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  • Various - Aladdin’s Rockin’ Cave (CD)


    30 Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues Platters from Aladdin Records 1947-1960.

    ALADDIN RECORDS was one of the earliest indie labels in Los Angeles to specialise in Blues, R&B, R&R, Hillbilly and other non-mainstream musical genres.

    Originally formed in 1945 as Philo Records, the 30 tracks on this unique set span 1946-1960, and feature an eclectic range of both well-known and obscure performers.

    Many of the more rocking titles herein became popular in Europe during the 1970s Rockabilly Revival.

    Featured artists include celebrated names like Velma Nelson, Peppermint Harris, Harold Burrage, Chuck Higgins, Lowell Fulson, Dolores Gibson, Gene & Eunice, Marvin & Johnny and Sugar & Pee Wee (Sugar, being Sugar Pie De Santo), while Patti Anne, The Spence Sisters, Arthur ’Fatso’ Theus, The Jivers, Big T Tyler and Charles Sims occupy the opposite end of the ’fame’ spectrum.

    There are plenty of obscure collectors’ rarities herein, making this a potential cult collection.

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  • Bradshaw Tiny - The Jumpin’ Beat for the Hip Kids – 1949-1955 (CD)


    A veteran of the Swing and Big Band eras of the 1930s, TINY BRADSHAW became one of the most popular R&B and Jump Jive bandleaders of the early 1950s.

    He clocked up a string of hit records on the King label, out of Cincinatti, with ’Well Oh Well’, ’I’m Going To Have Myself A Ball’, ’Walkin’ The Chalk Line’, ’Soft’ and ’Heavy Juice’ all making the R&B Top 10, the latter two numbers famously featuring Red Prysock on tenor sax.

    Elsewhere, sides like ’Gravy Train’, ’Boodie Green’, ’Breaking Up The House’, ’Walk That Mess’, ’T-99’, and most notably Tiny’s original version of ’The Train Kept A-Rollin” (a number which would eventually become more readily associated with the Johnny Burnette Trio, for their wild Rockabilly version), were huge regional and Juke Box hits.

    This compilation also includes copious previously unreleased material.

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  • Watson Johnny Guitar - Essential Works 1953-1962 (2LP) (LP)


    A singer/guitarist known for two essential albums in the funk sphere – Ain’t That a Bitch and A Real Mother For You – Johnny Watson was first of all a highly respected bluesman with close ties to the R&B scene of the Fifties. When Johnny Watson’s grandfather died, he left his grandson a guitar, but Grandma insisted that Johnny shouldn’t ever play “the devil’s music” – the blues – on such a “holy” instrument that had accompanied so many gospels… Johnny at once thought about nothing else. In Los Angeles he would spend the Fifties under the influence of Amos Milburn and Chuck Higgins, with whom he played for a time before creating his own group to trawl through every club in the city. “I was doing things like Jimi Hendrix, fifteen years before [him] playing guitar with my teeth, hanging from the rafters and doing double gigs with Guitar Slim … we used to work together in clubs with 30 foot guitarleads, sit on each others shoulders and walk out into the audience”. Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s shows left an indelible mark. He gave each period in his career a personal stamp that made him an original character: he marked every style he played in, whether it was blues, R&B or funk. The first two styles appear on all four sides of this album, leaving the funk for Ain’t That a Bitch and A Real Mother For You.

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  • Various - Wacky A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


    The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continue with Wacky-A-Rama. Most certainly we do not use juvenile novelty records, which are aimed at children.

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  • Various - Sin On Saturday, Pray On Sunday Vol. 3 – Shake That Thing (CD)



    Sin On Saturday, Pray On Sunday 03, Shake That Thing, is a double-hitting music anthology that is jam-packed with R&B intensity combining pounding blues and stirring up-tempo gospel. The people get wild and raucous on Saturday evening listening to Jump Blues. On Sunday they pray, and repent their sins, at church while singing along to inspirational upbeat Gospel songs. The compelling twenty-eight songs anthology from the years 1948 through to 1963 features wild blues titles from; Boo Breeding, Country Woman, Little Richard, She Knows How To Rock, Jerry McCain and His Upstarts, Run, Uncle John! Run, Leroy Foster and Muddy Waters, Locked Out Boogie which set the scene for the sinful evening. The sophisticated R&B rompers include; Memphis Slim, Big City Girl, Charles Epps, Shake That Thing, Billy Boy Arnold, Here’s My Picture, Little Milton, I’m A Lonely Man and many more. The inspiring Gospel stompers include; Mahalia Jackson, Said He Would, Charles White, Didn’t It Rain, The Sensational Nightingales, To The End, The Colemanaires, This May Be The Last Time, and there are more Gospel stompers to enchant you. The album is perfect for dancing! The pulsating sounds are ideal for Dee Jays, small cellar clubs, the home listener, and those who wish to own albums that are not full of overly reissued titles.

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  • Kirkland Leroy - Thrill-La-Dill (CD)


    Leroy Edward Kirkland aka Claude Cloud was primarily a jazz and rhythm & blues guitarist, who also worked behind the scenes as; a composer, conductor, session leader, and arranger. He is largely unknown to the general public and media-wise he is mainly confined to the annals of musical history, and his importance is not overtly acknowledged. The intention of this tribute to Leroy Edward Kirkland’s songwriting skills is to focus on his up-tempo titles which will entertain you at home, please the couples who enjoy dancing and bring his name into vernacular speech.

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  • Booker James - Behind The Iron Curtain plus… (5CD deluxe pack) (CD)


    James Booker – Behind The Iron Curtain plus… 5 CD deluxe pack set with 60 page booklet in 10inch format! Limited Edition.

    From Jelly Roll Morton to Jon Batiste, the city of New Orleans has produced more great piano players than any other place on earth. But James Carroll Booker III may very well have been the greatest of them all. When he died in 1983 at the age of 43 after years of health problems and drug abuse, only four Booker albums had been released, and his fans have been searching for additional recordings that showcase his genius ever since. While virtually unknown in the US, Booker had a strong following in Germany and neighboring countries, where he played more than 100 shows between 1976 and 1978. These were the years of his creative peak, and Booker always maintained that he played better there than he did anytime or anywhere else. But what exactly happened during those tours has long remained a mystery – until now. With its comprehensive new release ’Behind The Iron Curtain plus,’ RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES intends to tell, for the very first time, the full story of James Booker’s European adventures.

    It includes three complete Booker shows on five CDs: East Berlin (December 1976), Lausanne (January 1977) and Leipzig (October 1977). Interestingly, at that time East Berlin and Leipzig were part of socialist East Germany, a country that no longer exists, and how Booker got there and why he played some of the best shows of his career behind the Iron Curtain, of all places, is a whole story unto itself. James Booker was a virtuoso technician who combined influences as diverse as Ludwig van Beethoven and Ray Charles, Erroll Garner and Fats Domino, Frédéric Chopin and Professor Longhair into a unique style of New Orleans R&B piano that hasn’t been duplicated to this day. Plus he also sang with a bluesy, soulful voice full of anguish and emotion. No other posthumous Booker release has done full justice to his genius and we hope that ’Behind The Iron Curtain plus…’ will lead to a new appraisal of one of American music’s most gifted and overlooked originals. CD 1 61:49 | CD 2 59:07 Haus der jungen Talente East Berlin December 22, 1976 CD 3 72:26 Lausanne Switzerland January 27, 1977 CD 4 70:28 | CD 5 64:20 Moritzbastei Leipzig, East Germany October 29, 1977

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  • Various - Rhythm ’N’ Blues Vol. 1: The End Of An Era (Käytetty LP/12)


    Collection of R&B and Doo Wop singles from the 1950s. Gatefold sleeve.

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  • Various - Rhythm ’N’ Blues Vol. 2: Sweet N’ Greasy (Käytetty LP/12)


    Collection of R&B and Doo Wop singles from the 1950s. Gatefold sleeve.

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  • Various - On The Dancefloor With A Twist Again! – 23 More Tunes to Twist It Up (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 23 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

    The CD album ’On The Dancefloor With a Twist’ (BCD17666) released in the summer of 2022 on Bear Family Records® was enthusiastically received by fans and dance crazies!
    So it’s time for a second jam-packed CD compilation with 23 more examples from the early 1960s, when seemingly the whole world became a dancefloor for hip-swinging people.
    Included: the inventors of the twist, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, the Isley Brothers and the Marvelettes, pop greats like Louis Prima, Connie Francis and savvy guitarists like surf legend Dick Dale and bluesmen like Freddy King and Jimmy Spruill and and and …
    Extensive liner notes by Chicago music historian Bill Dahl in the comprehensive illustrated booklet and carefully mastered recordings from the best possible sources round out this fourth edition in our ’Dancefloor’ series!

    Last year’s ‘On The Dancefloor With a Twist’ compilation (BCD17666) was so much fun that it’s time for round two!

    It’s another jam-packed tribute to the dance sensation that swept the globe during the early ‘60s, containing 23 more workouts that’ll have you lacing your Twist shoes up tight.

    Naturally, the originators of The Twist, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, are liberally represented with two more stellar examples of their historic invention (Do You Know How To Twist and Mr. Twister). The Isley Brothers’ classic Twist And Shout and The Marvelettes’ Twistin’ Postman are here as well.

    But plenty of singers not usually associated with dance also turn up, including Louis Prima and his deadpan distaff partner Keely Smith, Connie Francis, Linda Hopkins, and Billy Riley (as Darron Lee).

    Guitar wizards Dick Dale, Wild Jimmy Spruill, and Phil Baugh peel off red-hot licks in service of their Twist instrumentals; even Chicago bluesmen Freddy King and Smokey Smothers jumped into the craze.

    Included too is the second half of Paul Livert & The Lions’ epic Chicken Twist, which took up the entirety of Side 2 of their 1962 album.

    The compilation closes with Robby Lawrence’s The Twist To End All Twists – but in reality, this Twist party is just getting underway!

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  • Sharpe Ray - Texas Boogie Blues (Käytetty LP/12)


    Still sealed / muoveissa.

    Bass – Donnie McCutchen
    Drums, Percussion – Randy Dehart
    Guitar – Joe Copeland
    Harmonica – Delbert McClinton
    Horns – Johnny Reno
    Keyboards – Danny Haynes
    Vocals, Guitar – Ray Sharpe

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  • Various - Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ – The Music Of Black Britain In The Sixties (4CD Book Set) (CD)




    • Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ is the first box set to document the huge influence of Black music in Britain in the 1960s.
    • With 115 tracks, the deluxe ‘long form’ box set includes sleevenotes including an essay from
    Fitzroy Facey (Soul Survivors)
    • A four-CD compilation that pays tribute to a lost era.

    While many of the decade’s most successful UK bands (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones et al) were originally inspired and influenced by Black American soul and R&B, it could be argued that Black artists recording in Britain at the time weren’t given the exposure they deserved.

    The first two discs of ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ document the explosion of homegrown Soul and Rhythm and Blues which reflected the growing success of labels such as Motown and Stax/ Atlantic, which spearheaded the plethora of Black music emanating from the States. Artists such as Carl Douglas and Jimmy James were popular live draws, who later enjoyed chart success in the 1970s. Jackie Edwards, Owen Gray and Jimmy Cliff came to the UK from Jamaica after signing with Chris Blackwell’s Island Records while Geno Washington was an American GI who stayed here and continues to perform to this day. Clyde McPhatter was the legendary original singer in The Drifters and The Chants would eventually evolve into The Real Thing.

    However, Soul and R&B aren’t the only genres catered for here. While disc 3 is devoted to the homespun Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae from artists who’d often been born in the Caribbean (chief among them Laurel Aitken, the ‘Godfather of Ska’), Disc 4 reflects a wider range of styles including choice selections from many stars of their day (Cleo Laine, a highly respected jazz singer; Shirley Bassey, a successful worldwide phenomenon; Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, a charismatic maverick; Winifred Atwell, a popular boogie woogie pianist; Geoff Love, a renowned orchestra leader). The UK also played host to many visiting American blues and folk men and women (such as Champion Jack Dupree, Otis Spann and Mabel Hillery).

    ‘Gotta Get A Good Thing Goin’ boasts numerous tracks new to CD and includes many 45s which now command three figure sums on the collector’s market. With comprehensive sleevenotes and artist biographies, a plethora of rare images and photos and newly remastered sound, this is a fitting homage to a golden era in Black British music.

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