Hellbound Glory - Scumbag Country (CD)

Hellbound Glory - Scumbag Country (CD)


Hellbound Glory is pure scumbag country, as real as the grit on the abandonedbuildings in the towns the members grew up in. The band s sound builds on theroots of honky tonk, bluegrass, rockabilly, and outlaw country to create somethingthat is as traditional as Grandma s apple pie and as potent as your cousin shome-cooked crank. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Leroy Virgil is the conductor of thehellbound train that is the band s live show, alongside the Jerry Reed-meets-JimiHendrix guitar work of Johnny Fingers (Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Saddle Tramps),the maximum C&W drumming of Chico Kortan, the thumpin bass of Frank Medina,and the pure country sound of Adam Jaffe s pedal steel guitar and banjo.

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Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU6Q5YppuEU
  • 1. Hellbound Glory [Explicit] 3:10 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 2. Livin' This Way [Explicit] 2:34 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 3. Hello Five O [Explicit] 2:29 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 4. Chico's Train [Explicit] 2:57 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 5. The Ballad of Scumbag Country [Explicit] 2:56 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 6. Drivie in Harm's Lane [Explicit] 3:32 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 7. I'll Be Your Rock (At Rock Bottom) [Explicit] 3:01 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 8. Get Your Shit and Go [Explicit] 2:56 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 9. Mickey Meth (Downtown) [Explicit] 3:02 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 10. Can't Say I'll Change [Explicit] 2:47 $0.99 Buy Track
  • 11. Waylon Never Done it Their Way [Explicit]

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