Movie - American Graffiti (Blu-Ray)

Movie - American Graffiti (Blu-Ray)


Klassikko elokuva Blu-raynä. Löytyy myös Suomi tekstitys.

The early sixties come alive again! With a rock’n roll soundtrack of the finest and an armada of chrome, wing-decorated classic cars, this film depicts the eventful farewell night of the four friends.
Curt, Steve, Terry and John. High school is behind them, college awaits. Nothing will ever be the same again. The balmy Californian late summer night is still young, the first big adventure begins, the voice of the disc jockey star Wolfman Jack is blaring from all the radios….


Lexikon des Int.Films: ”In a small American town, 1962 Small town, 1962, some young people experience experience the limbo between adolescence and adulthood A bittersweet, nostalgic reminiscence of past times, nostalgic reminiscence of past youthful dreams of the later Youthful dreams of the later Vietnam generation, atmospherically dense, with lots of old Pop music and charming actors.”

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