original Waller recordings with a fresh twist. In addition to Asaro at the piano, the band includes Andy Schumm, cornet; John Otto, clarinet; Jake Sanders, guitar; Beau Sample, bass; and Alex Hall, drums. 14 selections including ”I Wish I Were Twins,” ”Your Feet’s Too Big,” ”Don’t Let It Bother You,” ”You’re My Dish,” ”Blue Turning Grey Over You,” ”Truckin’,” and more.

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  • Reed "Paperboy" Eli - Hits And Misses (CD)


    Eli Paperboy Reed’s Hits And Misses is a remastered collection of rarities, originals, & covers, featuring Eli’s spin on Motörhead’s “The Ace of Spades.” Eli takes Motorhead’s hard rock classic and reimagines it as a soul revival with Hammond organ, brass horns, electric guitar, Eli’s signature vocal wails and a backbeat that creates a new take on the song that is no less powerful than the original.

    Hits And Misses also includes Eli’s noirish R&B take on Steely Dan’s 1972 hit ”Do It Again” that brings the original song back in time 30 years and a cover of Latimore’s 1974 hit ”Let’s Straighten It Out,” showcasing a vocal intensity that’s not quite as present in the nearly spoken word original.

    In addition to covers, Eli Paperboy Reed’s original, IDKWYCTD (I Came to Play) is an anthemic party starter. This high-energy track is featured in Disney’s Marvel comic series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The album also includes covers of Bob Dylan’s, ”To Be Alone With You,” Merle Haggard’s “I’m Gonna Break Every Heart I Can,” and more.

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  • Fat Chance - Second Chance (CD)


    Toka albumi. 40s & 50s style R&B from Finland.

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  • B.B. And The Blues Shacks - Lonesome In The Moonlight (CD)


    Europe’s top blues band returns 34 years aft er its founding with another top-notch studio album. CD in three-piece digisleeve and limited LP on Rhythm Bomb. Some 4000 live acts worldwide, multiple winners of the German Blues Award, winner of the Deutsche Schallplatt enkriti k, 17 albums, voted “best band” or “artist of the year” not only by German but also Briti sh and French media, shows in more than 20 countries – the Hildesheim quintet around brothers Michael and Andreas Arlt has achieved incredible things. Aft er ”Breaking Point” (2021), the quintet with its stunningly lively vintage cocktail of blues, rhythm & blues and soul did not need much asking: of the 14 brand-new numbers, seven are amazingly confi dent original compositi ons. In additi on, Ray Charles, Chick Morris, B.B. King, Albert King, Bobby ”Blue” Bland, Johnnie Taylor and Linda Ronstedt are put into the spotlight in wonderful new interpretati ons. The magnifi cent brass players Tom Müller and Simon Hartl put the icing on the cake of this emoti onal and stylish round trip through the golden age of US light music. Insane solos and fantasti cally grooving rhythms seem to be pulled from a hat by this world-class troupe. Europe’s most successful blues band once again impressively puts itself in pole positi on!

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  • Angela Tini - Have You Met Me Yet? (CD)


    ”Angela Tini is one mighty singer! Her voice is steeped in soul, with plenty of rock & roll sass and old-fashioned charm. Have you met me yet?” The answer’s yes and I’m sure glad.” – Brett Milano

    ”Love it! Been spinning it for weeks!” – Palmyra Delran

    ”I haven’t met her yet but I heard her album and it is terrific.” – Renny’s Riot

    “I always wanted to be in a band that I would want to dance to. I’ve got jivers and strollers, but they’re ALL ass-shakers!” – Angela Tini

    ”If you enjoy good rockin’ sounds, then this is something you need to hear. Angela Tini, known as the Duchess of Rhythm & Blues to her faithful followers, effortlessly spans that area between vintage R’n’B and classic rock’n’roll. Currently based in Seattle, Ms Tini has a powerful and dynamic voice that will have you transfixed from start to finish. She’s fronted several bands before now, but this is her first solo album and features the best musicians gathered from the contemporary roots scene. The results are totally authentic and ought to appeal to any aficionado of the Fifties. Just remember, it’s never mere nostalgia when something sounds as classy and vital as this!” – Fear And Loathing Zine

    ”A puissant voice deserves equally powerful backing… more
    released May 5, 2023

    The Band is:
    Voice: Angela Tini
    Piano: Carl Sonny Leyland
    Upright bass: Shorty Poole
    Drums: Josh Collazo
    Guitar: Tommy Harkenrider
    Sax: Jonny Viau
    Additional vocals on ”Let’s Talk About It”: Big Sandy
    Backing vocals: Abby Maharaj & Dani Colace

    1, 4, 7, 8, 12 written by A. Tini, C. Leyland
    2 written by C. Kane
    3, 11 written by C. Leyland
    5 written by B. De Filippi, F. Migliacci
    6 written by F. Rose, Wortham
    9 written by A. Tini, R. Williams, C. Leyland
    10 written by A. Tini, D. Vavassori, C. Leyland

    Produced by Carl Sonny Leyland
    Engineered by Shorty ”The Ear” Poole at Rockomatic Recording Service
    Artistic Director: Carl Sonny Leyland
    Artwork concept by Angela Tini
    Logo and Layout by Deesign Studios

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  • Lesly's Dynamite - Not As Usual (CD)


    If you like Bill Haley or Stargazers (the old Northern Band sound), you will definitely enjoy this longplayer. The ’normal’ quartet line-up is joined by saxophone and piano. Sometimes it sounds like a good white cover version of an R&B rocker (but they are only own songs!), sometimes there are a few jazz and swing elements, so that also friends of Ray Collins get their money’s worth. In between there are also some backing vocals. So the whole thing sounds like a very clean, professional recording from the 1950s, when the different styles united to form Rock’n’Roll. From the fast but danceable ”Hop and don’t stop”, guaranteed best suited for record-hop, to the ballad, everything is there.

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  • Vintage Trouble - Heavy Hymnal (CD)


    2023 release. History has proven that when the world is in flames, it ignites the empathetic artists to siren their words, music, and rhythm, to blanket our society’s fury and nurse scorched souls. The seemingly endless years of pandemic lockdown and social distancing, coupled with the turbulent plague of civil unrest and racial injustice, called on Vintage Trouble to step into their battle wear. Like so often before, they have spun records to drop onto the fighting grounds, with the intent to freeze the frame long enough to momentarily halt the warring world. And while at ease, we can freely choose to think before we strike or decide to retreat, rather than thoughtlessly charge into repeating history. This collection of heavy hymns is from the heart, and it provides a necessary rise to our ever reckoning.

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  • Shanda & The Howlers - It Ain’t Easy (CD)


    Upea kolmas albumi. Kunnon R&B matskua Las Vegas, Nevadasta.

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  • Cadillac Kings - Crash And Burn (CD)


    ”Wow! It might only be the start of the year but The Cadillac Kings have come up with an early, strong contender for ”Blues Album Of 2023” (Norman Darwen, Blues in the South) ”There’s not a single note or word here that doesn’t make me smile … which surely should be more popular in music… you know, the ability to make people smile, even when they’re sad. In one way or another every single one of these 14 songs could be and should be a single. ” (Alan Harrison, Rockin’ Magpie)

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  • Los Torontos - Say Hello! (CD)


    Loistava keikka Racecoast Rockin festareilla. Tulossa varastoon!

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  • Jackson Earl & The Savoys - Explains (CD)


    Vihdoinkin saimme lisää. Loistava R&B albumi.

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  • Waterhouse Nick - Fooler (CD)


    The title of the sixth album from Californian singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse is more than just the name of one of its tracks. The Fooler is the new album by Nick Waterhouse, and it’s a lot. Recorded by Mark Neill (Black Keys; Los Straightjackets; Dave Cobb) in Valdosta, Georgia, it’s a song-cycle of sorts, the arc of the album telling a tale of a city and its denizens. The result is a record that offers up new riches and fresh perspectives with every spin. From the hidden corners of ‘Hide & Seek’ and the roadhouse soul of ‘Play To Win’ to the primitive, attitudinal, chugging two-chord thrill of ‘Late In The Garden’, it builds inexorably to the drama of the title track and pulsing roll-and-rock of the final pay off, ‘Unreal, Immaterial’. Play it once and it sounds immediately like a collection of great songs. Play it again – and you will – and it feels like a novel or film slowly unveiling its secrets, kaleidoscopic in its narrative complexity. “Especially during this record, I started just becoming what Allen Ginsberg called a pure breath,” says the artist. “I was becoming pure breath with my ideas.”

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  • Leinonen Marjo & BubliCans - Holy Roller (CD)


    Marjo Leinonen & Bublicans -kokoonpano julkaisee Holy Roller -nimisen albumin 31. maaliskuuta Playground Musicin kautta vinyylinä, CD:nä ja digitaalisesti. Levyn ennakkomyynti alkaa tänään.

    Albumilta kuullaan esimakua tänään julkaistun Loose Hat -kappaleen myötä.

    – Kepeästi etukenossa kulkeva kappale hyväntuulisine väliosineen innoittaa sauvakävelijän sivakoimaan rivakasti toisenkin kierroksen. Pipo lentoon ja hymyä huuleen! Kappale saattaa osua tunnnehermoon niin, ettei paikalla, iällä, sukupuolella eikä sukupolvella ole merkitystä. Svengi elää ja jatkaa kulkuaan. Pysy kyydissä ja voi hyvin, Leinonen kommentoi.

    Marjo Leinonen tunnetaan myös Balls-, Huff´n´Puff- ja Bigfeet & Lala-yhtyeistään sekä useista erilaisten artistien kanssa tekemistä yhteistöistään: Leinosen tulkintaa on kuultu esimerkiksi J.Karjalaisen, Maija Vilkkumaan, Asan ja Ismo Alangon levyillä. Leinonen on palkittu myös blues & roots -musiikin erikoispalkinto Jemmalla.

    Marjo Leinosen lisäksi yhtyeeseen kuuluu Petri Kautto, Risto Kumpulainen, Sami Vettenranta ja Ville Niemelä.

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