Rich Charlie - Ballads Of Charlie Rich (CD)

Rich Charlie - Ballads Of Charlie Rich (CD)


A deep look at Rich’s Sun, RCA and Smash ballads, beginning nearly twenty years before the ’Silver Fox’ era, the only collection focusing entirely on Charlie Rich ballads. This set provides the best evidence that Rich was truly the era’s ’best white soul singer’. It contains ultra-rare and previously unreleased material. — Nearly 15 years after his death, Charlie Rich remains a hero to country and rockabilly collectors. Forget about the slick, over-produced hits of the 1970s and ’80s. This collection goes way, way deeper in revealing the soul of Charlie Rich. Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Records, commented on numerous occasions that he never recorded a more talented singer/songwriter/musician than Rich. Musicians who worked with Rich still talk about the effortless way he crossed genres and brought jazz, blues and rock into what might otherwise have been a routine country session. Charlie Rich had it all – Presleyish good looks, a spectacular voice, and piano chops so fine he could have made his living playing on other people’s sessions. This generous album of ballads, compiled from three different label affiliations during the earliest years of Rich’s career, showcases the finest features of his composing and vocal talent. Considered by many to be the finest white soul singer of his time, Charlie Rich really lets it fly on this exceptional compilation. As usual, Bear Family Records digs deep into the vaults and brings together a stellar combination of known, semi-known and utterly obscure selections from Rich’s earliest work. We’ve even managed to unearth some previously unissued tracks. The package includes detailed musical commentary and original biographical notes by Sun and Rich historian, Hank Davis. — This collection will be a treat for Charlie Rich’s loyal legion of followers, and will also win some new fans and collectors into the camp of this legendary Arkansas musician.

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  • 1. School Days (undubbed)
  • 2. My Heart Cries For You (undubbed)
  • 3. Apple Blossom Time
  • 4. Time And Again
  • 5. Who Will The Next Fool Be
  • 6. Stay
  • 7. It's Too Late (undubbed)
  • 8. Now Everybody Knows
  • 9. Unchained Melody
  • 10. Sittin' And Thinkin'
  • 11. Juanita (undubbed)
  • 12. Ain't It A Shame
  • 13. I'm Making Plans
  • 14. I Said Baby
  • 15. How Blue Can You Be
  • 16. There Won't Be Anymore
  • 17. Every Day
  • 18. The Loneliest Days (vocal/piano only)
  • 19. I Need Your Love
  • 20. Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
  • 21. Stay
  • 22. We Belong To Each Other
  • 23. It Hurt Me So
  • 24. Cloud Nine
  • 25. River, Stay Away From My Door
  • 26. Tomorrow Night
  • 27. Let Me Go My Merry Way
  • 28. Why, Oh Why
  • 29. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
  • 30. Share Your Love With Me
  • 31. A Field Of Yellow Daisies
  • 32. No Home
  • 33. The Best Years

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