Gearhead - Issue# 13 (Lehdet)

Gearhead - Issue# 13 (Lehdet)


COVER BY: Von Franco

BACK COVER: Mopar. again!

LAYOUT BY: Davey G. Johnson

STAFF / CONTRIBUTERS: Mike LaVella, Davey G. Johnson, Cathy Bauer, Mike Bumbeck, Eric Davidson, Nicole Day, Dirty Donny, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Chas Glynn, Michelle Haunold, Brad Iger, Rob Kruse, Pekka Laine, Keith Marlowe, Ralph Miller, David Perry S’rae Russo, Jeremy Stoner, Kevin Thomson, Nate Tynan

COVER STORIES: Von Franco, Sailor Jerry, David Perry Pin-Ups, Flyrite Choppers SXSW 2005

ARTICLES ON: Rockin’ Jelly Bean’s Farewell Fiesta, A Girl’s Guide To The Drags, Frank Hendrix (Emo’s / Old Skool Kustoms)

REGULAR FEATURES: Holy Driver, The Publisher Pontificates, Big Nate’s Video Roundup, Bobo Tech, Chas’ Compendium of Auto Oddities, Record Reviews

CAR OF THE ISSUE: The ’77 Firebird Formula that Dave didn’t buy from Frank Hendrix.

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: Third issue in history laid out entirely by one person. Much love is given to Chunklet. Von Franco agreed to do the #13 cover in 1996! The second and last issue to be produced in Austin, Texas.

FIRST APPEARANCE OF: Holy Driver, The Publisher Pontificates, 7 Questions

NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN: The Editor Speaks PICTURE OF MIKE KISSING: No kissing this time. But warm, warm hugs with Von Franco and Frank Hendrix are included for your fuzzy-feelin’ viewing pleasure. And Dave gets manhandled by Henry Owings

SOUNDTRACK OF THE ERA: Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Burning Airlines, Articles of Faith, Pink Swords, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, The Muggs, Mission of Burma, X, Hüsker Dü, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Slender, Flying Burrito Brothers, Black Furies

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