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Various - Beware! Insects and Spiders! 28 Buzzin’ Blasters From The Vaults Of Horror


1-CD with 16-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 65 min.

Autumn. Halloween. Horror. Bear Family Records presents a CD compilation all about creepy-crawlies: ’Beware! Insects and Spiders’!
With 28 recordings from 1937 to 1966 around ’the big creepy crawlies’ the horror comes alive!
Spanning genres, we hear famous artists such as Lionel Hampton, Chubby Checker and Brook Benton as well as lesser-known tunes, some on CD for the first time.

Some instrumentals, a song by Belgian singer Freddy Sunders and an early recording featuring Jimi Hendrix are among the many highlights.

Stylistically, the spectrum ranges from country, surf rock, exotica and pop to rhythm ’n’ blues, jazz and swing and a main focus on rock ’n’ roll.

The 16-page color booklet includes song annotations by Marc Mittelacher and many often rare photos and memorabilia!

Insects and spiders – a Halloween theme

Imagine ladybugs, butterflies or honeybees and Halloween doesn’t exactly come to mind. But have you ever looked at a praying mantis in close-up?

At the latest then you will learn to be creeped out. Such images were used as models for classic horror movies, oversized insects and spiders became song themes, the fear of spiders, one of the primeval fears of mankind, comes to life here.


This handpicked, richly varied compilation presents a wide spectrum of genres of past times, classics, but also many rarities. About a third of the recordings are pure instrumentals, including – as a special highlight – an early recording by Curtis Knight & The Squires, whose lead guitarist was a young Jimi Hendrix!

Guitar virtuoso Buddy Merrill opens the CD album, and from jazzman Lionel Hampton with his orchestra comes the oldest instrumental recording (1937). Extremely annoying flies are sung about by Hank Williams and Chubby Checker, with Martin Denny’s Tsetse Fly it turns exotic.

The classic and cult film ’Tarantula’ has also left its ’footprint’ in the music world and is represented here by no less than four performers. Also a highlight: the piano version of the instrumental classic Bumble Boogie, played at breathtaking speed by the British Winifred Atwell!

The CD comes with a 16-page color booklet containing producer Marc Mittelacher’s notes on each song as well as a wealth of illustrations!

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01 The Green Hornet Buddy Merrill
02 Hornet’s Nest Curtis Knight and The Squires, feat. Jimi Hendrix
03 Bumble Bee LaVern Baker
04 Buzzin’ Around With The Bee Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra
05 Bumble Boogie Winifred Atwell
06 Fly Trouble Hank Williams
07 Get Away, Fly Big Buddy Lucus (Buddy Lucas)
08 The Fly Chubby Checker
09 Tsetse Fly Martin Denny
10 The Spider And The Fly Bobby Christian with The Allen Sisters
11 The Spider And The Fly John Zacherly
12 Black Widow The Nobles
13 Black Widow Spider Woman Jack Hammer and The Pacers
14 Tarantula Bob Regan
15 Tarantula Bruce Gist and The Invaders
16 Spider WalK The Sabres
17 Tarantula The Tarantulas
18 Tarantula The Storms (Feat. Jody Reynolds)
19 The Web Abie ’Available’ Baker
20 Little Cricket The Royal Teens
21 Cucaracha Boogie Freddy Sunder with The Ronnex Orchestra
22 Grasshopper Rock Link Davis
23 The Bug Gene Maltais
24 The Boll Weevil Song Brook Benton
25 The Wedding Of The Bugs Moon Mullican
26 Lady Bug Chet ’Poison’ Ivey
27 The Bug The Swing Kings
28 Beatle Bug Link Davis


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