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  • Rhythm Treasures - All Around The World (180 gram) (LP)


    From the abyssal depths of the rhythm n ’blues comes The Rhythm Treasures, a ragged and enveloping band that will delight our trance and voodoo nights ….

    A blunt and shameless formation. A quintet that celebrates the madness of rhythm n’blues clubs in the late fifties and early sixties. The repertoire is a provocation to dance and wild rock n’roll that ignites the vocal cords of Myriam Swanson.

    This year The Treasures of Rhythm have recorded their first album. A British production that Myriam Swanson has made in the company of Artem Zhulyev and Marc Tena to the buttons that go up and down.

    The result is an original and very old album with a spring of own compositions and hidden jewels of universal underculture.

    The quintet is formed by a melting pot of jungle cultures in the instruments of:

    Myriam Swanson: voice
    Artem Zhulyev: saxophone
    Balta Bordoy: guitar
    Paco Weht: double bass
    Salva Suau: Drums

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  • Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox - The Essentials II (2LP) (LP)


    Double vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. The Essentials II is the second compilation album featuring Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox’s greatest hits. The tracks on this album have over a combined 110 million views on YouTube. Guest stars featured on the album include Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams, Dave Koz, Robyn Adele Anderson, Puddles Pity Party, Morgan James and many more! Scott Bradlee is a musician, pianist, and arranger. He is best known for his viral videos on YouTube, including his work under the moniker Postmodern Jukebox – an ever-evolving, revolving collective of performers playing popular music in period styles. The Postmodern Jukebox YouTube channel has over three million subscribers and has surpassed over one billion views.

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  • Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox - The Essentials 2LP (LP)


    2016 release. The Essentials is the most comprehensive compilation of YouTube phenomenon Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox’s greatest hits. The tracks on this album have over a combined 145 million views on YouTube. Artists featured on the album include Haley Reinhart, Kate Davis, Casey Abrams, Morgan James, Robyn Adele Anderson and many others.

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  • Honeyboy Slim & the Bad Habits - Who Put The Jinx? (LP)


    Upea uutukainen! Aivan must kaikille hyvän musan diggareille!

    From the forests of Småland, Honeyboy Slim & the Bad Habits delivers their debut album ”Who Put The JINX?”, a well-knit rock album of the best cut. However, despite being a debut album, one should not believe that the quartet are freshmen in any way. Previously, the band has released a singles and an EP, but above all they have acquired a great routine through countless gigs around the world, from Lofoten in the north to Spain in the south, from small towns around Sweden to Las Vegas in the USA.

    Bunch of guest artists also contributes on the album. Patrik Kolar (Club Killers, Moneybrother, Florence Valentin and Weeping Willows and others) play piano while Torbjörn Eliasson (The Lancasters, The Beat from Palookaville) and Tobias Einestad (The Lancasters, Domestic Bumblebees) act as horn section. Vanja Lo from The Vanjas sings on ”Night Fighter”, where also Mr Magnatone adds an extra guitar.

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  • Rockin‘ Lafayettes - Mud Hole (LP)


    To cut a veryyy long story very short. The Rockin‘ Lafayettes started 1986 as a bunch of schoolmates under the name Swampcats. As young Rockabillies they where back then, they just wanted to play Rockabilly as authentic as possible. A few line-up changes later they found themselves, transformed into a trio with a girl on rhythm guitar / washboard / 2nd lead vocals, sharing stages withs bands like The Kingbeats, Oakville Tune Wranglers, Thee Headcoats,Slim Jim Phantom, Scamps, Number 9 and many others . The years went by and the band changed from pure Rockabilly more into the bluesy side of rockin‘ and beyond.
    After more than 30 years the band still play dozens of gigs per year and still cut the rug big  time, sharing stages with band like The Rimshots, The Playboys, Masonics, King Khan, Smokestack Lightnin‘, Red Hot’n’Blue, HBC, Baboons and many others..

    Lo-Fi Rockin‘ Blues and Jump Blues with a solid dash of Rockabilly and a pinch of 60’s Garage… great mixture..in’it!!

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  • Duke Robillard Band - Ear Worms (LP)


    Duke Robillard has been at the forefront of Blues, Swing and classic R&B/Jump bluesfor over 40 years earning him his legendary status while influencing and inspiringcountless legions of musicians and fans worldwide.

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  • Cash Box Kings - Hail To The Kings! (LP)


    World class Chicago blues masters The Cash Box Kings deliver a fresh, exhilarating take on the real deal Windy City sound, filled with soul deep singing, brawny harmonica, stinging guitar and infectious ensemble playing. They are revered around the world for their dedication to creating rich, timeless blues.

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  • Reed "Paperboy" Eli - 99 Cent Dreams (LP)


    With the release of his new record, 99 Cent Dreams, Eli Paperboy Reed begins his second decade as an artist much in the same way he began his first: in love with soul music. Reed is ten years wiser this time around, writing with the kind of freewheeling confidence. The result is the finest of his career. Cut at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, and produced by Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price), 99 Cent Dreams is exuberant, a celebration of life delivered by an ecstatic messenger.

    Reeds arrangements on the album are lean, filtering vintage R&B, soul, and gospel through the heart of a modern songwriter. His stunning voice remains front and center but his performances have matured, a sign perhaps of the newfound perspective he’s gained with fatherhood. Fueled by love and hope, this is a collection that, despite it’s moments of loneliness and pain, ultimately insists on seeing the bigger picture, on recognizing each and every day for the gift that it is.

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  • Whitfield Barrence Soul Savage Arkestra - Songs From The Sun Ra Cosmos (gold, limited) (LP)


    Garage and soul screamer Barrence Whitfield channels the Saturnian ruler of the omniverse with a soul-tripping exploration of Sun Ra favorites – from the explosive ”Nuclear War” to the shimmering exotica of ”Love In Outer Space” to the Funkadelicized ”Everything Is Space.

    Since the ’70s, lucky concert goers have witnessed the adrenaline mainlined madness that is a Barrence Whitfield performance. That brand of madness has been captured on hundreds of feet of magnetic tape and mutated into this studio recording over 25 years in the making – which somehow manages to be at times mellow, and at others completely explosive. Whitfield has channeled the late Sun Ra and delivers what we can best assume Ra would sound like if he had amphetamines kicking up his synaptic dopamine and norepinephrine concentrations in his striatum!

    Cut by Kevin Gay and pressed on colored vinyl LP at Third Man in Detroit! Includes liner notes from Irwin Chusid and Brother Cleve.

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  • Annika Andersson & The Boiling Blues Band - Reborn (LP)


    Kuka Annika? Annikaa (aka Annika Salminen) pidetään ensimmäisenä aitona naispuolisena bluesrock -laulajana Suomessa. Paljon sanottu, mutta todisteetkin ovat vakuuttavia. Annika aloitti uransa vain 14 vuotiaana bluesrock -bändi Model 73:n etulinjassa. Yli 300 keikkaa alkuperäisen Ego Tripin keulakuvana loi vahvan pohjan tulevalle menestykselle. Jo varhain kävi selväksi, että kyseessä oli poikkeuksellinen lahjakkuus. Nuoresta iästään huolimatta Annikalla oli erittäin uskottava bluesääni, neljän oktaavin ääniala ja oma sielukas soundinsa. 

    Juuret syvällä bluesissa. Annika on ollut mukana alusta asti.1960-luvun loppu ja 70-luvun alku olivat mielenkiintoisia aikoja suomalaisen bluesin kentässä. Blues valtasi Woodstockin siivittämänä suomalaisten nuorten kotibileet ja levysoittimet. Tämä yhdessä ensimmäisten Ruisrockien kanssa veti Annikan 

    syvälle bluesin syövereihin. Annika livahti äidiltään salaa heti ensimmäiseen Ruisrockiin 1970, vasta 13 vuotiaana. Blues ja bluesrock eli kultakauttaan myös kotibileissä, missä kovimmat tyypit diggailivat bluesin pioneereista, kuten John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters ja Howlin’ Wolf. Nuoremmista taitureista Annikaa inspiroi erityisesti Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Rory Gallagher, Cream, Led Zeppelin, John Mayall, Yardbirds, Peter Green ja monet muut. 

    Dead End 5. Alkuperäinen Ego Trip (aikakauden psykedeelisen hengen mukaisesti), soitti laajaa bluespohjaista ohjelmistoa. Rutiinia kertyi, sillä Normikeikat olivat pitkiä ja keikkasettiin tarvittiin jopa 100 biisiä. Rumpalin vaihdoksen myötä bändin soundi muuttui raskaammaksi ja uusien virtausten myötä nimeksi vakiintui Dead End 5. Samalla kieli vaihtui osittain suomeksi. Rock ei vielä tässä vaiheessa ollut pirstoutunut alakulttuureiksi, vaan kisaa käytiin lähinnä iskelmiä ja poppia vastaan. Tämä mahdollisti erilaisten tyylisuuntien ja vaikutteiden sekoittamisen, mikä oli tyypillistä myös DE-vitoselle. Neljän singlen ja kahden Finnlevylle tehdyn täysimittaisen albumin siivittämänä bändi teki satoja keikkoja ympäri Suomea, yhdessä muun muassa. Dr.Feelgoodin ja Deep Purplen kanssa. Festivaalien ensimmäinen kultakausi tarjosi mahdollisuuksia esiintyä myös kymmentuhatpäisille yleisöille. Suosio oli kovaa ja Annika valittiin Suomen parhaaksi Rock-laulajaksi 1976. 

    Elämää Dead End 5:n jälkeen. Rockabillyn ja punkin myötä suomalainen rockskene muuttui dramaattisesti 70-luvun loppupuolella. Suomalaisen hevin ja punkin esiasteeksikin leimattu DE5 lopetti toimintansa ja Annika muutti suomalaisen undergroundin pääkaupungista Turusta Helsinkiin. Annikan kyvyt kiinnostivat levy-yhtiöitä, minkä seurauksena alkoi kolmen vuoden mittainen seikkailu suomalaisen popmusiikin ympyröissä, yhdessä Dannyn, Freemanin ja muiden poppareiden kanssa. Tämä seikkailu vei Annikan aina Siinaille asti. Annika levytti sooloalbumin, josta sinkuksi nostettu ”Enkelit heittää arpaa” (Carly Simonin Bond-tunnari “Nobody Does It Better) muistetaan parhaiten radioiden hittilistoilta. Keikkoja riitti, kokemuksia kertyi ja suomalaiset ympyrät tulivat tutuiksi, Annika ei kuitenkaan halunnut jäädä käännösshittien tulkitsijaksi, vaan pakkasi laukkunsa ja muutti Tukholmaan. 

    Bluesrockin kuningattaren pitkä paluu. Rakkaus bluesiin ei kuitenkaan haihtunut mihinkään, vaan sillä on ollut tärkeä merkitys Annikan elämän kaikissa vaiheissa. Hän on hionut kynsiään eri kokoonpanoissa, muun muassa tukholmalaisen Blues Alonen bändin vokalistina. Bändi julkaisi keväällä 2016 EP:n, joka sai hurmioituneen vastaanoton todellisten bluesdiggareiden taholta. 

    Reborn. Nyt on lopultakin tullut aika julkaista Annikan kauan ja hartaasti odotettu bluesrock-albumi ”Reborn”. Kaikki se, mitä Annika on kokenut puolen vuosisadan aikana on kiteytetty tälle albumille. Henkilökohtaisesti ja sydänverellä tulkittuna. Uusia biisejä parin klassikon kera, kansainvälisten huippumuusikoiden ja tuottajien kanssa. Uudet biisit ovat Annikan Buck Jonesin hänelle henkilökohtaisesti kirjoittamia. Suomalaisen rockabillyn 

    legendoihin kuuluvaa The Jonezia pidetään eräänä suomalaisen roots-scenen parhaimmista biisinikkareista. 

    ”Reborn” äänitettiin Park Studiolla ja Studio Duboisilla Tukholmassa. Levyn äänittäjänä toimi Christoffer Roth ja tuottajana Gunnar Muvemba Lidström, joka tunnetaan muun muassa Knockout Gregin luottokitaristina. 

    The Boiling Bluesbandissä soittavat pohjoismaisen bluesin ruotsalaiset tulevaisuudentoivot.

    The musicians playing on the record are:

    Johan Östergård: Guitar & vocals

    Morgan Korsmoe: Bass & vocals

    Ola Göransson: Drums & vocals

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  • Georgina Peach & The Savoys - I’m On My Way (LP)


    Cheri ”Georgina Peach” Addo was discovered when she sang working as a waitress … The band immediately fell in love with her voice and incorporated her immediately. The rest of the band consists of Jerome van Gasteren (guitar), Roy Raaijmakers (piano, organ), Evert Hoedt (saxophone), Mikkel van der Meulen (saxophone), Martin Ubaghs (bass) and the also known Dry Riverbed Trio. Darryl Ciggaar

    Their first album is a great Rhythm & Blues party, judge for yourself !! A smooth mix of Rhythm & Blues and Soul replete with wind instruments and an extremely moving singer.

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  • Thompson Roy And The Mellow Kings - 20 Days (LP)


    Roy Thompson and The Mellow Kings is a rockin’ rhythm and blues band from France. The six musicians are all experienced veterans from the rockin’ scene, well versed in roots, blues, and rock ’n’ roll. Olivier Laporte aka Roy Thompson had previously led Canada-based band Roy Thompson & His Royal Acadians, which he founded in 2003. Laporte returned to Europe in 2005, after tours of Canada, the US, and Europe, and founded The Mellow Kings in 2010. The band’s influences range from rhythm and blues to rockin’ ’50s/early-’60s sounds. The Mellow Kings’ live repertoire includes songs by artists such as Ike Turner, Ray Charles, T-Bone Walker, Larry Williams, Little Richard, Young Jessie, Junior Watson, Bobby ”Blue” Bland, Freddie King, Johnny Otis, and Guitar Junior, as well as many self-penned tunes. In 2012 they released their first album, Back on Tracks, on the Spanish label Sleazy Records, which they followed with performances at all the big festivals, including The Rockin’ Race Jamboree in Spain, Rhythm Riot in England, Live and Jive in Sweden, Cahors Blues Festival in France, Moondogs International Rock’n’Roll Festival in Italy, and Let’s Get Wild in Germany, plus a huge tour in Europe backing up Gizzelle, the soul diva from Los Angeles. In the meantime, the band recorded their second album, 20 Days. It features tunes by Mike Pedicin, Little Richard, Bobby Bland, Aaron Neville, and Otis Blackwell, as well as a number of original compositions. With its sizzlin’ guitars, great piano work, and powerful sax, 20 Days recalls the music made between the late ’50s and early ’60s, when rhythm and blues slowly morphed into soul. The band’s masterpiece so far.

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  • Big Joe & the Dynaflows - Rockhouse Party (LP)


    Perinteistä Rhythm`n`Blues Jump blues matskua Amerikasta.

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  • Limboos - Baia (LP)


    Is good music good for anything? Well, you are supposed to connect to it. Make you dance. Feel happy, sad, fearless, in love, jealous and righteous and so much more. And hit you like five coffees in the morning and a few shots of cognac at night. The Limboos just perfected the recipe on their new album, Baia (Penniman Records, 2019).

    The Limboos do what they wanna do. They know what they like and they know what you like even though that might be two different things. They work in their own rhythm and it’s proven you can move to that rhythm. Everybody lost a few bucks at the end of the night but nobody cares. Everybody woke up a little tired and achy and didn’t feel like going to work. But they did and did it even harder the next three times that week. Lucky you caught them on a Monday night. With Baia, their third album in five years, The Limboos will transport you, without asking, to a sweet and viscous spiritual ceremony that crosses paths between Chicago from Santiago de Cuba.

    This new one again produced by Mike Mariconda and with 100% of their own songs you get eleven new lessons in class and sweaty elegance.

    Check the single ”Where Did She Go?” and see. You’ll just dance and maybe fall down from exhaustion and make you do things you swore you would never do. Ignoring this rotten postmodern world, they don’t try to transport you to when the times were better. They are just making better times- show by show, record by record. So you got lucky and found something you can listen to in the car, the bar, the barn, at work and even on public transport. But if you choose the last one beware for pickpockets, it’s worth more than the cash you are carrying.

    The Limboos are: Roi Fontoira – Vocals, Guitar; Sergio Alarc?n – Organ, Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals; Daniela Kennedy – Drums, Backing Vocals; Santiago Sacrist?n ? Double Bass, Backing Vocals; Dani Ni?o – Baritone Sax

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  • Waterhouse Nick - Same (LP)


    Nick Waterhouse grew up in a coastal town near Long Beach, CA. It was a serene setting: the ocean stretching out for miles to the North and South, manicured lawns, two-story homes, long swathes of concrete highway, fast food chains and mega malls. He was there for two decades. Then, he left. He found a home in his early 20s in San Francisco, working at record stores alongside a collective of likeminded young crate-diggers and 45 collectors. And then he started making his own records: ”Time’s All Gone” in 2012, ”Holly” in 2014, and ”Never Twice” in 2016.

    These were evocative albums, steeped in a perfectionism and clarity of vision that informed every choice, from the studios to the players, the arrangements to the album art. Everything, deliberately designed and purposeful, bubbling over with power and feeling. And as those records rolled out into the world, Waterhouse found a dedicated audience of his own as well as a bevy of influential champions and collaborators, including garage-rock mystic Ty Segall, retro-futurist R&B bandleader Leon Bridges and the LA-based quartet Allah-Las, whose first two albums he meticulously produced and played on.

    There is a ”Waterhouse Sound” and it comes from both the man and the method – recording everything on magnetic tape, through analog equipment, and playing live (!), eyeball to eyeball, whenever possible. Now, he’s finished his fourth album. He’s calling it ”Nick Waterhouse.” And whether intentional or not, it is perhaps his most reflective – and reflexive – album, employing all of the mature production techniques learned throughout his professional career while retaining a viscous edge that allows it to land with colossal impact – more raw, heavy and overtly confrontational than anything he’s made before. ”Nick Waterhouse” was recorded at the finest working studio in Los Angeles, Electro Vox Recorders, and co-produced by Paul Butler (The Bees, Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart), the master of all things warm, rich and wooly.

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  • Billie and the Kids - Soulful Woman (LP)


    Within a matter of only a few years, Billie has zoomed from the equivocal position of a highly promising singer to that of one of the world´s top recording artists.

    Billie brings to music a quality that had too long been missing, a sort of breezy freshness and an imitate directness of appeal. From her very first recordings she was a success, her singing has kept pace and she is one of the most artful and popular stars of her generation. To rhythm numbers she brings a brisk, sparkling enthusiasm that lights up even an ordinary song, while to ballads Billie brings a sort of husky grace and an impression of genuine sincerty that has captivated an imposing number of listeners!

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  • Esther & Los Twangs - Boom Cha Cha (LP)


    In 2018 LOS TWANGS celebrate their fifteen birthday, preaching from Zaragoza, Spain, their mix of rock and roll, surf and garage, always from a FRAT spirit.   Over those years they have release 3 Lps and half a dozen EPs and 45’s, but their biological clock said a change was needed.

    The change came in the year 2016 with Esther, a girl with a great voice who leads the swing combo Swind Garret. They joined forces by chance, first with the idea of making some collaborations and finally releasing a single by the end of 2016 at Sleazy Records that meant the true beginning of Esther & Los Twangs.

    Now the project of Esther with Los Twangs is consolidated with a new LP, titled BOOM CHA-CHA BOOM, in which you´ll find the usual rock’n’roll, garage and surf sounds that made them famous but also there’s room for latin beats, rhythm & blues and also a pinch of European female 60’s pop.  But do not be fooled, the musical essence of The Twangs is still beating powerful in these grooves.

    In these 12 tracks you will find in some very personal, and even risky, covers from Johnny Kidd & The Pirates to Annisteen Allen, going through Helen Shapiro or Frances Gal, and even daring with standards like Ol’Man Mose or Sway, which result in a fresh and unconventional LP for what is normally expected from a band with its target anchored in the 50’s and 60’s sounds of rock´n´roll.

    The LP has been produced by Ely Agramut and Los Twangs and its excellent excellent artwork has been designed by the great andalusian artist Carmela Maracas with pictures by the aragonese Beatriz Pitarch

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