Farrell Bros. - Go To Hell! (CD)

Farrell Bros. - Go To Hell! (CD)


Cool rockabillyä Kanadasta. 5 biisin minialbumi. BOOT STOMPIN’ BARNDANCE

’Incendiary speed country-bluegrass with a touch of rockabilly flair and some exultant bravo in their live show, go out of your mind, ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Selkirk, Manitoba, please help me welcome… The Farrell Brothers! The liner notes give you a few more clues: a cover of Hank Williams I Saw the Light” and ”You’ll Be Rewarded Over There” by the Louvin Brothers, plus ”Devil in Disguise” and a couple Farrell originals. It’s a short EP, 5 songs in 11 minutes. The boys have wild nasal voices that make the gospel shouting all the less real. You have to hand it to them for such a great recording job, capturing both that boot-stomping barndance revival sound, but managing to keep every bass line clear, all the guitars shining through. Fabulous.’ -Gabino Travassos – Mote Magazine”

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  • 1. Draggin` Me Down
  • 2. I Saw The Light
  • 3. Devil In Disguise
  • 4. You`ll Be Rewarded Over There
  • 5. I`m On The...Go To Hell!

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