Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo - Keepin’ The Reins Slack

Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound Combo - Keepin’ The Reins Slack


Rockin Bonnie and the Western Bound Combo has struck lightning for the second time with their newest recording effort. This album contains some fresh new original songs and a few truly great classic numbers that create one seamless venture into the world of western swing and honky tonk. The musicianship is top notch with outstanding performances by all and a few duets that could stand up to any of our hillbilly heroes from years gone by.
Recorded live old school adds to the infectious grooves and spirit that gives evidence to the notion that they’re all having a ball doing it. This is an album I think you will definitely cherish in your collection.

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Tuotekoodi BE 149
Tuottaja Bulls Eye / El Toro Records
Vuosi 2022

1. A Full Time Job (G. Teifer) – BMI
2. I Gotta Know (W. Perry) – BMI
3. I’ll Get Along Somehow (E. Tubb)
4. Get With It (B. Wills, T. Duncan) – BMI / ASCAP
5. Hell Ride Boogie (M. Zampini) -SIAE
6. I’m Getting Wrong (R. Marmieri) – ASCAP
7. South (T. Hayes, B. Moten, R. Charles) – ASCAP

1. Loss (M. Zampini) – SIAE
2. Sure Fire Kisses (G. Mysels, M. Philips, H. Sims, J. Perry) – ASCAP
3. Somebody’s Gonna Take Your Place (M. Zampini) -SIAE
4. Serenade In G (R. Marmieri) – ASCAP
5. Let’s Settle Down (M. Travis)
6.This Side Of Town (G. Lanham, C. Fair)

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