Davis Skeeter And Davis Sisters - The Complete RCA Singles As & Bs 1953-1962 (2CD) (CD)

Davis Skeeter And Davis Sisters - The Complete RCA Singles As & Bs 1953-1962 (2CD) (CD)


Country star Skeeter Davis enjoyed a chart career that lasted nearly a quarter of a century from the early ‘50s through to 1976, her personality and the quality of her voice enabling her to successfully adapt to the changing idioms within the genre. Coming to prominence in the pop charts as she did with the iconic hit “The End Of The World”, many fans may well be unaware of the dues that she paid before that major success which saw her almost top the US pop charts. By the time that classic record was released towards the end of 1962 – it is in fact the last single to be featured in this collection – she had already had a significant career focused purely on the country market, recording initially with her friend Bette Jack Davis as The Davis Sisters and then, after a break of a couple of years, resuming her career as a solo artist in 1958.

This great value 61-track 2-CD set comprises the A and B side of every single she released on RCA from her 1953 debut as part of The Davis Sisters and then as a solo artist through to the end of 1962, plus seven bonus tracks selected from her two solo albums from the period “I’ll Sing You A Song And Harmonise Too” and “Here’s The Answer”, the latter trading on her success with “answer” records like her debut solo hit “Lost To A Geisha Girl”, and the Top 5 hits “(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too”, and “My Last Date With You”. It features her 1953 debut country No. 1 as The Davis Sisters “I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know”, plus her twelve solo hits during the period, including the Top 10 successes “Set Him Free”, “Optimistic” and “Where I Ought To Be”, and ending with the classic “End of The World”. It’s a thorough overview of her first decade as a recording artist, which set the scene for a long and successful career.

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1     I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know     The Davis Sisters
2     Rock-A-Bye Boogie     The Davis Sisters
3     You're Gone     The Davis Sisters
4     Sorrow And Pain     The Davis Sisters
5     Takin' Time Out For Tears     The Davis Sisters
6     Gotta Get A-Goin'     The Davis Sisters
7     You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night     The Davis Sisters
8     Foggy Mountain Top     The Davis Sisters
9     Show Me     The Davis Sisters
10     Just Like Me     The Davis Sisters
11     The Christmas Boogie     The Davis Sisters
12     Tomorrow I'll Cry     The Davis Sisters
13     Everlovin'     The Davis Sisters
14     Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry     The Davis Sisters
15     Fiddle Diddle Boogie     The Davis Sisters
16     Come Back To Me     The Davis Sisters
17     I'll Get Him Back     The Davis Sisters
18     I've Closed The Door     The Davis Sisters
19     Baby Be Mine     The Davis Sisters
20     It's The Girl Who Gets The Blame     The Davis Sisters
21     Don't Take Him For Granted     The Davis Sisters
22     Blues For Company     The Davis Sisters
23     Lonely And Blue     The Davis Sisters
24     Lying Brown Eyes     The Davis Sisters
25     He Left His Heart With Me     Skeeter Davis
26     Don't Let Your Lips Say Yes     Skeeter Davis
27     Lost To A Geisha Girl     Skeeter Davis
28     I'm Going Steady With A Heartache     Skeeter Davis
29     Walk Softly Darling     Skeeter Davis
30     I Need You All The Time     Skeeter Davis
31     Wave Bye Bye     Skeeter Davis
Disk 2:
Track     Title     Artist
1     I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know     Skeeter Davis
2     I Ain't A-Talkin'     Skeeter Davis
3     Slave     Skeeter Davis
4     Set Him Free     Skeeter Davis
5     The Devil's Doll     Skeeter Davis
6     Homebreaker     Skeeter Davis
7     Give Me Death     Skeeter Davis
8     Am I That Easy To Forget     Skeeter Davis
9     Wishful Thinking     Skeeter Davis
10     (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too     Skeeter Davis
11     No, Never     Skeeter Davis
12     My Last Date (With You)     Skeeter Davis
13     Someone I'd Like To Forget     Skeeter Davis
14     The Hand You're Holding Now     Skeeter Davis
15     Someday Someday     Skeeter Davis
16     Optimistic     Skeeter Davis
17     Blueberry Hill     Skeeter Davis
18     Where I Ought To Be     Skeeter Davis
19     Something Precious     Skeeter Davis
20     The Little Music Box     Skeeter Davis
21     The Final Step     Skeeter Davis
22     The End Of The World     Skeeter Davis
23     Somebody Loves You     Skeeter Davis
24     The One You Slip Around With     Skeeter Davis
25     Just When I Needed You     Skeeter Davis
26     Your Cheatin' Heart     Skeeter Davis
27     Chained To A Memory     Skeeter Davis
28     He'll Have To Stay     Skeeter Davis
29     Tell Tommy I Miss Him     Skeeter Davis
30     I Really Want You To Know     Skeeter Davis