Flatbroke trio - Going Places (Ltd CD) (CD)

Flatbroke trio - Going Places (Ltd CD) (CD)


Uusi albumi Flatbroke Triolta. ILMESTYY 19.8.2022 / release date: August 19, 2022. LIMITED EDITION OF CD. ONLY 300 COPIES!

Howdy Neighbour!!

It’s FlatBroke Trio here, the Finland’s finest honky tonk rockabilly band!!

Since we started playing in mid 90’s we’ve put out a nice bunch of music on various formats and right now you’re holding the latest release on finnish Jungle Records label.
We wrote few original tunes, gave metamorphosis to few rockabilly / country numbers and hit the amazing Suprovox Studio in Karkkila, Finland.

Results of those sessions can be heard on ”Going Places” album. Sparkling guitars on strong and tight bass lines, sugar coated with steady rhythm guitar and vocals will take you back
to the hay day of american music 40’s and 50’s. On this album you can hear wild rockabilly, foot stompin’ western swing and heart breaking country melodies
mixed nicely together by a band that’s been ”Going Places” since 1995.

Yup, we can honestly say this is our best work yet. We’re sure you’ll agree.

FlatBroke Trio

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Tuotekoodi TCB-9393CD
Tuottaja Jungle Records
Vuosi 2022

1. Love My Baby (Parker) 2:43
2. I’ll Be Gone (Soini) 2:03
3. Comes Love (Step – Brown -Tobias) 2:39
4. Back To Stay (Soini) 3:10
5. Razor Blue (Soini) 3:44
6. Big Fat Mama (Millinder – Simon) 2:46
7. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth (Nelson) 2:50
8. I’m Stuck (Jerry R. Hubbard) 2:46
9. I Think I’m In Love With You (Soini) 2:11
10. When The Roses Bloom Again (Cobb – Edwards) 4:22
11. Smoke That Cigarette (Williams – Travis) 3:15
12. Smoke Two Joints (Kay – Kay) 2:55
13. I Still Miss Someone (Cash – Cash) 2:36 (Bonus track on CD)

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