Fulson Lowell - The Blues Comes Rollin’ In (180g) (LP)

Fulson Lowell - The Blues Comes Rollin’ In (180g) (LP)


• Limited edition high-definition 180 g vinyl LP

• Working on the West Coast, Lowell Fulson, who wrote BB King’s first big hit “3 O’clock Blues”, forged a whole new strand of blues music, more fluid and sophisticated than the gritty, urban blues stomping out of Chicago. Fulson’s first national hit, ”Reconsider Baby” (later covered by Presley), was typical – a standard blues sequence refashioned into something suave, seductive and unique.

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Side 1
01. Have You Changed Your Mind
02. Coming Home
03. Can She (Do It)
04. Trouble, Trouble
05. I Still Love You, Baby
06. Blue Shadows
07. Love Grows Cold
08. So Many Tears
09. K.C. Bound

Side 2
01. That’s All Right
02. Why Don’t You Write Me?
03. The Blues Come Rollin’ In
04. Reconsider Baby
05. Tollin’ Bells
06. Shed No Tears
07. Do Me Right
08. Trouble With The Blues
09. Don’t Drive Me, Baby

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