Meantraitors - Guts For Sale (Käytetty CD)

Meantraitors - Guts For Sale (Käytetty CD)


Uusin albumi. Psychobillyä Venäjältä.

From what I hear the Psychobilly scene in Russia is thriving and this band must be pretty much one of the country’s top acts. From St. Petersburg, this trio are a hard-edged putfit who use electric bass. This material is very well recorded and the band themselves very tight and proficient with many of the songs having tricky and complicated parts, which the band pull off with ease. Full colour 12 page booklet. Deathrow Database #37

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  • 1. We sleep quiet
  • 2. Guts for sale
  • 3. We're going wild tonight
  • 4. Followin' the female
  • 5. No future yet
  • 6. Hitch-hiking Tyro
  • 7. Boys will be boys
  • 8. Only fighter
  • 9. Mr. Spanker is still not a wanker 10.Living in the tank
  • 11. Enough to scare
  • 12. These eyes don't lie
  • 13. I'm frightenly mad again
  • 14. Bear's blues

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