Hogsed Roy - Cocaine Blues (CD)

Hogsed Roy - Cocaine Blues (CD)


Kunnon menevää Hillbilly kamaa 40-luvun lopulta 50-luvun puoliväliin.

Roy Hogsed (1919-1978) forged one of the most original sounds in postwar country music, a tight and exciting small group sound that often anticipated the energy and drive of rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll. He is best remembered for his hit version of the notorious Cocaine Blues and most identified with the accordion and guitar lead and slapped-bass rhythm of his original Rainbow Riders Trio. Ironically, however, some of his best work, like Snake Dance Boogie, Let Your Pendulum Swing and Ain’t A Bump In The Road occurred in a looser, slightly larger band context. A good-time feel and infectious joy characterized his performances from start to finish.

The Arkansas-born, San Diego-based Hogsed’s recording career was relatively brief, spanning 1947-54, and his greater impact may have been limited by his largely local orientation, but he left an uncommonly enjoyable legacy. Collected here are the cream of his recordings, from his first sides for Coast in 1947 through his 1949-54 Capitol tenure. In addition to Cocaine Blues and the other songs mentioned above, there are classics like Free Samples, Shuffleboard Shuffle, Roll ’Em Dice, and a number of unissued sides, over 30 tracks in all.

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  • 1. Ain't A Bump In The Road
  • 2. Daisy Mae
  • 3. Let Your Pendulum Swing
  • 4. Shuffleboard Shuffle
  • 5. Cocaine Blues
  • 6. Snake Dance Boogie
  • 7. She's A Mean, Mean Woman
  • 8. Free Samples
  • 9. Let's Go Dancin'
  • 10. Red Wing
  • 11. Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume
  • 12. Stretchin' A Point Or Two
  • 13. Roll 'Em Dice
  • 14. Baby Won't You Settle Down
  • 15. Too Many Chiefs And Not Enough Indians
  • 16. I'm Gonna Get Along Without You
  • 17. Do You Call That A Sweetheart
  • 18. I Wish I Wuz
  • 19. Fishtail Boogie
  • 20. Who Wrote That Letter To John
  • 21. So Cold, So Dead, So Soon
  • 22. Hot Rod
  • 23. It's More Fun That Way
  • 24. Orange Blossom Special
  • 25. I'm Hurtin' Again
  • 26. Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes
  • 27. Where Has My Little Love Gone
  • 28. Flat Top
  • 29. Tonight I'm All Alone
  • 30. Who P-T-T-T-Tobacky
  • 332. Poco Tempo
  • 331. Yes He Did
  • 331. Gonna Build A Fence Around You

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