Felts Narvel - Rocks (CD)

Felts Narvel - Rocks (CD)


1-CD Digipak with 40-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 mns.

•    Another great rocker in our highly acclaimed and constantly expanding ROCKS! series!
•    Wild-and-woolly rockabilly – his early sides including 1956 live performances!
•    Multi-label compilation features Felts classics originally on the Mercury, Sun, ARA, Pink, Cone, Hi, Rollin’ Rock, Rockstar, Renay, Southern Sound labels—all of them blistering rockers.
•    Recordings from his ’wild’ period before he broke through to mainstream.
•    In-depth liner notes by compiler Bill Dahl cover the entirety of Narvel Felt’s early rocking career.
•    Rare photos and illustrations in the booklet.

Considering his incredible vocal talent, stardom remained surprisingly elusive for Narvel Felts for far longer than it should have; only during the ‘70s did his name become a household word among country music fans.  

Narvel Felts first emerged as a wild-and-woolly rockabilly during the ‘50s, laying down some amazing demos with his Rockets at Sun before moving over to Mercury for his sizzling 1957 debut release and then to other labels, always retaining his own distinctive sound.

‘Narvel Felts Rocks’ is the first CD compilation to span his early career, featuring his best rocking sides for Sun, Mercury, ARA, and Hi as well as five untamed live performances from 1956 with Jerry Mercer’s band that predate his recording days altogether. By the time Narvel broke through to the mainstream, he’d already built quite a recorded legacy—and this disc is convincing proof!

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