Gearhead - Issue # 16 (Lehdet)

Gearhead - Issue # 16 (Lehdet)


COVER STORIES: Rockin’ JellyBean, James Hetfield’s ’36 Ford, Sundays with Von Dutch, Stand Up! Records, Steve Caballero, The Stalkers

ARTICLES ON: I’ll Flake Anything!” photo-feature, Deke Dickerson’s Guitar Geek Festival, Stripes Vs, Flames, etc.

REGULAR FEATURES: Editor Speaks, Bobo Tech, Sniffin’ Glue, Chas’ Compendium of Automotive Oddities, Tales Of Kidd Mopar, Bumbeck’s Bits and Pieces, Record Reviews

CAR OF THE ISSUE: Kidd Mopar’s rail, the Death Trap 1

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: It’s a well oiled machine man!

FIRST APPEARANCE OF: Matt Black of TCB’s photography

NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN: Lots of extraneous crap!

PICTURE OF MIKE KISSING: Nobody – but hugging Cole Foster and Verne Hammond

SOUNDTRACK OF THE ERA: The Buzzcocks, The Professionals, pretty much anything from 1978, including Judas Priest”

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