Crackle Rattle Bash - Flashback! (LP)

Crackle Rattle Bash - Flashback! (LP)


Red/white vinyl.

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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm
Tuotekoodi JANGR_15
Tuottaja Just Another Normal Guy Records
Vuosi 2020

A1 Spiderman
A2 When You Wanna Go
A3 There Was A Time
A4 Baby Blue Eyes
A5 Am I To Blame
A6 I Really Know
A7 You Call Me Back
A8 Gone
A9 Never Look Back
A10 Won’t You Come Back No More?
A11 Tear It Up
B1 That Don’t Move Me
B2 I’ll Be Leaving You
B3 Walkin In The Night
B4 Beautiful Delilah
B5 Get Out Of My Head
B6 My Generation
B7 Why Hang A Patato On An Appletree
B8 Black Train
B9 If You Want A Revolution