Boorer Boz - Between The Polecats (Käytetty CD)

Boorer Boz - Between The Polecats (Käytetty CD)


Boz Boorer first achieved international success with his band The Polecats who scored hit records such as ’Rockabilly Guy’ and ’John I’m Only Dancing’ during the early 80’s Rockabilly boom. More recently he has become well known as Morrissey’s guitar player, and has again featured on a string of hit records.

     After the Polecats split and before he joined Morrissey, Boz cut a wealth of great material both as a solo artists and as guitarist for bands including The Deltas, The Frantix and American Rockabilly legend Ronnie Dawson. The cream of this material is gathered together on this album.

     Boz’s profile remains high both on and off the Rockabilly scene. He tours annually in the USA and Europe with the re-formed Polecats, and regularly guests with other artists. Out of the Rockabilly circles he tours and records regularly with Morrissey as well as working closely with a number of other household names as a musician, producer and song-writer.

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  • 1. The Polecats - Sasquatch
  • 2. The Frantix - Mama Rock
  • 3. Boz Boorer - Save me a stool at the bar
  • 4. The Deltas - Two by two
  • 5. Rockin' Holocaust - Cry baby cry 6.Boz Boorer - Crazy news
  • 7. Boz Boorer - When I lay my burden down
  • 8. Boz Boorer - Twin piped papa
  • 9. Boz Boorer - Rock bottom baby
  • 10. The B-Men - When I'm gone
  • 11. Ronie Dawson - You tore my playhouse down
  • 12. The Deltas - Let me play with your poodle
  • 13. Boz Boorer - On and off baby
  • 14. The Rugcutters - Lucky little man
  • 15. Boz Boorer - All messed up
  • 16. Boz Boorer - Hound dog daddy
  • 17. Boz Boorer - Well now baby
  • 18. Boz And The Bozmen - Red ready amber
  • 19. Boz Boorer - Kilburn two step 20.Rockin' Holocaust - You're my one desire

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