Fatboy - Songs Our Mother Taught Us (Ltd) (CD)

Fatboy - Songs Our Mother Taught Us (Ltd) (CD)


Upea CD julkaisu. Rajoitettu painos! Veikkaanpa, että tästä alkaa bändin maailman valloitus ihan tosissaan! NYT VARASTOSSA!!

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•    Fatboy are Scandinavia’s most exciting rock’n’roll/rockabilly act.

•    Great vinyl introduction to a band that’s loved by everyone, from Quentin Tarantino to Wim Wenders.

•    Hear an exclusive version of Love Creole featuring legendary German punk rocker Bela B of Die Ärzte fame on vocals.

•    Also available on high-quality 180gram vinyl.

Fatboy boasts a rich mixture of influences, ranging from Faron Young, the Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Roy Orbison to the Smiths, Tom Waits and the Cramps. The dreams of the fifties, country and rockabilly music are being challenged by equally strong amounts of contemporary pop and indie rock, with a tasteful element of Greek bouzouki music and klezmer on the top of it. ”Songs our Mothers Taught Us” is the ultimate introduction to one of the most amazing acts around today. It’s sort of a ’Best Of’ album featuring top tracks culled from their first four albums (CD version even has two songs from their current and just released fifth album, ”Moments”).

Chances are you’ll get seriously hooked… Fatboy carry the legacy of the old rockabilly and country acts without being a bit nostalgic or retro. Fatboy is the real thing. ”Songs Our Mothers Taught Us” contains an exclusive version of Love Creole featuring legendary German punk rocker Bela B on vocals.

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1: Cruel Love 2: Way Down Low 3: Bad News From Pretty Red Lips 4: What Would Elvis Do? 5: Moment That Counts 6: This Tear Will Never Leave My Eye 7:

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