Donley Jimmy - The Shape You Left Me In (CD)

Donley Jimmy - The Shape You Left Me In (CD)


LOISTAVA UUTUUS BEAR FAMILYLTÄ! EKAA KERTAA CD:LLÄ!  A tragic story matched only by the fabulous swamp pop music!

 Wrote several of Fats Domino’s classic records!

 Contains every title, issued and unissued, recorded 1957 – 1960 by the legendary Jimmy Donley, plus

multiple takes of previously known singles.

 Includes an extensive, newly researched biography, discography and many never seen pictures from

Jimmy’s sister.

 Never before on CD! INFORMATION

Jimmy Donley has become a cult figure, his fame spreading well beyond the boundaries of Louisiana swamp pop and rockabilly.

A prolific songwriter – compared by some to Hank Williams – Donley never enjoyed success with his own recordings. Much of his

legacy rests on the unlikely musical and personal bond he forged with Fats Domino, who recorded more than half a dozen of

his songs. Music aside, the details of Jimmy Donley’s tragic life have made him one of the most notorious figures of his era. He

is remembered today for the extreme and incessant violence in his life. Prior to his suicide in 1963, Donley’s aggression was freely

directed at his numerous wives, girlfriends, as well as casual patrons in the Gulf Coast bars where he performed. You didn’t want

to come near him when he was drinking,” recalls Donley’s sister. The trouble was, Jimmy Donley drank nearly all the time.

Donley’s music has never been reissued with the care and attention to detail it deserves. Bear Family remedies all that with the

release of this CD, featuring an extensive bio based on new interview material by Hank Davis, a generous collection of Donley’s

classic sides for Decca Nashville, as well as a special glimpse at the behind-the-scenes events at one of Donley’s recording sessions.

It’s all here: every title Donley recorded between 1957 and 1960, including multiple takes and previously unissued material.

This set offers the best available look into the life and music of one of the Deep South’s legendary figures.”

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  • 1. Come Along
  • 2. Child Love
  • 3. Kickin' My Hound Around
  • 4. Baby How Long
  • 5. Please Baby Come Home
  • 6. Born To Be A Loser
  • 7. Radio, Jukebox, And T.V.
  • 8. I'm Alone
  • 9. The Shape You Left Me In
  • 10. Arleeta
  • 11. What Must I Do
  • 12. Give Me My Freedom
  • 13. Now I Know
  • 14. I Can't Love You Like You Want Me To Do
  • 15. Our Love
  • 16. I've Been There
  • 17. My Baby's Gone
  • 18. I Gotta Go
  • 19. South Of The Border
  • 20. The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
  • 21. Child Love
  • 22. Arleeta
  • 23. Radio, Jukebox, And T.V.
  • 24. I'm Alone
  • 25. I'm Alone

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