Box David - Story Vol 2 (CD)

Box David - Story Vol 2 (CD)


David Box is surely one of the ’Great Unknowns’ from the rock’n’roll era. A previous album, The David Box Story (RCCD 3024), dedicated to the memory of David, was so warmly received and so deeply appreciated by his many fans, that a follow-up, volume two of The David Box Story was conceived. This CD set compiles the remaining known recordings of David Box which were not included on The David Box Story .The tracks on CD1 are mostly high quality studio recordings. On CD2 we have included home demos, acetates and other recordings. Also included in our acclaimed Rolapak cover is a 48 page booklet designed by David Gibsone ….crammed with photos, memorabilia together interviews and memories, contributed by those who knew David. This package was lovingly supervised by David Box fan and archivist John Davison-White who supervised the first volume of David Box Story to critical acclaim.

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Relatively unknown but talented near-contemporary of Buddy Holly in Lubbock Texas. Tracks produced by Roy Orbison and others. In 2006 David was inducted into Lubbock’s ”Walk of Fame”. Earlier, at school in Lubbock, he told a friend he wanted to be ”just like Buddy Holly”. He almost got his wish – he had distinctive talent and made some fine recordings during a short recording career, cut short when he died in a chartered small aircraft. Unfortunately the five 45’s released during his lifetime failed to reach the charts, and for most people he will remain unknown. However he was admired by many for his vocal talent and guitar virtuosity.

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  1. She Does The Best She Can - Stereo
  2. Selfish
  3. Lucky Penny
  4. That's Too Bad - Take 1
  5. That's Too Bad - take 2
  6. Gettin In Good
  7. Raining In My Heart
  8. The Crickets - Peggy Sue Got Married
  9. The Crickets - Don t Cha Know
  10. When You're In Love
  11. Laugh A Little Bit
  12. If You Can t Say Something Nice - Stereo
  13. Funniest Thing
  14. Leave Me Alone To Dream
  15. Happy Once Again
  16. Crying Over You
  17. Sweet, Sweet Day
  18. The Bumper Jumpers Woody
  19. I ve Got A New Love
  20. Waitin So You ll Be Mine
  21. You ll Miss Her Smile
  22. Mist Of Blue
  23. A Thousand Kisses
  24. Rainbow Of Love
  25. No One Will Ever Know
  26. Little Lonely Summer Girl
  27. Little Lonely Summer Girl - Part Alt Take
  28. Rita & David - Apache
  29. Rita & David - Some Sweet Day
  30. Slippin And Slidin
  31. That s Too Bad aka My Heart Cries For You


Disc: 2

  1. The Ravens - Look At Me
  2. The Ravens - Ting A Ling
  3. The Ravens - Don't Cha Know
  4. The Ravens - Some Sweet Day
  5. The Ravens - That'll Be The Day
  6. The Ravens - Well All Right
  7. Cotton Fields
  8. Peggy Sue Got Married
  9. Slippin and Slidin
  10. An Empty Cup
  11. It s So Easy
  12. David s Blues
  13. That s All I Want From You
  14. It s Too Late
  15. Tell Me How
  16. Valley Of Tears
  17. Last Night
  18. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
  19. Think It Over
  20. Sydna Taylor - You Only Pass This Way One Time
  21. Sydna Taylor - Joy Of Love
  22. Sydna Taylor - Sometimes I Love Him, Sometimes I Hate Him
  23. No One Will Ever Know
  24. I Do The Best I Can
  25. Sweet Sweet Day
  26. Lucky Penny
  27. The Other Side Of Me
  28. Laugh A Little Bit
  29. Somewhere In This Town
  30. Don't Leave Me Here

  31. What's Wrong With You

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