Joy Benny - I`m Gonna Move (Vol 3) (LP)

Joy Benny - I`m Gonna Move (Vol 3) (LP)


Get ready to flip out to the ultimate series on the ultimate rocker – rock n’ roll king, BENNY JOY! This set (available on five LPs or a 3-CD box set) chronicles Benny’s groundbreaking 1957-61 era, with over 70 songs including Benny’s five star rockers (Steady With Betty, Gossip Gossip Gossip, Little Red Book) ALL from master tapes, unissued demos galore including nearly twenty 1957 demos from the same home taping that produced Little Girl Little Girl (which we previewed on KICKSVILLE VOL. 3) and Wild Wild Lover, an early version of Button Nose done to the tune of Money Honey, demos of Crash The Party and Miss Bobby Sox, Rollin’ To The Jukebox Rock with different lyrics, demos and an unissued Tri-Dec EP of ballads, and much, much more, including detailed notes and photos! * = Ennenjulkaisematon biisi/versio.

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  • 1. I'm Gonna Move
  • 2. Wild Wild Lover*
  • 3. Nowhere*
  • 4. Crash The Party (long version)
  • 5. Hey...High School Baby*
  • 6. I Really Really Care*
  • 7. Miss Bobby Sox
  • 8. Kiss Me*
  • 9. Spin The Bottle
  • 10. Steady WIth Betty*
  • 11. Don't Make A Fool Of Me Baby*
  • 12. Don't Boo Hoo Mary Lou
  • 13. If You Were Mine*
  • 14. Lucky Little Old Me*
  • 15. The Only One*

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