Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal (CD)

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal (CD)


MAHTAVA ALBUMI! The Hillbilly Moon Explosion are back with a new long awaited album.After spending a year promoting their latest album Raw Deal and touring in Europe (including a tour as a support act for legend Jeff Beck in France), the Hillbilly Moon Explosion went back to a studio in London England to record 13 brand new tracks.Including Rockin’ covers like Broken Heart” ’Touch Me” or suprisingly ”Enola Gay” and great original songs such as Buy Beg Or Steal, Night Of The Living Ted or their very first single ”My Love For Evermore” featuring Mark ”Sparky” Philips from legendary Psycho Band : Demented Are Go.Produced by Greg Townson in Gold Top Studio in London.”

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Video http://youtu.be/2rlYPb2plaY
  • 1. Buy Beg Or Steal
  • 2. Broken Heart
  • 3. She Kicked Me To The Curb
  • 4. Natascia
  • 5. Trouble & Strife
  • 6. My Love For Evermore
  • 7. Night Of The Living Ted
  • 8. Imagine A World
  • 9. Goin' To Milano
  • 10. Touch Me
  • 11. Rock 'n' Roll Girl
  • 12. Chalk Farm Breakdown
  • 13. Enola Gay

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