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  • Crazy Cavan`n`The Rhythm Rockers - A Rockin Legend (CD)


    A collection of 16 previously unheard recordings.
    Collated by Lyndon Needs from his extensive collection of tapes, demos and homemade recordings.
    Covering the years 1972 to the band’s last recording in September 2021
    The Album also features Cavan’s interview with Jools Holland in 2015

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  • Colin Grogan With Steve Dawson - Pye Corner Rock (CD)


    Hi Everyone
    I’m Colin Grogan and first of all thanks for finding my little website.

    I started playing the drums many years ago, in a rockabilly band called Breathless with my brother Pat Grogan and some friends. We played for many years in the UK and all over Europe.

    It wasn’t until the recent passing of my brother Cavan that I decided to start song writing again. I wanted to write songs that would make him smile.
    I got together with a friend of mine here in Perth, Steve Dawson (from the band The Crawdads) and the result is this album.
    I wrote the songs in the British rockabilly style, no point in writing songs about Hot Rods, when you grew up in Newport , Wales .
    The only Hot Rods you get there is when someone breaks into a fishing tackle shop!

    The songs are about childhood memories, everyday life, growing up, working and love.

    I’ve done my best and enjoyed making this and hopefully it’s made some one happy and made you smile Cav !

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  • Boppers - White Lightning (CD)


    2022 The Boppers celebrate 45 years as a band with a brand-new album.

    On ”White Lightning” they kind of find themselves back at the start again even if it also means opening new doors.
    They”ve collaborated closely with Sulo (singer and front man of Diamond Dogs), musical friend Eva Eastwood (Swedish rockabilly/country star) on the songwriting and let legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies etc) set the sound.

    It kicks off with a riotous cover of Chris Speddings 1975 gem ”Motorbikin”” and that sets the bar high for the rest.
    But no one will get disappointed. ”White Lightning” is an album that shows a band spreading their 45 years of duty and musical knowledge.
    Chris Spedding returns the favor by joining them on a Gene Vincent twangy guitar on ”Teddyboy”s Are Back”.

    The Boppers pay their tribute to punk by turning the Generation-x cover ”King Rocker” into a jungle hop and Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters put his mark on the 60”s colored ”Callous Rain” and ”Motorbikin” with fiery solos.

    ”White Lightning” is an album where The Boppers prove that they still are a band that matters.
    It’s an album for old fans as much as for beginners.

    45 years down the road they sound hungrier and more furious than ever.
    They keep carrying the torch of original rock n roll with pride and it shines as bright as ever before.

    RELEASE DATE: JULY, 01. 2022

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  • Johnny & The Jailbirds - Rollin Dice (CD)


    Upea uutukainen Johnny & The Jailbirdsiltä. Kaikki biisit omia.

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  • Raccoons - Panic (CD)


    When Tasmanian rockers The Raccoons first hit the scene, it was 1987 and the world was a very different place. Inspired by English Teddy Boy bands and pub rockers like Dr Feelgood, they were a band in a league of their own, championing a unique blend of rockabilly blues and old school rock ‘n’ roll that still stands to this day. In 2012, the band reformed with newfound vigour, catching the ear of Raucous Records, and going on to release a string of impressive releases such as their official and long-awaited debut album, ‘All Draped Up’.

    Described as “a 100 mile an hour modern Rockabilly British Teddy boy rock and roll thriller” by the likes of Slap That Bass, that album set a standard that The Raccoons have been keen to break, and one their sophomore record, ‘Panic’, they’ve done just that.

    A titanic sixteen-track release that simply refuses to quit, ‘Panic’ is a rockabilly juggernaut that hits the ground running and never once pauses for breath. Armed with all the trademark sounds of classic rockabilly music, the teddy boy four-piece waste no time in making their mark, delivering a stellar opening cut in ‘Hot Rod Dawn’, a fiery track the emerges from the sweet sounds of engines revving and some thunderous percussive beats. As the track builds, the boys unleash a timeless medley of rhythm guitar, upright bass, and some self-assured vocals, laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem.

    As the album progresses, highlights abound in tracks like ‘Crazy Days, Crazy Nights’, ‘Electro Shock Boogie’, and the quickfire ‘Black Knight Satellite’, cementing the band’s sound and delivering plenty of intense rhythms and sharp vocal twangs that bring the 1950’s back to your stereo. Elsewhere, there’s plenty to love and admire about the album, with the band hitting their stride and delivering one bash, lively anthem after another. Tracks like ‘Torpedo Alley’, ‘You’ve Got It’, and ‘Shop Girl’ break the mould and add some clever, textured twists to the mix, while the title track arrives a sharp, string-slapping blend of the two styles, conjuring up gorgeous shades of the original rockabilly scene.

    A titanic release that defiantly stands apart from the crowd, ‘Panic’ is the beating heart of yesteryear dragged into the modern age, and it’s an absolute joy to hear. Filled with fast-paced, toe-tapping, and wonderfully authentic anthems about cars, girls, and everything in between, ‘Panic’ is an album that Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, and Carl Perkins would be proud of.

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  • Alvin Stardust - The Magnet Albums (3CD Set) (CD)


    • A 3CD 54 track round up of everything recorded by 70s Glamster Alvin Stardust for Magnet Records

    • Disc 1 features Alvin’s debut album which reached No.4 in the UK charts. Includes the world-wide chart smash ‘My Co Ca Choo’ (UK No.2, Germany No.3, Australia No.1) plus his sole BriRsh chart topper ‘Jealous Mind’ which also hit No.5 in Germany.

    • The second disc contains his self Rtled No.37 charRng album. Featuring the UK hit singles ‘Red Dress’ (No.7), ‘You You You’ (No.6) and ‘Tell Me Why’ (No.16) plus, among the seven bonus tracks, the No.11 smash hit ‘Good Love Can Never Die’.

    • The final disc is the ‘Rock With Alvin’ album from 1975 which now comes compete with 11 bonus tracks made up of non LP singles including the previously German-only 45 ‘Sweet Li^le Rock ‘N’ Roller’ which makes its debut on this release.

    • Phil Hendriks has supplied in-depth liner notes and the booklet also contains stacks of picture sleeves from across the globe plus memorabilia from the era.

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  • Mud - The Albums 1975-1979 (4CD Boxset) (CD)


    • 62 track 4 CD clamshell box set covering the albums recorded by ‘70s legends Mud
    between 1975 and 1979.

    • Disc One is 1975’s ‘Use Your Imagination’ album which reached #33 in the UK charts. It features the Top 10 singles ‘L’L’ Lucy’ (#19 in Germany) and ‘Show Me You’re A Woman’ (#43 in Germany).

    • The second disc is the ‘It’s Better Than Working!’ album which contains the singles ‘Beating Round The Bush’ and ‘Nite On The Tiles’ (#37 in Germany). Among the bonus tracks is the UK #7 smash hit ‘Lean On Me’ (#44 in Germany) and the #12 hit ‘Shake It Down’ (#45 in Germany).

    • 1978’s ‘Rock On’ album can be found on Disc Three which features the 45s ‘Slow Talking Boy’, ‘Cut Across Shorty’ ‘Drift Away’ and ‘Just Try (A Little Tenderness)’.

    • The final disc is the band’s last studio album, ‘As You Like It’ which includes the ‘You’ll Like It’ and ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love / Book Of Love’ singles. Among the bonus tracks are two rare singles recorded under the name of Roly which appear for the first time on CD.

    The booklet contains detailed liner notes by ‘70s expert Phil Hendriks plus repros of relevant sleeves from around the globe.

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  • Spunyboys - Moonshine (CD)


    Vihdoinkin uusi albumi supersuositulta teddy-revival bändilta Ranskasta. Eikä siinä vielä kaikki, kun samaan aikaan julkaistaan toinen albumi Just A Lille Beat. MAHTAVUUTTA!

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  • Evil Teds - Same (CD)


    Uusi teddy boy-revival bändi ranskasta.

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  • Big Black Cadillac - Boppin’ and Shakin’ (CD)


    Big Black Cadillac originally formed in 2008.

    A four piece band hailing from the UK, the band is now almost back to the original line up, playing Rockabilly music in a wild and enthusiastic manner.
    Their first album Let’s Get Reckless was almost all original self penned tracks.
    With Boppin’ & Shakin’, Big Black Cadillac have now returned to their rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll roots and recorded some of their favourite tracks, along with two original instrumentals written by their new guitarist Danny Gillies.

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  • King Drapes - Kingabilly Rock ’n’ Roll (CD)


    23 track CD collection of rockin’ rarities from Finland’s rebel rockers The King Drapes.
    These songs cover their 20 year (to date) career, and are unreleased tracks, alternate versions, compilation appearances – stuff that you won’t find on their own album releases.
    The King Drapes sounds has developed over the two decades, so there is plenty of variety here, plugging the gaps in your King Drapes collection.

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  • Lou Cifer And The Hellions - Hell In The Barn – Live (LP & CD) (LP)


    1-LP vinyl (12″, 180 gram) with 16-page booklet (10″x10″), 12 tracks. Bonus CD: 24 single tracks. Total playing time: 35 min (LP), 69 min (CD).

    – Album recorded live at the ’Druckluft’ in Oberhausen, Germany, in early 2020 to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.
    – Lou Cifer & The Hellions have a huge international fan base of Teds, Rockers and Rockabilly fans!
    – The band’s first official live release, exclusively on Bear Family.
    – On that particular night the band played exclusively their own songs – no cover versions!
    – Super combo of high-quality audiophile LP pressing and a bonus CD with 12(!) more recordings from the gig!
    – Additionally, there is a 16-page large format booklet with many photos from the night of the concert.

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  • Lincolns - Do You Remember (CD)


    Australian velhojen uusi albumi. Tulossa helmikuun lopulla. Varaa omasi. VAIN 500 kappaleen painos, josta meille tulee Eurooppaan vain 40 kpletta!!!!!!

    LINCOLNS: This is our fifth and latest release since it all kicked off in 2010. This release contains five re-recorded versions of our favourite tracks from our very first CD as we felt the early recordings never really did the songs justice… plus we have added 9 new tracks. Some tracks were recorded at Chapel Lane Studio here in Adelaide, and some at Embassy Studio in the UK. Hope you Enjoy

    HAKKI: Can’t wait to See You Again in Finland! Hopefully asap this covid shit is over!

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  • Spunyboys - Just A Lille Beat (CD)


    Featuring the re-arranged & re-recorded (2020) Version of the album ”Rockabilly Legacy” + Other songs.

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  • Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers - 50 Rockin Years ”1970-2020 The 50th Anniversary 3CD Boxset (CD)


    The much anticipated 50th Anniversary Album

    featuring 72 tracks  including 23 previously unreleased demo’s
    and the very first Crazy Rhythm EP for the first time on CD

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  • Orion - Live At Cowboys (2CD) (CD)


    Originally recorded and planned for release by SUN.  Recorded live at Cowboys Nightclub, Tullahoma, TN, October 30, 1982.

    Jewel case with 4-page booklet.

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  • Rocking Boys - We Are.. CD + 7″EP (CD)


    Well known in France The Rocking Boys have been playing the music they love since 1986, Rock’n’Roll Rockabilly Teddy Boys style. To celebrate their 30 years of career with their fans, they wanted a special records that looks a bit like a gift. Here it is, a magnificent Combo gatefold CD 16 songs with a colored EP. Stricly limited 500 copies!

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  • Matchbox - Same (aka Rockabilly Rebel) + Bonus (CD)



    First time on CD for the first LP on Magnet by Rockabilly Rebels Matchbox. It follows LPs on Rockhouse and Chiswick and was originally released in 1979 and became a UK No.44 hit. Includes the British chart singles Rockabilly Rebel (No.18, 12 weeks) and Buzz Buzz A Diddle It (No.22, 8 weeks). Rockabilly Rebel also hit No.17 in Germany with Buzz Buzz A Diddle It reaching No.45.

    Now comes with four rare bonus tracks also making their debut on CD including two issued under the name of Cyclone Completely re-mastered by Tim Turan.

    Booklet contains original LP artwork, pictures of all relevant singles and in-depth liner notes by Phil Hendriks Still going strong with their hit making line to this very day, Matchbox perform regularly across mainland Europe—

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