Gordon Robert - Lost Album, Plus… (CD)

Gordon Robert - Lost Album, Plus… (CD)


Ennen Are You Gonna Be The One (`81) albumia äänitetty levy, jota ei kuitenkaan aikoinaan julkaistu. Tiukkaa Robert Gordonia! MUST!

Robert Gordon was the only rockabilly revivalist to take the old music and do something new, fresh, and original with it. He let the music grow and evolve instead of keeping it stuck in 1955.

Back in 1990, we issued two volumes of Robert’s RCA and Private Stock recordings. At that time, we tried to locate the missing album without success. We’ve since found them, and they form the cornerstone of this stellar new collection. There are 10 previously unissued songs, featuring the lead guitar of Chris Spedding und Danny Gatton.

Then, to round out the set, we’ve included 11 tracks from 1977, 1978, and 1980 that weren’t included on our first two CDs.

Titles include songs like Suspicion and Endless Sleep, plus Link Wray originals like If This Is Wrong and It’s In The Bottle, plus new songs in the old style like Sweet Surrender and Movin’ Too Slow

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Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqAxmlM6190
  • 1. She's Not Mine Anymore
  • 2. It Hurts So Much
  • 3. Run For Your Life
  • 4. One Day Left
  • 5. Suspicion
  • 6. Movin' Too Slow
  • 7. You Girl
  • 8. I Found You
  • 9. Signs Of Love
  • 10. Wasting My Time
  • 11. Girl Like You
  • 12. So Young So Bad
  • 13. If This Is Wrong
  • 14. Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)
  • 15. Is This The Way
  • 16. Endless Sleep
  • 17. Woman (You're My Woman)
  • 18. Sweet Surrender
  • 19. It's In The Bottle
  • 20. Sea Cruise (Single Version)
  • 21. Fire (Single Version)

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