Hawkins Ronnie - The Ballads Of (CD)

Hawkins Ronnie - The Ballads Of (CD)


he very best of Ronnie’s exquisite ballads for Roulette, Hawk, Cotillion, Monument and Quality. A career-spanning compilation which includes the John Lennon-endorsed ’Down In The Alley’ – a US chart entry – and Canadian best-sellers like ’Bluebirds Over The Mountain’ and ’(Stuck In) Lodi’. Surprisingly sensitive singing from the wild man of rock ’n’ roll. This is why Elvis listened to the performer they still call ’Mr Dynamo’. Brilliant interpretations of heartbreaking songs from America’s greatest tunesmiths including Hank Williams, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan. The very best back up musicians with appearances by Levon Helm, Hank Garland, Duck Dunn and slide guitar maestro Duane Allman. — Ronnie Hawkins’s superlative rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll tracks are already available on ’Ronnie Hawkins Rocks’ (BCD 16873), an absolute must-have for all rock ’n’ roll fans and anyone else who might wonder where The Band learned their trade. In short, the man is a demigod to hard core greasers. This set, however, is distinguished by Hawkins’s warm, fluid and sensual singing on wonderful songs by America’s greatest songwriters including Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Jesse Winchester, Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan. — It’s not what Hawkins is famous for but you’ll be moved by his flair for carrying slower melodies of unparalleled beauty and his graceful mastery of melancholic and highly evocative songs. ’One More Night’ wrote ’Rolling Stone’ ’is shockingly good. Hawkins’s voice slides over the lyrics like liquid over glass. His taste and timing are impeccable. The definition of finesse’. — One More Night is here, along with another 29 examples of country, folk and blues ballads at their underrated best.

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  • 1. Home From The Forest
  • 2. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
  • 3. Someone Like You
  • 4. Odessa
  • 5. You Cheated You Lied
  • 6. Treasure Of Love
  • 7. Love Me Like You Can
  • 8. One More Night
  • 9. Lonely Hours
  • 10. I May Never Get To Heaven
  • 11. I Gave My Love A Cherry
  • 12. Ballad Of Caryl Chessman
  • 13. Mister & Mississippi
  • 14. Honey Love
  • 15. One Out Of A Hundred
  • 16. The Death Of Floyd Collins
  • 17. The Same Old Song
  • 18. Your Cheating Heart
  • 19. Lonesome Town
  • 20. Weary Blues From Waitin'
  • 21. Pledging My Love
  • 22. There'll Be No Teardrops Ton..
  • 23. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • 24. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
  • 25. You Win Again
  • 26. The Lady Came From Baltimore
  • 27. (Stuck In) Lodi
  • 28. Dreams Do Come True
  • 29. Love Me Like You Can
  • 30. Down In The Alley

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