Goddamn Gallows - Gutterbillyblues (CD)

Goddamn Gallows - Gutterbillyblues (CD)


The Goddamn Gallows formed in 2004 by founding members and Lansing/Detroit natives Mikey Classic on guitar and vocals, Fishgutzzz on upright bass, and Amanda Kill on drums -replaced by current drummer Uriah Baker (aka; ”Baby Genius”) in 2006. The trio started out migrating around the West for a time, holing up in Hollywood squats and squalid apartments, before releasing several albums: The Gallows EP (2004), Life of Sin (2005), and Gutterbilly Blues (2007), and finally hitting the road nearly full-time to establish their presence in the psychobilly-country scene while honing their self-described ”twanged-out punk rock gutterbilly”.

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1    A Sinners Song
2    Everybody Dies
3    Save Us
4    Gutterbilly Blues
5    Wherever I Go
6    I Got A Woman
7    Born 2 Lie
8    Face The Day
9    Saint O' Killers
10    Don't Feed Me
11    Tired

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