Dr. Feelgood - Damn Right! (Ltd) (LP)

Dr. Feelgood - Damn Right! (Ltd) (LP)


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Legendary British rhythm ’n’ blues band Dr. Feelgood returns with ”Damn Right!”, their first album of exclusively original material

Until now, the group has almost always mixed covers with songs they wrote themselves, but for their latest release, guitarist Gordon Russell and vocalist Robert Kane have written eleven new songs, which means there’s not a single cover version in sight

”Damn Right!” was recorded in Southend and reunited the group with world-renowned bassist Dave Bronze in his other role as producer

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Vuosi 2023

1. Don’t pull your punches
2. Put the blame on me
3. Put your money where your mouth is
4. Damn right i do
5. Take a second look
6. Blues me
7. Keep it undercover
8. I need a doctor
9. Mary ann
10. Inside out
11. Last call

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