Brumley Tom And The Buckaroos - Steelin’ The Show (CD)

Brumley Tom And The Buckaroos - Steelin’ The Show (CD)


Tom Brumley And The Buckaroos Steelin’ The Show – Showcases the artistry of The Buckaroos’ legendary steel guitarist. 17 tracks from 1964-1969. Contains Buck Owens’ ”Together Again” featuring Tom’s iconic solo. There are many reasons Buck Owens and his Buckaroos were the hottest band in the world in the 1960s, but one is certainly Tom Brumley’s magically graceful touch on the pedal steel guitar. And as you’ll hear on this album, he’s also a fine Dobro picker. Steelin’ The Show showcases Brumley’s skill and innovative playing by collecting 17 tracks from 9 releases from Buck and The Buckaroos, including ”Together Again” that features Tom’s peerless solo-one of the most famous pedal steel guitar breaks ever recorded. Not just a perfect primer for the uninitiated, but also a fantastic aural journey for fans-Steelin’ The Show features an introduction from Tom’s family Rolene, Tommy, Todd, and Tracie Brumley as well as photos from their personal family collection. Randy Poe, the co-writer of Buck’s acclaimed autobiography Buck ’Em, contributed liner notes. ”Buck always had great players, but Brumley was a true craftsman. He wasn’t flashy or self-indulgent. He always knew exactly what to play. His tone, his control, and his restraint were only matched by his pure jaw-dropping talent.” -Scott B. Bomar author, Grammy® nominee, and Bakersfield sound historian.

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1. Tom Cattin`
2. Steel Guitar Rag
3. Bud`s Bounce
4. The Neosho Waltz
5. Steel Guitar Polka
6. Seven Come Eleven
7. Free And Easy
8. Tom`s Waltz
9. Apple Jack
10. The Waltz Of The Roses
11. Pedal Patter
12. Tracie`s Waltz
13. Runnin` Short
14. Highland Fling
15. Moonlight On The Desert
16. March Of The McGregor
17. Together Again (Buck Owens And The Buckaroos)