Buck Owens / You’re For Me

Buck Owens / You’re For Me


”Two Original Capitol Albums from 1961 & 1962”

One original album per side.
Each side contains around 28 minutes of music.

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Buck Owens (1961)
A1 Above And Beyond 2:25
A2 Second Fiddle 2:04
A3 Tired Of Livin’ 2:00
A4 I Gotta Right To Know 2:32
A5 Excuse Me 2:20
A6 I’ll Give My Heart To You 2:05
A7 Under Your Spell Again 2:40
A8 My Everlasting Love 2:15
A9 Take Me Back Again 2:35
A10 Til These Dreams Come True 2:25
A11 Walk The Floors 2:20
A12 I’ll Take A Chance On Loving You 2:01
You’re For Me (1962)
B1 You’re For Me 2:13
B2 Fool Me Again 2:33
B3 Down On The Corner Of Love 2:20
B4 Mexican Polka 2:05
B5 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall 2:09
B6 Bad Bad Dream 2:26
B7 Under The Influence Of Love 2:26
B8 Nobody’s Fool But Yours 2:11
B9 House Down The Block 2:48
B10 Country Polka 2:16
B11 Down To The River 2:19
B12 Blues For Life 2:12

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