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  • Franklin Aretha - The Complete Releases 1956-62 (2CD) (CD)


    or several decades Aretha Franklin has enjoyed the accolade of being called “The Queen Of Soul”, a position that was cemented by her landmark 1967 pop and R&B No. 1 “Respect”. However, her career as a recording artist was a decade old by that time, having honed her style and singing gospel, jazz and blues- influenced material in her late teens. This great value 48-track collection brings together all of her recordings which were released through to 1962, by which time she had established a reputation as a distinctive, soulful and dynamic performer and had made early inroads in both the R&B and pop charts. It comprises her debut recordings as a gospel artist on the 10” LP “Songs Of Faith”, for Joe Von Battle’s JVB label, made when she was just 14 years old, and then all her singles for Columbia, most of which came from her three albums for the label “Aretha Franklin With The Ray Bryant Combo”, “The Electrifying Aretha Franklin” and “The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin”, the complete content of which is also included, along with a track from a multi-artist Christmas compilation. It’s a thorough showcase for her talent and style in the early years of her career.

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  • Williams Andre - Bacon Fat and 24 More Sizzling Cuts of Detroit Soul Roots 1955-1960 (CD)


    Something of a journeyman singer, songwriter and producer, ANDRE WILLIAMS enjoyed success at different levels in a remarkable career, which spanned seven decades.

    He first tasted success in the mid-1950s as the lead singer in a vocal group who were billed variously as The 5 Dollars, The Don Juans, and/or His New Group.

    They appeared as the latter on Williams’ 1957 breakthrough Top 10 R&B hit ’Bacon Fat’, on the Fortune label, on which Andre’s own billing also carried the strapline, ’Mr. Rhythm’.

    Although ’Bacon Fat’ was his only national hit, Fortune releases like ’Going Down To Tia Juana’, ’Bobby Jean’, ’Jail Bait’ and ’Greasy Chicken’ were all regional successes, notably in and around Detroit.

    He later wrote extensively for labels like Motown, Golden World, Chess, Mar-V-Lus, and Won-Der-Ful, while in the 70s he worked with Parliament, Funkadelic and George Clinton.

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  • Various - Detroit Harmonisers – Early 60s Soul Groups in the Motor City (CD)


    This unique compilation presents a collection of vintage, highly-collectable early Motown recordings, featuring everything recorded for the company by a trio of their legendary male vocal groups, between 1959-62.

    THE CONTOURS became one of Motown’s first major groups, on the back of their million-selling, chart-topping ’Do You Love Me’, a song which would quickly evolve into a Pop, R&B and Soul standard, and its raucous follow-up, ’Shake Sherry’, both in 1962.

    THE SATINTONES famously cut ’Motor City’ in 1959, a prophetically-titled early tribute to Detroit, and ’Tomorrow And Always’, a cheeky answer disc to The Shirelles’ ’Will You Love Me Tomorrow’, in 1961.

    THE VALADIERS bubbled under the Top 100 in 1961 with the mildly controversial ’Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)’, a song which another Motown group, The Monitors, would successfully revive in 1966, as the draft for the Vietnam War escalated.

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  • Various - Destination Jurassic Land – 33 Artifacts from Times Before Christ (CD)


    1-CD with 20-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 77 min.
    This fantastically original compilation from the Stone Age on the theme of dinosaurs and cavemen brings Bear Family Records® straight to your Halloween party!

    32 recordings from the 1950s and ’60s, plus kindred spirits from later years.
    Including Big Art Peters and his version of Prehistoric Plateau alongside the 1985 rockabilly original of this tune by The Blubbery Hellbellies, plus rockers like Link Wray, Buddy Merrill, Tommy Roe, The Piltdown Men, Tommy Steele and the Royal Teens.
    Similarly rare as artifacts from the Jurassic period are some recordings appearing on CD for the first time, such as Dinosaur Cavern by Terry Wayne and The Cave by Gary ’Spider’ Webb.
    In addition, there are thematic radio movie trailers and theme music from historical television series.
    The full-color 20-page booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia and detailed info on each song.
    Stone Age
    Stone Age and dinosaurs are not just classic themes of older B-movies. The film series ’Jurassic Park’ in particular is proof of that. The music industry also devoted itself to the topic – and we have compiled the best examples, primarily from the Rock ’n’ Roll era, but also from later years in the appropriate style.

    Prehistoric Plateau

    The CD starts and ends with a version of Prehistoric Plateau. What do both versions have in common? English composer Arthur Billingsley is involved as a musician on both recordings. He was a member of the iconic 1980s band, The Blubbery Hellbellies, which recorded the original in rockabilly style. In 2010, he covered himself as Big Art Peters. Both tracks are highlights on this compilation. In addition, there are a lot of little-known artists from the 1950s and ’60s like The Pre-Historics, Terry Wayne, and The Majestics, most of their songs appearing here on CD for the first time. Rare recordings like the 1966 movie trailer ’One Million Years BC’, the ’Flintstones’ theme tune and the 1977 TV highlight ’Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels’ round out the program. The CD comes with a 20-page color booklet and many rare photos and nostalgic memorabilia.

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  • Various - Southern Bred Vol. 26 Tennessee & Arkansas R&B Rockers – Rock The Bottle (CD)


    Visitation six is the penultimate stopover in the Tennessee and Arkansas series, and the album is a melting pot of talent and includes; a lady from the late 1940s who titles herself ”Rock & Roll”, former inmates of the Nashville state penitentiary, musicians, and artists who traveled northerly to record in big cities and in turn developed their style and sound. The series showcases up-tempo rockers and sources some of the best post-war African-American performances set into vinyl. The album features; Blues Rockers, riveting piano and guitar R&B, Rock ’n’ Roll, and Doo-Wop music all of which have irresistible rhythms. Koko Mojo doesn’t make an album of average music our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, its ”killer and no filler” ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers.

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  • Various - It’s DooWop Christmas Time (CD)


    It’s that special time of year once again, and what better way to celebrate the festival period than with another round of Doo Wop at Christmas via Koko Mojo’s ‘It’s Doo Wop Christmas Time’. There is just something deeply satisfying when hearing the golden tones of harmony groups huddled closely together and perfecting a balancing act of high and deep tones set to a backing of traditional rhythm and blues and, under such circumstances, the occasional sleigh bell in the background for comfort. With added “snap, crackle, and pop”, the listener is transported back to a golden age of music, and a reminder of when Christmas felt like the real deal with ‘It’s Doo Wop Christmas Time’.

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  • Various - Mojo Man Christmas (CD)


    The Mojo Man presents another album for the festive season with ’The Mojo Man Christmas’. With twenty-eight handpicked tracks, The Mojo Man Christmas’ sets out to live up to its title with a variety of numbers to get you in the mood for this special time of year. Its Overfilled with a variety of Christmas tracks, and serves as a reminder of the quality that has gone before, such as Lord Nelson – A Party For Santa Claus and ending with a bang via early Rhythm and Blues of Amos Milburn – Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby, this is one neverending Christmas party you won’t want to miss.

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  • Various - Burlesque A Rama Volume 1 (CD)


    “The special editions added to the Atomicat Records-A-Rama series continues with Burlesque-A-Rama Atomicat (ACCD114) an album which is stuffed full of sounds, especially for the ladies to express themselves on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life while playing the album is more than possible!”

    Atomicat Records present breezy and exotic sounds throughout Burlesque Craze -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD0115) and the twenty-eight songs are a delightful reason for the ladies to buy a costume and dance at home or on the stage. The album’s songs are also ideal for the guys to enjoy, and the possibility of spicing up your love life is more than possible! You will hear one song from 1948 then the songs are sourced from the golden years from the early 1950s through to 1962. Most certainly some titles have a cross-over appeal and you can stroll or jive along with them. The album moves away from the jazz aspect of the Burlesque style and serves up a hot plate of sounds that migrate towards rhythm & blues, and rock ‘n’ roll music.

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  • Various - Buzzsaw Joint – Cut 7+8 /James & Misty / Johnny Alpha & Carl Combover (CD)


    As usual with Stag-O-Lee we compile two vinyl volumes on one CD into an 80 minute/32 track monster! Limited edition 0f 500 copies.

    Cut 7 comes from the crates of the Canadian couple James & Misty who currently resides in Osaka, Japan.

    Cut 8 introduces Johnny Alpha and Carl Combover, purveyors of all things sleazy, greasy and raw.

    Comes with an 8-page booklet with some info and detailed track-by-track notes.

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  • Various - Rockin’ & Boppn’ With DJ Rudy – Stag-O-Lee DJ Series Vol. 7 (CD)


    Stag-O-Lee is proud to continue the DJ-Set Series with compilation by cult DJ Mr. Rudy.

    DJ Rudy blew us away with his selection of tunes at the Goezot festival in Belgium in September 2021. And when he sent us the list of festivals and weekenders he played at, we were even more impressed. So we invited him to compile what is Volume 7 in the DJ Series on Stag-O-Lee.

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  • Various - Happy In Hollywood: Productions Of Gary Usher (CD)


    2022 collection. This release sees the great Gary Usher become the latest maestro to be honored in our series of collections devoted to record producers. After a handful of stabs as a recording artist, he settled into writing and arranging for various West Coast companies. Early in the ’60s, as he was given more responsibility in recording studios, he built up a crack team of talented musical buddies who he used on many of his sessions. This culminated in the string of singles and albums that rode the surf, drag and hot rod craze. As well as producing, he wrote, arranged and sang on many of these releases. However, as this collection proves, there were a growing number of other strings to Usher’s bow. Working as a staff producer for US Decca and later Columbia Records, his keen ear for new musical genres meant that he was always in the forefront of popular music, often venturing into the world of folk rock, sunshine pop, psychedelia and country rock. He worked with luminaries such as the Byrds, Gene Clark, Glen Campbell, Curt Boettcher and Brian Wilson, as well as releasing ”phantom” group records cut by his regular behind-the-scenes colleagues. This compilation, the first to cover the real width and variety of Usher’s career, takes us from the mid-60s through to the 80s and quite rightly places him alongside better-known West Coast record producers such as Lou Adler, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and Jack Nitzsche.

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  • Various - Second Line Stomp – New Orleans R&B Instrumentals 1947-1960 (CD)


    These classic early New Orleans’ R&B Instro’s, featuring ten of the Crescent City’s most celebrated, influential artists, present an eclectic selection of hits, flips, misses and rarities.

    They range from household names like pianist Fats Domino to sidemen/sessionmen like bassist Lloyd Lambert.

    Trumpeter/bandleader/arranger/songwriter Dave Bartholomew also appears here incognito, as The Royal Kings.

    In the brass section we have tenor saxophonist Lee ’Walkin’ With Mr Lee’ Allen and saxophonist/arranger/producer Alvin ’Red’ Tyler, the latter another session giant.

    As well as Fats, we feature pianists Professor Longhair and pianist/bandleader Paul Gayten, whose band play on most of these sides.

    Guitarist/arranger/bandleader Edgar Blanchard was arguably N’Awlins’ finest axeman, although Roy Montrell, guitarist in Fats Domino’s band, ran him close.

    Finally, the multi-instrumental pianist/guitarist/bassist/producer/arranger genius of Mac Rebennack features as himself, and in disguise, as ’Gene & Al’s Spacemen’.

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  • Castells - So This Is… The Castells 1961-1962 (CD)


    California pop-harmony from a group whose peers were The Four Preps and The Lettermen…..

    Eighteen tracks covering their U.S. and U.K. single releases from 1961 and 1962 as well as tracks from their sole LP release.

    Musicians on their sessions included members of the legendary Wrecking Crew, Billy Strange, Barney Kessel, Plas Johnson, Glen Campbell and Hal Blaine with arrangements by Hank Levine.

    Includes U.S. Top 30 hits, ’Sacred’ and ’So This Is Love’ as well as their lesser hits which preceded and followed those recordings.

    Comprehensive liner notes in the booklet trace the history of The Castells along with label scans and contemporary adverts and reviews.

    This CD is the perfect way to discover one of America’s classiest pop-harmony groups.

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  • Stone Roland - Just A Moment of Your Time – New Orleans R&B and Swamp Pop (CD)


    Although sadly destined to remain a ’No-Hit-Wonder’, R&B/Swamp-Pop singer ROLAND STONE is acknowledged as one of the finest white voices to emerge from New Orleans (Aaron Neville once described him as ’the singingest white guy I’ve ever heard.’)

    Stone had one huge regional hit, ’Just A Moment’, which sold 100,000+ copies in New Orleans and Louisiana, despite a strong rival version by Ike Clanton.

    ’Preacher’s Daughter’, ’Something Special’ and ’Everybody’s Lonesome For Somebody Else’ were also significant regional successes, as was Benny Spellman’s ’Roll On’, on which Roland shared the lead vocals.

    His brief recorded output is held in the highest regard, while his sole LP, also titled Just A Moment (featured herein in its entirety, including three tracks which were originally credited to Jimmy Clanton), has long been a major collectors’ item.

    Much of this material has been unavailable on CD for many years.

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  • Higgins Chuck - Come On and Blow Your Horn – Selected Singles 1953-1957 (CD)


    A seminal influence on a young Frank Zappa and his various Mothers, and a powerful live performer to boot, saxblaster CHUCK HIGGINS was one of the most popular attractions of the West Coast’s mid 50s early R&R scene.

    He recorded prolifically, for a many different record labels; this compilation presents a ’selected anthology’ of Chuck’s singles’ releases between 1953 and 1957.

    Although his records never quite achieved national chart action, many of these sides were jukebox successes in Los Angeles and along the West Coast.

    His brother, Fred Higgins, is featured as vocalist on several of these sides, under his pseudonym of ’Daddy Cleanhead’ (check out ’Broke’ b/w ’I’ll Be There’).

    Musically, this collection covers all bases from wild, honkin’ R&B (c.f. the controversial ’Wetback Boogie’), rasping R&R (’Rock’), stomping boogies (’Honky Tonk’), to slower, mellifluous Blues (’Long, Long Time’).

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  • Smith Huey Piano - Would You Believe It! – In Session in New Orleans 1951-1962 (CD)


    Part of Jasmine’s ongoing and popular ’In Session’ series this new set can also be seen as the companion to an earlier Jasmine release, Don’t You Just Know It, The Very Best Of Huey ’Piano’ Smith & The Clowns 1956-62 (JASMCD 3059), this set concentrates on Huey’s work as a session player.

    Long before recording under his own name, he backed artists like Eddie ’Guitar Slim’ Jones (check out ’Standin’ At The Station’), Little Richard (’Tutti-Frutti’), Earl King (’Those Lonely, Lonely Nights’) and Smiley Lewis (’I Hear You Knocking’).

    After forming The Clowns and commencing his own recording career in 1956, Huey continued playing sessions, notably backing Junior Gordon, Roland Cook, Jesse Allen, Benny Spellman, Bobby Marchan, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn, Jesse Thomas, Peg Leg Martin and Curley Moore, featured herein.

    Also included is Huey & Gerri Hall’s original recording of ’Sea Cruise’, before the record company famously wiped their vocal and overdubbed Frankie Ford.

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  • Various - Spotlight Leiber and Stoller – The R & B Recordings (CD)


    Spotlight Leiber and Stoller The R&B Recordings – Flip Our Wigs Jerome ”Jerry” Leiber and Mike Stoller together crafted over 70 songs that became chart hits. Their collaboration as producers and songwriters helped define the sound of Rhythm & Blues, and Rock ‘n Roll music. The Koko Mojo album Spotlight on Leiber and Stoller The R&B Recordings – Flip Our Wigs (KM-CD-157) is the first of two albums honouring the duo and showcases thirty rockers from the golden years 1952 through 1963. The album includes productions for their Spark label, and their writing skills grace all but five titles, four of which are Spark label recordings, and the fifth is from a Jerry Leiber-produced album.

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  • Various - Southern Bred Vol. 25 Tennessee & Arkansas R&B Rockers – No Blow, No Show (CD)


    During Tennessee and Arkansas visitation five, you’ll hear a melting pot of sounds, the musical spectrum is opened and the album presents an all-around look at the talent, both famous and unknown from the states. The series showcases up-tempo rockers and sources some of the best post-war African-American performances set into vinyl. The album features; Blues Rockers, riveting piano and guitar R&B, Rock ’n’ Roll, and Doo-Wop music all of which have irresistible rhythms.

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  • Various - Rhythm & Western Vol. 5 – Cold Cold Heart (CD)


    Loistavan sarjan uusin osa.

    Friends, you are holding the fifth opus of ”Rhythm & Western” and we got 5 more boss volumes on ice. I must confess Solomon Burke’s classic ”How Many Times” always sounded like a Country song to me, so I’m glad I could include it here, Damita Jo delivers does a fantastic version of Ray Price’s classic C&W hit ”Crazy Arms” also recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, and countless others, another Country hit ”You’re The Reason” (originally recorded by Bobby Edwards) is delivered by Arthur Alexander. The great Fats Domino is next with his famous version of ”Jambalaya” (originally written and recorded by Hank Williams), King Curtis gives a splendid rendition of Hank Snow’s ”I’m Movin’ On” also recorded by a buttload of other artists. To my knowledge, Little Richard never recorded a ”bonafide” country song, but some of his Gospel stuff sounds just like it. Just listen to ”Do Lord, Remember Me” if you have any doubt. Sonny Boy Williamson II (a.k.a. Rice Miller) and Peppermint Harris, with ”Wake Up Baby” and ”I Got Loaded” are offering two delightful bronze hillbilly tunes, and ””Solid As A Rock” is probably the closest thing to country music ever recorded by Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. More fave black C&W of mine by The Twilighters (Hootenanny Stomp), The Sharps (Look At Me), Ruth Brown (Jack O’Diamonds), Magic Sam (Square Dance Rock Part 1), Ted Taylor (Keep Walking On), Pee Wee Crayton (Little Bitty Things) , Bobby Day (Undecided), Fats Domino (Bo Weavil). Smokey Hogg (Late Prowling Girl), Ketty Lester (Love Letters), Ben E. King (My Heart Cries For You), and Rochell & The Candles (When My Baby Is Gone) are all top-notch tracks. Country Music fans probably heard ”Hearts Of Stone” by Red Foley and the song has been recorded by tons of other artists. I picked the cool version recorded by Otis Williams and The Charms over the one by The Jewels for this volume -but they are both great. Johnny Nash is next with another Western classic ”Cigareetes, Whusky & Wild Wild” originally recorded by The Sons Of The Pioneers. R&B diva Dinah Washington had a top 3 R&B hit in 1954 with the Hank Snow’s number ”I Don’t Hurt Anymore” but I heard versions of this song by Eddie Fisher, Faron Young, Johnny Cash, Narvel Felts, Bill Haley, and Janis Martin. Another western tune penned and first recorded by Hank Williams: ”Cold Cold Heart” is sung by Nat King Cole and two gospel songs that sound just like C&W by Sister Rosetta (On My Way) and Professor Johnson and his Gospel Singers (Where Shall I Be) are really worth more than a spin. The closing number is an older classic blues recording from the 1930s the great Casey Bill Weldon which sounds just like Western Swing. Enjoy!

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  • Various - Leiber and Stoller – That Is Rock And Roll (CD)


    Lyricist Jerome ”Jerry” Leiber and composer Mike Stoller’s craftsmen’s skill with the pen helped define the sound of Rock ‘n Roll and Rhythm & Blues music, and together they wrote over 70 chart hits. The Songwriter album That Is Rock And Roll is the second of two albums that focuses on their mid-1950s and early 1960s collaborations. The Atomicat Records Songwriter Series, Leiber and Stoller, That Is Rock And Roll (ACCD117) includes white and black artists, and many titles on this album are embellished with a humorous vernacular that appealed to the teenagers, and because of this, they became chart hits. Most certainly there are several well-known versions of titles that are purposely omitted, for it is a safe assumption that most of you will have these already. Some titles appear on each of the two albums in the set, all be it in different styles or arrangements and the concept of the albums is to show the adaptations of Leiber and Stroller’s songwriting skills. True to Atomicat Records’ undertaking we present something unexpected and a little bit different for you to discover.

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  • Berry Richard - Louie Louie and West Coast R&B 1953-1960 (CD)


    Without Richard Berry, there might never have been The Kingsmen.

    Songwriter and singer Richard Berry, writer and originator of ’Louie Louie’.

    Thirty tracks of R&B recorded in Los Angeles between 1953 and 1960 by Richard Berry as lead singer in groups, as one half of a duo, and as a solo artist.

    The CD contains choice cuts from Berry’s output on several labels including the Flip, Flair and RPM.

    The CD includes two hit tracks by other artists, The Robins and Etta James on which Richard Berry was instrumental in their success.

    The booklet accompanying the CD has full writer, publisher and release information as well as a thousand word essay about the man, his career and the prevailing record business on the West Coast in the 50s.

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  • Various - Crescent City Bounce – New Orleans R&B 1950-1958 (CD)


    This unique compilation examines the recordings of three legendary New Orleans piano-players, ARCHIBALD, SALVADOR DOUCETTE and JAMES BOOKER, each of whom had surprisingly short discographies.

    John Leon ’Archibald’ Gross registered a massive hit with his first record, ’Stack-A-Lee (Parts 1 & 2)’ which made the national R&B Top 10 in 1950, while follow-ups like ’Shake, Shake Baby’, ’Ballin’ With Archie’ and ’Crescent City Bounce’ enjoyed significant regional success.

    Salvador Doucette appears herein as a sideman, on eight sides by vocalist Sonny Jones, which have attained huge reputations among record collectors over the decades.

    One-time child prodigy James Carroll Booker described by the mighty Dr. John as ’a genius’, was only fourteen when he cut his first 45, ’Thinkin’ Bout My Baby’ / ’Doing The Ham Bone’ (included herein), on which he was billed as ’Little Booker’, in 1954.

    Both Archibald and Booker were hugely influential players, and the latter would go on to enjoy enormous commercial success in the 1970s.

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  • Price Lloyd - Under His Spell Again! – The Singles Collection 1960-1962 (CD)


    The follow-up to an earlier Jasmine compilation, ’Restless Heart, The Ultimate Singles Collection 1952-59’ (JASCD552), this set updates the story, presenting the mighty LLOYD PRICE’s singles releases between 1960-62.

    During this period he had eleven 45rpm releases on the ABC label, all but a couple of which made the US Pop and/or R&B charts.

    Includes hits like ’Just Call Me (And I’ll Understand)’, ’(You Better) Know What You’re Doin”, ’Boo Hoo’ and ’Under Your Spell Again’ alongside a pair of genuine collectables, ’String Of Pearls’ and ’Twistin’ The Blues’, both of which are orchestral instro’s.

    Also included, as something of a ’bonus’ track, is ’If I Look A Little Blue’, the B-side to ’Question’, omitted from ’Restless Heart’ due to time constraints.

    This is the first time this body of work has been thus compiled; many of these sides are difficult to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Turner Big Joe - The Boss Is Back (2CD) (CD)


    34 TRACKS / 2 CD SET

    Doc Pomus said that rock and roll wouldn’t have happened without Big Joe Turner. Indeed, Turner’s mastery of every genre including blues, jazz, R&B and swing gave way to his uptempo party hits. But make no mistake’the timeless Big Joe Turner is bigger than any one genre, era or song. Side one, explores various independent single releases from 1950 to 1980. Side Two covers live performances from 1958 to 1985 – all previously unreleased performances featuring Eddie ’Cleanhead’ Vincent, Milt Buckner and Slim Slam. After years of ’inferior’ Big Joe Turner releases, this album sets the record straight with plenty of goodies for the most completist Big Joe Turner collector.

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