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  • Stant Barbara - My Mind Holds On To Yesterday (clear) (LP)


    ”Shiptown Clear Vinyl” = clear seafoam green.

    Barbara Stant launched her career at Norfolk, Virginia’s own, Shiptown Records. Starting as one of the Idets (the labels own version of Motown’s Adantes), Barbara found herself singing in sessions for a variety of artists. But her own talent didn’t go unrecognized, and Noah Biggs (Shiptown’s mogul), soon realized it was time to feature Barbara (who entered the company as Barbara Holmes) as a feature artist in her own rights.
    Also, In Groups: The Idets

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  • Valtonen Pekka - Sielukasta! – soulin kuninkaallisia (Kirjat)


    Pekka Valtosen tietokirja Sielukasta! – soulin kuninkaallisia on julkaistu Aviadorin kustantamana.

    Mustien artistien kappaleita alkoi yllättäen näkyä aiemmin vain valkoisten artistien kansoittamilla pop-listoilla. Uuden musiikkigenren, soulin, kukoistuskausi oli alkanut. Sen myötä mustien musiikki nousi ensimmäistä kertaa osaksi populaarimusiikin valtavirtaa. Suosion taustalla olivat legendaariset levy-yhtiöt, kuten Motown Detroitissa ja Stax Memphisissä, taitavat hittinikkarit sekä ennen kaikkea sielukkaat laulajat ja lauluyhtyeet. Teos esittelee soulin vaiheita ja lukuisten artistien ja yhtyeiden tuotantoa Otis Reddingistä Stevie Wonderiin, Aretha Franklinista Tina Turneriin ja Ronettesista Temptationsiin – pienempiä tähtiä unohtamatta.

    Historioitsija ja kulttuuriantropologi Pekka Valtonen (s. 1957) paneutuu itselleen nuoruudesta alkaen läheiseen aiheeseen ammattitutkijan perusteellisuudella ja souldiggarin tunteella. Lopputuloksena on kansainvälisestikin yksi kattavimmista ”mustien popmusiikista” kirjoitettu teos.

    Antropologi ja historioitsija Pekka Valtonen (s. 1957) tunnetaan tietokirjailijana, joka on perehtynyt erityisesti Latinalaisen Amerikan historiaan ja varhaisiin kulttuureihin. Lisäksi hän on syvällisesti perehtynyt populaarimusiikkiin, jossa hänen erikoisalueinaan ovat Beatles sekä soulmusiikki.

    VALTONEN, PEKKA : Sielukasta! – soulin kuninkaallisia
    450 sivua
    Sidottu, kovakantinen
    ISBN 9789523811461

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  • Various - Shrine Northern – The 60s Rarest Dance Label (LP)


    Ace Records is proud to announce the purchase of the Shrine label and Eddie Singleton’s independent productions.
    To celebrate we have compiled an album of the very best dance recordings the label made in 1965 and 1966, primarily in Washington DC.
    The business’s failure made this music incredibly hard to find for record collectors and Shrine is rightly known as the rarest soul label.
    It is much more than that though. The music was made by some one of the original founders of Motown, Raynoma Liles Gordy and her Motown-schooled cousin Mike Ossman, New York music business luminaries Eddie Singleton and Harry Bass and the up-and-coming talents of Washington’s Keni St Lewis and Maxx Kidd. The acts included the hugely respected Ray Pollard and fellow New Yorker J.D. Bryant, talented and established Washington and Baltimore acts Eddie Daye & The 4 Bars, Bobby Reed and the Enjoyables. Importantly, they discovered and developed the local talent of the area in the shape of the Cautions, Les Chansonettes, the Prophets and Shirley Edwards.
    It took decades for UK Northern Soul fans to realise the significance of the label. It finally clicked for Stafford’s Top Of The World all-nighter DJs who searched out the incredibly hard to find later releases and played them to the cult-following of the rare soul scene. The scarcity was caused by Shrine pressing up a batch of fourteen future singles but only getting a handful released before they folded. The vast majority of the later releases were destroyed in a warehouse fire or simply binned as stillborn commercial failures.
    • Such was the scarcity that when the first Shrine compilations were issued in 1990, the Prophets tracks from Eddie Singleton’s master tapes were assumed to be unreleased – until Shrine sleuth Andy Rix later obtained one from a group member.
    The music captures the exuberance of soul music in its peak years. The rhythms are pounding, the vocals soaring and the songs positive and cleverly composed. Undeniably Motown-influenced, they never copy others’ songs but feature the group harmonies of New York City on the Counts, Enjoyables and Prophets singles, while the Ray Pollard and J.D. Bryant tracks have that city’s big ballad soul sound. Les Chansonettes and the D C Blossoms are shimmering femme group sounds at their most tantalising.
    The label produced soul in many shades but here we’ve concentrated on its in-house dance specialties. Don’t worry about the price-tags; just listen to that quality.

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  • Franklin Aretha - Queen In Waiting (3LP, Gold&black marbled) (LP)


    180g/Columbia Years 60-65/2000 Cps Gold & Black Marbled

    Before Aretha Franklin rose to fame, she was signed to Columbia Records. This 3LP compilation album is a collection of some of Aretha’s most notable songs during her time at Columbia from 1960 to 1965. The Queen in Waiting highlights Franklin’s jazz and big-band recordings, and includes the songs ”Won’t Be Long”, ”Walk On By”, ”Today I Sing The Blues” and ”Try A Little Tenderness” a.o.

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  • Alexander Arthur - Same (Käytetty LP/12)


    Upea kokoelma 70-luvun matskua. Mukana mm. alkuperäinen BURNING LOVE.

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  • Bell William - Man In the Street (CD)


    ”The Complete Yellow Stax Solo Singles 1968-1974”

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  • Various - Loma Northern Soul – Classics & Revelations 1964-1968 (CD)


    If you want to know about the quality of a label’s output, look at the backroom staff as well as the artists. This CD features work from the following arrangers and producers: NYC – Garry Sherman, Richard Tee, Van McCoy, Robert Banks,
    George Kerr, Jerry Ragovoy, Don Costa, Sammy Lowe & Jesse Herring. L A – Gene Page, James Carmichael, Jerry Long, Len Jewell Smith,
    Marc Gordon, Hooven & Winn and Billy Revis. Songwriters: Willie Hutchison, Lorraine Ellison & Sam Bell, Mort Shuman & Jerry
    Ragovoy, Randy Newman, Van McCoy and Sammy Turner.
    The compilation is a mix of the loved and cherished sides as played on the Northern Soul scene from the early 70s onwards, to brand new master tape finds that will give this ageing cultural movement a timely shot in the arm for the ‘20s and beyond.
    The Marvellos open with ‘It’s Your Love That I Need’, a 1966 Willie Hutch song that has only just been unearthed and is setting dancefloors alight with its mid-60s soul perfection. Their classic ‘Something’s Burnin’’ is here along with a recent gem, ‘I Need You’ that is also digitally presented for the first time too.
    The equally accomplished and respected Invincibles have a solid three dance tracks – none of which were issued at the time. ‘Heartstrings’ is the catchy dancer destined to go big, while ‘Please Be True’ is for connoisseurs of the Impressions’ vocalising style. ‘Got A Thing Goin’’ however is a manic stomper for super-fit dancers and acrobats only – reminiscent of Little Joe Cook’s ‘I’m Falling In Love With You Baby’.
    Philly’s Ben Aiken made his Northern name with the irrepressible ‘Satisfied’ when we were teenagers. Two unreleased nuggets ‘That’s All I Gotta Do’ and ‘If You Should See Her’ will keep him known and revered through our later years. Carl Hall’s evergreen ‘Mean It Baby’ is augmented by his ‘Like I Told You’ – a real grower. The girls join in with the legendary Linda Jones’ ‘My Heart Needs A Break’ opus, Delilah Kennebreuw’s Spectoresque collector’s favourite ‘Bright Lights’ and the girly stomper that is ‘See The Silvery Moon’ by the Apollas – poptastic.
    Early-scene mod sounds are provided by the mysterious Clyde & The Blue Jays who tell us how to do ‘The Big Jerk’, the Olympics revert to the R&B of their earlier career with ‘I Finally Got A Break’ before their Mirwood soul makeover. Billy Storm tears it up with ‘Baby Don’t Look Down’ an early song from the man who would give us the soundtrack to Toy Story – Randy Newman. The Enchanters’ ‘Just A Little Longer’ is a mid-60s Drifters’ soundalike, fresh from the tape reel.
    The Soul Shakers’ ‘I’m Getting Weaker’, Kell Osborne’s ‘You Can’t Outsmart A Woman’ and Larry Laster’s ‘Go For Yourself’ are accepted as the building blocks of the Northern Soul scene and still sound wonderful. Sleepers include Bobby Freeman’s magnificent ‘Lies’, Tony Amarro & The Chariots’ ‘Runnin’ Around’ and the dynamic production of Charles Thomas’ ‘The Man With The Golden Touch’.
    With such high-quality sides to choose from, we have treated ourselves to two “enders” – Bobby Reed’s beautiful ‘I’ll Find A Way’ one of Van McCoy’s very best and Tommy Starr’s melancholic ‘Better Think Of What You’re Losing’.

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  • Strong Barrett / Various - Barrett Strong and The Roots of Detroit Soul (CD)


    The latest volume in Jasmine’s intense reissue programme of early Detroit Soul, this unique compilation is built around the seven singles which BARRETT STRONG recorded for Tamla and Atco, between 1959 and 1962.

    Strong was one of Tamla’s earliest hitmakers, famously recording the original version of ’Money’, the crossover R&B/Pop classic which would later be revived by Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, among many more.

    Also featured are six minor Tamla/Motown/Miracle artists CHICO LEVERETT (who was also a member of The Satintones), HERMAN GRIFFIN, SINGIN’ SAMMY WARD (who charted briefly with ’Who’s The Fool’), HERMAN LUMPKIN, GINO PARKS and ANDRE WILLIAMS (who went on to become an important producer), each of whom cut only a few sides for Berry Gordy’s labels.

    Like most compilations of early Tamla/Motown material this is a superlative body of work, and you wonder why more of these sides failed to become hits.

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  • Booker James - Behind The Iron Curtain plus… (5CD deluxe pack) (CD)


    James Booker – Behind The Iron Curtain plus… 5 CD deluxe pack set with 60 page booklet in 10inch format! Limited Edition.

    From Jelly Roll Morton to Jon Batiste, the city of New Orleans has produced more great piano players than any other place on earth. But James Carroll Booker III may very well have been the greatest of them all. When he died in 1983 at the age of 43 after years of health problems and drug abuse, only four Booker albums had been released, and his fans have been searching for additional recordings that showcase his genius ever since. While virtually unknown in the US, Booker had a strong following in Germany and neighboring countries, where he played more than 100 shows between 1976 and 1978. These were the years of his creative peak, and Booker always maintained that he played better there than he did anytime or anywhere else. But what exactly happened during those tours has long remained a mystery – until now. With its comprehensive new release ’Behind The Iron Curtain plus,’ RICHARD WEIZE ARCHIVES intends to tell, for the very first time, the full story of James Booker’s European adventures.

    It includes three complete Booker shows on five CDs: East Berlin (December 1976), Lausanne (January 1977) and Leipzig (October 1977). Interestingly, at that time East Berlin and Leipzig were part of socialist East Germany, a country that no longer exists, and how Booker got there and why he played some of the best shows of his career behind the Iron Curtain, of all places, is a whole story unto itself. James Booker was a virtuoso technician who combined influences as diverse as Ludwig van Beethoven and Ray Charles, Erroll Garner and Fats Domino, Frédéric Chopin and Professor Longhair into a unique style of New Orleans R&B piano that hasn’t been duplicated to this day. Plus he also sang with a bluesy, soulful voice full of anguish and emotion. No other posthumous Booker release has done full justice to his genius and we hope that ’Behind The Iron Curtain plus…’ will lead to a new appraisal of one of American music’s most gifted and overlooked originals. CD 1 61:49 | CD 2 59:07 Haus der jungen Talente East Berlin December 22, 1976 CD 3 72:26 Lausanne Switzerland January 27, 1977 CD 4 70:28 | CD 5 64:20 Moritzbastei Leipzig, East Germany October 29, 1977

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  • Penn Dan and Spooner Oldham - The Complete Duo Recordings (CD+ DVD, Limited Edition) (CD)


    Deluxe limited edition CD + DVD package collecting the complete official recordings of legendary southern soul songwriters, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham.

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  • Taylor Ted - It’s Too Late / I Need Your Love So Bad


    Hollanti single, johon napattu UK Charlyn kansi kera ylimääräisen biisin.

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  • Lavette Betty - Easier To Say (Than Do) EP (Käytetty 7 single/EP)


    This is the 7th release in a 30 volume ”Charly Triple Dynamite” set.

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  • Turner Ike & Tina - A Fool In Love (LP)


    Ike & Tina Turner Rediscover the most magnificent Soul, R&B duo of all time according to the Rolling Stones. This vinyl shocases 16 key tracks including the hits with their early recordings that created their popularity ”A Fool In Love”, ”It’s Gonna Work Out Fine”, ”I Idolize You”, ”Poor Fool”, and ”Tra La La La La”.

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