Coasters - The Original LP Collection 2CD (CD)

Coasters - The Original LP Collection 2CD (CD)


Jasmine’s first Coasters collection concentrated on their 45s between 1955 and 1959 and this superb follow up features four complete albums: The Coasters; The Coasters Greatest Hits; One By One and Coast Along With The Coasters.

One By One sees the group members selecting their own favourites from The Great American Songbook and each individual singer is identified.

The group’s body of work is an essential part of rock & roll and the combination of their exceptional talent and the help of Leiber & Stoller’s uniquely humorous songs is one of rock’s greatest partnerships. These four albums are as good a way as any to enjoy the legacy of The Coasters.

Fully detailed liner notes.

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Vihdoinkin, taas saa hyvää Coasters kokoelmaa! 4 ekaa albumia samassa paketissa.

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