Various - Blood On The Cats – Even Bloodier (2CD) (CD)

Various - Blood On The Cats – Even Bloodier (2CD) (CD)


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• An “Even Bloodier Edition” of the legendary psychobilly album ‘Blood On The Cats’ which was originally issued in 1983 on Cherry Red’s Anagram label.

• Featuring the original album which successfully combined music from UK psychobilly scene leaders The Meteors, The Sting-Rays and The Guana Batz, US pioneers Panther Burns, Irish punks The Outcasts, gothabilly rockers Alien Sex Fiend and even horror rocker Screaming Lord Sutch to create a suitably psychotic blend.

• Plus a further 45 rockin’ and wreckin’ cuts, casting a similarly wide net to include the US group that inspired the movement, The Cramps plus fellow American exponents The Gun Club, along with early recordings by psychobilly heroes Frenzy, Restless and The Krewmen, the infamous King Kurt who were the only UK psychobilly group to get on Top Of The Pops, garage trash from The Milkshakes, The Prisoners and The Tall Boys and neo rockabilly from Dave Phillips And The Hot Rod Gang alongside mainland Europe acts The Nomads and The Voodoo Dolls from Sweden and The Raymen from Germany.

• Rarities include Phoenix, Arizona band Grant And The Geezers’ self-released ‘Monster Stomp’, Swedish psychobilly combo The Voodoo Dolls’ ‘Split Personality’ and ‘Death Letter Blues’ the B- side of scene stars The Krewmen’s debut single.
Psychobilly was one of the biggest youth cults of the 1980s, remembered for the followers’ gravity-defying quiffs and aggressive “wrecking” dance. The music became an adrenalized mix of rockabilly and punk featuring lyrics often inspired by horror and science fiction films.

‘Blood On The Cats’ was the first compilation to try to define psychobilly and many fans’ first exposure to a genre that, at that stage, was still unformed, being part of a worldwide movement inspired by punk but devoted to primitive rock ‘n’ roll of the 1950s and 1960s.

Most of the groups included here played The Klub Foot at The Clarendon Hotel Ballroom in Hammersmith which opened in 1982 and soon became the psychobilly scene’s focal point, only closing in 1988 when the venue was knocked down.

Leader P Paul Fenech claimed that “only The Meteors are pure psychobilly” and the London group certainly kicked off the movement. They are present here in their original line up with ‘Graveyard Stomp’ from 1981, as well as the Fenech-lead later trio with their Top 3 Indie Chart hit ‘I’m Just A Dog’ from 1984. Offshoot bands The Escalators and The Tall Boys also feature.

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Blood On The Cats Original Album
1 Alien Sex Fiend – Wild Women (Version)
2 Sunglasses After Dark – Swamp Baby
3 Bone Orchard – Fats Terminal
4. The Escalators – The Day The Sun Burned Down
5 The Guana Batz – Cannibal Run
6 The Meteors – Graveyard Stomp
7 Screaming Lord Sutch Loony Party – Murder In The Graveyard
8 The Sting-Rays – Dinosaurs
9 The Outcasts – Seven Deadly Sins
10 The Ricochets – Runnin’ Wild
11 Panther Burns – Red Headed Woman

Bonus tracks
12 The Revillos – Voodoo
13 The Vibrators – Wolfman Howl
14 The Brilliant Corners – Black Water
15 Inca Babies – The Interior
16 Scientists – When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow
17 The Cannibals – Paralytic Confusion
18 The Jackals – Psychobilly Belinda
19 The Rattlers – Scare Me To Death
20 Restless – Blackcat
21 Fireball XL5 – Rockin’ Shoes 22 Deltas – Heart Attack
23 Buzz And The Flyers – Let’s Bop
24 Blue Cat Trio – Rockabilly Boogie
25 Dave Phillips And The Hot Rod Gang – Tainted Love
26 The Polecats – Marie Celeste
27 The Sharks – Skeleton Rock
28 The Tronics – Wild Cat Rock
29 Pearl Harbour – Voodoo Voodoo 30 Darkness And Jive – Guys ’n’ Dolls


1 The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck
2 The Gun Club – Preaching The Blues
3 Grant And The Geezers – Monster Stomp
4 King Kurt – Destination Zululand
5 The Nomads – Psycho
6 The Sid Presley Experience – Public Enemy Number One
7 Naz Nomad and The Nightmares – She Lied
8 The Bananamen – Surfin’ Bird
9 Restless – Mr. Blues
10 The Voodoo Dolls – Split Personality (EP version)
11 The Primevals – This Kind Of Love
12 The Delmonas – Peter Gunn Locomotion
13 The Milkshakes – Comanche
14 The Vibes – The Underestimated Man
15 The Tall Boys – Feel It
16 The Prisoners – Revenge Of The Cybermen
17 The Playn Jayn – Rockin’ Hearse (Live)
18 The X-Men – Do The Ghost
19 The Golden Horde – Vampire Bat
20 The Screaming Blue Messiahs – Good And Gone
21 The Raymen – Man From Mars (original 1984 version)
22 The Meteors – I’m Just A Dog
23 Frenzy – Cry Or Die
24 Erazerhead – Werewolf
25 The Krewmen – Death Letter Blues
26 The Fuzztones – Ward 81

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