Various - Hallowscream 3 – Planetary Run (CD)

Various - Hallowscream 3 – Planetary Run (CD)


The album is blasted into orbit with the assistance of Eddie Cletro and His Round Up Boys, who sing about the Flyin’ Saucer Boogie with the delightful lyric ”It’s just imagination, but I saw them just the same.” The album stays in orbit with; Billy Hogan and The Twilighters, Shake It Over Sputnik, Bill Riley, Rockin’ On The Moon, Georgia Jim, Flyin’ Saucer Baby, Buck Trail, Knocked Out Joint On Mars, and The Busters pay tribute to the people or is it monsters piloting the spaceships? with their nifty title Astronauts. Outer space is the great unknown, and musically this is explored with the following songs; Jan Amber sings about The Little Martian, The Jokers enlighten the world about the enchantress known as The Daughter Of The Moon, Bonnie Lou‘s message is in the song not the title, and she is having a date with her baby on Mars during Friction Heat, and Riki and The Rikatones use T.N.T to get them into orbit. The outer space Planetary Run is explained by Joe Montgomery and along the flight, you will encounter, E. ”Tiny” Watkins and his Rockin’ Satellite, Jerry Engler and The Four Ekkos have a brush with Sputnik “the“(Satellite Girl), Lil Randolph (Madame Queen) finds Satellite Love, and the sleeve notes will inform you about her appearance in an all time Hollywood classic movie. Joe Tate and The Hi Five prefer to dance the Satellite Rock, and Ron Halls with Donna Reid and The Pic-Tones are also having fun with a Satellite. People from outer space are sung about by; Bill Carlisle, Tiny Space Man, The Chaperones, The Man From The Moon, The Vigilantes, Man In Space and we feature the Australian version of Rocket And Roll (Space Boy) which is sung by Helen Warren. The legendary Rayburn Anthony laid down numerous songs for Rhythm Bomb Records and two unissued titles are made available for the first time on this album; Rocketship To Mars, and Mr Moon, both of which are recorded in an authentic style with assistance from the Lightning Recordings Boys. However not every space journey goes to plan and long before David Bowie sang about an astronaut stuck in space, Jeff Hughes was singing Our Space Man Did Come Back. The Planetary Run disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The album‘s stunning design is from artist Henrique San, the sleeve notes from compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, and the songs are mastered for the best possible sound by our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. Atomicat Records endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and adds something unexpected to every album. The album is ideal for Dee Jays to fill the dance floor with, and for home listening or while cruising around and scaring the neighborhood. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records ”Often imitated, never duplicated.” All that remains is to say, ”Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.

” Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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Vuosi 2023

01 Eddie Cletro and His Round Up Boys Flyin’ Saucer Boogie (Cletro, LaSalle, Sargent) Lariat 1952
02 Billy Hogan and The Twilighters Shake It Over Sputnik (Hogan) Vena 1958
03 Jan Amber The Little Martian (Eucker) Cleff-Tone 1959
04 The Jokers The Daughter Of The Moon (Clauwers) Marshall 1960
05 Joe Montgomery Planetary Run (Montgomery) Liberty Bell 1957
06 E. ”Tiny” Watkins Rockin’ Satellite (Watkins) Sandy 1958
07 Bonnie Lou Friction Heat (Cushman) Fraternity 1958
08 Bill Riley Rockin’ On The Moon (McAlpin) Brunswick 1958
09 Bill Carlisle Tiny Space Man (Readon, Evans) RCA Victor 1957
10 The Chaperones The Man From The Moon (The Chaperones) Josie 1961
11 Lenny Welch Rocket To The Moon (Sherlock) Decca 1958
12 The Rebelaires featuring Sammy Smith Satellite Rock (Keith, Bassett) Wee ReBel 1958
13 Ferrell Brothers with Terry and Ann Oh! Moon (Rogers, Rhodes) Flash 1962
14 Rayburn Anthony Rocketship To Mars (Newcombe, Anthony) unissued RBR 2006
15 Jerry Engler and The Four Ekkos Sputnik (Satellite Girl) (Engler) Brunswick 1957
16 Joe Bennett and The Sparkletones Rocket (Bennett) ABC-Paramount 1957
17 Lil Randolph (Madame Queen) Satellite Love (Peace) Chock 1958
18 Georgia Jim Flyin’ Saucer Baby (Odom) Speed 1951
19 Joe Tate and The Hi Five Satellite Rock (Tate, Bober) Roulette 1958
20 Riki and The Rikatones T.N.T. (Camboiro) Manhattan 1959
21 Rayburn Anthony Mr Moon (Newcombe) take 4 undubbed unissued 2006
22 Ron Halls with Donna Reid and The Pic-Tones Satellite (Halls) Tala 1961
23 Gary (U.S.) Bonds Trip To The Moon (Barge, Anderson) Legrand 1961
24 Buck Trail Knocked Out Joint On Mars (Trail) Trail 1957
25 The Busters Astronaut’s (Barker) Arlen 1963
26 Helen Warren Rocket And Roll (Space Boy) (no credit) Prestige 1958
27 The Vigilantes Man In Space (Crompton, Jones) Pye International 1961
28 Jeff Hughes Our Space Man Did Come Back (Hughes) Karen 1962 The Invaders Invasion (Fazio) Instro 1962 The Invaders Invasion (Fazio) Instro 1962

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