Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Damn Right Honey! (CD)

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Damn Right Honey! (CD)


”UUSI ALBUMI! KAKSI KEIKKAA JAMBOREILLA 2013!! MAHTAVAT SETIT!!!! New album following Buy Beg Or Steal and the viral & vinyl hit ’My Love For Evermore’ (Two million + Youtube views; six 7″ vinyl pressings, a dozen cover versions)Again produced by Greg Townson of The Hi-Risers, at Goldtop Studio in London.Again features ’Sparky’ of Demented Are Go, also Paul Ansell, rockabilly stalwart.Based around ex-patriot Englishmen Oliver Baroni and Duncan James together with chanteuse Emanuela Hutter, they’ve long been showing Zurich how to rock’n’roll. Now having conquered both their domestic residence and neighbouring France, they return to the UK as part of a Europe-wide tour for dates in early May and August. As their name suggests The Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s roots are in rockabilly; however they’ve always been just as comfortable with 60’s pop and smoky ballads. They’ve now have widened their template to embrace all roots Americana. ’Damn Right Honey’ features two distinctive guest singers joining them for duets. Rockabilly stalwart Paul Ansell, the chosen vocalist of Scotty Moore, contributes to the single ’Flying High, Moaning Low’. And Sparky Phillips returns to duet with Emanuela on ’Northern Crown’. For the first time they’ve engaged a brass section, and are also aided and abetted by BJ Cole and Geraint Watkins amongst others.”

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  • 1. Drive This Truck No More
  • 2. Perfida
  • 3. Flying High Moaning Low
  • 4. Cool Spring Breeze
  • 5. Goldmine
  • 6. Westbound Train
  • 7. Die In Style
  • 8. I Hear You Knockin'
  • 9. Ellie Lou
  • 10. Motorhead Girl
  • 11. Northern Crown
  • 12. Sky In Your Eyes

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