Various - Back From The Grave Volumes 3 & 4 (Digipak) (CD)

Various - Back From The Grave Volumes 3 & 4 (Digipak) (CD)


Volumes 3 & 4 on one CD, fully re-recorded, re-mastered, and with new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans.

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Dimensions 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm
Tuotekoodi CRYPT-003
Tuottaja Crypt Records
Vuosi 2015

1 Little Willie And The Adolescents– Get Out Of My Life
2 Chentelles– Be My Queen
3 Ken And The Fourth Dimension– See If I Care
4 The Fugitives*– You Can’t Blame That On Me
5 Me And Them Guys– I Loved Her So
6 Intruders Five– Ain’t Comin’ Back
7 Monacles*– I Can’t Win
8 Lil’ Boys Blue– I’m Not There
9 Jerry And The Others– Don’t Cry To Me
10 Royal Flairs– Suicide
11 Murphy And The Mob– Born Loser
12 Mods*– You’ve Got Another Think Comin’
13 Interns– I’ve Got Something To Say
14 Sir Winston And The Commons– We’re Gonna Love
15 Montells– You Can’t Make Me
16 Tamrons– Wild-Man
17 Cyclones – She’s No Good
18 The Fabs– Dinah Wants Religion
19 Red Beard And The Pirates– Go On Leave
20 Hallmarks– I Know Why
21 Rocky & The Riddlers– Flash And Crash
22 Tonto & The Renegades– Little Boy Blue
23 The Botumles Pit– 13 Stories High
24 Aztex– I Said Move
25 The Nomads – Be Nice
26 Bunker Hill– The Girl Can’t Dance
27 Sloths– Makin’ Love
28 The Wyld– Fly By Nighter
29 Vectors– What In The World
30 Huns– Shakedown

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